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: Die Tentakel greifen die an die du mit W triffst. Wenn die W nicht trifft, wie sollen dann die Tentakel angreifen?
treffen tut man ja. aber das hat ja nichts mit dem schaden zu tun. ist ja kein skillshot... mit sivirs schild geht das ja auch. und die blockt den ganzen spell...
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sorry, showed me anything in german here xD assumed its the german forum.. can easily translate the main part though which is important: Pantheons Passive can Block the W from Illaoi (Her Leap) Which is totally fine. But it also negates the passive effect from it, that the tentacles are attacking the spot she hit... Which i think is not intendet. So in my opinion the passive from Pantheon (which is easily up again by using skills and autos and his W) is not working correctly against an illaoi. Pantheon just makes her completly useles, by denying a very important skill... and there is absolute no counterplay to it... thats about it. if that was planned that way... well... then im just totally stunned -.-
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: Gnar in Spectator Mode
nvm. just started up another specc, where gnar was shown.. hmm.... well, maybe just keep an eye on that. Im out. greetings
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