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: If my math checks out there i no possible way for 6 other teams to reach more than the 90 points that the first team from spring split already achieved. So they are garenteed a spot in the summer play-offs
They will not go to playoffs as the points are used for seeding, not qualification, at least that's how I understand this reply:
: ***
Umm, I got a forum ban because of racism by stating a joke in a 20 lines post. But yet again, it's good they actually have really hard limits on that kind of things. And let's just say that I have learned from that one.
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: Honestly i may sound stupid but i don't really tilt in games, playing it with rainy beats in the background and it feels pretty chill, i never start a fight with team mates, unless they, as you said, plan to murder my family, then i get a bit angry, but never swear or lose control, But yeah, sooner or later i belive i will climb . However, it's pretty interesting to see people winning 70-80-90% of their games, i was watching a video about a guy Ratirl in that video Infamous league players, and he had like 90% win rate, Probably he One tricks a champion but still, if a high elo player played in gold they would win 90% of their games, don't they have afks, trolls, feeders in their game??
I don't think I explained myself properly. It's not so much about if you rage yourself (well ofc it is but you know) but more about if you can manage to actually calm your teammates down. I had a game where my jungler was totally pissed at mid yet I actually got them to mute each other and although they didn't play together, they still did as I told them to (I smartly placed our midlaner on splitpushing so he was nowhere near our jungler). We won that game. It's incredible how far you can come with some basic psychology.
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: I don't want to be that kind of person but soloqueue feels like throwing a 50% coin
The thing is, I have to come to realize that some games are simply unwinnable. The only thing you can do is keep your head clear and take another. Eventually, you will climb. The players that are in your bad games can also be on the other team. Mostly I have tried turning people to positive thoughts and you should just know how many games I have won by simply getting two raging people to mute each other coldly stating that and then making ice-cold calls. Yet, of course, there are the games where someone simply doesn't want to get helped off his tilt. You know, the kind of player stating how he will murder you and your family (or similar styles of stupidity) but except that you can always make a try. I'm sure I could climb on my other account (where I am gold) as well if I had the time. It would require a lot of games but sooner or later I will climb. I can watch that by my slow but steady lp gain. Even though it's about a 50% winrate I still earn lp due to my elo being higher than my league. Even if it's just 4-5 lp it's a start. The hardest thing is to keep yourself off tilt.
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One word: (I am in no way associated with it but it is just such a fine service I want to highlight it since I think they deserve attention).
: isnt the price pool a bit small for being the most popular game in the world? i mean, the ti had 10x as big price pool as worlds
The money the teams earn is not mainly from tournament prizes like DOTA. There is a much more stable salary for professional League of Legends players (and no I am not talking about the sponsorships). Riot simply pay the teams for parcitipating in the split and it is much easier for teams to pay their players even when they lose the big tournaments. The players in LoL do not live of the tournament prize but often live with the same salary going into their bank account each month. The economy in LoL is much better than DOTA as the players shouldn't simply live of the tournament money they get but have a normal salary like every other job. It makes LoL seem a bit more like football in a economic view. It is also easier for new teams to rise since they get money from Riot more often and it doesn't depend on the team's placement in tournaments. Ask yourself: When did we have a team going truly bankrupt in LoL? When have we had a case where the team simply had to shut down because they couldn't pay their players because they lost a tournament (not counting cases where a greedy owner did something)? We have not had such cases very much and that is becasue the economy is heading the right way.
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: Gamers slang
Always ready to help so done
: What a joke
Did you get the message "You can't leave queue while a match is eminent" before the match found? I have made a thread about that bug:
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: > Improved infrastructure monitoring. A common thread here at Riot is "If you don't know about it, you can't fix it". In this case, we have improved our visibility into server, network, and inter-connectivity metrics. This, in turn, allows us to dig deeper and find issues affecting smaller groups of players. Im tryin to show you (Rioters!) "my" problem since update about backbone AFFF \/ <--- Google DOC Hi! Im trying to find any idea how to fix this problem with connection but im not sure what i should do. I did this doc to make easier to understand it for you/Rioters. ( I know, that it maybe not your problem (between servers) but it's easier to talk as big company with other company than as casual player... (i tried)) Sorry for my english. PLEASE **Read** it && HELP(?).
This my friend is good work. However just a small spelling error under "Ports" you wrote 8393 - 8400 TCP (Patcher i Maestro) while there should stand 8393-8400 TCP (Patcher in Maestro). You miss a "N" in "in".
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: I read this article, and I thought it might interest you guys. Unfortunately it is in danish, but the idea is that data centers change from cooling consumption to producing heat, and that this excess heat can be used, changing some aspects, regarding CO2 and reduced taxes.
Actually it is not so much about what you write there the article you found was about that the danish government had made some deals with apple to work on making different tax rules and more like that. You can discuss if the government may make deals with companies like that to work on changing taxes so it benefits the company more. I am danish myself so read it through.
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: Hello dear riot employees. I'm glad that I found this post on reddit. Im going to point out some things for you right here. These things happened a few times in my ranked matches and I was pretty frustrated. The friend I duo Qed with explained everything he knew about drophacks and explained me that someone was doing this in our games. In the beginning I believed that these things were drophacks, I had 5 of them at the beginning at the season and I communicated all details of those games with "Admiral Bullfrog" from the Riot Games Player Support. In the beginning "I believed" Yes, you read that very well "believed", Past tense. Now I am pretty sure that more than 95% of all drophack issues mentioned on forums are complete nonsense. It are actually server issues that you guys failed to fix yet. WHY DO I THINK SO? First this issue happened in some aram games or custom games which made me think, which kind of ?human? would ever want to drophack an aram or custom game? I had my doubts and decided to look up how people actually did this. THERE IS NO SOURCE WHICH EXPLAINS HOW IT ACTUALLY IS DONE! I had 5 of these issues in my first 100 ranked matches! How does 5% in this retarded world of people know how to do something that is impossible to find over the internet. I wasn't sure yet. Yes, you read that very well "yet" I bought my new champion "riven" because that certain champion is ... :D way too overpowered and you should IMMEDIATELY nerf it. and I decided to try it out in a custom game vs malphite bot, xin zhao bot, brand bot, nasus bot and galio bot. Guess what? It happened, I couldnt reconnect in the game and I was stuck at the lobby screen with a orange bar "reconnect" which stayed for over 2 hours. Who drophacked me? Malphite bot? I am sick and tired of these forums being overspammed by "drophack issues" when it actually are the servers sucking cannonballs. TLDR; Only about 2% of the cases are actual drophacks, all others are our dear servers failing over and over and over and over again.
It aint impossible to find thing like drophack and programs for that kind of unlegal stuff. You just need to know where to look. Have you ever heard of the "deep net" that is were you find things like that. Source: Experience, White/grey hat hacker sites.
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: any plays allowed? what recording software would you say is good? bandicam?
Lsi: replays for you to take clips off if you want. It is using riots api so it is not using the lol client hereby not making files and changes to the playing experience. Which is close enough to officially allowed for me.
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: [HIGH PING] Switching Between Servers
Problems on riots servers i think due to more drophackers.
: IM so happy
My five tips to climbing ranks Tip 1: Learn to play at least 3 champs in each role chances are you can play one of the three champs when forced into a role you don't like. Tip 2: NEVER rage at people even if they are bad. You just make it worse because they will either dc, afk, report you, feed more or haress you. Because many bad people hates getting raged at and will do everything to make you have a bad game even if it means they lose a ranked game they don't care. Tip 4: Hope you don't get server crashes while playing ranked and in lead of the game. Tip 5: Hope you don't get server crashes while enemy team has destroyed an inhibitor of yours. (Tip 3 is the way you can win every game)
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: Can't reconnect after a ''crash''
Just some help here. I got crash too (by crash here i mean i didn''t go from the loading screen all were 100 but the others were ingame i were not) and couldn't reconnect when i closed league i closed league launcher and opened it to log in again and when i logged in again i could connect to the game however we were 3 min in there i had had huge lag spikes.
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: Minions doing more work than the guys working on the servers
Correct i had been dropped out of a game for 1 hour ago. 10 min after i got dropped i could reconnect and then finish the game quickly in a 4 v 5. (we were 4 and we still won....)
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: There is already an app that does that
Gazharagoth (EUNE)
: Downloading LoL client
Sry man if the launcher had a function like that it would be great but is hasn't
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: Someone please explain this to me!
The reason i think you can be queued with him can maybe be that if you don't get queued with the persons you report it would be a of data that needs to be stored on the server and loaded everytime someone queue up. This would also make the queues taking so much more time. anyway i agree with you that if you reported someone last game then maybe you shouldn't be able to hit him in queue in the match after (maybe later but not the first match after).
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: This may be a stupid question, but which programs can we use to record these games that does not affect our in game experience, or run a huge risk of bugsplat? Considering any bugsplat caused by 3rd party programs is at own risk and support for these cases are unable to assist in any way. Edit: current suggestions * [OBS]( (free) * [Dxtory]( (paid) * [Fraps]( (paid) * [lolreplay]( (free but chance of bugsplat/not working) * [AMD Gaming Evolve / Raptr]( (only for AMD video cards) * [Quicktime]( (only for Mac OS) * [Bandicam ]( (unsure) * [Nvidia Shadowplay]( (GeForce and Nvidia) * [Overwolf](
Just use lolreplay
: Bring back 1v1 & 2v2
: new Loading-Screen?
Chat in loading aggred


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