: Yeah, it's great except there's one problem: there's no direct link to the boards -or at least if there is one I can't find it...
Hover over "Discover" and its there. Id have also preferred it to be out as its own link
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: Matchmaking for new players is terrible
Hello! I believe it's meant to do that to you so you lose your first several games so the game makes sure you're not a secret smurf. Especially if you said you did well in the beginning, the game just needs to figure out what your real skill level is and that'll take a few more games. So if you're meant to lose, then by all means get stomped! Your next matches will be more and more closer to what they're supposed to be. Good luck and have fun :D
: Ranked rewards
The ranked rewards are just the cherry on the cake, the real reward should be the knowing that you improved and hit the rank you aimed for. If that's not rewarding enough you might not have fun playing ranked
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Scheise69 (EUNE)
: Armor stacking
% penetration means, the more armor you get the more it penetrates Rather than looking to negate armor as much as you can, see if there's other things that are more suitable Reducing someone's attack speed, spell shield, health regen, etc
Nilmuz (EUW)
: banned because i tried to win
I guess you must have said some pretty nasty things to that Tristana then
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: How do you farm midgame when your team is ARAM-ing?
Depending on the midlaner you're playing, if you're split pushing hard enough you force the enemy to come to you. Then your team might get a number's edge.
TostiDuel (EUW)
: What's new since a while?
Welcome back! Recently dragons got a big change and the summoners rift changes a bit every game You'll notice top and bot has new sections to them A few new bushes were added Support items were reworked Prestige skins are a new gold/white themed skinline which you get with Prestige Points Rift Herald spawns twice And a bunch of new champions, you'll see those as you play!
: hey guyz i've been banned 215 days. When will I be unbanned? I've been patient playing Kingdom Rush.
: thanks to cowards, URF will never be fun again, ever
I suppose that's why its all-random URF, so that you dont always get the champion that tower hugs and spams skillshots.
: Map skins for SR !
That'd be difficult with the new elemental maps, but I'd fully support that idea My favorite event was the Star Guardian PvE, where the map looked like a night time grassy park. I'd love something like that!
: I am done with season 10 :)
But the season just started :(
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: btw you just make every Muslim looks bad with your name and your attitude, Imma make sure to contact support so they force you to change your name
Hui means penis in Russian so that just makes it sound 2x worse xd
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: sett exe (too much jojo references)
1von (EUNE)
: Quick question
Split push junglers are great like yi and udyr cause if you master the splitpush game you're out of bronze in no time To get out of bronze in the midlane is literally about having close to 0 deaths each game and having high farm. These 2 points have way more meaning than they seem. 0 deaths = more xp, more gold, more lane pressure, less gold for enemy team, more accessability towards objectives and more. The 0 deaths thing you should focus on the most in bronze in my opinion. "bad teammates" will be everywhere, so the sooner you stop seeing them as bad teammates and just as the odds that you're given to work with, the more relaxed your gameplay will become. Good luck!
Marissa (EUW)
: ❄️❄️[Volu] Definitely not Snowdown - winner announcement!❄️❄️
Thank you so much! In all my years on the internet this is the first thing I've ever won something, it means a lot :D And good job to everyone else who participated!
Shamose (EUW)
: There'll be more.
That goes without saying
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Sasser (EUNE)
: I think this game would be far less toxic if all the "nice" people were getting banned instead
I'm nice, I don't see how it would make the game better to remove people like me You'll have to elaborate xD
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pXHoney (EUNE)
: League of coinflip
Yeah, its a coinflip, but you personally affect the outcome, so if you're slightly better then **overtime** you'll climb, as per the way the game is intended to be
TheTrucce (EUW)
: Opening 11 Friends from Afar Eggs - TFT
Vladimir, bring vodka >:(
: Worst game ever incoming
: Why I Quit (subjective opinion)
I think you're taking it too personally with Riot. It is what it is and we can't individually change that. In the end it comes down to how much you love playing this game vs how much you don't, and if the scale tips the other way then you just stop playing, just like starting a movie series that ends up trashy so you quit early. Happens a lot. I used to be a Kat/Akali main and now I dont play either, so I'm in 100% agreement that reworks can kill the mood for a lot of players like with your Diana, but I also think that's a known risk Riot takes for their balancing agendas for the future. (the risk being that with every rework they lose a bunch of players) Are you gonna play any other games? Have a good day too!
TheTrucce (EUW)
: I own every available emote. What happens when I use a Mystery Emote?
Awertonas (EUNE)
: TfT Ideas. What would you like to see for a new rotation?
I really wanted a TFT with the countries Demacians +Defense Noxus +Attack Zaun +Poison Piltover +Item Potency Ionia +Attack Speed Freljord +Glacial Shadow Isles +Chance to Fear Void +Defense Pen Or something like that I think it's cause it was just my dream to see a 5 cost Irelia, I think it suits her :D So Irelia would have been like, Blademaster, Ionia basically.
GGEazzy (EUW)
: "Glacial" in TFT needs a serious overhaul
Well they didn't do any changes to glacials this patch, so I assume not as many people are having this problem. I think its cause in a lot of comps you have a frontline that soaks up the glacial damage and stuns while the backline kills the olaf (if lucky). I also don't see anyone ever going 6 glacias on purpose, the popular one these days is the 6 berserker build which happens to have 4 glacials in it if you build it that way. I do agree that the availability and proccing of it is quite high though.
: Banned for changing language to Japanese
Rito wa yasashii kara, anta no akaunto wa sugu modoru anshin shite uwu
: How should you ask for a gank top lane?
A lot of junglers disagree with going top for reasons they see might not pay off They could be low on health, they might want to get to scuttle on time, their ult is on cooldown, or your enemy laner has an easy escape like vlad or akali So sometimes, (they might be wrong of course) it pays off not to gank. Just be cool about it and say "top no flash, you can come" Don't spam pings but do subtley communicate, those who wont come wont come
: I know what is causing me to not rank up, but I don't know how to fix it.
I think the term for your problem is 'trigger happy' or something along those lines, where you get excited and impulsive when something happens and rush in and die without second thought. If you're a new-ish player it'll go away on its own, otherwise its a matter of developing habit, just like with anything. There's no shortcut to making it stop apart from practice! But I'd say you're more than half way there already. :3
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Deprived of my free speech on the boards
I once did a post like: Subject: Hi Body: How are you? And it got some positive replies and no one deleted it
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Pixelbits (EUW)
: Early game feeding is so destructive
They're not feeders, they're having bad games. If they were constant feeders they would derank very quickly and you would not have them in your games. The enemy team feeds into you just as often, one just doesn't notice it as much.
: Skins and winrate?
Since they play with skins in Worlds and stuff it wont matter too much There are cases with Ahri and Lux though in which you cant properly distinguish between Q and E (in both cases) cause the projectile looks the same, but that could be negligible as well. There was a youtube video about which skins give that 0.1% extra chance with a skin
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: Happy New Year All !
Happy New Years! My thoughts are: Technically, both orange juice and carrot juice are orange juice
: TFT - What's the point?
I was hard-stuck, learned some things from Scarra, climbed Got hard stuck again Went back to learn some more econ management, climbed again Got hard stuck again Learned more, climbed again Peaked Plat 1, trying for Diamond this season Skill is definitely a factor, and I'm enjoying it its a chill game :3
Marissa (EUW)
: [Volu] Definitely don't draw the skin you want!
I started working on this the day the event came out, sorry it took so long! I didn't want to give an unfinished work and added as many details as I could, in the eyes, costume and more. Recently the Prestige Ahri emote came out with the Korean finger heart, and I decided to add it into Evelynn with her own little heart from this skin :3 Hope you like it! https://imgur.com/yZ7wpCX And thank you very much for this event!
: > [{quoted}](name=Kurotsu,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WeEAoZqI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-24T15:03:27.686+0000) > > Smurfs can have bad games in lower leagues too. > I did have Yasuo 'smurfs' that when you check their match history they were clearly lying, but I often see real smurfs get trash talked for dying even once. Missing the point, I’m talking about absolute giveaways like “whoops I accidentally stole junglers buffs” or “I got auto filled and you didn’t give me my demanded lane so I’m gonna troll”
I didn't miss the point, I said I did have those, I just added onto it :)
Alzokdal (EUW)
: Playing support in solo queue, ranked, has been an absolute nightmare so far
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: Event Pass Question
If you click on the Missions tab, you'll notice your tokens "stash". That's the amount that you'll get. As far as mission progress is concerned, it stays the same as it is for you now.
: SUSPENDED for no viable reason.
I'd send a ticket, unless you were toxic in the previous games this looks fairly innocent to me
: “You’re definitely not a smurf”
Smurfs can have bad games in lower leagues too. I did have Yasuo 'smurfs' that when you check their match history they were clearly lying, but I often see real smurfs get trash talked for dying even once.
: What's baron at 20? It only increases your chances of winning around 80%, yea I know not a big deal, I am sure you win games everyday :). And the aa isn't everything for a Yi player. If you still don't believe it, go watch Cowsep.
Thanks, I watch Cowsep for 2 years every single video till date, and climbed as a Yi main thanks to him. I wouldn't be having this argument otherwise. You're missing the point of what I'm saying. Original Poster said Yi's auto-attacks are too OP, so I said that everything in Yi's kit is built around his autoattacks, hence they are OP. You said "No, he's good at splitpushing" The right sentence would have been "Yes, he's good at split pushing" cause he's good at autoattacking. We just had a minor communication breakdown.
: Um no? He is good in split pushing and taking dragons and rifts, even solo baron at 20 if he has a good start. Well of course if you're in low elo you don't see that every game. :)
What's splitpushing and taking baron at 20? Auto attacking. And all possible with guinsoo's.
HobGobbs (EUW)
: Leavers in Ranked
Start noting every match you have and I'm almost certain its not an AFK every 3-5 games. The enemy team has the same chances of getting an AFK as you (even more if you never AFK) so as Wolity said just perfect your gameplay and you'll climb :3
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