manolis201 (EUNE)
: Can you Nerf brand support?!?! Season 10 and not a single nerf to him.
Brand is literally one of the worst champions on the game, half of his kit relies on hitting a skillshot first. Just kill him, it's easy. Just learn how to dodge a slow Q and W
: Riot, STOP with this!
This has happened to me 2 times and I'm lvl 191, it's called an XP bar, if you don't have enough, you dont level up, no point in complaining about this, there's worse things in life xd
rubydung (EUW)
: 10.1, EUW, Client, Names changed to random number-letter combination in post game review
Those aren't as much "random numbers" as much as them being their Hexadecimal "ID" That's how they're written onto the LoL servers. Obviously still a bug but just thought it might be informative
Rioter Comments
LTUGenesis (EUNE)
: Why illaoi is a champ???????
Guess who just lost a game against illaoi
: League of Legends Championship (For Fun, Prizes might come later)
alexp1708 (EUW)
: I get dodge timers for accepting the queue.
It's not the client, it's the server
: Says the platinum
Yes, my opinion doesn't matter. That's why I'm not giving one lol
FarYas (EUW)
: the previous ones was not usefull and still no one knows that when tft is gonna open .. im just trying to make them rush for opening it
They literally said they're intentionally not saying exactly when it's gonna be open so that not everyone logs in at the exact same time. It's VERY clearly said. Also you said that riot told us it's gonna be open in the evening (not true) yet, you're complaining in the afternoon, lmao
FarYas (EUW)
: Teamfight Tactics
I love these type of posts. They expect to be helped by their post. But can't be bothered to read any previous ones
Barlad (EUNE)
: Leave burster
Jesus, you got warned about possible disconnects. You disconnected, deal with it
Shamose (EUW)
: Unfair Pricing on Pro View
Don't buy that scam, simple
What are you on about in the 4th point? There is a fast 5v5 game mode, it's called ARAM. And there is a 3v3 game mode, It's called Twisted Treeline
EFC Godyr (EUW)
: Losing a lot of LP
Once your winrate after probably 100 games in 55% give or take, you can't expect huge gains, that's just the way it goes
Outsrl (EUNE)
: How do I play solo?
If you're looking for a game to play solo, League is NOT for you, simple
Hansiman (EUW)
: It's not on until the weekend.
The post on the new section ( says team creation opened yesterday, it's not though. Is this normal?
: I can't create discussions in certain topics? Why?
I think it's because of your level yes.
Lari (EUNE)
: True i guess that is why they have neglected their ranked system
They haven't neglected their ranked system at all. Stop caring about what your team mates do and start looking at your own damn mistakes. Not every game is winnable and wether or not you are in promo's, placements or just a regular game shouldn't matter. Sometimes you'll have a run of bad luck with team mates, and sometimes you'll have a good run of luck. just... stop worrying about what rank you are and start caring about how you play
: Why Zac has remaked? For People, who missing S6 Zac!!
I can't believe the level of bronzeness in these comments. "Current Q has 0 impact" what the %%%% are you talking about, his q didn't exist before the rework. "His e used to work with his ult, now it doesn" once again, wtf are you on about, it's literally 100x as good of a synergy than before. Nobody forces you to play the new Zac, and don't you think some people miss old versions of other champions too? Riot can't please everybody, stop expecting them to change according to what you want. Thank you
: Where Are The 9.3 Vi Changes?
Because a champion that has a point and click ultimate should be shit because skill is taken away? thank you for your attention
Warix3 (EUW)
: Why we still can't see the enemy's ranks?
Okay so first of all, they will probably release it at the same time they release the skins of this patch, which will be in about 3-5 days (I THINK) And second, you won't be able to see their ranked border, you will be able to see the MASTERY OF THE CHAMPION and if they got honored last game or not. That's clearly what it says, but ok..
Shrav (EUW)
: Your first statement isn't a good one. All games should be FAIR. The point of the game is fun. But fun shouldn't come at the cost of fairness.
The main thing i mean by that is, that in normal games the games are never going to be 100% fair unless you're a mid/low silver player because of the number of players that Q up. And when you're leveling a new account, there aren't alot of low level players these days so finding a fair game is even less likely.
JustPablo (EUW)
: An event in which Riot brought back the legacy skins to the shop for a short period of time.
The Christmass skins are available right now, when its halloween they are, I'm pretty sure that's all they do
: Its about rework vayne
Where exactly did you get the false information that vayne is getting reworked? Riot games is quite happy with Vayne, she gets played alot and she's not awfull so there is no point to rework her
: [Rant] Renekton earth scorched, New Animation ruined it
Are you seriously complaining about a clear upgrade just because YOU dont like it?
Vaandir (EUW)
: What happened to the Legacy Vault ?
I Ganicus I (EUNE)
: Help pls! Didn't see my rewards from last seoson
That probably means that you are not honor level 2.
Quatron OG (EUNE)
: All-Star Viewer mission
You have to watch them through the link in the mission, and try logging in again if you did that, and I reccomend watching the 1v1's, they count aswell and dont take longer than 10 minutes
Blacklizt (EUW)
: Lvl 200 vs lvl 20 nice
The point of a normal game isn't that it's fair. It looks for players in your own level/skill but when it can't find any isntantly (not alot of people are starting with league these days) it puts you into whatever game it can find. Also level does NOT equal how good you are, your rank does. Once you're level 30, you can start playing ranked, and after a couple of games you'll play against people who are at the same SKILL level as you. Just try to deal with it for a while
The fact you're still hung up on an account with 20 dollars on it, that got banned a year ago is kinda sad to be honest..
: I got chat banned because I defend myself from toxic players.
If you get flamed there is one thing and one thing only that you should do, MUTE THEM, if you're the one flaming first that's just you, but when you get flamed literally just mute and report lol
NivelDios (EUNE)
: TUTORIAL should be Improved !
They just improved it a couple of months ago, I wouldn't hold my breath since it took them 8 years to change the tutorial where it told you to buy thornmail on ashe
: Reworks
I've wanted that since they reworked warwick and turned him into the most boring champion in the game, which is saying much when Ivern is in it
Your problem is the problem of everyone else who is "stuck" in an ELO. You are under the impression that you are better than your teammates, that you are never the reason you lose and most importantly, you only look at your kda where I can promise you, 50% of your losses you could have prevented if you were a better player (that counts for me too). You probably weren't in a deciding teamfight in some games, you have all the kills and got caught, making it so that your team has no damage. Watch replays and don't look for the kills and deaths your team has but look at the deciding moments of the game and see what you could have done better rather than what your team did wrong. Everyone including me has to apply these things, because being delusional about thinking your team is the only problem, isn't getting you anywhere.
: Help jungle mains
Mostly if you get lucky enough to be last pick, look at your team. Like for example : you have Teemo top and Janna support, almost always will a tank jungler be better. And if you have Leona support and Malphite top, it might be a good idea to go an assasin. Other than that, always better to play what you feel like. If you're having fun with the champ it's harder to get frustrated, thus you'll play better (in theory)
Log Dog (EUNE)
: I can't play Draft or Ranked
I don't know if you have tried this, but I think you should try the report a bug through the client? (bottom left) I don't know what the issue could be, never had this, most I can tell you
: Can we add some of the Worlds' songs to DJ Sona? .... Add to playlist, turn off music ingame, done.
Kroxoboy (EUNE)
: Honor and ban system
Don't flame someone, report him and see what happens. It amazes me how many people on here complain about being banned for flaming someone who is trolling. Also you won't get level 2 honor this season which sadly means no Victorious skin if you reach gold, and also no border. Take this set back and turn it into a good thing. I've been perma'd before, do u know what I did? I made a new account and moved on with my life
TrollFisu (EUW)
: Quitting league, not having fun anymore.
Someone who is this delusional is not a loss to the community, I hope you find solice in your life because this is clearly making you frustrated, take a break and quit if you want. What's the point in being the 10000000th person calling riot a bad company? nobody forces you to play the game or spend money on it.
lalolalic (EUNE)
: Deadpool Shen
They got sued by a footballer for basing a skin on him, do you think they're gonna risk getting sued by a company that actually matters.
: Account locked
Hi! The thing you said about playing from another computer is very much a posibility. They block it in case someone "stole" your account so they can't play on it and get u banned or whatever. If you can prove you own the account (so log in to it and verify an email) just send in a ticket on the support site ( ) And explain the situation there, it should be fixed if u still have your email adress that is!
: Convert RP into BE (idea)
Buy an EXP or XP boost (idk what its called) and you'll level faster meaning you'll get BE instead. very simple (or wait for sales cause sometimes there is a skin for 270 on a discount)
: Permanently Banned
: Please make Co-op vs AI where the bots are very good.
Just go normal games, people telling you it's not okay to play "fun" champs and builds in normals are people who don't play ranked because "it's too tryhard". though you appear to be one of the people who only plays Normals, but thats what they're meant to be. A place to try new champs while still trying to win? Justt.... test out stuff in normals, Co-op vs AI is mainly there for new players
M3ith (EUW)
: Nerf Garen
Champion strenght does not corelate with how much it costs. Expensive champs are usually just the newer ones. and when I say usually I mean always. Garen is not a problem, I assume you're actually new to the game and I can understand that a champ that only needs to bring you down to about 25%hp to kill you might seem strong, but trust me, when you get better at the game (not meant to be rude) you will start seeing how "easy" it is to play around him to a cetrain extend
: In-game report system doesn't work! Reporting and nothing happens!
Someone who just admitted being banned in the past, saying people don't get banned. seems legit... I got permabanned before, u know what I did? made a new account and got over it
: Level 5 Honor orb
The goal of the honor level is not so much to reward people who aren't toxic, but punish people who are. Like when you're toxic you don't get any key shards at all and since this season u wont even get the border of your rank if you're under level 2. It's mainly a punishment while still somewhat rewarding people who aren't toxic.
: Can u finaly nerf adc and buff jungling?
First of all, you are platinum, not masters. Second of all ADC is not strong at the moment, and jungle is Goodbye
Cimatore (EUW)
: Smurfing on silver acc lf duo
Why the fck you lying hmm omg, stop fcking lying
: > [{quoted}](name=agac4234,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6E5yOBEd,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-24T21:55:40.121+0000) > > how would that even work. there is 5 ppl in a team lmao Everyone queues up as a solo player, then put into teams as normal, but without pre-mades. ^^
Dude that would mean that there is always 1 person solo 2 + 2 = 4 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 please explain how that would work lmao
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