KneesockZ (EUW)
: Alarmingly Large Patch Sizes!? But why? My rant...
I would love to give you a detailed report of my usage, but that also requires me paying money so no I will not post a screen shot of it here. Link a rito employee if you can because I clearly downloaded 9.6 gigs today and was forced to get extra just to complete the download or I'd be downloading the patch till next century cause the speed drops down to a dial up connection literally... Like I said this isn't something that would bother you people with your next to unlimited bandwidth.
KneesockZ (EUW)
: Alarmingly Large Patch Sizes!? But why? My rant...
The game downloaded 9.6 gigabytes... I had to buy extra gigs just to complete the download you turd heads... That 1000kbps (which is the max download speed of my router) next to the 8.3 gigs on the client isn't "checking" shit...
KneesockZ (EUW)
: Alarmingly Large Patch Sizes!? But why? My rant...
The total Download size for 8.6 patch game + client was 9.6gigs for me... Here's a screen cap of the post client patch and onto the game patch...
Yung Seng (EUNE)
: im sick.
Why are you complaining about solo queue?
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: Maybe this is a step you feel the need to take, but you have to understand that the social interactions ingame make a big difference for most players. I've had some incredibly fun experiences with random strangers in my team, or even on the enemy team. When you're on the same page with a whole group of strangers, it's one of the greatest experiences you can have ingame. --- I was once invited to a wedding in the postgame lobby, because I've had a great time with my teammates..._(no I did not actually go :P)_ And for me, that's one of the reason I play League, the friendly people you can find. Who cares if I have to go through dozens of flamers to find one of these interactions, it's **#worth!** _**Hides before the "there are no friendly players in League" mob arrives...*_*
I've had many enjoyable games myself, but the sad reality is it's very rare. I turned back the chat since I started playing again and seems even worse than ever xD, but I've learned to just ignore all the flaming and just have a good time. Just thought of sharing how I coped with the aforementioned 'Trash Talking' in game. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I literally cannot play this game anymore
Clearly you are tilted, but honestly this isn't something you should be enraged about... Just play with bots until you've unlocked all the summoner spells. But, if you're so adamant on playing PvP on low levels, you should agree and accept the fact that there's going to be smurfs or players that are better than you skill wise. The game system matchmaking cannot match you with people with your level of play and frankly that is impossible to archive. I'm saying this by experience. There are times where I play in a whole other level and then there are times that I play like utter garbage. The goal of the game is not 'winning' but to have a overall great game. If you're playing only to win, then this isn't the game for you my friend. Just keep your cool and give it your best is the only advice I can give you. GLHF in the rift summoner & welcome back! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Givifa (EUW)
: How to 1v9?
Welcome to League of Legends son.
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Wackadoodle (EUNE)
: Riot should fix their garbage client
Can't they just integrate the game and client together geez... literally every other game is integrated into one...


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