: Riot could you please don't do it again!
I...I....I... I what, what, what? So you are saying that what? I dont understand what you want. You dont want multiple skins on your champs because you are not able to choose?
: Season 9
If anything the tank meta was the worst but that wasnt even that bad
l C18 l (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nutonic,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=sTL7EnQo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-21T14:19:38.812+0000) > > I have actually won games like this when its 4v5. Just play the game and see what happens. Stop giving me that bullshit, that's what everyone who clicks "no" is saying. Obvious lose.
Ive won a 1v9, ive won 4v5 you try and then you lose or win
: Tyler1 got IP-banned. He plays league again. So much about 'banned is banned'. He got MULTIPLE permabans which result in a fricking IP-BAN and he is allowed to roam the rift. Anyway.
bc he reformed and his accounts are still permabanned
: i'd rather be able to feel that i deserved to get to challenger instead of abusing braindead champs to get there (cough cough tf blade cough)
IS that why you are only gold 1 hmmmmmmmmmm
: xexe xd what to say. enjoy your miserable life if you think like you wrote it. And by the way, do not get into the ass-rioters. Much love
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Support not buying a support item should be bannable
You had a support for 75% of your games, and when you had lux as support she did build sightstone.
: daily reminder that yasuo should be removed from the game
Is it odd that Yassuo, one of the best Yasuo players in the world, only has 52% winrate? Well because Yasuo is easily countered by champions like Jax and Yi which ahem, Mr. Sidney Crosby really seem to like. Also Sir Prepuzius, you are Silver IV whichhhhhhhh means that you are just one step from Iron I. This basically means that you really don't have any right to complain about balance, I think riots balance team works a bit better than you.
: What I hate most about playing in low ELO as a support
: fix the game.
You call mf unbalanced?
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: what the %%%% riot?
Silver V complains, im Silver III im not complaining dude
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: I can definitely see the connection yeah, but we can make the assumption that they wherent always in the weapons they had an original form.. so it does seperate them from the targonians. Plus it’s more conditional, someone has to wield their weapon for them to take effect, while a targonian can attach to any willing volunteer... it’s the lack of a physical item to attach to and the lack of consent that really separates them
Hm yeah, since they were sealed inside their weapons. Thing is they apparently chose weapons? Bc aatrox quotes against rhast “A scythe, really? Are going to murder a field of wheat”
: From aatrox’s quotes it could be said that it wasn’t so much the void but Targon that caused the war. Aatrox and his kind where defending shurima from the void as shurima is ground zero for the invasion, but something changed that caused the darkin to attempt genocide... and aatrox has called Zoe out on her being guilty for something, plus he claims to be a god killer and threatens as such towards targonians... so I reckon Targon tried something which angered the darkin, and when that went badly they where the ones who trapped them. It’s difficult to say for certain... but we definitely know that Targon and darkin are definitely enemies and have a bloody history.
Might be like a "Oooh we were allied, poof i back stab you bish" situuation
: Well ascended where just an idea I doubt the darkin have much of a connection to the ascended, especially as according to the lore most of the ascended where killed during the icathian incident. Targonians are weird... we know they don’t have corporal bodies, instead inhabiting mortals to gain their body... we also know that a targonian can gain corporal form by surrendering their immortality, as is what happened with soraka. Darkin are still immortal so we know that they couldn’t have descended themselves, we also know they wherent human looking to begin with as after possessing someone they modded them to a rough aproximation of their original form, where as the rest of the ascended don’t change their human form. So it just doesn’t add up that they are targonian... they aren’t aspects as even the aspects who aggressively take over the host body like pantheon cannot change their appearance, nor do they look like a descended targonian nor payed the price to decend. They are something unique, though they definitely have some interaction with Targon though this is likely Targon having a large presence in the darkin war given that aatrox calls himself a god killer.
Hm i guess so, but the thing is that you know how Darkin are currently a weapon. And when its grabbed the darkin takes the weilders body. A little bit simular to Targonians but reversed
: > [{quoted}](name=Nobuyuki,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1FoaPV84,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-21T21:07:07.609+0000) > > Well thats true, but even if they are defenders of shurima that does not mean that they were acended. It might just mean that they chose shurima to defend after decending the mountain. I mean also yeah he might hate targonians but he might still come from targon. As he really really hates Zoe lol. He hates Zoe because he believes that she gave those that imprisoned him and his brothers the means to do so. Also, I would assume he's not of Targon by one of his quotes towards Pantheon; "Hail Pantheon! Let me hear you cry of friendship! Let me hear you scream of brotherhood!" Makes me think that the Targonians approached the Darkin with an olive branch of sorts, but lead them into a trap of some kind, rather than them being comrades.
Yeah thats true, I had the thought that maybe Aatrox was a F.D Aspect of War but the current one (Atreus) threw him down from targon and took his role?
: The only problem with that is location... aatrox’s new short lore states that they are defenders of shurima against the void... so while we don’t know what caused them to start killing and that could be a void influence the location of them being in shurima rather than Targon implies they are more likely ascended beings than targonians, or they are their own seperate race. Aatrox also hates targonians, so there is a connection but I think it’s more antagonist rather than hereditary.
Well thats true, but even if they are defenders of shurima that does not mean that they were acended. It might just mean that they chose shurima to defend after decending the mountain. I mean also yeah he might hate targonians but he might still come from targon. As he really really hates Zoe lol.
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: Is EUW good
Well EUW is toxic yes, but from what ive seen EUW is less toxic than EUNE
: The meta right now looks something like this Top; Darius, Irelia, Singed JG: Graves, Xin, Eve, Xin Mid: Talon, Zoe, TF, Zed ADC; Kai'sa, Jhin, Caitlyn Supp: Braum, Lulu, Janna On the top of my mind those are the prime best champions for their lane right now and I see them very often None of these champions lack the damage but without support they're severely crippled - Especially Darius, he needs that ramp up in speed or an engage to be a huge threat. If you want a Pick you would get a Blitzcrank, he has a huge AOE silence and a knockup, Pyke has an unreliable 1 second stun with a wind-up Q which makes it obvious for what he's doing Darius can clean up better than Pyke Pyke just seems like you took 4 champions kits, made worse versions of the abilities then slapped him into support Q > Blitz W > Twitch E > Graves (But improved!) R > Darius Passive negates himself from going tanky whch is reasonable given his kit but it limits his actual usefulness Any Pyke player I have played against/played with have left a very sour taste in my mouth, over all being a useless champion in my eyes so I can't blame them. When I got him myself in ARAM I thought I was pretty useless too, Q doesn't hook them enough It's just what Pyke can do another champion can do better, I'd list him as a C tier champion but that's imo
I would say that this depends on matchup for the most part, and I also think that only time will tell if he is going to be better since noone really really knows how to play him yet. I think that Pyke would probably be good against ADC/Supports who does not have alot of HP nor mobility.
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: league is dying
Yeah that's a solution > they dont create more server
Alemira (EUW)
: Hi there Nobuyuki! You're not giving alot of information to go by, but assuming you have done all the general checks, the only other thing you can do, is reinstall the game. if that doesnt fix it, please give some more information about what is happening (please include equipment and such as well)
Yeah sorry, so i dont allways get this error but sometimes when im in either client or champ select it just freezes. In client it freezes for maybe 4-5 seconds but in champ select its almost always when im about to lock in. It always freezes untill lock in time ends and i get kicked out. Ive tried to repair files, and such. Playing on a pretty bad computer, Intel pentium core xD. Also this is the first time it has happned since ive started in season 4
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: i checked but it was only 1 game of co-op and i never played it myself
> [{quoted}](name=applemonkey2001,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Y00rcder,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-05-24T07:40:17.899+0000) > > i looked up on summoners companion i saw my match history. and i saw that somebody i didnt know played with my account because he played with a friend 3 games.
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Arctodus (EUW)
: ***
Tbh when people write like you they know they did something wrong
: Synergy Gaming recruiting for CLASH! Bronze? Master? All ranks! Choose among 500+ people. Join us!
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Luster24 (EUW)
: [Concept] Banning keystones
Why was this even an idea, banning a keystone just makes the game very unplayable because some champions cant play without that keystone, imagine banning both grasp and aftershock, what does shen use then?
: Goodbye Trash
Bye noone will miss you
Cràp Bag (EUW)
: That's cool I learned how to code by physical practice more the the tutorials , if you are up we can go further .
Cràp Bag (EUW)
: Searching for developers for some serious project .
I would definetly like to help you but i dont know how to code lol
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: > [{quoted}](name=Zyzyx,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=9aX0rayw,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-16T12:34:38.131+0000) > > This thread is a joke. It's (probably) a reference to a steam support request that recently was posted on reddit (and probably everywhere else). Oh this is a Meme now? Didn`t know, thanks for the Info. But his Match-history is really no good joke.
I obviously have a 0-420 win/loss ratio
Robi (EUW)
: "bc my frejnd took and haked my acount" Like anyone would believe that. Plus it wouldn't matter anyway it was your account that your "Friend" hacked
Man you know the whole point of this post was to make is as dumb as possible xD
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: Trivial post "crying about yasuo "
Sooooo, what rank are you? Bc yasuo is only good when you can play him. There is a reason why he aint banned a lot in higher elo.
: Why Yasuo?
As a Yasuo main, I know that I get a lot of hate, but the main reason hes banned in low elo like silver - gold is bc he either gets shit on or shits on people
Rismosch (EUW)
: Rice fields? In europe? Where?
Rismosch (EUW)
: But have you ever tried The Last Dab? Throw spicy food at me all day, but that one almost killed me 😤 Seriously, try it. I bet you can't stand too much of it either. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I wish I could, but im stuck in the rice fields with no money
Rismosch (EUW)
: Ah man, why would you do that? :(
Can't handle spicy food = Welcome at the orphanage
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why would you do hurt yourself so much?
As a Asian, you are a disgrace. You are now disowned
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