Hironimus (EUW)
The reason the feature is in there is to make sure queue times don't become 30 minutes because all everyone ever wants to play is mid or top. Right now only half of people who get support actually queue up for it and still the waittimes can be longer then 10 minutes when I don't pick support myself. I would rather sometimes play support and sometimes have others be filled in there then play 1 game every 90 minutes (accounting for both the first and second search times).
: How Unfair Is This Game
It is a system used by Riot to make sure nobody climbs the ladder insanely fast when they just get a few wins. If you have this issue it means your mmr is not at the same level your rank is. You will have to work a while to get your mmr at the same level. At that point you'll start earning the same amount of LP on a win then you'd lose. And if you keep winning even more games then you'll start gaining more lp then you're losing (this, in turn is a system to prevent people from dropping too fast after having one rough day.)
: I got an S- but no token for level 7
It is not 'Bullshit' it is explained in the game. You can only get mastery level 7 tokens for getting an S or an S+. If you get an S- it is not good enough to be considered at that level, this way getting mastery level 7 is actually a tad harder then mastery 6. If it wasn't then mastery 6 would just become obsolete.
: When to use 's' key?
I use it for last hitting sometimes, when I notice that if I attack a certain minion I won't be able to attack it in time to get the last-hit. It can also be useful to give kills to your allies when you play support or jungle and you feel like someone else can use the kill more.
: Can we just bloody nerf Camille
> Meanwhile, she can get an Shield adjusted to the base dmg of the enemy, with a damn auto atack, only way to avoid this mess is going stuff like AP Trist and Ad Xerath Actually, this doesn't really work. As the passive keeps track of what kind of damage someone is doing the most. So it would change to AP for trist somewhere in the midgame and AD for Xerath somewhere in late.
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Infernape (EUW)
: The matchmaking system matches you by MMR not rank. It's possible for a Diamond tier player to get matched by a bronze due to them possessing bronze level normal MMR as a result of not playing as many normal games as they do ranked games.
sure, then it happens once, maybe twice. I have had only enemy teams consisting of ONLY plats and diamonds for this entire weekend.
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: I just miss the random button in Howling Abyss :(. I find myself keep playing the same champions. Kidding aside (yeah, that was actually a joke, believe it or not :O), I like the random button as well. If someone wants to troll, I don't think it's the random button that's going to prevent them from doing so. I especially miss the random button in featured games, as I've never used it in SR anyway, but want it in unDominion and Diary of a Poro King (in fact, what I'd like more is all random in Poro King, since it's kind of lame with everybody just picking the same 20 champions).
Right? It just adds a little more flavor to the game. And as I said, me and my friend dont throw the games or anything like that. We play to win (and actually usually do). I would think it to be a shame if the button was never added to the new client before the old one is no longer supported.
VoidMastar (EUNE)
: just use the old client (its better as of now imo)
Right now we can, but it has been confirmed that everyone eventually has to use the new client. If the random button is not added it'd be a shame.
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mistgem (EUW)
: just had a game, can confirm the team with 4 players can infact still remake. the whole first blood thing was changed since the FAQ release and people have been misinformed eversince
Just so I am 100% sure on this now. Does this mean that if you are 4v5 and your team (so the team with four players) kills the enemy team, you can still remake afterwards?
: Turrets=0
Eh it only really works if they can reliably build good armour items, seeing that Turret damage is based on armour. Therefore it would have been a bigger accomplishment (and thus problem) if she would have dived a support and a mage, though, granted, at that point she probably could anyways. The reason turrets aren't doing that much damage is because games have to have an end. A game that is lasting 38 should be coming to a close anyways. If turrets would become way more powerful you would end up being unable to end a game, even though you're ahead, just because the entire enemy team will just camp underneath their towers. This would end up in drawn out games from a point where the victor has been as good as decided anyways, leaving teams that are already ahead to most of the entire map to get even more ahead until they finally -can- breach that point where they can dive the enemy.
: There are ways around it, setup an Apple ID based in one of the countries where it's currently out. Australia/New Zealand/USA, then you can download it on the App Store. I'm from the UK we're not supposed to have it, I own so many gyms so far lol.
Yeah but that just sounds like a whole lot of work. And some of my friends did this but they run into frequent problems when trying to challenge gyms or go to pokemon spots, so I think I'll wait until service is being provided for my country.
: Haha, sorry mate, but I can't remember my specifications, and I'm currently on a different computer because I'm on holiday. That said, I do believe the hardware is not really the problem, my internet is always pretty good, and my fps is at about 60 every time which isn't horrid. When my loading screen crashes it says it 'can't connect to the server', which reeks of firewall blockage considering my internet is steadily good. Making League trusted in my antivirus specifications helped, but I need to check the firewall better I guess to make sure it gets through.
Ah I see. Well if that's the case I do hope you find a way to make your problems more manageable! If I ever see your name being disconnected I'll wait till the 3 min mark. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO is not out yet in my country. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: /remake
If you disconnect that many games, it really does seem like you are going to have to make some changes to soft or hardware (preferably hardware). Mind sharing your computer specifications with me so I can see if this can be done through some simple upgrades rather then buying an entirely new computer? (and to see wether it actually is caused by your hardware) On the other hand, usually when I don't get to the loading screen (even though this happens extremely rarely) I can reconnect within 90 seconds. I am not sure wether this is just me though, so it might be.
: Well, I don't see why it wouldn't be. As long as you avoid getting 1v5 dived under your turret before the 3 minute mark (which isn't up to Riot to prevent), you get to end a would-be bad game without any penalty at all. That's what League needed all along. And 3 minutes is a pretty decent time for someone to reconnect and for their team not to get stomped on if you they don't reconnect.
This does not prevent remake. If the team with 4 players gets first blood, then remake cannot be done by them. If the enemy gets first blood, the team with four players can (and should) still remake. This was clarified in a remake FAQ.
tavl0904 (EUW)
: Because it didn't give me an option to post things on gameplay etc. Only Help and Support and New Players advice.{{champion:32}} I think it's bc I'm only lvl 10.
Well that does make a fair bit of sense. Anyways, in regads to your earlier comment combined with the new information that you're just level 10, I can honestly tell you, it gets better. In the early stages you'll most likely find people who are bad at the game that start 'smurfing' (starting over to level accounts from scratch) just to make them feel better. Most of these people are actually still so bad at the game they cannot find real success here either, to them that is the ultimate frustration. Now what a lot of people do when they are incredibly frustrated, is point that frustration towards someone/something else then themselves, because blaming others is a lot easier then blaming oneself. It's hard right now, that I know, but if you can push through it the negative attitudes will eventually clear up a bit. Now I'm not gonna lie, there are always going to be some people like this (unless you eventually hit the really high ranks) so if you want to completely avoid this kind of behavior I can sadly only recommend you try a different game.
tavl0904 (EUW)
: Players need to calm down.
If this isn't a help or support question, why did you post it in this category? That just makes people misunderstand your post and honestly it wastes people's time.
: Can someone explain this to me- why triforce vayne is not a thing?
The price and what she gets out of it. AP does nothing for her, so it's worse on her then, say, Corki. And Corki can also more relaibly proc the tri-force. And even on him it's not really that great anymore because it doesnt provide crit chance.
RualEu (EUNE)
: Please
You wait 20 minutes for five games. Don't play games when your PC or your internet is so unstable you leave often. That ruins games for other players. And yes, you had to have left often, because 20 minute wait time is only given for leaving games often.
: uhm i didnt know yasou ban ratio is that low since when me and my friend duo iam silver 4 he is silver 1 ,either one of the team teams bans yasou and zed and my point is not really nerfing them to the ground but a sort of a minor tweak would discourage some people to ban or pick them if they just do that since they think they are op btw iam not saying they are i find them actually quite balance except for zed and the changed on qs wich now he can jsut ulti combo enemy adc
But why tweak champions to make them even slightly weaker when they aren't even good to begin with? That just creates two useless piles of shit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kjelldor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Mx6zE5Ol,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-07-09T23:20:21.479+0000) > > It also led to people troll picking before the game started and you losing the game before it even had begun, flaming in champion selection and never being able to comfortably play the role you wanted if it was highly contested at the time because 98% of the time were you actually would get it (i.e. pick order) someone would troll or threathen to troll so you wouldn't get it anyways. that still happens now though
A lot less, though, since people know which of two roles they are getting. Ever since the matchmaking change I've only seen it happen once.
: One man you premade with could have went to toilet or for smoke or have client crush or have network breaking or lose electricity! and you know that but rest of people dont, you know he would be back, but people are grasping rule like their life is depending on it!
If they do that and arent back 3 minutes before the game starts, it's their fault. I am sick and tired of people going on smoke breaks/to the bathroom and coming back only 5 minutes after the game started just to lose their lane or complain they aren't getting a leash when they're jungle. I say this with perfect confidence. If people do that they deserve to lose the game. And multiple accounts of this deserves them getting banned to rethink their ways. If you are someone who does this and it happened to you, good on you. Hopefully you won't do the same stupid thing the next time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kjelldor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Mx6zE5Ol,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-09T23:11:56.281+0000) > > Problem here is that there isn't much that really can be done. If 90% of the playerbase wants the same roles and there aren't enough people at one specific mmr, then long queue times are a given. > > Only possible outcome to this is going back to the old system, which was fundementally flawed in that it enticed irritation and flaming behavior before the game even started because people were forced to play roles they didn't like. yeah but that was the only way you learnt how to play some lanes like support and i think that was a good thing
It also led to people troll picking before the game started and you losing the game before it even had begun, flaming in champion selection and never being able to comfortably play the role you wanted if it was highly contested at the time because 98% of the time were you actually would get it (i.e. pick order) someone would troll or threathen to troll so you wouldn't get it anyways.
: RIOT please nerf
Only Zed is being banned a bit. Yasuo is only banned about 20% of the time (and that's being generous) and doesn't even really do well anyways. On average, Yasuo has more deaths then kills, so to say he needs to be nerfed is a bit.. eh. Also, Zed's ban rate is only 69%, I remember Kassadins being 98%, then we're talking permabanned. That aside, his winrate is less then 50% meaning he as well isn't really that good right now, if you're looking towards the average. P.S. These stats were pulled from plat+ ELO.
mirrandda (EUW)
Riot likes to look at balance from two standpoints. The pro and high mmr scene and the low mmr scene. In the low MMR scene wards weren't really doing anything, since nobody there looks at their minimap anyways. That is if someone even finds wards. In the high MMR scene it usually made games pretty boring (at least to watch) because everyone knew where everyone was at all times. Right now the strategy is actually a lot more complex, seeing how you'll have to communicate with your team about where to put and where to look for wards. Seeing as their number has dwindled, taking care of multiple wards actually means something and placing them at the right spots does as well.
: Why should I play league anymore?
Problem here is that there isn't much that really can be done. If 90% of the playerbase wants the same roles and there aren't enough people at one specific mmr, then long queue times are a given. Only possible outcome to this is going back to the old system, which was fundementally flawed in that it enticed irritation and flaming behavior before the game even started because people were forced to play roles they didn't like.
: Perma-banned for occasional verbal abuse
When you verbally abuse people a punishment follows. In the order: x-game chat restrict y-game chat restrict 14-day ban Permanent ban No matter the severity of the verbal abuse this order of punishments is upheld. If you are permanently banned it means you didn't change your behavior after being banned for 14 days. When you were banned for 14 days you got a warning the next punishment would be permanent. Your failure to change your ways led to this happening.
: You realise how many legitimate tahm players like myself would get messed up by this change. Creating this option creates fear of troll tahms, this fear means that people will turn it on at the beginning of the game or condemn you after one mistake, after that tahm gets robbed of not only his greatest strength but also the only reason he exists. This is a bad change... troll kenchs are the vast minority, why should the majority of legit tahm players get punished because of a small handful of people... just report and move on, don't punish us for something we didn't do. And before you say it yes people would turn it on at the beginning of the game, I've been flamed at and threatened to be reported for picking tahm because people think I'm gonna troll, and I've had times where I make one mistake and people harass me because they think I'm trolling... troll kenchs are already feared and that gives us legit tahms a bad name, giving them the ability to use their prejudices in a way which actually affects us is the worst mistake riot could make for tahm.
Problem with reporting and moving on, is, in my opinion, twofold. 1. The entire game can be ruined by someone doing this. This can mean up to 40 minutes of hell if you don't want leaverqueue. 2. Reporting people for trolling or helping the enemy team NEVER does anything. Because Riot is too much of a %%%%% to actually tell to people that they are trolling, because they 'might just not be good'. Well at some point a line can be drawn and when that line is passed, punishment should follow.
N1ghtOG (EUW)
: Why is master yi a noob champ but vayne isnt?
Because Yi is significantly easier. His dodge makes him unhittable and his heal makes all damage against him lesser. For Vayne to hit cc you have to outplay the opponent by making them pin to a wall, meaning your position actually matters. Yi's position, on the other hand, is always right in the enemy's face.
: OK, and if this Tahm is the guy that saves you from a 4 man pile on in bot, don't complain that he didn't help.
Yeah I am talking about the tahms that keep screwing you over, not the ones that make a mistake. Coming from a game where one has never eaten me when I needed it and only did so to fuck me over. In those games you should have the option to just never be eaten for the rest of the game.
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RadKatana (EUW)
: I nearly died from sugar poisoning reading that post. Jokes aside, i agree with your message - Thanks for sharing.
Damn, I almost forgot ever posting this. How far back did you go before you found this {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Maluber (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ta16vl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GwtTAida,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-07-03T22:03:25.891+0000) > > I guess. I recently made a new account just to try P v P (having that P v P matches players with your same level) And yeah, i still suck x'D You'll learn more from playing vs other players as they are unpredictable. Some-one might pull a flashy play on you and you'll die and you think to yourself "I never thought of doing that with x champ".
True, but if they are having fun playing vs bots let em have fun man. Not everyone wants/needs to become good. As long as they're havin fun all's good. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ta16vl (EUW)
: Is it a bad thing I only play with bots?
Hey man, play whatever makes you happy. If plying vs bots makes you happy play vs bots. If you feel you want to play PvP play PvP. It's a game, so enjoy it.
: Nasus lose Q stack on death? Suggestion
You'd have to buff him pretty hard tho. Lategame Nasus is all stacks. if he loses, say, half stacks on death lategame that'd make him useless rather quickly.
kunia (EUW)
: losing all daysssss
If you're starting to move up in normal games it means the opposite of being shit. it means your normal mmr is starting to be on par with these gold players' normal mmr. It can get a little frustrating playing against people that are much better then you, but it's actually the fastest way of improving if you watch some replays.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: What if I told you that some of us enjoy Hexakill and Ascension and can't stand playing Zed for All? You don't like it - you don't play it. It's as simple as that.
It's a little more complicated then that, when ascension is available the other gamemodes (that OP likes more) are not. So just saying 'dont like it dont play it' is a bit strange, as that is, in no way, the point he was trying to make.
: You're overthinking. People were afraid something like this would happen when they revealed division markers on the loading screen borders. In the end i've never ever seen anyone even make a comment about his teammates division. Sure, some random angry dude might yell at you but it surely won't increase the overall toxicity.
Strange, I see that all the time. Of course it only happens the moment they start losing their lane or doing bad in teamfights.
Infernape (EUW)
: Wasn't Fiora reworked because her old kit had little counterplay? Anyway, new Fiora is a wrecking machine if you know how to play with her.
Yep, and these people just want that back because they can't play a champion that has counterplay.
: pls comeback the old fiora the new fiora is a trash old is a legendary pls riot old fiora {{champion:114}} the new is a zero 0 dmg pls old fiora comeback all want her back . if comeback fiora more people play lol again pls . if comback fiora give her and a new skinn
0 dmg? Maybe if you miss all of the weakspots. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Vote for old fiora nowwww!!!!!!!
Really? You want the champ that can just press R to get a pentakill back? If you want that why dont ya'll just go play Karthus {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: im inside a game that doesnt exist
Just wait. It's called a ghost game. It happens sometimes. After a bit it should go away.
Bulletkid (EUW)
: Well in my defense im just a normal player, i accepted the terms of service in 2010/2011 i dont know the upgrades that are being made everyday, i dont think that was my fault not knowing this matter was highly debated , probably is riots fault for not making it more public . For instance putting these disscussions conclusions on league of legends lobbys
Everytime you patch the game you accept the new terms of service, so that is completely irrelevant. It also states IN the terms of service that these can be changed, so in 2010 you accepted that as well. It was your fault for not knowing because you pressed I accept after you patched your client. period.
: Don't play League when you are drunk or on drugs PLEASE
Why would you do anything while drunk/on drugs? Because it is more fun when you're drunk/on drugs! Same with League. As long as it's not ranked you really shouldn't be so butthurt.
Caracarn (EUNE)
: I don't think this is right... I was on 100% waiting for another player. Didn't even know I was the one who got disconnected. I guess we'll just have to live with that.
What happened was a remake. It's a new thing in League ranked games. Basically if someone has been disconnected for at least 90 seconds before the 3 minute mark and the 4-man team does not have kills, players in the team can use /remake. What this does is it creates a loss prevented for the 4 man team, while counting as a loss for the disconnected player.
: Why no S?
I've seen Taliyah go 28/0/13 not getting an S. And thats on a champ that, at the time, had the lowest winrate of all champs in any lane. System's just busted man.
Bulletkid (EUW)
In a post earlier this year explaining all about 3rd party programs, programs that allow skins for just the user have been debated a lot. Mainly because skins can make attacks or abilities more telegraphed, thus giving the user of the program an advantage over the enemy, for whom they appear without a skin. An example of this is PROJECT: Zed. Wether his ult is going to kill and when it goes off is actually a lot easier to see with the skin on. Any and all software that changes parts of the game (map skins, skins, scripts, etc.) is not allowed and **_can_** get you permanently suspended. This is because using any program that alters the client files (which these programs all do) is against the terms of service. So even LoL Skin is against terms of service. Therefore banning you was warranted and not at all unfair.
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