: Honor system for enemy players :)
Coulden't agree more with you on this.
: My, no Our honor level needs polishing, here's what i'm suggesting.
"Edit: "Yes, but not everything" Should be Yes, but more should be added to this."
: IDEA your worker warner say this is a god idea
Agreed, completely, i think that Riot Games should only take away the Afk one's LP, and not the other people's LP, or atleast a decreased amount.
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: From what I know, this is caused if one of you (most likely your friend) has his PC clock set wrong. Which, honestly, makes a lot of sense if you think how the "counter" could work.
I will ask him if his time and date is set good, My time and date is: at the moment: 4:53 PM. Also thanks for reacting, you'll hear more if his time was set wrong and if not thanks for your reaction anyway!
: Over 20k minutes in a game?
Any Riotteers that can help me with this problem? Also leave a vote behind if this should or shoulden't be fixed. Thanks for helping!
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