: It's sad that last season i got a chat restrict in october and even managed to get to honor level 3 before the deadline. Now i got a chat restrict a few weeks before october yet unable to get the minimum requirement. I wonder how many games i played this season, that would make the case even more saddening.
You've played about 170 :/
: Thats why i go for mute all end of the season most of the time. I dont know, i see so many toxic players that i simply cant believe in riots punishment system. And its not those "you suck", "no ganks reported jungler" flamers but a lot of those really toxic ones spamming in caps with personal insults like "get cancer", "your mom is a hoe", "idc i will feed now hope u die soon". But honestly i dont care anymore. The only thing thats sad is that those people perma chatting are mostly playing bad as well and wont focus on the game nor play as team at all. Maybe a trust system like in cs would help to match the nice guys together, but that would majorly impact rankings and make toxic players even more toxic. However, i have to mention that afkers got way less nowadays compared to Season 2-4, so Riot did a good job with that tbh.
Is it not kind of crazy that you have to go mute all to be able to enjoy a ranked game though? It's supposed to be a team game, but it forces you to play in silence with 4 other people unless you want to take abuse, wich can cause you to get pissed and get punished.
: There is no reason to play ranked after reaching gold since you don't getting anything. Only reason to play is to improve your self or try get a better boarder other then that is pretty pointless.
Plus bragging rights to you nerd friends ;) but other than that, no. I used to be playing plat but this season I couldn't bother with more than gold. Way less stressful.
: Same happened to many, but the worst thing is the time does not even matter. I got banned in april for saying 3 WORDS in an one for all game, and it took me 7 months to get back to honor 2 (7 months seems logical for a season of less than 12 months, kappa) and mid september i got chat restricted because of tryhards in normals just looking to provoke players (it worked out for them) and since mid september until NOW, i am only at honor 1, checkpoint 2.
It's actually crazy how slow it lets you climb back. Like 1/5 of the normal worth per honor recieved.
neropa (EUNE)
: Yeah so this system will be "fixed".
The problem would still persist as being punished at start of a third gives you a chanse to redeem yourself while being punished near the end does not. But as you say, potentially you would miss only one part unless you are a serial offender in wich case you have it coming.
: Lemme walk you through this mate. You break the rules, you get punished. You got to the same conclusion, hope you learnt your lesson. I am a pretty old player as well, lurking around Since around S1-2, I personally was chat banned too, one time. Ever since then, if I have negative thoughts, I punch a wall, or take a sip of whatever's in my glass (not yet an alcoholic LOL). **** Bout rewards now, lemme make you feel better :) These are the following rewards after playing a season, and reaching gold while having honor level 4 : * PLAYING the actual game, spending time on a hobby, that makes you feel good. The journey itself. * HAVING 1500+ MMR - that doesn't reset. That's staying. You worked for that, next season you'll be able to reach the same spot very easily, or even go further. **** * A victorious skin. * Two icons in your case * A honor ward skin. What is NOT in the rewards, is the border, since that will work in a dynamic way, showing your next season's current rank. You're gold ? You'll have a gold border. You plat ? - worry not, as you hit P5, you get an instant plat border. So nothing lost there. **** So what do you miss out on ? A SKIN on a champ that you don't even play. I personally don't care about orianna. I'd rather spend money on mister Mundoverse while being in a sale, than get a free Ori skin. LOL - ps I don't play Mundo. Some honor Icons ? Please .... Who even uses those things. There are much cooler icons in the game. Lastly, another ward skin, that only collects dust, paired with the tens or hundreds of others, that we get from free events, chests or we eventually purchase. **** Long story short, learn to appreciate the fact that you are allowed to play the game, that you COULD play the game. Appreciate the fact that you've reached gold MMR and that's not getting taken away from you (well, there's the soft reset, but MMR still stays in a form or another). And most importantly, keep a cool head. Flaming is not a solution to a problem, it's just creating a problem on the top of another problem. The system is not made to make you feel better, it might feel harsh at times, but trust me, it's fair. You have to piss on others pretty hard, in order to get caught by the punishment issuing AI. Keep your chin up, Summoner !
It's more the fact that I lost things purely because of the time I got my punishment, and while being a first-time offender in 8 years of playing. {{champion:32}} Thanks for the kind words.
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hairdos (EUW)
: What is going on with match making at the moment in low elo ranked?
Do you think the teams are unbalanced or what? I don't see what you're getting at. There's barely any difference between the teams.
: My promo games, can't do anything but enemy team rek us. Please take note and anulate these games.
I got "Loss Prevented" but still lost my promo, so yeah. Nice on Riot, you didn't prevent anything at all.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Krux, I just tested this on EUW and she shows as giftable for me. Are you sure your friend has Miss Fortune? Do any skins show? Is it possible your friend got RWMF in the past? Here's an example of what I see: https://i.imgur.com/FNpYh2k.png
Hi Eambo thanks for your reply. I tried restarting my client and now it works! :) Thanks alot! The gift is now wating for her arrival.
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