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Doomley (EUW)
: >after dynamic groups go live, we'll be launching with a bonus IP promotion for all parties who play together. Bonus IP, not double IP. And that post you linked was from the start of the season and out-dated. Mine is specifically about this weekend event.
I never mentioned that you get "Double" IP, I stated that you gain a little more or bonus IP as you said. The post I linked is/was a game feature? Premades get slightly more IP, it doesn't have anything with the double IP weekend tho
: you use to get more with parties but not this time. Also ip boosts work great with double ip weekend. Use to buy them everytime and always a part of 5... now that i only dont have 2 champs i don't use my ip any more. Only to buy champion shards to get essence. But yeah to get a lot of ip just get ip boosts on double ip weekends
Yeah, I play around 3 champions mostly, But there's one I really would like to get :3
Doomley (EUW)
: >Note that this is a flat boost—premades and parties will receive the same bonus as solo players. "Bonus IP for playing together"
NLG Aero (EUW)
: if you win all 10 you got 2000/2500IP
Oh thanks! So I should be at around 5k+ ip then :3
Doomley (EUW)
: premades get the same amount of IP as solo players. It's as it says... Double IP.
Hmm, I've read somewhere that premades get a little bit more lP? Hence the "Rewards" in the top right corner in the queue
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: Sometimes takes a few hours for the change over, in fact it's most likely midnight server time, but i don't pay attention so I don't know.
He came on sale shortly after I posted this, around a hour to be exact
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: Try to buy some basic runes that fits you and aim for the middle mastery if you want to..
I've bought T3 runes, I got Armor reds, armor yellow's, mr blues and armor quints. Not sure how many but I get around 30 armor from my runes? for the masteries, I googled them
Instead of trying to find free IP/RP try finding your brain, it'll be worth more
: I am not silver but I have been climbing pretty hard. If you dont mind me xD.
As long as you aren't one of those who gets 1-2 out of 6 minions, or go 0/10 by 10 minutes into the game, If you aren't one of those, Sure! Add me on "Jaskko"
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: I had the same with my placements 2W/8L and got put in Silver V; there were quite a few Golds in those games too. The other thing to do is to play mage supports like Zyra, Morgana and Lux. Then, if the ADC sucks, you can go full AP and grabs some kills (inbetween warding, of course!).
Mainly played Braum and sons few times too, But I lost 7-8 games in a row, that's probably why, If I had won my last one I probably would be silver, For the hate supports I don't like those to much, Mainly play Braum,Sona and buying Thresh soon
: Being support main at this level is a real lottery. If you get a good ADC then you are ok. If not, then it is going to be a long game; you will be blamed for everything that happens in the game. You are doing the right thing trying to find a regular ADC to queue with. Have you thought about learning another role? That is something that I am doing now.
I know every role, But apart from support I know jungle best. I had gotten 2 games with good ADCs and I won, And the next 8 games all were bad, That were my provisional matches. With 2 wins i ended up in bronze 1. I played against gold players too, Wouldn't be hard if I had good ADCs :c
: u need to lose some games after u get demoted,even in the time when u climb 1 rank more
Just afraid to start it, I always keep getting very bad ADC's :c
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jacktjong (EUW)
: Stop giving noobs
I just finished my Provisional matches(Played support only), Only managed to carry 2 games as support, other 8 lost due the amount of "Pro diamond smurf players".
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Santirande (EUNE)
: it does place you roughly where that site estimate
So I should end up around low silver? :)
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Rzympolista (EUNE)
: If you feel like it, try to gank mid a few times in early game if there are no enemy champions in your lane, especially, when mid laner asks for help or your jungler ganks top. The enemy mid laner may not expect this :)
Will keep in mind, thanks!
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: That would make him pretty unbalanced. Consider that when he was originally released, they had to nerf his E a lot because of how good the bonus resistances were for his allies.
I guess, Maybe to make the shield given smaller, The one that would be most similar would be Lee Sin's W.
: What is the problem? You can give yourself and your ally a bonus on Armor and Mr, i don't see the problem...
For example, The ADC would be at like 50-100HP and is about to die, and when you would W to her you would give her the shield that would save her. Something like Lee Sin's W.
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drymonkey (EUW)
: depends what you want.... {{champion:154}} is a tank jungler he has good clear and verry good ganks nice sustain good cc ... can be played full ap just for lol's XD verry hard to kill {{champion:266}} loads of sustain good top laner ok jungler good clear .... meh ganks can snowball hard but gets weaker if the game gets long {{champion:121}} assasin jungler /bruser jung ... verry good ganks nice clear .. carry jungler squichy if build assasin hard to catch these are 3 totaly difrent champs .... but if you want my opinion go for {{champion:154}}
Will go for {{champion:154}} , Thanks!
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Aatrox is currently shit tier, no. Zac and Kha'Zix are both extremely strong junglers. Zac has an insane ganking potential because his E provides him with an insanely long range jump+CC (much like Malph ult, just slower and a lower area of effect, but far more range, and all this on a basic ability. pff), and he can go either extremely tanky and annoying or as people like him recently, with early offensive items (Runic Echoes, Protobelt and maybe a Liandry, along with Thunderlord) and then going tanky later. Kha'Zix just has lots of jungle pressure and damage, is super snowbally and has the means to snowball because of how strong he is. If you like jungling you definitely should get both of them at some point. As for Thresh, he's LOTS of fun to play but requires some practice. In most games you'll be either a god or a complete potato :D
As mentioned above, I'm not completely sure but I will probably go for Zac. As for Thresh, I tried him out during the free week and he was just incredibly fun to play!
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Aatrox it terrible, Kha Zix is an assassin so buy him if you like to play assassins, and Zac is in meta right now and because his clear is good and his kit is good for ganking I don't think you can go wrong with him (he can just become more average as a pick, but not bad, at least I see it that way).
Not sure completely, I heard that Aatrox is getting a rework and Aatrox was the first champion I ever played, and if his rework would be good I might pick him up just cause of the old times :) But I will probably buy Zac, He seems interesting and quite good.
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