: From ticketmaster.fr policy: Unlawful resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be lost, stolen or counterfeit, and if so are void. This ticket cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed, and is valid only for the event and seat for which it is issued. This ticket is not redeemable for cash. It is unlawful to reproduce this ticket in any form. Only the first scan of the barcode on your ticket will be allowed entry. Make sure you keep the printed ticket in a safe place like you would cash, and protect it just like you would any other ticket! If more than one copy were to arrive, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant that the ticket has already been scanned. If there is a dispute, the purchaser's name is on each ticket, please do not remember your valid identity card as a purchaser. A ticket cannot be taken back, modified or resold, except in case a producer decides to repaid it after a cancellation If an event is cancelled, postponed, stopped or modified because of a change in the distribution, only the producer will be able to decide if tickets have to be repaid or not (Not sending costs). Ticketmaster is not responsible for it. The producer is the only one responsible for the event.
Thanks that helps a lot!!
: We want Answers, Riot Games
I used the lol support asking about help regarding this matter, as i´m one of the sad members and he stated (translated quote): "the ones responsible will happily hear and answer me. Player feedback is important to them" So yeah... this is your chance.
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: I am french. I can confirm you that this is completely against the French law the law explicitly say it is forbidden to sell tickets at higher price than the official price (it is possible however, to sell them at lower price) the possible penalty for anyone found doing this : 2 years of jail + 300 000€ fine + pay back the difference of every ticket
Can you please show me where in the law it is. Im not asking because im against it, i wanna know from where to quote ^^ Also a problem is that the accorhotelarena allows reselling.
: 2019 World Championship Ticket Information
Does anyone know if the terms of riot allow the reselling of tickets? I have the same problem as everyone here, wanting to go to the finals, but i just dont have the money to spend 300 plus euros on a ticket worth 40.


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