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: > [{quoted}](name=Kitten the Carry,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QEWx11Hp,comment-id=00040003,timestamp=2017-05-10T21:45:40.290+0000) > > Microphone is the worst idea. Did you play dota?)) Now you will be able to mute pings along with chat btw (it's about last patches). I've played a lot of Dota and this exact tool has helped me win a lot of games. "But Dota is full of russian people unable to speak english" no it is not, and communicating with people over the microphone is actually also healthy for you. You will most likely improve your 2nd language (english) more than if you are just typing it in chat.
Actually i'm russian (or smth nearly), and i know that russian community becomes x100 more toxic when you give them voice communication. Also i prefer not to know that my teammate (feeder/flamer) is 12 years old kid.
: Typical marketing strategy, they release on the current patch, but still unable to buy yet , because riot waits for players to buy RP and a lot of it. So be patience, buy a lot of RP, just feed riot with all the money you have the next two weeks , and then your dream skin will be buyable on the next patch (7.11).
> Typical marketing strategy Or they just testing it on live servers.
Snowhill (EUW)
: Tbh this is why you should be able to communicate via microphone in league of legends - that would stop all these problems, and if people are flaming over mic you can just mute them as well and say over chat that you muted them and that they have to use pings to communicate with you from now on, if they then spam pings you would be able to mute their pings - giving the harraser 2 chances. I dont know if this would work, but could definitely be interesting to implement.
Microphone is the worst idea. Did you play dota?)) Now you will be able to mute pings along with chat btw (it's about last patches).
: Xayah
You're got %%%%ed by Xayah once/twice at the botlane (or at the any other lane in mid/late game) and you go to the forum and ask Riot to nerf her. It's so annoying... Btw she's still less than 50% win rate, but already close to.
Myster10 (EUNE)
: EEEHHH..WHAT?? You can already see taht in your profile? if you fo to the league tab and press "see more stats" ?? or even in several sites like lolking,lolskill etc...?? Are you really new in this game or what??
It's for ranked games only. Suppose that you forgot to mention this.
Riryz (EUW)
: well yes obviously... kindreds e is a projectile. it has to travel a while before hitting. its exactly the same for caitlyn ult or any other spell of the sort that goes on cooldown after the projectile has been fired. even if its targeted. so no, its not a bug.
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