: Is it just me or am I the only one where I can't select anything when I enter draft?
Had the same prob. However I also had the prob that I couldn't get into the game after I managed to select a champ. I was stuck on a screen with a "reconnect" button and I pressed it like a milion times and nothing happened...
: You try to justify what you see and want to see and hear, I explain other situations to you! I'm one of those who are not going to tolerate dermovym people and adjust to them, too, I'm going to be on them when they initially spoil the game. So we are talking about different things, and now there is no difference will not be diluted, maybe this is for the best, only after the result of covetousness, no, only false testimonies I have everything. I did not see the answer of admins and adequate actions! Come on guy good luck = /
Well yeah,we might be writing about different things because you are hard to understand.If I had to guess,you can't realy speak English (you are propably french) and you propably use Google Translate...It is pretty hard (actually nearly impossible) to understand what you try to say.I can only guess from the context. What do I try to justify?Human error?Isn't human error justifyable?If you are flawless (basically paying attention to everything,doing everything right) you'd be challenger rank 1 but you aren't.You make mistakes.We all do. Again:If you are more or less doing what they do (flaming) you aren't better.You are as bad as they are.
: troll is when you go to a gang to help, and he sits and does nothing, and then when you die it finishes, there is no interaction and assistance! And once again I'll tell you that people are provoked when, after such action would anyone burned and why in your direction is counted, and they continue to continue to gloat and again tolerate such clowning too does not make sense, so I simply merged those who have played together and I got two bananas is very simple it is such a tribunal and he needs Finalize because-what's the point ranked play, when such people permanently permanently straining the atmosphere ... with them makes no sense to talk normally, they do not understand on good, they love when they scream and say in fact that is not so, they do not take criticism. It's just that I'm very sorry that I probably spent my time in the empty, that's all, since the system works, that you have to try to unload the situation and soften it as an asshole, and he continues to troll the whole game and create something and, by and by, not right.
So basically being a human is trolling.Some people may not notice that you want to gank,even if you ping.People just don't pay attention to everything,especially in lower elos. Do you even read bro?I never said that I tolerate those players.I will report them but I won't do,what they do.I am not one of them.You are one of them if you start flaming.
: Because - all these bans were based on the fact that you are brought to the state of aggressiveness, are out of balance because on your promo there is garbage that trolls, a toxic child, a provoker, feeds! And then it's a duo, gives you reports and they dig, I have more positive games, where nothing comes from me, because - with you, adequate people play, I'm not going to understand it, but I will not tolerate such clowns in my direction, but in the tribunal there are such offended people who, in fact, say that you are doing wrong, but their opinion is too high and they think they can show their rights! You want to say that I'm sitting playing and then I just wanted to write all the shit into the chat just like that? Are you in your mind? For this I go into this game? I have a little different views. The result, I write on the fact who he is and what he is doing wrong, they tell you to go %%%% or close your and do not teach. It's just an inadequate gold Elo and below
Well,I don't know what you are writing and what others write to "offend" and I still don't know what a "troll" is,what a "provoker" is and what a "feeder" is.But anyways,if you aren't better than them yes,you will get banned.If someone is toxic,don't care about them.If someone "feeds" (let's say intentional) don't flame them for ruining your game.Don't flame anyone.Don't be them,be better.Yes,I don't like toxic people either but thats why there is a banning system.Rather than flaming back I may try to reason with them and I'll report them but I won't flame back.
kawonik112 (EUNE)
: Bans for toxicity are bullshit
Errrr,no...Not banning Jeffs like you for being toxicity will result in a game full of people like you and a game with to many Jeffs will sooner or later die because most players will leave.
: Fair provocateurs!
Dude please,you propably were already banned once for being toxic.Now you are banned because they gave you a chance and you threw it away.Your post isn't doing you a favour because you use words like "b*tch".You are propably one of those guys who sees someone pick Trundle support and already tells them in champion select that they are garbage. People get offended by what you write?You yourself got offended by "trolls" and "provocators" (don't know what you mean by that).
: I am not a Rioter so i don't have access to such cases but it happens all the time. Basically you can get someone banned for anything that makes you feel "offended", like if someone tells you to stop dying. People consider that for flaming and report the player for saying it.
If you can get anyone banned just because you are offended by something the boards would be full of peoples complaining about getting banned for no reason but I don't see any.
: True, but that would defeat the purpose of this post, having experience on a champion to play him ranked. Maybe if Riot decreased the amount of champions needed, to maybe half, but having 2 of each lane or something like that. EDIT: Or, as you said, having at least a certain amount of games played with said champion for it to be eligible for ranked games, like 5-10 games. The biggest issue would be the availability of the person's pool, which can be annoying, however, that would instantly kill many issues with ranked, and most people would only play ranked if they were serious about climbing. The biggest issue I find would be the queue times, because they would probably go much bigger, since many players are casual and play ranked because why the heck not.
Nah,the problem with the amount of champions required to play ranked is based on the amount of bans and the amount of players.Currently we (can) have 10 bans + 9 other players and you still need 1 champion to play so you'll basically always need 20 champions. Well, 5-10 games would propably work fine.I would go with only 5 because 10 games can still be a lot of time,more than 3 hours in a not realy competetive environment with maybe a different elo.I recently played a normal with a friend to try out Yasuo and I learned close to nothing because I played against bronze players (maybe because my friend is bronze or my mmr in normals dropped).
: Not being able to control yourself is pathetic now? Alright, then.
What?Someone who can't control himself is less pathetic than someone who gets offended by something over the internet...Seriously...What the actual %%%%?So those who get offended do need to control themselves and not get offended but flamers...Ah,they can do as they please. The OP who literally cried because 2 players flamed him...Ah, he should control himself and not cry...How pathetic...What an idiot... If you can't control yourself,learn it. I never actually said that those who can't control themselves are pathetic.I only use the %%%%ing word "pathetic" because you use it and your comment is just stupid imo.
Doomley (EUW)
: People will become more consistent the higher elo you go. Naturally people in low elo are far from consistent. Consistent doesn't mean that you will always win lane or you will always get fed. It means you perform consistently so you can lose the lane but still perform well simply because the match up was bad.
Well,I am mainly reffering to the "lower" elos till low dia.Cause thats were the majority of players are.Below dia 5 there are 99% of all players are.Sure,they'll get more consistent but they will always make mistakes.And again:You might know what to do against player X who is less aggressive but against player Y you will fail because you don't know how to deal with his aggression.
Oriyoki (EUW)
: a) New account b) Not new players c) Even if it is new, doesn't give them free right to go 1-30 and trolling the game d) "they're new!" excuse for every under-30 player is idiotic - Please start using your brain. EDIT: This is why posting anything reasonable on EU boards is pointless. Some 60 IQ white knight comes to protect every moron.
Dude,players not knowing the game is e good excuse.What will always happen if you start something new.You will fail over and over again.Happened to me,happened to you,happens to everyone.You can't just pick something up and be a god at it,let alone half way decent.Just imagine you forging a necklace.Your first few necklaces will just be garbage.Some players also learn faster than others.Thats why some players need one season to get to plat and others need 4. If this player is new he 100% has the right to go 1-30.
Doomley (EUW)
: >You will never get a consistent performance in any lane because humans aren't consistent in what they are doing. You could be able to get consistent performance if the players were the same every game.
Err,no.Even if you always have the same players,the enemy team will always be different,with different playstyles and understanding of the game.Even if the players would be the same,the matchups would change and even if both teams are the same,the matchups are the same,masteries and runes are the same you will still have a different game every single time.One game the 10/2/8 ADC will go 2/9/3 or so.Humans just aren't consistent enough.There are only a few players that actually are consistent.
: > she our client and our shop beacause it is at least boring and frustrating. It's a punishment, it isn't supposed to be fun.
Well,maybe I'm just wrong but I don't think looking at the shop is fun.I mean...You still can do other stuff like looking videos or so.It's not that much mor punishing if you can't look at the client/shop.
shaunika (EUW)
: why cant we get an actual 10 ban system?
It would take to much time,just to get into game.The current system actually is perfect.Well,there is a slim chance of having one ban less than before but now you can have 10 bans and even if one or another ban gets wasted because of 1 champ geetting banned by both teams,you still have more bans and you have a lower waiting time to get into game.Just imagine how bad this system would be (especially for higher elo) when someone dodges last minute.I think now it's like 2-3 minutes champion select needs.With an actual 10 ban system it would propably take around 5-6 minutes.
: [IMO] The lower your elo is, the more ADC-dependant you are as a support.
ADCs can say the same thing about the support.Heck, you can say the same thing about every single lane.You will never get a consistent performance in any lane because humans aren't consistent in what they are doing. If you have a bad ADC,sure,laningphase will be a pain in the ass but you can still carry in later stages of the game.I (partially) "carried" myself from bronze to gold in season 5 as Zac support,did it this season again from silver 5 to gold.Now I play trundle support and still "carry" a lot of games,even if the laningphase wasn't that good.
: The world isn't rainbow and muffins, sweetie, you need to learn that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
No shit Sherlock.Not like I learned what a pain life can be (depression,sucidal,panic attacks,bullying,etc.).My entire life is far far away from rainbow and muffins.Then maybe write your comment differently.Say "humanity in general is pathetic" or something like that.Else you are basically saying that those who flame aren't pathetic but those who get offended are. And just read the last part of my comment.It's not about creating a perfect society or something like that.It's about how YOU want to be treated and thats basically how you should treat others.If you are a %%%%head people won't treat you will,they'll treat you as a %%%%head.
Tana (EUNE)
: troller are players who ruin your games on puprise, and I had at least one in every single game. for example, we are super ahead and we just need to group and win, and katarina who has 15 kills(of course stole all of them) started to go 1v5, died 4 times and sold all of her items and started to run down mid. im starting to wonder, maybe its the problem with the server, maybe euw is better. you tell me.
Ok,that Kata is actually a troll. It may actually be the server.I haven't encountered someone that ran it down mid,someone who sold all his items to buy tears or so.The only player that could have been a troll (but rather was just an idiot who didn't knew the matchup or was overconfident) was a Jarvan dying at level 1,tping back to lane just to die again and then walk back to lane just to die again.Other than that you just have players making stupid decisions,something that will always happen,especially in lower elos and I myself sometimes make bad decisions.
: permantly banned
So you probably already got banned once.Am I right?If so Riot already gave you chance to reform and you didn't take it.So yeah,it's your fault.Maybe...maybe if you somehow can show them that you reformed,you might get your account back but then you actually need to reform.If you are a toxic Jeff a chat restriction won't help cause after it gets removed you'll probably flame again. Besides,your argument "im not rly a bad people i just flams on a game not in real life" is just bad...Those are still human beings.I read a thread...The OP cried because he got flamed...There is no justification for flaming.And yes,that all you flamers don't flame anyone in real life is obvious because then society would "ban" you.Which is even worse than getting a ban in a game.
: Not really a bad Idea, but mastery 4 minimum, not five. It still needs to be accessible.
Far less.mastery 4 minimum means you exclude a bunch of palyers from ranked entirely.To play ranked right now you need at least 20 champions and this would force you to play a bunch of normals just to play ranked with at least 20 champions and if you want to pick up a new champion it's the same "torture".
: maybe a good idea for improving Ranked mode
Nah,would tilt a lot of players.They want to pick up a champion and need to play I don't know how many games just to play this champ in ranked.The only way I would see such a restriction working is by putting a "play this champ at least once before you can play it in ranked"-boundary.Also this would be a huge problem for newer players who only play like 3 champions often.They only have 3 champions to play ranked with.With 10 bans and 10 player in the game you'd need at least 20 champions rank 4 or higher to be able to play ranked. Also it's not like you only have those players in your team.The enemy team will have them too and according to statistics you are less likely to have such a player in your team. If you want to climb,look at yourself.You need to learn certain things like lane-dynamics,else (if you can't climb right now) you won't climb and even if you climb you will struggels.
Tana (EUNE)
: Riot Pls
Question is:What do you define as trollers?I don't think that players picking specific champions that have a 0.01% pickrate in a certain position are trolls.Else I'd be a troll,obviously because I play the king of trolls {{champion:48}} as support,still have a 62% winrate.My pre "rework" Zac mostly in top and support,but also in mid and jungle (mid more than jungle) had a around 70% winrate.Such picks provide something unexpected.Also this Kled player...He has played Kled many times,don't know if he played him as supp all the time but still,he seems to know what he is doing. I don't think matchmaking is busted.If I can climb,so can you.I got to gold 5,lost many games andaccording to op.gg I had a silver 3 mmr.I took a break because I actually couldn't play and I still can't play properly as I am going through a depression and I cry a lot (while playing) so I am not even focused and I still got to gold 3 and I'll probably still climb. Well,it could actually be realy bad luck,getting already tilted players or many toxic players but then you shouldn't worry because you'll eventually climb.I mean...You have decent winrates with your ADCs.
: Toxic players? Do you seriously get %%%%ing offended by random people over the internet? Humanity is %%%%ing pathetic.
"People complaining about people complaining about flaming people?How pathetic." This is just an exaggeration of your stupid comment. If there are people that are "pathetic" it's not those who complain about getting flamed.It's those flaming in the first place. There are "golden rules"...Have you ever heard of "Do as you would be done by"?Well,you don't need to follow them but you aren't a great human being if you want to get treated well but you treat others like shit.
Eva Foxx (EUNE)
: This Is Seriously Out Of Hand...
Nah,i doubt that matchmaking is busted.I mean...I am defenetly not the best player out there+I'm going through a rough time so I'm even less focused at the game.I was S5 at the beginning of the season,got to gold 5 constantly being at the brink of demotion with my MMR (according to op.gg dropping to silver 3) and then I took a break because of depression and now I am gold 3. I have no possibility of looking you up on op.gg (can only tell you what many players do wrong) but what I would recommend obviously decreasing your champion pool (if you have a big one) and finding a champion you can play well (if it's something off-meta,great gives something unpredictable to it or find a champion with a good winrate you can paly well).For me it was pre-"rework" Zac.Had a 70% winrate this season in around 88 games or so.What you need to do before you start expanding your champion pool is to understand trading patterns,when to trade (cooldowns,mana),early level 2 trade,how much damage you deal,how much damage your opponent deals and the best way to get a hang for this is by playing one or two champions over and over again,into many different matchups. You can also learn wavemanagement,what you can do and when and shotcalling. And well,player behaviour.If you do something that can remotely tilt an already tilted player,don't do it.Even giving them advice can tilt players.Rather don't write at all.
: I love LoL but I think I can't play anymore... really... enough is enough...
I think there might be more behind those Jeffs telling you to kill yourself than just a bad game.I just can't believe that someone causing you to lose a game is a reason that...Any human with a the brain capacity of a chimpanzee should be able to understand that we all are humans and therefore open to errors,that you aren't helping the game progress into a positiv direction (rather in a negativ),that you do mistakes yourself every now and then and that you aren't even doing yourself a favor by getting in "fights" with others and after finishing a game with a ton of toxicitiy "let's go into the next one and continue to flame". I think there is a huge amount of psychology going on.I think a big reason might be the "Dunning-Kruger effect" players think they are better players than they actually are thus creating the meme "I deserve challenjour". There is also Life going on that can affect your mood,that can affect your in-game playstyle (like my crying over and over again since the last few months,thus I'm not able to see that well and I make more stupid decisions) or it affects your communication with other players.
TheStiiv (EUNE)
: Akali's R < Irelia's Q
Nah,you are propably not taking a few things into account.Akali is often build with Lich Bane.She has 3 charges on her R with each having a 2 second cooldown (nearly perfect for Lich Bane passive).So with 3 charges and auto-attacking in between each of your ult casts you will (depending on build,I used the build shown on METAsrc with 390 AP from items) do 350 AP (ult base) + 97,5 AP (from scaling) + 840 AP (from Lich Bane) + 230 AP (from Thudnerlords).So only with her ult and 3 auto-attacks right after her ult she'll deal 1516 AP damage. Also Akali is an Assassin which means her main purpose is to kill squishys (which Akali is actually pretty good at as she can follow a Flash without having to flash herself) while Irelia is an off-tank,which is more like a tankier,less bursty assassin. Edit:Haven't read as much about her changes so I didn't knew about her passive which will aditionally give her 373 AP damage which means just by using her ult and auto-attacks she will deal 1889 damage.This is pretty much when ignoring her other abilities that are actually pretty strong while being on a pretty low cooldown.
BexXz (EUW)
: yup, all these toxic people just locking whatever they feel like are very annoying. in ranked, pick what you NEED to pick, not what you WANT to pick. ranked is about winning. normals and customs are for pure fun. keep that in mind. do what you gotta do to win. pick your best champs, and not the champs that you simply feel like.
Ranked should still primarily be for fun.Else we are going to have a way more toxic community than ever before.The problem is that if only playing to win people will be way more frustrated if they get an "undeserved loss". If I feel like being forced to play champion XY because it's the "pick you need" even though it may not be a champion you feel like playing today then you will propably tilt very fast. Also "pick your best champ"...So you are telling me to play Zac Support even though people hate me for playing him...?Some people just have weird picks as their best champions. So,in my opinion,as long as you don't pick something to weird,let people play what they feel like.If I wanna play Zac Support (like a normal Support) it shouldn't be to much of a problem for you.If I am going AP Nasus Mid it shouldn't be to much of a problem for you. What do you actually mean by "do what you gotta do to win".By looking at the wording of your text you aren't allowed to play anything that is not META.If I play something that is in the META I am "do(ing) what [I] gotta do to win" as I am picking the currently strongest champion. That aside when are you drawing the line between "you can play this champion" and "ok you'll hopefully get the same punishment that Singed Supp player got"?Would it be one of the examples mentioned above?
x3ntz (EUW)
: Remove Relic Shield from Twisted Treeline ( Supp meta is ruining this mode)
Well,this isn't different from what you see in Summoner's Rift.You will also have a META that will be followed strictly.It's not like you have a lot of differences there.Also those changes you mentioned weren't necessarily to nerf something like midlane Ezreal or so (who currently isn't to bad). The main reason why they "nerfed" the jungle item was restricting AP junglers heavily.One of the best examples was Fiddlesticks who was one of the worst jungle picks at that time as he couldn't realy make use of that item.And well,as it is a jungle item it will be adjusted for junglers and therefore reworked.Else they would have needed to nerf that item (as it was fairly op) and therefore remove AP junglers entirely from the game/META.
: Buff Soraka
Well,currently we actually have more coutners to assassins than just 2 champs.The new item {{item:3109}} is pretty good against assassins. She actually isn't sitting in a to bad spot.Riot mainly nerfed her laning phase (which was very dominant as you could go for trades without getting punished to hard).Rather than that (at max rank W) she will basically be the same.
: I wish there was a chance to mute someone's pings :).
Or at least restrict the amounts of pings you can use in a certain amount of time because in my opinion more than 3 is just unnecessary.Even in teamfight where most shotcalling happens "spampinging" would be annoying and not even helpful.
: so basically this is why i feel like from a main supp pov: we are the bitches/maids/hoes of the comunity, we are the 1950's women, and we cant play like we want to, because lol society has made 23984012384 rules that are super **STRICT** to supports while all other roles play like they feel like to and screw up the game themselves
Well,actually for most champions you can't just pick what you want.However I can agree that Supps are like the sacrificial lamb especially for the ADC.If he makes a big missplay it's always the Supps fault...
Mölang (EUNE)
: When you play support, you have to support your adc during the lane phase as well as providing vision for your team. You can play support with any champion, roaming is fine, but you should not leave your adc 1v2 all the time. That guy did NOT have the intention to play support while picking the support role.
What you are talking about here is META.It's not something you have to do or else you can piss off/uninstall.Some tactics which include leaving your ADC in a 1v2 situation (which actually isn't to bad in most cases.In a competetive game it might be as they have good communication but in a game with randoms you can mess up tower dives pretty hard) like the one said Singed player used (stealing enemy junglers camp,forcing summoners and from time to time actually killing him) can put your entire team ahead while it puts your ADC (if he doesn't just suicide) only slightly behind). Again:There is no need to actually play META.There are a lot of playstiles that include not playing the classic role distribution. Riot themselves said that playing Singed the way said Singed player did isn't inherently the issue.The issue was that teammates didn't agree and therefore tilted when he picked Singed even though they didn't wanted to see Singed Supp.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Sure,I can understand that some people will have an issue with certain picks but there is one big issue with the statement:I can't just bow 24/7 in front of my teammates just to please them. If for instance someone asks me to play a ranged Support I can't just pick a ranged Support because I am bad at playing them.For what the statement says I can get banned for this because my ADC might tilt. And well,if it is true that he picked fill only to avoid Queue timers then...yeah,he deserves a ban. And no,that Singed playstyle isn't proxy Singed.He isn't farming minions behind the enemy tower.I don't know what I would call him but I wouldn't call him proxy Singed.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I don't know where you got the "he himself said that he abused queue times" part from.I haven't found it anywhere on his official reddit post. Also yes,it's not a conventional Support pick.It's a pick that is unconventional at all.Nowhere in League you have the option to play something less conventional like Duo Jungle,Duo Top or something similar.Also for what I have read.It's part of his strategy to go into the enemy jungle to "counterjungle" for a rather short amount of time. What Riot stated wasn't about him playing "proxy Singed (for whatever reason you call him proxy Singed as he isn't realy a proxy Singed)" it was mainly because people didn't wanted him to play Singed Support: > "but a good chunk of teammates across hundreds of games just don’t want to sign up for the plan. That lack of agreement on the new plan makes for a pretty chaotic game and leads to a huge share of this player’s reports. If a teammate in champ select says, “pls no, this is game 5 of promos”, maybe stick with something conventional and skip tilting your teammates off the face of the earth. In short, argue for your idea, but stay ready to be flexible." This basically tells me that I can't play stuff like Ivern Support because people don't want to see him in this position (if they would want to see him at all) or I'll get banned sooner or later.
GLurch (EUW)
: Actually no. If you read a bit more about the topic, you will soon find out he wasn't banned for playing SInged Support. He was banned for abusing the Fill/Support option for lower queue timers and more.
For what I have read about this topic this actually isn't true.The main reason why he got bannes was not communicating with his team,for not telling his team what his strategy looks like. I don't see how he abused Fill/Support option for lower queue times.Sure,he didn't played Singed in a conventional Support way but it wasn't like "I got Support but I'll still pick Singed and go top.Sure he often went to play a counter jungle (second jungler) style but as a strat but how will you queue up for this start?
GLurch (EUW)
: No, he's talking about the Singed. Why? Because after days, there are still thousands of posts about him, making it really annoying to always repost the same stuff to everyone, so everyone knows what really happened. This is annoying, because those people could just before posting look if others already posted this stuff and read there everything.
Ok,so I can undestand that due to the amount of posts about this topic this might be compareable to Tyler1. However there is the difference of this being more relateable than Tyler1.It basically means that I could have gotten banned season 5 because I played a lot of Zac Support games and I'll still play him as Support from time to time or in the mid lane and it basically means I might get banned this season as I play a lot of Ivern Support,something people hate me for.
Solash (EUW)
: Sigh...I can already tell this guy is gonna be the new Tyler 1...
Uhm,questioning an answer from Riot support makes me Tyler1?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. More clarification on that ban is noted by Riot in [this thread](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/79aGu3wR-support-singed-isnt-banable-but-thats-not-the-point).
Ah,thanks for the information.
Rioter Comments
: Idea to give supports more impact (Support item synergy)
Problem is that it need to be balanced.The new support items,especially {{item:3109}} ,aren't support only items.Old {{item:3190}} Also wasn't a support only item. "Support" items are pretty cheap so they can be built fast.When giving them some synergy certain champions may actually build those items even though they aren't support.
: Even if I were to agree that LB needs that delay,it just feels awkward.While playing zed you have that animation that smooths it out,but with LB you just get a straight up wait 0.5 seconds before casting that,no animation at all,makes you feel like you're having a problem with your ping.
People just need to get used to it.Guess what happened during the Zed delay nerf?Everyone was writing exactly the same thing.Everyone who liked to play Zed hated that nerf.For everyone else (players who don't play Zed this was a huge blessing.Also while Zed's ult still had a better outplay potential (since the cast time is ALWAYS the same) with LeBlanc's W there isn't that much outplay potential as you can't realy calculate that much.If it would be a point and click spell I don't think there would be to much of an issue but LeBlancs W can vary to much depending on cast range and the cast position...So actually Zed's delay feels less smooth than LeBlancs in my opinion.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: 10 Bans in Pro Play
Neither,nor.10 bans is good to a certain degree as it gives players the opportunity to ban more OP picks while also being able to ban champs strong against certain comps. However there is the problem of outbanning a single person.You can just ban 5 of the best champions one of the opponents has (while also propably 1-2 other strong champions in that role got removed) forcing that one player to play somethin he isn't comfortable on.And thats in my opinion a big issue as some players are picked up to fullfill a certain role like a control mage.
: If i play against plat. then let me also be plat.
I don't realy think that there is a decent way of improving matchmaking while not fucking up queue times entirely.
: Please remove the delay on LB's W
Same reason why Zed got a delay:To give the spell a little bit more counterplay.I(f you can just jump in and jump out instantly...It just feels annoying.Also she had this annoying:Oh you chase me?I'll just use my W over and over again to juke the fuck out of you (there wasn't realy any counterplay at all).
: bro, if the placements are THAT harsh, im not gonna play ranked lol, im just silver 2, which means that i will get placed back in bronze 5 or what?
Well,last season ranked started the same way.High elo players got into low elo while low elo players get into high elos.This may happen just because of your placements.However you'll most likely get what you were before.
UltiTask (EUW)
: Bronze versus plat and gold?
If I remember correctly Riot themselves said something about this happening.I mean:It's pre-season so yeah,the ladder will get messed up.That was always the case.
ikjkulo (EUNE)
: Remove Plants.
The design is completely boring and also add much more rng to the game,while they just in the way.People know where jungle mobs are so they know where not to right-click but with the plants...you have them all over the place at a few locations with random spawns that can cause a players death just by spawning as you may accidently auto-attack the plant.
Tarolock (EUW)
: there was a HUUUGE QQ at the start of the dynamic queue and i dont really replied for those since ppl have the right to complain about something that they dont really like, but QQing about it right now when the season ended and soloq is back is totally unneeded as for why is it bad if you can join ranked with your friends i still dont know, if you say because of boosting and stuff then i say if you really want to boost you can find countless other ways, like sharing account, and boosters were here even in soloq so its not really a valid point now with that out of the way pls tell me how is it bad that you can join with friends in a team oriented game? communication? its there for solo players too they just not using it
Again:Have you read anything DECENT about Dynamic Queue.I am not talking about a QQ thread.I am not talking about something like all those "Why do I have so many feeder in my team?"-Threads.I am talking about threads actually making points. Playing with your friends is about the ONLY good point of Dynamic Queue.The entire systems just ruins the purpose of a competetive game. The problem is that the entire game is getting way more unbalanced.If you have a bunch of randoms fighting against a bunch of randoms both have to overcome the same problems while premades fighting against the same amount of premades (5v5 is an exception) will shift the dynamic of the game.In Dynamic Queue way more shit could happen than in Solo Queue.You may get a bunch of randoms queueing up together fighting against premades that play together for 200 games and use something like teamspeak.Completely uneven game.You will also have games were you lose at 20 min because those premades wan't to have "fun" and start a surrender voting with 4 safe "Yes" votes.You also talked about team oriented game...guess what you won't have in many cases?Hm,a team game as some players are left on an island. Yes those things may happen in Solo Queue but increasing the chances of such things happening just ruins a competetive game.The lower the chance for such things the better. Also about your boosting thing:Just ignore the fact that boosting is much easier as you can boost multiple players at the same time,the problem will still be same:If you don't have a high elo friend playing for you you need to pay and also the risk of your and the boostes account maybe getting banned (not realy worth the risk in my opinion) while you will also probably drop very fast if you got boosted. The problem is that you will have way more "boosted" players because some people may get to a high elo as a 3 man premade team because they have a good synergy and good communication (1 shotcaller) but if they play alone they aren't were they should be.If playing together they might be at a Diamond elo but alone they aren't any better than Gold.So next to actual boosted players you will have players that aren't boosted but will ruin games the same way boosted players will.
Tarolock (EUW)
: ppl only write about stuff they dont like, because if you like something then you are prolly busy enjoying it instead of QQing on the boards the QQ wont change, it was the same in previous seasons too, but right now its just boring, even more now because ppl who QQ about dynamic will get the solo q back and ppl who QQ about soloq will get flex queue this season
I'll ask you this again:Have you read anything DECENT about Dynamic Queue?If not then you shouldn't QQ about people QQing because you don't undestand why they are QQing.So...you aren't any better.If you'd maybe for once think about what will happen to Ranked if you can queue up with more than 1 other person then you would maybe understand why people QQ about Dynamic Queue. So you are basically trying to tell me that people who have complaints about something have less valuable points...?Yes people who are not satisfied about something are more likely to write something about it.I mean why should I waste my time praising something?While someone who isn't satisfied may not enjoy the game anymore and therefore he wants to change something. Also have you seen the Riot statement:They themselves said that they fucked up.And they not only fucked up for high elo.They fucked up entirely.Dynamic Queue is never a good thing for a competetive game. That aside having 2 different Queues is great (as long as both Queues have seperated MMR).People can't realy complain anymore because they can play whichver Queue they want to play.
: Update us on your final games of Season 2016
Well,my last ranked games are 6 days ago (don't have as much time right now) but all I wanted to do was to play some of that juicy {{champion:427}} Support as I realy enjoy playing him.Basically in 6/7 games I played him (one game my team banned him because everyone hates {{champion:427}} Support) and I made it to Gold 5. Goal achieved in an enjoyable way. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
gc79ox9 (EUNE)
: Been hand leveling, I used a trick called attack move, I got the champion and attacked clicked to the enemy nexus, resulting in me running in lane going to their nexus (ofcourse it hits anything that comes infront of me, minions champions etc.), while I was doing something else on the computer. EDIT: Here is the video I used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CEtClOSyXU The only difference I used was playing in aram for faster xp.
I'm trying to comment on most of your arguments: 1.First off:YOU AREN'T ACTIVELY PLAYING...like at all.You just attack moved once every few seconds and thats about most of the action you did for a long period of time. 2.You basically look like a bot. 3.You are feeding.Are you doing anything to prevent yourself from dying?No? 4.Scores of your teammates are unimportant as some of them propably were just level 20 and unexperienced so they follow you and die.Also they are basically playing a 4 v 5. Well,no,it's even worse than having an AFK because you are giving the enemy team kills,meaning you give them Exp and Cash. 5.That you,as a smurf let me add,have a better score than your teammates,great for you,but you still did shit half of the game just running down to the enemy Nexus. 6.If I counted correclty you lost 30 out of 43 ARAMs (you are the reason for most of those losses) so you basically have a winrate of 30% (which is not impossible to achieve but you must be pretty damn bad).And guess what happened afterwards:You all of a sudden have a 64% winrate.Doesn't this seem kind of suspicious to you?First thing that would come to my mind:Either you were botting or you are getting boosted.
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