: 30 games and I am done - thanks to feeders
Thanks for your replies / feedbacks and friendly attitudes. I know my lvl is too low, i am not expecting much. What i expect is to play with either total newbies or teams full of smurfs. The problem is the difference's being to high. One enemy champion has 22/2, our champ has 0/13. I believe there shouldn't be that much difference between players after 30 games.
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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: yes they are punishments, those AFK tend to go away in level 30. example I did not have a team made going AFK for at least 100+ games, maybe even more. low level accounts as in every game in the world battle up with bots I won't lie to you. you will encounter a lot of them until you get to level 30. I am warning you though. League has the worst community out there. the toxicity is to heavy. Anyhow if you like the competition then league is the game for you. but its harder than HOTS. has different elements
Thanks for your helpfull reply, i appreciate. I have heard the toxicity, it is acceptable for me as long as there are no feeders & afkers and games become fair. I believe i can endure afkers till i reach 30. For the competition; I used to be a hardcore PvPer in vanilla wow , i witnessed how blizz killed whole competition in their games in the last 10 years and give people fair&unfair advantages in their games depending on their win/lose streaks, skill capping their games.. i am done with that. A little competition won't hurt =). Have a nice day.
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