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: {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Just give us Dominion and I'll forgive you.
I want Definitely Not Dominion. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: i'd ban sion only to hear his badass quote
Which is why I don't want him to get this banquote. I main Sion and he'd be banned every game.
: A function to mute a single persons pings has been asked for many many many times already. Riot doesn't seem to be interested -.-
The only solution right now is to mute pings entirely in the sound menu which is even worse, honestly.
AweSatura (EUW)
: Beta Client Suggestions & Complaints (Let us gather all suggestions in one place)
It's soooooo slow :/ The new client seems to take up a lot of space, it runs worse on my computer than the actual game. I can barely start a match with this thing. No love for toasters anymore ;__;
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, I just wanted to reiterate - we're definitely not ignoring your complaints and concerns, and many of them are valid. I actually really appreciate people with a calm, cool response giving their honest feedback on this change - it helps us a lot more than pretty much telling us to get stuffed (which you're also entitled to do!). I also appreciate both sides of the fence talking through this (both here and on Reddit - apparently we made the front page!) - getting views from both sides is equally as important. However we're not going to just ignore this, and we're actively going to keep an eye on reactions, queues, player numbers - everything we can to make informed choices in the future. This isn't the last message we'll be putting out around this by a long shot - we'll have more coming over the coming weeks to give you a clearer picture of the vision, the actions we're taking, and how this impacts you guys. Once again though, really appreciate those of you who are giving their opinions, thoughts, and even proposing some solutions. There's been a lot of comments on here already and we'll try to address some of the more common questions next week with our thoughts on things, both before we made the change and now seeing player reactions.
All that I am saying is you need to communicate way more. After the disaster that was Dynamic Queue I was sure you guys had learned how important that is, but then you just went ahead with this stunt with literally zero notice or information. And if it existed, it was way too hard for the average Joe to find. Just talk with us, please ;__; It's sad enough that the only person responding to this is a guy who isn't even responsible for the decision. I sincerly thank you sir, but this is more depressing than anything else.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Hopefully Riot notices and does something about it.
They really should, seems like they are really trying to please the community now, so why not?
: Update us on your final games of Season 2016
Got carried to Gold V by my adv in the last game of my promos after I ended laningphase with 0/6/1. I earned that .__.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Diamond guy answering every questions asked
How do I kill Graves in lategame without my team? I am in the elo where you can't count on your teammates and sometimes have to do things yourself, and I legit haven't found a single champion that can 1v1 the guy in lategame at all.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The end of the season brings all the shitters to the surface
I don't even get it. You'd think people would try harder than ever when the season is about to end.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Yasuo has his own knock up. I don't get why should 4 people pick champions around 1 person. Good Yas players don't need teammates knock ups.
There are no good Yasuo players.
: Describe riot in 5 words
Those are 7 words though.
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: You have to read the notes first, without judging a video.. Talon has a huge cd for every wall separately. So he may jump them all in a row, but after that he won't be able to jump any of them for a while. You don't have to be a rocket scientist, but you can read, right? So here is a link with a bit more on those changes, so you can see that they are not buffs, but quality of life changes that take skill and tactics to perform. Hope you realise that this is not straight up buffing assassins :) Edit: Everyone is just overreacting for no real reason..
Welcome to League of Legends, where logic and reason are for idiots. Real players judge first and think second! (/°O°)/
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Xahutek (EUW)
: We need a map...
Yeah, considering that the Black Mist from the Shadow Isles is suppoed to reach Bilgewater, I don't think this map works anymore : /
: Rito is love, rito is life
My third ever hextech chest was DJ Sona. Pretty much the most luck I ever had in my life.
: Worlds Classics: The Ahri Play
Nice idea having subtitles on by default in that video Riot (/o_o)/
BenatPro9 (EUW)
: If you could "delete" any champion...
{{champion:17}} Big surprise, right?
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: Demoted from plat 3 to plat 5 in two days, past 26 games, 6 wins, 20 losses. In those games I had the following : - 7/6/10 with Jinx, having a Yorick support with ignite and no support items feeding and trolling while I was ADC, when he saw that I win without his help he started feeding, top and mid also fed enemy team. - Illaoi support trolling, and ADC feeding because he had a useless support, while top also feeding (I was mid). - I was ADC, and i got a Vel'Koz support with ignite and no support items, that was basically useless besides spamming his q vs very good probably premade enemy bottom that was also getting plenty of ganks. - 11/5/5 loss with Vayne, went trio premade, jungler and midlaner that were not premades with us fed hardcore! - 8/5/7 loss with Vayne due to Jax and Akali feeding hardcore and having no one to protect me. - Played mid as Cassiopeia, got camped by enemy Zac who was jumping me from our own jungle, while getting no ganks from own jungler and having a troll Teemo top that was intentionally feeding and only sat top. - Went 6/0/0 early with Twitch only to end up 10/13/14 cause my support Leona wasn't hitting her skillshot cc's, and i had a Rengar that was only hunting + a Jayce that sat top all game long, no one to protect me from enemy Yasuo, Kha'zix and Garen. - Went 3/0/0 early with Kassadin only to see my Ezreal coming to mid lane, taking all my farm, and saying that he wants to lose the game because our support Kennen that went full ap stole his farm. So they both trolled, intentionally fed and lost my game, I ended up 4/5/0 - 3/3/6 with Ashe, losing because my support somehow got pissed at me and started feeding. - 4/6/4 with Vayne, my Nautilus support left after giving away 9 kills to the enemy team. - 11/6/2 with Jhin, mid lane feeding (4/10/2), top feeding (1/6/3), jungle kind of feeding (1/5/5). - 3/5/1 with Ashe, jungler eve (2/5/0), mid lane talyiah (2/7/2), top lane gangplank (0/7/4), support (1/4/2). - Get countered on mid lane by Orianna, i was Annie, gank bottom, get a kill, ping people to go back, they don't Orianna gets 4 kills, snowballs me on lane, people start flaming me and spamming surr votes, i ended up 2/6/6, rest of my team all had 10 deaths each, my top yasuo (2/10/0), jinx (6/10/6), Leona (1/10/11) and Yi (11/10/4) - 8/10/7 with Jhin, mid Vladimir trolling and feeding (4/14/7), top Sion with titanic hydra (5/10/9) What's the chance ? How can this be a coincidence, all of those happened in those last 26 games
Wait, Titanic Hydra isn't viable on Sion? Darn.
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: What triggers you?
Yasuo players that build no defence at all and instead go full damage.
: For Elise, you may aswell delete her. This is literally the selling point that makes her a superior early game jungler over others if you got team coordination. The rest of her kit, clear time, early game damage, sustain, mobility, is easily matched by others, but this untargetability is all she has over others.
If Riot removed her being great at towerdiving, they could buff her in other ways without making her overpowered.
: Tiers 5 of Divisions always consist of the lowest ppl imaginable and Tier 1 of the most tryhardy guys. Both in a positive and negative way.
I want to agree with you, but I am in a Tier 1 and the last ranked I played had three people in it that were high as hell. And that was just on my team. Maybe because I played at 3 in the night, but still, not everyone tries their hardest here :D
: Yasou is overpowered
I just want a tank at toplane that I can count on. Not some squishy assassin that dies in two hits, that's why I hate Yasuo.
: That minion checks her equipment, while the one underneath her FEELS her equipment.
Le Termi (EUW)
: What was your first champion you played?
{{champion:53}} Because robot (/o_o)/
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: My thoughts about Toxicity and smurfs (FakerFaker08)
The issue is that some players that get banned for being very toxic don't learn their lesson at all and make a new account right away. Those are most of the guys on low levels being jerks, as far as I know.
GawnMower (EUW)
: I like the Yorik re-work... But
Not everyone needs to be an overpowered keeper of life and the world itself. Poppy carries a legendary hammer, Sion is the greatest noxian warrior that ever lived, Ryze has runes that can end the world, Yorick is the warden of the dead, Kindred is literally death personified and Aurelion Sol is the creator of the entire universe and existance itself. It's just getting stupid. I have no problem with playing an average, slightly annoyed gravedigger that just does his job. It's fun. If you make everyone overpowered in their lore, nobody is anymore. Riot please, you are writing your characters like they could fit in the Marvel or DC universe where every person can just punch god in the face.
AH Crow (EUW)
: Rengar is pretty busted...
That's why he is gettimg a rework soon, thank god.
: +1 On a side note, why can't Muramana be toggled off? and why can't it be used against minions? Would be nice if Riot could revert these changes they made to it some time ago.
It was unneeded micromanagement to keep track of if the item is currently active or not, so they streamlined it. Atleast that's what the patchnotes said :D
: How many of you actually 'enjoy' the game?
I am having fun. Unless someone is flaming, then I don't : /
: I like the current state of the draft pick normals but I would LOVE for the champion announcements, to be brought back from what it was when dynamic queue was first launched. What I mean is that currently you can only hear your picked champion's quote, I thought it was much more epic as you heard the whole lobby say their part. Also maybe add a different quote for a champ getting banned, this is not a necessity but would be rather cool. EDIT: Completely missed the ban quotes being an actual thing; thanks for pointing it out. I also didn't think that so many people wanted full lobby announcements back, thought that was just me, nice to see I wasn't alone.
Agreed, I loved that part, no idea why that was removed. If we can hear all the ban quotes anyway, why not have the pick quotes aswell? Or atleast make it an optional thing if not everyone is happy with it.
Rylarth (EUNE)
: Robots playing LoL
Yeah, lower level Aram, Twisted Treeline and Co-Op vs AI is filled with bots and nothing else. Has been like that over a year now and it doesn't look like it will change soon. Even when I report players for illegal software, aka being a bot, they don't even get banned .__.
Eveninn (EUW)
: What are your favourite quotes of your Top 3 champions?
_Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom._ {{champion:31}} **_CHOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!_** Mecha Zero {{champion:14}} And literally every single sentence from {{champion:223}}. Whoever wrote this guy's text deserves an award.
: Why do people talk shit about EUNE server ?
It's not bad, it's just pretty toxic, even by League Standards.
Solash (EUW)
: He's coming...
Ah yes, the Urgot rework, finally!
: sorry im not making "heres top 5 champs in top/jungle/mid/adc/support for this patch come back next patch to give me more ad money" videos. Do you actually think those videos tell you some secret shit? like the is a konami code to league? its pretty simple advice. dont play shit you cant play. dont try be flashy just do you job to win. dont afk in your lane. learn what items you need and when. or are the challenger players the ones that go "always buy a {{item:3742}} on yi{{champion:11}}. vs all crit team? dont give a fuck buy a {{item:3742}} vs all on hit team? dont care buy a {{item:3742}}" like pants are/r or whatever his name is. "hello im challenger play these guys for next patch oh i got to talk about them for a minute each... well graves does damage.... he has auto attacks so thats cool... lets move onto ekko... he does damage... he has some auto attacks as well... he also has a stun which is pretty neat" like forgive me but anyone who listens to that bs arnt making it to level 30 let alone their goal XD
The most important thing for reaching high elo is not being a dick. You even got yourself banned on the boards and admitted that you rage a lot. Even if you made it to challenger, with that attitude you belong in Bronze.
candoodle (EUW)
: Do certain roles attract certain personalities?
I can count the amount of friendly Vayne players I have supported so far on one hand, seriously.
Sayainji (EUW)
: Should riot Add these funny filters to GG EZ
And while you are at it, change _"Report XY pls"_ to _"I am a douchebag."_ >:D
Mangekyu (EUW)
: I hate LeBlanc
She is part of the assassin rework that is coming soon, no worries. She'll be changed, hopefully for the better.
Husker (EUW)
: Hey all. I don't specifically work on the team that deals with reports, but hopefully I can provide some clarity. To address point one of the OP - Calling for others to report a player is a punishable offense. It is a form of bullying and as such is against the summoner code. It should always be a personal decision for each player as to whether or not they feel another player warrants a report. In fact, do feel free to tell your team mates that "report calling" in itself counts as harassment. Flaming and bullying a player will never help them to improve their game mechanics, communication etc. Take five minutes to add someone and talk to them after game. Perhaps do some customs to help them learn a champion, or how to gank or how to use vision. To the second point of the OP - Don't worry about how many reports a player receives at the end of a given game. What's important is that if you feel a player truly deserves to be reported, that you do so. Don't feel pressured in to doing something by your team mates asking you to report a player. It's all recorded and all counts. As for the specifics of how the system deals with reports, I can't go in to detail. As always, the report system is a continually in development and will continue to evolve to be as useful as possible. Hope this helps!
If you ever get in touch with those guys, please tell them do add a feature where you get a notification when a player you reported before gets banned or restricted. Only the player who made the final report usually gets it, which makes the others feel like the have no impact on the game at all :/ Just knowing that our reports actually do stuff would be a great addition.
: We need more champions with silence
Remember how people said the mage update made mages unplayable and nerfed them too much?
: What do you think is the unhealthiest item in the game?
{{item:3165}} Because every single mage in the game buys it. That's just boring.
: Galio's W has a typo
The sad part is that that has most likely been there since Season 1 and you are the first guy that noticed it since no one plays Galio.
tolisk99 (EUNE)
: Game is not fun anymore.
Longer Queue times are not connected to Dynamic Queue though. It's because of the new champion select and nobody playing support. Even if we'd get Solo Queue back, the new Draft Pick will stay, meaning that Queue times will be the same. Don't mix those two things up.
SVA Spice (EUW)
: High Elo Teams getting screwed
Tell your Diamond friends to lose elo until they are in Platinum : D
: Patch notes: 8.1
Removing Nidalee sounds like a great idea if you ask me though.
Juusharou (EUW)
: Dynamic Queue suucks hard
While I agree with you with a lot of things, you sound like a toxic rager, so feel free to quit the game and make it a nicer place that way.
: cause he doesnt need any?
He got Duskblade as a new item and on top of that QSS, his biggest counter together with Zyonas, was nerfed. And you don't end up permabanned in Ranked for no reason.
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