daNyanta (EUNE)
: I'm (not) a Darius main with lvl 2 and 100% winrate on him this season, am I the best League player alive?{{summoner:11}}
Perhaps not, if you have like 3 games . In my case I've played like 12 games and won all of the, and carried 10
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Sooo, you have the bronze icon from season 6, so its pretty safe to say no. youre not a yasuo prodigy.
I haven't played yasuo ranked yet, only 1 game
: Yo momma's so bad at hitting skillshots, when she falls off a boat in the middle of the ocean, she misses the water.
Ahahah omg that's really good
Tarolock (EUW)
: whats the big deal about that? i have 56472 mastery on Nami, lvl 7 and i mostly played ranked with her
Well afterall yasuo has a very high skill cap and steep learning curve which makes it harder
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wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Well for ap casters maybe you could try Lux, she has burst a shield and a long range ult (but not global ofc)
Thanks for yuo ur opinion but I already have lux I prefer no cost casters
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: ez is super safe adc.he's incredible. but for supp. i suggest Sion more than bitz.
If I'm getting an adc I'll be getting ez thank you. However with Sion, I already have 3 tanks in my pool(chogath mundo shen) and I'm not too sure about sion however I will consider it. I'd prefer blitzcrank beacuse of his low cooldown ult high damage when ap and game changing q. I'd get thresh but I don't have enough IP :(
: Karma is top tier support right now, low cooldowns + great sinergy with the most broken support item in the game - redemption. So I would buy her instead of blitz. Ezreal is allways good choice. Riven only if you have full understanding of animation canceling.... if not, dont buy her, she is really hard to play properly.
Thanks I'll check these out. I fully understand AA cancels and I can use basically almost all of them on riven. So far I only played like 4 games with riven so I'm not that great but I'm good
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Then your teamates are playing blindfolded and with a mousepad... Yasuo is strong but dont be ridiculous.
I absolutely agree with Nikolai here. I as a yasuo main level 6 almost level 7, believe that yasuo is indeed quiet strong this patch, however, you, mr stinkymcmeme, must be a a completely new player to be able to get destroyed by a yasuo. There are 2 possibilities here 1:you don't know how to play against yasuo 2the above+ you're playing against a yasuo main. "Combo consists of slapping the keyboard with your hand until you get a penta" Are seriously that noob sorry if I'm mean but everyone knows how hard yasuo is to play properly, this is clearly shown by the amount of feeders that yasuo has as it is easy to feed on him and hard to carry unless you are very good at him.Correct me if I'm wrong but yasuo has a 50.2% winrate in the top lane and 48.8% in the mid lane. This clearly shows us that you don't know how to play against him and you've probably only had 1 or 2 bad games on yasuo where you or your teammates fed yasuo and he snowballed out of control. This is just the type of champion he is, high risk high reward. If he is so op and easy, how about you go and play him and check how That goes for you
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legoatoom (EUW)
: Khazix is simmalar to rengar, but Has a different playstyle you have to get used to.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: {{champion:131}} is a very good champ, similar to {{champion:64}} but can 1 shot you the same way {{champion:55}} and {{champion:107}} 1 shots you in the mid game.
Nice I'll check her out.thanks
Ðeceive (EUW)
: {{champion:105}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:67}}
Lol, pure cancer champs. Out of those I already have tryndmere leblanc teemo master yi,jax
: Save IP for Kled the new AD top champion he will be released next patch. He is prety OP and fun to play ;)
I was thinking of saving up 7800 ip and keep it there Incase I want a champ that came out! But it takes a bit of time
: I guess you are a mid/top laner so i belive that you should learn a toplaner i you get top and sheed is Banned/taken. Mabye Darius or a ap champion that can also go midlane in case of katarina beeing banned/taken and your teem will be full ad if you take Yasou or Zed. Fizz could actully be a good alternative or ekko. Good Luck!
Thanks I was actually considering getting both of those champs, but man, the ip grinds Xd
: {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:23}} Just because you play cancer champions
XD I only play Zed yasuo katarina Rengar cuz I like their playstyle .i main assassins
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Kronixus (EUW)
: Ahah . I think I'm gonna main riven
I just need like 4K ip. Such a grind. Don't have the time
: Pretty good compliment, I'd take it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ahah . I think I'm gonna main riven
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: BoxBox is the best Riven player EVER. Check him out.
Lol I actually was checking him out and he's rrly good.i rrly want to main riven tho
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: LOL since you are only level 7 maybe that kayle was a smurf, there are lots of smurfs so that's a possibilty. If she snowballs, well that's bad since kayles late game is insanely strong. She is not op at all and her laning phase is rather weak than strong but vs melee champs she can be quite effective. She can kite, she can do a lot of damage with aa if you let her attack you.
I'm not level 7 I'm level 26. I can differentiate op from fed.
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Kronixus (EUW)
: Idea
Maybe we could decrease the amount of points from 100 to 20?
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Kronixus (EUW)
: Starter items
Thanks you
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Kronixus (EUW)
: Should I buy Rengar
Got Rengar !!! Thank you for your votes.
: Should i buy Kindred?
Depends what you want. Do you like adc? Or maybe you like jungler? In that case I would pick jax {{champion:24}} as I am a jax main. And I can tell you that jax is a BAUWS.his passive combined with {{item:3124}} adds a hell load of attack speed, attack damage , ability power and area of effect damage, Which allows you to clear waves and jungle camps alike in no time I am a zed {{champion:238}} main so add me Add me.
: Well Who I should buy ?!
If u like jungling then u should buy jax {{champion:24}} He is a very good jungler and laner, Since his passive adds a ton of attack speed, Combined with {{item:3124}} which not only adds attack speed,but also attack damage, ability power and area of effect damage which lets you clear jungle camps and lanes alike in no time. I highly recommend jax if you like being a BAUWS I am a {{champion:238}} and {{champion:24}} main Add me!
temres (EUNE)
: Who should i buy
I'm a {{champion:238}} and {{champion:24}} main. I can tell you that {{champion:238}} if mastered and used correctly, can deal a hell load of damage. He can play top/mid but not jungle. I do not know about ekko.played him once, didn't like him That much.
temres (EUNE)
: Who should i buy. Ekko or zed
Depends what player you are. Ap or ad? Do you like being sneaky and sustainable? Zed has energy which recharges very fast=poke +spam ability Ekko has mana which doesn't recharge too fast I'd say zed is a better assassin About carrying , if zed gets fed, he can carry the whole team. I do not have experience with ekko , but I am a {{champion:238}} main
dvirXkiller (EUNE)
It depends on what kind of player you are. If you are jungler, don't buy zed. If your an assassin, buy zed If you like mobility, buy zed Cassiopeia is hard to play too, maybe not as much as zed. HOWEVER, I'm a {{champion:238}} and {{champion:24}} main.i have experience when it comes to zed.he is easy to learn mut hard to master.Im close to mastering him :) (he is not THAT hard) I'd say if you want to dive in for triple kill and come right back to safety, buy zed!
Brovold (EUW)
: looking for someone to play with add me on eu west ign:skruf stark
chill22518 (EUNE)
: What is your favorite ability in the game?
{{champion:238}} r (death mark) {{champion:4}} q {{champion:22}} r {{champion:24}} r (passive mainly)
Andy Ten (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kronixus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XulUkd0M,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-12-14T20:56:29.921+0000) > > I looked wherever I could to find that, but to no avail (pun intended !)could you send me a link > All I found was champion update schedules on the official lol site but Rengar {{champion:107}} was not mentioned > > Add me! > Thank you! > > Merry Christmas! It was said on stream. http://www.twitch.tv/dekar173 http://www.twitch.tv/avaail
Video doesn't work as it says avail is offline. But I believe you. Thank you for your opinion I'll buy Rengar anyways. Merry Christmas!
: I voted Yasuo because Zed players tend to like Yasuo, as far as I know.
Thank you for your opinion! Take a second to vote which champion I should pick. Add me! Thanks a million again. Merry Christmas!
: Do you like to make Marksmen and squishy mages scream in terror? THEN RENGAR IS THE CHAMP FOR YOU! Seriously, his stealth is super scary and super fun.
I want to make EVERYONE scream in terror! Even 1v5 SKT T1 FAKER and co. He looks very fun to me.i like the leap attack and the crit. Thanks for your opinion. Please take a second to vote whether i should pick Rengar or Yasuo Add me. Thanks! Merry Christmas !
Andy Ten (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kronixus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XulUkd0M,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-13T21:56:32.216+0000) > > I'm getting close to 6k ip and I do not know if I should buy Rengar.my other choice would be Yasuo. > Should he get a buff or nerf soon? > I'd prefer Rengar as I like being a jungler and I'm good at it. > Im also good at top and I'm a good assassin. > I'd like yasuo because I like attack speed, critical strike and low skill cooldown time and ad. > I play ad champs.My main is zed and jax. > I'm a bit stuck > What do you think? > > If you know a different champion that I might enjoy > Just list the name. Thank you! dekar and avail confirmed a rengar nerf is incoming
I looked wherever I could to find that, but to no avail (pun intended !)could you send me a link All I found was champion update schedules on the official lol site but Rengar {{champion:107}} was not mentioned Add me! Thank you! Merry Christmas!
LA Losty (EUW)
: I main both Rengar and Yasuo (and Zed), however id say you should pick Rengar since you prefer a jungler, also Rengar can kill people way faster than Yasuo and is more like Zed when it comes to being an assassin. Also Rengar hasnt been touched for quite a while i believe, and i feel like he is in a pretty good spot as of now.
Thank you so much.This means a lot to me. I'm just almost at 5k ip. I wanted yasuo for 2-3 months now , but, when I saw Rengar , I was enlightened! It's like leaving behind a loyal friend and trading him in for another. Maybe it was necessary ! The bola strike is like zeds shuriken , the roar is like shadow slash, rengars q is a bit like zeds passive contempt for the weak and like jaxs W. I believe he is the best pick for me. I hope Rengar or/and yasuo will be in the upcoming champion rotation. Thanks a million! Ps. Add me so we can play Username:Kronixus Merry Christmas!!
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