mxrto (EUNE)
: Alright but i want a supporter to asnwer if this way is legit.
Search box isnt there just for fun. Its legit, just draw a picture and send ticket.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Master Tier vs Gold in FLEX? Wth?!?!?
Im normally playing against high diamonds/plats in Flex. Im low Gold for 2 seasons now and when I go to Flex 3v3, I get Diamond 3-5 full-pre enemies and my teammates are Golds aswell (had ex-Diamond 1 3v3 in my team, but Gold in SoloQ, maybe thats why I played against Diamonds). I dont know, I dont understand this game anymore, so I play 10 promo games and stay on ARAM/RNG.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: RIP season 3, back when this game was good.!AuFMZD__7mN2gXEqOtdjDFXp6uKr!AuFMZD__7mN2gVYXOGVx4DsebjAH!AuFMZD__7mN2gxZzbDc2kFvFFevC
Shame I didnt save any screens ... Had some of them from Season 1 and 2, but they were deleted after my PC "burned" 3 years agp ...
Cypherous (EUW)
: To be fair, the first one i would have noticed would have been udyr, but i've been here long enough not to pay much attention to the riot tag :P
Season 3, oh boy.
: we have 3 spaces in this team :)
ˆÌªªıªªÍˆ copy paste
: Happy 26th birthday for me!
Are those SFM characters ? Also happy birthday from Teemo main :D
Cypherous (EUW)
: It might be on the "to-do" list but even then its not really a high priority i would imagine, i used to play with the japanese voice pack but i eventually just stopped worrying and focussed on the game instead :P
Take 1 programmer, give him a week and he can make it with ease. They already have required data on other servers, use mighty o'lord Copy Paste, create 2 new slide boxes on login screen and voila :D easy peasy lemon squeezy
NıceLy (EUW)
: I cant spend my RP in PBE
Its visual bug, I receive my 8k for the first 2 minutes and then it dissapears. They have this annoying bug when nobody gets their RP for a month now. You can ask Riot Support to give you 24000 RP one time.
Shamose (EUW)
: Ah yes, a nice game of league on a saturday afternoon.
Oh yes, thats why I dont play SR anymore, only when some RNG comes to it. ARAM FTW
: I dont want an unban.
After experience with you on boards, I must say YAY deserved. Should pay riot some of mah money for good work after all these years.
: ***
As there is nothing to see I gave you solution to your camera when you cant even do that. And if its only you who got the problem, why should they investigate it. The problem is on your side because the game was and is working perfectly for me :) You got banned, you got banned, nananananana.
: Stop make skins and fix your game!
WHAT A PROFESSIONAL CAMERA WORK. DAYUM. I see your problem very clearly! Have you even heard about OBS ? You should use it.
Slaatu (EUW)
: League of Legends won't open. Lockfile.
Check the antivirus if some League files are in quarantine. If so, remove the files from quarantine and keep antivirus disabled. If this wont help, then idk.
: I'm very disappointed in the LoL support team and Riot Games
I wrote them aswell and their response was that they cannot differ between "I left on purpose" and "I left because of technical problems" and then some other stuff that players are abusing it etc. Even tho the mistake was on their side, they just cannot delete the data that occured during that time. I got only Leave Buster so Im not pissed at all but people lost Ranked Games, such as you, so I expected something more from them ..
: Maokai with the damage lol
My saplings hunted them down 24/7 :D the game could be ours if we had better picks :C shaco and kata are not viable, especialy if they saw them picking tons of cc :C
: > You say he is your friend, yet you dont know anything about him ? "Friend", not "his inseparable soulmate". And if you find someone in the game then you start to ask him about his name, age, where he live, what he eat, the phone number, if his mother is married or what its his dog/cat name? No one give personal info in a game because is too risky. The most things I founded about a friend in game are the last or the first name (not sure), where he live and his age. With this info I have no clue how is him but I still call him a friend.
Weird way of thinking. In that case I can call everyone, who I added to play, my friend because I know their name, age and country. But they are just some random dudes and lads I spent some minutes/hours daily, talking about game itself, nothing about life. I dont know, guess Im not desperate at finding friends.
7azemv7 (EUNE)
: i recommend u this link helping u to know what "if" means
"why would i ask for useless help if i already have his phone number" - you have his phone number right now "why would i ask for useless help if i already HAD his phone number" - you dont have his phone number, thats why you are asking Just stop.
7azemv7 (EUNE)
: if there were any difficulties for you to understand a very sample answer like this i have to explain it more since it's obvious that i do have not any irl personal data that i can use how would i contact the stupid local authorities p.s: i said "stupid" for irl experience that u r not going to be told what they are
First: Second: You say he is your friend, yet you dont know anything about him ? He is just in your friendlist in League, nowhere else ? What a friend indeed. He is probably okay, just living his life ...
7azemv7 (EUNE)
: why would i ask for useless help if i already have his phone number or where he lives or any irl data use some of ur mind sigh
Oh you are just trolling and I fell for it. God dammit ..
7azemv7 (EUNE)
: riot games inc. support employees are just as bad as you can not imagine
Why should game developer contact person if he is okay ? He is right when he told you to contact local authorities, they are supposted to do that ... sigh..
: No it doesn't. It requires a lot more than just 2, or at least a couple years ago it did and I haven't heard any changes. I used to be a chronic leaver. I left a lot of games in my time.
There are truly just 2 games (where you left after 3rd minute) and 1 Remake (leave before 3rd minute) to get a Leaver punishment. It also takes only around 10 games to reset it. Day bans were better, it made me have a break from League :C yeah .. good old days.
BigPeaNut (EUW)
: Just got kicked out of ranked, got a defeat wtffffffffffff
Download the Replay. Some people literally reconnected seconds after and went for the end game while others were stuck at login screen or Attempting to Reconnect. Im gonna try to write to support if they can/will revert all the games during that time.
Kubajz (EUW)
: Server down ?
HOLY SHIT. I just logged in and Leave Buster popped in and the game was Defeat for my team. I am truly done now.
: Yep
NICE. I was just loosing this game so hard, Loss Prevented inc.
Rioter Comments
3 D (EUNE)
: Witch one is showing the true amount played; or the LoL client?
True amount ? wol is absolutely not true. Im playing for 8 years and it says I have "only" 4735 hours - 197 days. I had around 2000 hours back when xFire was still existent and that was in 2013.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Could UK localisation ever be a thing??
Imagine if they recreated every champions voice with Welsh, Scottish and Irish accents ... Me want
: Today's Patch Has Trojan in it Riot WTF?
New anti-cheat to prevent botting ? Wouldnt be surprised because anti-cheats cause lags, 100% component usage and false positives.
: ***
Sigh. We are on League forums and you come to me with CSGO video. Please, I played Wolfenstein ET, Cod 2 & 4 on higher level so I know the difference between 60 - 125 - 250 - 333 fps. But here, in THIS GAME, its useless.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It's not. Most smurfs do not sell their accounts. They are for themselves.
How do you even know that MOST of them dont. Do you know them all ?
: I do.
You dont see the difference between 150 fps and 400 fps except that these numbers change on the display. If you have 60hz monitor, you will see 60 fps. If you have 144hz, you see 144 fps. The fact that you dont use fps limit is just stupid, as you demand from your pc to work on more percent than you need, generating more heat to other components. Disabling vSync is good to test your computer, how good it actually is in this game.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Saying it's pathetic is pathetic. Smurfing is not good for the game for sure but the people smurfing have a reason why they smurf most of the time. And the reason is not to stomp noobs like pretty much every low elo player thinks.
: sitting at 0% at loading screen longer than before
Something is definitely wrong. This happened yesterday, we waited for the whole enemy team for 5 minutes to load. Otherwise a lot of people are stuck at 0% nowadays. First I saw it on PBE, their loading screens are incredibly long and now its on live servers aswell. I myself have kinda fast loading, but its slower than before.
Rioter Comments
: Leaverbuster
: Limti, the godess of emotions (godess puppet master)
Did you just send us attachments from your Riot Support ticket ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Upload the images to imgur ..
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: i remember it writed hextech chest and key , i swear ...
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Runnetera map mission[no hextech chest and key ] 0 rewards mission...
You were supposted to get Map Icon and Key FRAGMENT. Not a full key and chest.
Cypherous (EUW)
: And the last time riot tried to make a "fast paced" game mode it died :P
Well its not that fast as .. Dominion or which other RNG ? .. It takes around 15+ minutes, just as ARAM. It has a lot of stuff inside like Battle Royale, Snowball fight, Push the cart (Team Fortress), Loot the Teemo (like Diablo treasure goblin), so it may NOT die like the old ones.
Cypherous (EUW)
: What does this have to do with fortnite exactly? Smells like clickbait
There is this little "event" that is called Battle Royale. Simply your team has to kill all enemies first. Just testing it on PBE atm. Some of old items are back (Force of Nature, Deathfire Grasp, Philosophers .. etc). Its pretty nice mode to be honest, its smaller summoners rift and a LOT faster.
Reichs (EUNE)
: Riot is so desperate. Game is dying so they are asking even permabanned players to come back lmao
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Your point being? Are you saying that something many people believe in is automatically correct? Just because many people believe in it, the physical location of your birth somehow reduces your skill? How exactly does that work? Additionally: French people are fully aware of the prejudices against them.
Holy shit. You said that only MINORITY is racist - I only stated the fact that hate against frenchies is world-wide so it may not be minority. And yet you somehow manage to come with questions that I didnt even mention. You should work at news, as you are making up stuff.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > Just for asking: how much money would the EUW community spend to make fr players have they own dedicated server? Nothing. Luckily racist/xenophobic players are a tiny minority.
But the "hate" against frenchies is world-wide. Only they think that we love them.
: Icon
It costs 5000 BE so why not get it yourself ?
: but in this case they could never go for a new game
Yup ... And that may be the reason why they created only 1 game in 12 years. (Not counting the board game) They will eventually let League die and at that point we could get a new game ... or not.
: I made a whole novel with a story for Kat and Im an amature. So are you telling me the paid writers cant make a 8 to 12h story plus gameplay? pa the story can easily be unlocked for all champs. Only difference to be comments and reactions.
There is over 100 champions and creating game for 1/4 of them (which makes absolutely no sense as creating game for 1, 2, 3 whatever champions) would create 200 hour story. No one has ever created so story rich game without repeating themselves. More repeating stuff = less fun to play. You see it as easy task but its nearly impossible to create a game with main hero as already existing champion when there is so many of them. Them being as Quest Giver or Random Encounter is much easier, both for MMORPG and RPG.
: Why would I wanna buy a League RPG if I will play some generic pleb instead of Katarina? That just doesnt make sense! T_T
And creating 30 min gameplay story for Katarina does ?
: Where did they write it? I tried to check news, but I found nothing.
They did not. But yesterday the first 3 missions came at 17, today another 3 came at 17 so its high possibility that the rest will come tomorrow at same time.
: Runeterra missions 6/10, where are the other missions?
: I'm exactly the opposite, not a fan of games like the Witcher but love MMOs :D
Yeah well .. and that would be huge problem for them, they could loose, lets say, 50% of the League fans on the new game because of the need of farming stuff (That is the main reason why I hate MMORPGs - farming and crafting that can take days). Maybe get some people from GW2, WoW but risking loosing them. Then there is risk that those 50% will stay on MMO and League will die or vise versa. Shame.
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