MacReformed (EUNE)
: i dont have win of the day quest
: how to fix kaisa and her playable [TUTORIAL FOR RIOT]
Here we have a prime example of someone who a) doesn't know to play her b) Feeds every game (as kaisa)
: do you think, if making something more desirable and fair for its price its a loss in money? how >->
Updating a skin would cost quite a bit of money. If they update an unpopular skin then no one would really buy them, hopefully I don't need to carry on. Riot has people who look at which skins are more popular and get more profit if the old skins are getting profit then they would risk it and update the skin.
: Please bring back honorable opponent honor read this
: yeah i love it too but they could add some pentakill music when she uses abilities etc
That would be asking to much. They are not skins that give lots of profit so they would actually lose money.
Uxus (EUW)
: Autoban for new champs
And I never seen that happen. Every other moba doesn't mean like league. All you have to do is don't ban your team champs. Why ban new champs nobody can play them
: You need... uh... a some sort of lane bully, most likely one that can benefit from {{item:3123}} ... and... good wave control.
That only helps early game, good wave control is pretty necessary but in late game all he does is get stacks and split push and nobody can deal with him. So a few nerfs would def help.
Rioter Comments
: So.. I m asking you.. Have you seen a lane that is farming 25 min? Cause on eune i cant find 1.
Obv not. But why would you fight ww if your not an early champ. EUW everyone starts grouping at 13 and if there is a ww we usually dont stay together but more spread out because of his e. So if he commits for a kill our adc can kill or someone with cc just cc's and we kill him.
: Dont fight early mid game?? Have you seen a ranked game with people farming till 35min game? You re kidding me right? Also about ww win rate. You can see specifically for plat or diamond that he got 53% win rate. So its not about bronze and silver.
A normal ranked game is about 25 min lol. Thats just as easy you dont fight him unless you play a strong early game champ. You can see specifically plat or diamond but are you just going to go of winrates? Azir had like 52% but it was high elo players abusing. My point is ww is pretty easy to deal with.
Buy qss buy item which reduces heal and dont fight early-mid game boom you got a useless jungler. About winrate, it is bronze players abusing in low elo because people cant deal with ww and half of the champs in low elo.
: Said the 12 year old feeling like such a genius because he is WhiteKnighting on a board, Lol
"12 year old" and "whiteknight" you cry over a game lets start with that. Whiteknighting who? A flamer lol your funny. You have no argument for me because im right, your 1 reply takes a week so please go get a life and if you decide to play antother game dont cry.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: That's true. However, I'm not a gambler - and showing some faith, thinking I might be cared about as a customer made me buy that last batch of chests. However, it only proved a certain Chinese owned, RIP "a game for gamers, by gamers" video game cannot be trusted with monetary support anymore. Point is, when I pay, I expect good stuff. Which is turn makes me want to keep supporting them. Following the "to give makes want to give back"-philosophy. That's a healthy business plan, wouldn't you say. However, the current Hextech system can be placed right alongside a honeypot scam. The roll formulas HAS been changed since last year, and you know it. Also, did you know the Hextech system was released as an alternative to the old "lifetime RP rewards"? ######_...Goddamn, useless Reddit mascot!_ >-< So basically they took those who has spent money and flushed down the drain, and now they takes a piss on those sucking it up and buying chests too due to the changes made to Orange essence, as it takes a long time to get enough OE to unlock anything. Not to mention all the useless champion shards that comes in the way of this as well. ...Yeah, this is a rant. This game is NOT worth any more money, and is best used as a pass-time. But they managed to mess up even that.
If your not a gambler the hextech system is not for you. You get shitty skins then you can reroll them and a chance you can get even more shittier skins or something good and once again the reroll system is for gamblers. Riot made so you can buy skins aswell so you are not forced to gamble with chests. If you decide to spend money on you dont know the contents of then its your fault and nobody else's because you gambled and didnt work out well. If you expect to pay money and get good stuff then just buy skins not chests. OE is needed because what is the point then paying for skins if you will get skins in chests without a price. My point is dont waste money on stuff you dont know contents of because you will get scammed. Yes they did mess with the formula and thats not good but they have a reason and that reason is to make money so the game will get improved more or less.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Yeah, regarding that, here's my last go at that: 11 chest bundle: >~~Coral Reef Malphite~~ Crap; got Mecha ~~Karma~~ Owned ~~Hextech Janna~~ Owned; got Forecast ~~Lord Darius~~ Crap; got Dunkmaster ~~Alistar~~ Owned Bouquet ward skin Not interested, but unowned; got 16 ward skins already ~~Katarina~~ Owned ~~Lee Sin~~ Owned ~~Forsaken Olaf~~ Crap; got Brolaf ~~Viking Tryndamere~~ Crap; got Demonblade ~~Bloodfury Renekton~~ Not interested; got SKT T1 I've owned all the champions since Christmas 2016, and as far as my taste goes, all the skins were "meh", And the ward skin was the ward skin I wanted the least of them all. So when I do pay for chests, I do expect their content to be good. And don't give me that "random" bullshit, please. Tencent have tinkered with the drop formula, so the buyers/customers - i.e. _us_ - are the losers. And don't even get me started on the OE value changes. Here are the Orange essence values on the Hextech Annie shard I got some time ago: > Unlock essence (current / old): 2150 / 2150 OE >Disenchant essence (current / old): 490 / 817 OE
You can choose to buy skins you want or you can be more riskier and buy chests. Which are random. Your choice to spend money on something you don't even know the contents of. As I said system for gamblers
Ärtis (EUNE)
: Champion shards in chests
Chests need to be paid for. Be happy ur even getting something.
Zéűs (EUNE)
: Items Course !
There is a thing. You can read cant you? Read the description its not that hard. 1) Go to collection in the client 2) Press items 3) Create a new item set 4) Read the items your interested in 5) Don't save the item set if you didn't put anything in
: SO I mute him and that prevents him from losing the game on purpose? Crazy never knew muting prevents trolling
So did i say anything about winning game if you mute him? Crazy never knew that if you can think of something to answer then that means you cant read. Ofc if they are trolling you are 90% not going to win the game. Deal with it and play another game. If you mute him at least you wont be able to listen to him talking about him not hitting puberty yet and it wont tilt you as much.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KompasNumero1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sgOMlc1w,comment-id=000300000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-03T16:30:47.449+0000) > > That is but no need to cry for more skins when you already get free skins. I don't get free skins , I already buy them , why are you replying to my comment when you didn't even read it ?
I didn't see where you wrote anything about buying skins (and don't edit comments). If you buy skins great good for you carry on. But i don't see why we are arguing, its pretty clear that you think we shouldn't get champs i think the opposite. We proposed both sides of the argument and now its finished. Don't reply please (no rudeness intended)
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KompasNumero1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sgOMlc1w,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-03T08:39:48.209+0000) > > Games where you can buy skins and also get them for free is pretty rare so be happy your at least getting 1 or 2 a month. Cosmetics were created so people can spend money on them. > > Its your choice to waste your life here. > > Most people buy skins because of how it looks or buy an expensive one to show off. Nothing fun. > > Chests exist so you can buy more. A system for addicted people who want to open more and more. That&#x27;s why they cost money and pretty rare to open > > And lastly you get chests for free as well when they are bought for real money, so I don&#x27;t see the point you crying. Riot are giving you free skins and chests but your ungrateful. If Riot just gave out free skins what&#x27;s the point of RP? To buy icons? To buy emotes? Nobody buys them or at least people who have a ton of money. Everyone buys skins. That's your opinion only .
That is but no need to cry for more skins when you already get free skins.
: And he could not have been a giant ass
Don't waste ur time on it. Mute him. If you really are getting tilted by league so much then quit.
: This community :D
I agree with you saying there are people that gets asked to do something like not to throw or feed (trust me dying is not hard if you play normal) and they just get pissed over nothing, its not like you were flaming them. Riot never punishes people who quit on purpose, they give them a leaverbuster and that doesn't help because in that 5 min I can watch youtube or do something else. But you could of put it more nicely.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KompasNumero1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sgOMlc1w,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-03-02T16:48:02.039+0000) > > As I said why give people free skins? Having people able to buy skins with real money doesn't mean they can't get the skins for free it's a game where we waste our lives and many people including me , using 12+ a day playing the game or doing something related to the game such as using boards here , skins are more fun to play for a lot of people and , it's not like Skins are for money , it's true the company uses skins to get money but that doesn't mean they were meant for paying money More like , chests exists to give you skins , but RP and Real life money helps you to get the skins faster In the first place , we , the players are the reason why this game is growing , if there wasn't people playing the game , this game wouldn't grow or even last for this long
> Having people able to buy skins with real money doesn't mean they can't get the skins for free Games where you can buy skins and also get them for free is pretty rare so be happy your at least getting 1 or 2 a month. Cosmetics were created so people can spend money on them. > it's a game where we waste our lives and many people including me , Its your choice to waste your life here. > skins are more fun to play for a lot of people Most people buy skins because of how it looks or buy an expensive one to show off. Nothing fun. > More like , chests exists to give you skins Chests exist so you can buy more. A system for addicted people who want to open more and more. That's why they cost money and pretty rare to open And lastly you get chests for free as well when they are bought for real money, so I don't see the point you crying. Riot are giving you free skins and chests but your ungrateful. If Riot just gave out free skins what's the point of RP? To buy icons? To buy emotes? Nobody buys them or at least people who have a ton of money. Everyone buys skins.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: There is no real reason , that's stupid , we shouldn't get champion shards with all of the shards we get from leveling up
As I said why give people free skins?
Mr Acrid (EUNE)
: it's just stupidity to get more champs shards when i hv them all
Umm Riot wont just create a system for people who have all champs and they don't get champ shards anymore. Their sales would go down, at least your getting free skins sometimes. Plus getting a champ shard is uncommon than getting a skin shard.
Mr Acrid (EUNE)
: Shards from hextech chests
Why should riot give you free skins?
El Capo (EUNE)
: I wanna start a legal action
Lol. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
RH Apollo (EUW)
: you seem to have missed the point entirely my friend. riot have stated many a time that they are fully aware that sometimes players have a bad game. the emphasis on singular. unless you are god himself there is no way you can look at one chat log and decide that i am a toxic player. you have no evidence to suggest this isnt a one off incident. my gripe is not with being suspended. my gripe is with if this suspension is just then why is this sort of punishment not being dished out widespread. you can enter 1 out of 5 low elo games and find this plus worse and yet no punishments given.
There is a way to see at a chat log and see if you are a toxic player. If you flame enough to get 14 day suspension then there is a 99.9% chance you will flame again. Maybe some people will change and hopefully you will. From these answers you have been giving people it seems you are a nice guy but maybe your puting on an act (hopefully not) From the chat logs i can see your pretty negative and a non-toxic player would just mute all even when all his/her team feeds. In low elo you see flame, but not your kind of flame you demonstrated as they will just probably mute unless they are toxic. They can argue but not say stfu or that they suck because they are not toxic. Yes Riot is aware that players have a bad game but they hate it when you are critisicing other players and being really negative. Maybe if you said "im sorry team" or "i had bad game i got out of control" im pretty sure you wouldnt get ban as you know you did wrong and actually looked at yourself aswell. From your chat logs i see nothing like that but only flame. In some games you see worse and they dont get banned for some reason but if they continue flame in second game it is pretty much decided they are suspended/banned. You are not the first to say this is a one of incident and not the last. Just use this time to think about your behaviour and improve.
RH Apollo (EUW)
: so.... just got a 2 week suspension for......
Well hello here my friend, imagine this i clicked on player behaviour and saw lots of posts with lots of downvotes, i randomly chose your's and thought to myself "it couldnt be that bad" well i thought wrong. You are right you do deserve the ban no doubt about that but you still have the pride to say: > also it was only one game.......... Idc if it was 1 game you flamed and known you shouldnt of. Riot does not take any flaming from players that literally just talk all game and be negative to the team. If your going to reply "shouldnt the ban be from 3 games" im going to answer your question now. No. Flaming shouldnt be measured of x games it should be measured of the game you flamed and from this example i see you were really toxic.
Hewra (EUW)
: i guess i'll stop banning champs that has high ban rates and just ban champions i don't want on my team. makes sense.... not.....
I didnt say you should ban your team mates champs, its your choice to ban someone. I said you could ban your team champs if you know they are pure troll and know they dont work. But ofc better to ban something else.
meroboth (EUNE)
: i mean i lock in nunu when my champ gets banned
Why not have a bigger champ pool? It would avoid arguments and help you improve.
Hewra (EUW)
: I asked about this in another thread, they told me it's not against the rules to ban a teammates pick it should be in the same class as trolling in my opinion
Off-meta picks most of the time do pretty bad as they weren't designed for that specific role. So people will ban your champs they are just worried if you feed. Even if they do it on purpose then just dodge the game.
: you simply keep cool, play as best as you can, then report them after the game
meroboth (EUNE)
: i lock in nunu (i can play him in every role and i dont int) and most of the time they dodge
Tbh I would ban nunu aswell if he was say supp but I wouldn't ban if he was top because a nunu supp cannot offer anything to the adc so it is better to think about your own team mates aswell not whats fun for you. Ofc if you play him mid/top/jgl fine with me. I'm not saying that banning your own team mates champs is normal but sometimes it is for their good.
TTekkers (EUW)
: If the client suffers from spaghetti code, then death recap has spaghetti, meatballs, sauce and an angry Italian chef in the code.
somebody touched his spaghett that's why he is angry.
: What are the chanches
Don't play blind picks. But low chances.
Rioter Comments
: TheForestWithin and Sir Celery are currently NA challenger with Kindred, so they aren't that bad :P
Challenger player can play every champ pretty good better than an average player which means they don't really care about nerfs or buffs they will still be able to play it to near perfection. And yes there are much more powerful options like xin or rengar.
: RIOT: I have a favor to ask of you as a 400k Diana main
vampZer (EUNE)
: 8.4 - Announcer voice bug
This is not a problem you dont even need the announcer just play music in the background or something else. Riot has better things to do than fix an announcer it really isnt that important.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Item Sets - Annoying Control Ward still in Patch 8.4
Also i found another bug, when i type the word "full" it changes the first to letters to stars like "**ll" and that is pretty annoying especially when im the kind of person who is all about looks and how it is displayed. Didnt want to make another post as i just cant be bothered :D.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Zoe is nerfed, maybe now I don't have to play Draft anymore!
: I guess this is gonna be the new bruiser keystone they have been talking about. It's sounds pretty fair imho, bruisers finally have a good keystone in the resolve path and it can't be abused by ranged champs or assassins since it is melee only and needs time to activate. The window of strength is easily visible for laning opponents and it's probably gonna have a reasonable cooldown so it won't be oppressive.
Guess you are right, hope their will be a reasonable cooldown but i just think late game it will be a bit to much, your right it is a good keystone for bruisers but true dmg seems a bit to much. I would say in early game great for trade and late game (if you can reach it) op for picking fights with squshies. Maybe they will change something. **EDIT:** i dont think that the true dmg is necassery for the 4 sec duration as that is super long, maybe like for 2 auto attacks or 1 and after that it gives you some other buff. How bout that?
: It is basically to Fervor what Electrocute is to Thunderlord's. Sounds like a good thing for bruisers.
Yes hear this it does true dmg. Thats just overpowering every bruiser and melee champs league has ever seen.
WoOxèr (EUW)
: Wrong on entire level. Why would I build tank early game and set my self more behind dealing totally legit zero damage, even though a simple wall champ (tank) will outdamage me early game? There are no tank items which gives me CDR to compensate lost early game.
Then thats why its called late game because your power comes in late game not early. Ofc i might be completely wrong and i dont even know whats going on in my head but i think it would be better to build tank. Dont flame me im still a noob.
Rioter Comments
Catchdown (EUW)
: lmao are you high? :D
Something wrong with my post?
: Well, I got a pr good PC imo. Can run every game there is in Ultra just fine. And my ping is 45-55. The allies going out themselves might hold true, If they didn't often flame me for spitting them out early when I didn't. And It wouldn't explain how a level 3 Riven, with just Dorans / pot / cloth. Would be instantly getting out of my Devour without taking damage. Maybe in the late game she might've used her Merc Scim, but at level 3, even with Tenacity runes she wouldn't just instantly get out of Devour without dmg proccing.
Shield activated before you devour her. Then Riot would of said something or fixed him if there was something wrong. If you had there bugs for 2 years then why not download the games and then send it to riot. Or use a recording device and then send that to Riot showing them clearly showing there is a bug. Something doesnt add up.
WoOxèr (EUW)
: U clearly don't know how lee sin works, I used trinket to give my self vision and track the enemy jungler and the green smite for ward jump, u are totally wrong.
Let me clear this up, lee is a early game champ if he builds lethality. Lee is a late game champ when he builds tank. Lee useless when he squishy. Lee useful when he tank. I used to otp lee (on my old acc) and even to me his early game was to op as you spam wards to gank and pretty much hit a q and get kill if your team follows up with a cc. With the trackers knife gone it affects lee's early game for sure but junglers dont need to gank 24/7 unless the laner is desperate for help and you can still use your own ward (if you have any) or tell your team you will come later. And you can even ask mid laner to roam especially if you have a talon or taliyah. You can build{{item:3097}} it can take long for a lee but once he gets it, its like he got trackers knife. The nerf affects the lethality build only which relies on ganking and getting ahead. Thats why now you will see alot of tank lee's from now on as its not smart to go dmg as now his early game is bad. Unless you get ahead. ONE NERF DOESNT KILL THE CHAMP. It means new oppurtinities to play a champ differently to what your used to.
: oh please... mate i said i was carrying i was so good as i used to be as zoe but i was usless..... can u imagine that i carry my team and im usless...
I dont think your that good as your saying. If ur carry your team your not useless but if you dont carry your team you can still be useful with the e for example the random ignites, redemptions and etc. She can also zone people by thinking she still has the high dmg but ur just scaring them. Zoe is partly mind games with your opponent.
: please dude before saying that just try it... and i think u tried zoe before the nerf and u was bad at her so if u wanna speak about that try it before judge everyone knows its too weak now.
I never ever tried zoe before but i know what she does, Her oneshot was insane even not maximising your range. Judging from this post nobody cries that she is to weak now. Everyone knows she is weak but nobody cries about it, you know why? She was OP before like to op.
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