Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Tbh it's not that good. It's a good generalist, but not exactly broken.
I played several games, in average DH dealt 3x more dmg than Electrocute.
: How Op is DH really?
Just played an ARAM againt a Karthus who went full %%%%%%, suiciding 24/7 (died 25 times in 28 min)... And still did 87k dmg (2nd did 50k), almost 10k dmg from DH...
: I actually want both my favorite yordles that believe in their region and fight for that region those are {{champion:78}} vs {{champion:240}}
There's no new Kled skin since his release (2016)...
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Nexus Blitz First Impression (shhh but this opinion will probs change in future xD )
What about tanks ? They're already weak in this meta, but they really fall behind in this mode :(
Mosl (EUW)
: Pyke Ulti - Execute doesnt count as damage
Isn't that counted on the true damage line on endscreen ?
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Map of Runeterra looks amazing, Riot!
Nice job, I had fun move across the map and explore the cities and locations :) But I have 2 questions : - Why is Valoran so empty ? This looks weird. - Can you insert the game's playgrounds as separate locations ? (Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, event maps...)
ZzMaine (EUW)
: Dragon Rider Kled ? Ftw
Yeah, would be nice for him to have a new skin. Like Taliyah, they got no new skin since their release. +1 for the dragon skin, either a min Shyv or a flying drake would be nice :)
Febos (EUW)
: Question to ARAM players (Rismosch get in here)
I'm against removing Warmog. Some champs or items a more problematic than warmog. It prob needs a change, but Warmog keeps tanks ready for another battle as they need HP. Especially when they don't have any other sustain. The issue comes from regenerative abilities some tanks have (Maokai, Mundo...). But when you play champs like Skarner, you're glad to get a warmog, belive me. You're pretty useless if you start another fight with 300 hp. IMO I'd rather see Riot balancing champions than a warmog's removal... BTW I have ~5k ARAM games and i rarely saw a mage buying a warmog. Meanwhile : Ziggs (ap poke) = 69% winrate Udyr/Tahm Kench (bruisers/tanks) = 42% winrate
: [Discussion] What's your favourite ability and why?
{{champion:103}} 's charm. I wish I could make it work IRL...
: Lanign against Akali as a squishy
{{champion:84}} is quite off meta at the moment because how easy you can poke her or nuke her with a squishy mage (thanks runes reforged and co.) If you harass her enough at early game, she can't keep up with her sustain only, and she'll have to back and buy potions, and lose cs. You can also buy defensive items before she get {{item:3145}} or {{item:3146}}, so she'll have a really hard time to kill you. Despite being an assassin, It takes a longer time to get a kill with akali than most other ones, so unless you're pretty low hp (in this case you're making a huge mistake), she can't really dive under your tower like {{champion:7}} or {{champion:238}} do. If you struggle laning against her, sometimes hugging tower is the best solution, better than feeding. Remember, a 0/0/0 {{champion:61}} at min 20 is more useful than a 0/0/0 {{champion:84}} (or almost every other assassin). A tip with {{champion:84}} is to wait a few seconds after landing a mark on the opponent, then dash, proc the mark with AA, and immediately after, landing another mark as the Qspell cooldown has refresh, and proc again with AA. If you know that, you can prevent her from maximizing her burst, and she won't be as much as a threat as you thought. If you dont give her kills 1v1 then you have done your job. Now she'll try to get her meal on other lanes. When you're doing well against her you can push the lane (watch out for enemy ganks), as she's not a very good pusher she'll get constant pressure and it will be difficult for her to roam without losing a lot of farm or the outer mid Turret.
: It's not exactly a buff it needs. It just needs more clarity regarding it's functionality. Did you known they changed the buildpath from {{item:1057}} to {{item:1033}} just because people kept sitting on {{item:1057}}. What is needs is a change of it's stats. Change the mr to 30 for starters. Than you do one of the following things: * You lower the price with about 300 gold * You maintain it's price but buff the ability power it gives. Personally I would raise the AP to let's say 90 ability power. So you gain something like this: ##{{item:3102}} * **Cost:** 3000 gold * **Recipe:** Unchanged * **Stats:** +90 Ability Power, +30 Magic Resistance I do think this version might work out as well because the combine is actually rather high compaired to {{item:3157}}: ##{{item:3102}} * **Cost:** 3200 gold * **Recipe:** {{item:3108}} (900) + {{item:1058}} (1250) + {{item:1033}} (450) + 600 * **Stats:** +100 Ability Power, +30 Magic Resistance Or if going to the cheaper road but I my worries regarding AP caster abuse: ##{{item:3102}} * **Cost:** 2800 gold * **Recipe:** {{item:3108}} (900) + {{item:1026}} (850) + {{item:1033}} (450) + 600 * **Stats:** +80 Ability Power, +30 Magic Resistance
> [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FAmoTRIc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-12T11:43:41.781+0000) > > It's not exactly a buff it needs. It just needs more clarity regarding it's functionality. I Agree. But the stats are fine as they are right now. {{item:3102}} is designed to be a defensive item that allows you to negate 1 cc so u can have another chance to kill your opponent while taking risks or reposition yourself from a bad move. That's why it's works well with champs like {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} who don't really need to have much AP. Raising AP and lowering MR would only weaken them (they already don't stand out in the meta) and turn the item a powerful offensive item for poke champs like {{champion:99}} . The main issue is the {{item:3102}} passive itself, as it needs a better understanding (and a fix) of what should and what should not proc the shield. If you look the description it says : > UNIQUE Passive: Grants a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. This shield refreshes after no damage is taken from enemy champions for 40 seconds. Imo it should be more like "Grants a spell shield that blocks the next enemy crowd control. This shield refreshes after no crowd control is taken from enemy champions for 40 seconds." Here's an example : {{champion:25}}'s Tormented Soil (W). You get hit by the ability but don't lose the {{item:3102}} spell shield. Which is perfectly fine to me as the spell is not a cc. Now she has Arcane comet or {{item:3285}}. An ally champion or minion near you is hit by the spell, the comets proc, you get hit by one of them and you lose your shield. You get the picture, that makes not sense.
: I think that people complain about specific adc champion and not the entire class. For instance {{champion:21}} can remove half of your health by pressing Q (point and click ability) on a low health minion, without mentioning her ultimate that last very long and can literally get you a Penta if placed well. {{champion:67}} That can be super behind in the early game, but can easily come back, she is really difficult to deal with in team fight, becoming invisible, and her movement speed to chase people is absolutely insane. I mean if a vayne chase you, there is no point running just try to turn on her. Also you can build thornmail, frozen heart, no matter how tanky you are a Vayne will destroy tanks. {{champion:119}} highest base dammage in the game, can 2 shot you late game, {{champion:18}} with her jump reset on kills and assist, which make her probably the easiest champ to get a pentakill on, {{champion:202}} with the guinsoo build that can get to 1400+ ad and one shot you, and so on.. I could mention many other adc champions. Also the other problem, but this concerns the botlane not only adcs is that I personally think that most games are decided by better botlane wins. I very rarely see botlanes going even, its usually one or the other that will stomp, and when an adc, a champion supposed to scale and be strong late game, get 1 kill early and snowball of that, it is really frustrating to play against. I rarely play adc but last time I did and I got fed with Varus, at one point I was just laughing becase I stood still in the middle of a team fight, I didnt even Kite or anything I was just standing there, I even removed my hand from the mouse and my champion was AA and healing insane amount with my BT, got a Triplekill like that. People complain about shields as well, an adc lategame with BT, or BOTRK or anything that offers him healing and on top of that you give him a janna or karma shield boosted with ardent censer every 4 seconds, its really hard to kill. Of course you can still get oneshot by a {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}} but he need to take a lot of risk to kill you because if he misses, or your supp save you he is just dead. Those champion needs to play aggresive to be efficient. As an adc you can just play passive, and in teamfights stay behind your tanks and support and you will be unkillable, having free DPS on champions, objectives, etc. As a mage and midlane main I can tell you that most champs that I play such as {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} have no mobility at all, are more squishy than an adc and you have no sustain, yes sure you are in the backline, but if someone reaches you, you only have zhonya, that can be really bad sometimes in a TF, and thats it. There is no item for mages that offers them healing when they dammage champions, and mana can be an issue as you mentioned, but not only, because you forgot Cooldowns, a champion like {{champion:161}} for instance is useless when all spells are on CD, even tho your Q late game has like a 4 sec cooldown, thats still a lot, imagine how much dammage an adc can do in that time. Moreover long range mages have all skillshots that you can miss or can be dodged, and close range mage like {{champion:90}} {{champion:1}} , even if they have point and clicks must be in the middle of the teamfight to do dammage, and if u ulti with malzahar and you are not positioned properly you will get instantly killed. Overall most mages rely on burst dammage, and hitting your combos, whereas an adc can perma dps. Assasins are also very squishy and are hard to play for most of them, a champ like {{champion:238}} requires insane mechanics, and needs to be ahead, otherwise he wont be super efficient. Finally Every class has its pros and cons, but people focuses only on the pros, and forget about the cons. I think thats what makes the game somehow balanced that way and there is not a class OP or not OP, just specific champions, and this always change because of the meta.
> [{quoted}](name=Khou3azrine ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pZe0NWbt,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-05-11T02:11:56.531+0000) > > I think that people complain about specific adc champion and not the entire class. I agree. Why bother playing {{champion:96}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} who have strong late game but rather weak and boring laning phases when you can literally assassinate your opponent with {{champion:21}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:202}} even at early levels, in fast paced games ? Why should you play {{champion:236}} {{champion:412}} or {{champion:89}} {{champion:81}} duos when you can safely faceroll with {{champion:21}} {{champion:101}} and kill the enemy when they're under their turret ?
: What is the assassin
> [{quoted}](name=Talon Nadéd,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2IIuOnmE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-11T21:52:40.095+0000) > > An Assassin is a melee damage dealer without CC. Melee means you will be head on into opponents and means you are very volitile once you went in. > Which means he is gonna completely suck in teamfights and lategame with the tools that mages have. > An Assassin likes 2v2 and 3v2 skirmishes rather than being overwhelmed in a 5v5 where he doesn't thrive with his tools. > But an Assassin has different tools. Mainly mobility, damage and a single escape. I agree with Talon Nadéd. The role of assassins, as the name suggest is to kill isolated or unprotected targets. But they need to take risks in order to achieve their goals. If an enemy assassin got fed in a game, it's probably because you or your team made some mistakes : - They kill isolated squishies. - They successfully ganked a lane. - They won 1v1 in lane. The main cause is you or your team mates didn't play safely enough or didn't place wards. As an ADC you were farming alone on a lane and got killed by an assassin that came out of nowhere (this stuff happens a lot at low elo) ? Then don't overextend, have information of enemy positions (with wards, trinkets, etc.) or wait your supp. Killing monsters in your jungle can also be an alternative. You're a mage and got caught while walking in the river towards botlane ? Try to have info on enemy jungler (wards, wait for him showing himself top, have buffs timers) before moving. You died 1v1 as a mage in mid lane facing an assassin ? Maybe because you lost some hp before they picked the fight. Question yourself : why did they win ? You were too far from your tower ? You were low hp ? You missed some spells ? As said, an assassin is supposed to take risks and stick to you. A non-fed one won't ever 100% to 0% you in a flash, and has to get through a fierce battle to get the kill because you generally have the tools to defend yourself (cc, shields, summ spells, your tower). In midlane assassins generally try to get you low hp with a small trade, get advantage by repelling them and using shields at the right time, and fight back when they get away (if they dashed in, they prob can't dash out). Don't hesitate to buy potions so you never get low hp, and to first buy defensive items. Remember, your role is a mage, you don't have to kill your opponent in lane, their role is an assassin, they have to. A 0/0/0 Karma @20' is more useful than a 0/0/0 Zed. Lethality is only a part of itemization. Of course if they got a kill, they can buy it sooner, and so they can snowball. But same goes to ADC when they buy BF sword sooner than the opponent. But if they dont get the kill, you may have bought {{item:3191}} before they get {{item:3134}} All this leads me to Rule #1 when you play vs assassins : **Don't be alone**. Actually, that could be general rule in LoL once you reach mid/late game. Most assassins won't ever go through the whole team to get the enemy ADC even if they're 8/0 because they know it would be suicide. In teamfights, if your team stay together, the enemy assassin is pretty useless (but still, be careful if the opponent has also an aoe mage). That said, the Rule #2 when you play vs assassins is to know the champion. That seems obvious but people tend to forget stuff like a champ's passive or weakness when they don't play it. A quick reminder on a LoL guide site while loading the screen can't hurt. And if you know them, you can anticipate their moves. Edit : Let me tell you a game I recently experienced. My team picked a bunch of squishies while the opponent picked an assassins/duelists oriented comp. Early-mid game was a massacre, and we ended the game with less gold, kills, enemy towers destroyed, barons, drakes. Yet we won. Why ? Because i chose to pick Poppy for the team's sake (even if i'm not very good with her) and at some point i said sth like "ok guys, now let's group, stay right behind me, we push mid, and game is won". They listened to me.
5one (EUNE)
: Who is the hardest champion but most effective when mastered?
I would say : - fighters with complex mechanics like {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} that can be very powerful but if you're doing it wrong you're pretty useless - champs that need perfect positioning like {{champion:136}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:67}} to be the most effective with their spells without dying - some mages like {{champion:163}} {{champion:4}} that have some pretty bad matchups but can be really helpful with their ults - assassins like {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} that have basically no cc and need to take some risks but are very rewarding if they manage to kill and escape - champs that are not that difficult to play with like {{champion:203}} {{champion:79}} but a good or bad ult can decide the outcome of the game - {{champion:268}} {{champion:412}} because they have unique play style. Objectively the hardest one but most effective would be {{champion:92}} because she has so many combos and very useful tips. The Q + AA mechanics makes her difficult to optimize the dps but if you get kills you can snowball pretty hard. Subjectively i would say {{champion:412}} because ~~he's one of my fav champs <3~~ it feels very good (and rewarding) if you manage to both save your mates and catch/engage enemies. If you do that you're more likely to be praised by your mates and your carry than a stupid faceroll ap supp (hello {{champion:63}}), that can be some kind of effectiveness. (You can also put {{champion:89}} in the same lot) I could aslo mention champs like {{champion:84}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:64}} but they're falling behind in the meta imo.
: i Miss Accension , Dominion , Blood moon
I agree. URF and One For All are the worst because of how quick people rage against the matchup or champs becoming OP. But Riot knows that these game modes will always be played :) Modes with real objectives (beside taking enemy nexus) or unique gameplay (Star Guardian event, Dark Star Thresh event) are more enjoyable and more interesting. But the problem is most of players will try these modes once or twice and then will stop caring about them. Exception for the Star Guardian event (which is also my favourite), it was very unique and rewarding. > [{quoted}](name=Cat ín The Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1BYhtkYr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-11T14:30:56.669+0000) > > what about star guardian that mode was fun the only thing that sucked about star guardian was that it was too difficult . It was not too difficult, but very challenging.
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