: Frozen
Do you want to build a snoooowmaaan?
DeejayF (EUW)
: Whenever I press shift and try to input a command itdoesn't execute said command
Press Esc and go to Keybinds (I think that's what it is) and see what's wrong there. Preferably just go to a custom game so you can have plenty of time
Gothrak (EUW)
: How does the grade system work?
If you're specifically farming for an S rank the biggest tip is to try to end the game with 0 deaths. If your score is 10/4/0 then your KDA is 2.5 If your score is 3/0/0 then your KDA is 3. So with 7 less kills you've got a better score than you being with 10 kills. Also don't forget another important score that we all forget about, vision score. If the game is going your way, just be picky about playing with maximum output and not dying.
: hear my cry
We have heard your cries! And we come with good news. 1. Honoring each other while premade does 0. 2. 1 Report holds the weight of 9 reports. 3. (Not so good news) It felt good to flame for a few minutes, but it did not feel good to get a restriction for way longer than a few minutes. 4. (Good news continues!) Who cares about the aatrox chroma :D you'll be the shining light we all need in the next season!
: I have 4 permabanned accounts. Did I change?
Well, that's fine, don't change. But I (and so many other filthy casuals like me) wouldn't like to have you in our games so Riot is ultimately doing the right thing of filtering out negative people. One can dress it up in pretty words and descriptions of why and how, but at the end of the day you're another flamer that comes and goes.
Craxyy (EUNE)
: hey guys can you check if thats in for a permaban
Its prolly an automated ban based off of you talking a lot
: I'm a simple person. I see Kurotsu, i upvote. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Kind of sad you're not having a good time though. I can understand the frustration. Did a LoL marathon to reach plat this weekend and besides a few matches, most were unfun, even when winning.
Thanks! :D I don't deserve it xd I usually put Final Fantasy or Nier music on when I play and that makes me put my attention on the nexus instead of the chat + adds more dynamic and fun to my games. Congrats on plat!
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: How much ranked do you plan on playing during Preseason?
CJXander (EUNE)
: Why is this game so stable for myself?
Same. I always see posts saying "FIX YOUR GAME RIOT" and I'm just like... uh? In my 6-7 years playing I think I only had 2 in game bugs (like proper bugs of flying across the map), which is very little.
ShioriChi (EUNE)
: Summoner Name Change IDEAS
Sorcereal Magusillia Sappotto (Japanese pronunciation of support) Shiromimi Sonaraka Lulululululu LuXXXhentai Polymorff HealHeart CoffeeGirl PixieDust MagicCup SparkDark WildHealer MinagoroshiChan (Mass murder-chan xDDD) Elicia LiriBot RainTear LeiaSupport MercyByHeal EvieIsNice SilentMusic Willows MelodyMelody CrystalFountain Season10Baby NoGunsJustMagic StarlightEverywhere Wait I'm an idiot, you can have a space between names right? Frick. xD Here's a few more 901HP Level 19 Soulless Sona Heals Cost Mana Lick You To Death Heal You To Death Aimaimi Mega Super Giga Whatever! You can tell I'm getting lazy here Water Candle Fire Fountain Apples Taste Purple Blond Sona Botlane Party Pixel Support And the best for last... ToyotaSuzukiHondaCivic I'm a writer of 5 books I've named like 100+ of my characters and I've been studying Japanese for 6 years so if you'd like you can tell me what types of names you liked and I could come up with more similar ones!
Rioter Comments
Goat4 (EUNE)
: What's Riot offical stance on programs that allow players to use custom skins or offical skins?
Using a third party program like that or otherwise changing the game files leads to a ban
: I'd love you to remove my suspension
: Joey "YoungBuck" Steltenpool makes the move to Excel Esports
XO Mob (EUW)
: Permantetly banned for being flamed the entire game by 3 different players.
xqlusiv (EUW)
: Dear Riot could you please activate TFT ranked so i don't demote!
This bug reminds me of that sort of 'bug' where in a custom game you're all alone and you want to quit the game and it tells you that if you quit you might get banned from future games. xd Deceitful Riot
: ban too harsh without warning
You should also be careful when playing ARAM for example, and your teammate is low on health so you want to tell him to go kill himself to the tower so that he can reset his health and buy items. But the system will just see that you told him to kill himself. It's all automated. So if next time you want to quote someone you have to at least mask it somehow. (I'd just not quote them or even reply to them at all though)
JustClone (EUNE)
: So if I say "Sinfull succubus told me %%%", I should get punished? Based on what rule you say that?
Well technically you're not breaking the rules but the automated system doesnt recognize that so it just thinks to you told him k**.
Torkl (EUW)
: Laptops are not for gaming, problem solved xD
https://www.notebookcheck.net/uploads/tx_nbc2/AcerPredator21X__1_.jpg Acer Predator 21x
Ralshi (EUW)
: Tips to play with a laptop?
I would maybe right click on your desktop and click NVidia settings. Make sure the game you're playing is on the graphics card. Then you can go through the 3d graphics list to maximize performance by tweeking some settings there. Youtube it if you dont know what the settings mean. And when you click on your battery icon, just make sure your power is on High Performance. That should do it.
: "first N champions purchased" is dumb for years-old accounts
That's not how they 'define whether the account is yours or not' with just that question, but it helps solve your case. In an old hacked MMO account of mine they asked how much gold I had, what armor I wore, what dungeons I ran the most, what were my recent transactions etc. And I got my account back in 16 hours.
: The problem with toxicity isn't the words
These sort of debates and discussions are endless, immortal, and unsolvable. We've tried figuring out why people are jerks 5000 years ago, and even today, and the only solution we have is jail time and social consequence. (In this case being reported and being banned)
Evyi (EUW)
: Someone help me to quit league
Don't try to quit the game in one go, instead just reduce your gametime bit by bit. So if you play 8 games per day, for the next week set the limit to 7. Next week to 6. etc. The point isnt to quit the game, the point is to find time to do other things in your life and play the game for fun in the evening. :)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Hey Ellie, Lighthammers (Hei~~mer~~ El~~ise~~ Le~~ona~~ (with pronunciation Ellie) Light Hammers (plural because followed by are)) Are (Ire~~lia~~) Heck, Rihanna Spartan nut (Hec~~arim O~~rianna Spartann ~~sl~~ut Your Laughter (Yuu~~mi O~~laf ~~U~~dyr) Synthetase (Syn~~dra~~ Tee~~mo~~ Ti~~me~~ (pronounce) ZZZZ (sleep with the fishes)) Army (Or~~nn Na~~mi) A Sand Skii Dinner (~~Lis~~sand~~ra~~ ~~too many~~ ski~~ns~~ Din~~o~~ Or~~i~~ (weird accent)) For Kai'Sa (4 Kai'Sa)
Well you obviously win
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: Boards active people check
Usually a lot of people lurk, and people like Silent Note, Shamose, Lane Police etc. are like the regular commentators and stuff
Ore (EUNE)
: This would be a great idea if League had skill queueing like FFXIV. However, it would be unfair if it worked only on Eve. A kind of alternative form of this is being able to press Zhonya's Hourglass while disabled to activate the Stasis effect as soon as you can issue commands. If the system worked like this, you would end up not having that ~60ms vulnerable time due to ping, which I love to abuse and hate to be punished for.
-high 5- fellow FFXIV player o/
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: G2 didn't play worlds they played NA Soloqueue.
: This meme is soo gold
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Ranked after a win streak.
His Irelia is 63% winrate over 90 games. My jungle is 58% winrate over 300+ games, but my ADC winrate is embarassingly low. Yet I want to play ADC once a blue moon and those who check my ADC stats will immediately get tilted. They tried to solve this with the positional ranked matchmaking but we boycotted that. And supports are often autofilled. The 21+ 16- is terrible though, I have something similar it's making climbing feel counterproductive
lukeyb133 (EUW)
: Laptop
I ran on i3 AMD for several years some season back, I've had lags during teamfights 5v5 but otherwise the rest of the game was smooth.
: Immediate and automatic sign out of esports website
Same, just use a different browser and it works
ellekene (EUNE)
: Favourite music?
: instant feedback report
I guess your English might not be so good? (Or its a joke, if it is, I'm sorry) The text says that whoever you reported recently got banned. Not you.
Rioter Comments
: Looking for a Team to improve myself
I'm sorry, I read your title too fast and thought you said "Looking for a Teemo to improve" xd
: Is it legal to create a LoL Universe based fan game?
If you monetize it its illegal, yeah. There's lots of lol-based fan games out there that are monetized through things like Patreon (so you're supporting the developer not the game). If you just want to put it on google play store for free without ads though, go ahead!
: Question about mastery
Well mastery is a cosmetic thing, so I guess that's why.
Zedant (EUW)
: Either remove adc from urf or make tower more tanky
A champion is only as strong as the summoner who wields it
: Do you think its correct to reset someone's honour for a chat ban?
There's complaints that Riot's banning system isn't harsh enough since there's so many trolls and toxicity. Removing honor for a chat ban makes one think twice next time before saying anything even remotely negative You're losing cosmetic rewards which isn't the end of the world, but I think they should at least make grinding your honor back feel smoother somehow
: Possible to transfer my EUW account to the Chinese server?
You're leaving us? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Nadzaria,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=eMA1AzEA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-07T21:33:18.807+0000) > > **Fact is:** Support asked him a few questions to help prove he was the original owner of the account and **he got it back.** Something that should be entirely unnecessary, and could easily be resolved is this archaic company made it mandatory for players to have an authenticator attached.
An MMO account of mine got hacked back in 2012 or so, they asked me questions and gave me back my account in less than 24 hours. I quite liked the questions, they were like "What armor were you wear?" "What was the last dungeon you played in?" "Who are on your friends list?"
: If you think RIOT doesn't have anything to do with the community here on the boards, you're wrong dude. They instilled a "whiteknight" system where whatever they say, people believe and even mods will downvote you if you're right and they're wrong and people follow that. As i said, i posted a screenshot of someone getting boosted and i got downvoted whereas in another case, someone who's clearly pissed at RIOT and posted a bunch of "supposedly" cracked accounts login and passwords, this gets upvoted. I even had a mod or something like that argue with me before URF was released that every server gets contents at the same time and i proved him/her wrong by showing that URF was already live on NA/BR servers while us on EUW have to wait for like 11pm until we get anything. Guess what happened afterwards? Downvoted for being right.
No mate, you were downvoted cause of your tone. You show aggression others show it back to you.
TheVistero (EUNE)
: TFT class overwiev in launcher
A lot could probably agree with you, but like with any new game mode it will take you a bunch of losses and a week or so of playing before you're almost fully comfortable, so that problem wont exist later on. They didn't have this in the original TFT either My first game I didnt even know you could sell champions from your bench (there's no "sell" button anywhere!) so it took me a few days to figure it out
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: i hate muting cuz sometimes the only way i know someone is comming or what we are planning is through chat, which sucks cuz when i mute i cant plan things out with them :(
This guy, who says this to you: noob jg no gank gg report Will NEVER say anything useful to you or plan anything with you. So muting only him will 99% of the times be more productive. Statistics made up of course :D
: Sick Community
Riot has nothing to do with the community though What we like we upvote, what we dont like we downvote Like this... Here's a joke for those who read this comment: What did the traffic light say to the car? "Don't look, I'm about to change!" Upvotes please :D (Im so getting downvoted x_x)
dobbson (EUW)
: Comical
The Syndra jungler keeps going huh xD
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