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: Those champs were just examples, you didnt have to explain the game to me. my point is, that, despite the varying types of champions, there is the ones with, and the older ones without delay. And I say, that this is not planned or wanted by Riot, it just happened to accure due to new, player friendly and fair new gameplay mechanics, that didnt apply yet on older kits. You say they dont need it - but they do. you say they arent strong, if you dont face them - well, they are. I have no control over my team, if they feed or not. Hence, telling me not to feed, is not counterplay. You will see, that in the futute, more and more spells of older champs will be reworked to make them more fair and outplayable, give targetabilities skillshots instead and make indicators on stuns (like new Taric rework) - and then you will remember your words and feel pretty stupid about it. My reaction doesnt matter, if a spell is targeted and I cant dodge anyway, or it is instant and over before it even happend on my screen. Im not a challenger, but I know one thing - you didnt had to be a d1ck, and even though, you chose to be one.
I still think delay isn't needed but if they add it and give something for these older champs to compensate, please don't cry that if you get caught over 70% of your hp goes down with one skill or your are getting cclocked for so long that playing is essentially watching a movie in which your champ gets murdered............. All those abilities have counterplay, it's just different than for delayed abilities/skillshots. And yes, your reaction does matter every time,maybe less for targeted/instant stuff but it still does. If you turn all abilites into skillshots or give them delays whole game will be about one ability:dodging skillshots.Those undelayed abilites force you to think what your opponent will do next or something.Game will get so boring when everything will be a skillshot..........
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: thats a very unaware answer, really just casual counterplays of "Walk away", "Dont fight them - dont die on them" and "dont let your teammates die on them either". Those are neither helpful, nor are they always doable. There is a reason all new champs get delays and indicators, and if you look closely at the champion grid, you can see, that only older champs got no delay on important, game changing spells, like stuns. Of course you can avoid dying on them, if you walk away everytime you see them, but thats not counterplay, thats just realizing defeat, that they are too strong and need a change. Riot always patches for more balance, and try to weaken champs that are currently considered too strong, by cutting their damage or increasing their cooldowns. But I think, thats an endless cycle. Instead, making them more fair, by adding delays and indicators, like new champs have, they could actually create a more stable form of balance. I know that you dont get it. For you, there is no strong champs, only weak players. But only because youre ignorant and cant comprehend a valid theory like that, doesnt mean that its bad, it only means, that you dont know all, and probably arent as smart as you think you are.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I didn't say you have to back or go to turret any time you see them. Well kata can't take down 90% of your hp in 0,8s unless she's fed............... She also needs to get close and before 6 she has 0 kill potential unless you go afk in middle of the lane.That's your place to shut her down. You shouldn't fight panth early game unless playing some other early game powerhouse or he fights you in your minions.ln this case you should be able to beat him if he didn't bring you too low beforehand.Also your chances to beat him increase drastically after 6 as he has no ultimate in 1v1.So just avoid getting under 40% hp and you should be ok.His stun is his only mobility and it isn't a teleport so you can try to get better position to fight him during his jump. As for riven if you are moving back when she tries to close distance you're forcing her to use more dashes so even if she gets to you she can't stick so well or escape when things start to get bad for her.If you force her to waste entire Q **she can't fight you at all** (her dmg drops heavily,one cc down already) unless you mess up so bad that your defeat is well deserved. **Those old champs don't need delays or indicators,they're easily predictable for the most part.** The only thing i see in your first post is rant how is it possible that you can't facetank everything they want to hit you with and live through it like mundo with a freaking MAGE.You're probably so slow that a snail could make a trip around the world before you moved and that's problem with you, not champions . Would you like a big flashing sign:" I'm gonna ult you after 20s,be ready", or what, Mr.Everyone-who-thinks-otherwise-is-ignorant?
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: Spell Delay for all, like for the New Champions
Those old champions have counterplay, you probably didn't even bother to look for it.If they're OP, it's because of numerical values, some masteries or items working too well on them or something like that, not because of the cast times. To beat riven just walk away when she starts to dash to you. When she spends too many of her dashes she'll be forced to back off or die.Works even while playing immobile champions. For panth, just don't come close.If he comes to fight you in your minions early, you should be able to outtrade him and he can't kill you with just spears unless you want him to do it.... Against kata,simply don't feed her and don't let her close gap if possible unless you can survive her burst and make her pay. No,I'm not a riven main and I will not go to Pitsburgh.


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