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: Winning your lane mean nothing if you lose the teamfight wich is something a lot of players can't understand. Ekko is not very usefull in teamfights so you should split push or ambush. Doing objectives is also important but you are far away from the dragon so........
I think my aoe stuns and R is a game changer. I can initiate fights or defend the carry, my team fighting should be pretty strong as an ekko
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Gınko (EUW)
: Try leblanc or vlad and ekko is op in good hands good luck
Tried leblanc when she was free but I found her to be rather complicated and needs a heck of a lot of practice I love Ekko, since my premade mains mid I think I will switch to ekko jungle instead. I do have a decent winrate with him in that role
Vordo (EUNE)
: You struggle with champs that have skillshots so I wouldn't recommend ezreal or kennen. Play something forgiving like Vlad or Fizz. Or Annie for point&click. Meanwhile train more with Ekko in normals. He is super fun and if played right, one of the best out there to main. As for cheese assassins mid Talon is a super safe bet. Good luck!
Thank you Yes I think i need to work more on my skillshot abilities xD
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