: When should I go to actual games?
Intermediate bots are difficult because they make less mistakes Real players make more mistakes Real players are more aggressive but so long as you dont let that intimidate you real players aren't even difficult Because in the end the game is going to match you with people of your skill level anyways So no pressure, whenever you feel like it give it a go :)
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: Why is it so hard to play in Bronze?
Half of your post is about your team doing bad and you doing okay. If you focus on you doing bad and nothing else you'll see your mistakes easier. Because at the end of the day its not them its you. Good job on the dragon steal though! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Leo pls (EUW)
: won a 3v5 :D :D :D
: How do i get good at the game
I watched an interview with a top 10 challenger player who gave his input on how to get better. 1. Learn 3-5 champions (and 1-2 roles) and STICK to them, your confidence will go up. 2. Expand knowledge of the game, which comes naturally I suppose 3. Check your weaknesses, is it farming? Is it trading? Is it you getting ganked too much? Develop only one the weakness for now. And I think 2 more that I forgot. This is more for climbing ranked though but goes well with normal games too. Especially point 1. No matter the matchup if you're on a comfortable champion you'll be playing like you're breathing.
Elhim (EUW)
: [OLD] Katarina Champion Spotlight
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Bunek (EUNE)
: Riot's ban system is a total joke!!!
Only problem I see here is you comparing yourself to other people. And you're comparing yourself to bad people too. I'd focus on yourself as a person more. The rules are the rules, the system is the system, you can't change that and you cant change anyone else. But you CAN change yourself. Good luck in the fields of justice {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I chose jungle as primary and support as secondary and got autofilled as adc yesterday What? xD
: That moment when your whole team is bad in ranked
What's Sona + Lucian? They're the Solution, get it?
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: I need some real life advice.
I once read a book, real classic "how to win friends and influence people". It's core principles say that people are very selfish and think about themselves before anyone else, and you can exploit that. One day just bring him coffee in the morning, make him breakfast. Remind him of that one awesome thing he did in life and make him start talking about it. Remembering HE wants to talk about HIMSELF. Basic human stuff. On that premises, after you enthusiastically listen to him, he will open up that little window to let you in and maybe even say "That debt thing? It was just a joke, don't worry." Either way, do something about it he's not getting any younger. If all else fails, stop league, its not a priority right now, get your life together first. And never give up {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: You shouldn't argue or pay attention to keyboard warriors, everyone got god's ego in front of his montior. Mute them and report them after the game. Picture this: 15 years old kid makes you cry by typing random nonsenses or this: 25 years old man that has tons of problems but he is too weak to face them and trolls on the internet to feel better makes you cry. See how ridiculous this is?
: what does the description below my rank means
Once upon a time I had a title "Amumu's friends" AMUMU HAS NO FRIENDS :@
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Prichal (EUW)
: How about "Mute pings" option?
Once you mute a person their pings should just be muted too.
: What the hell is wrong with this game
What about that one time you played 7 games and won 5 but lost 2? Bet you dont notice those!
: is elementalist lux worth it ?
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TokeYz (EUNE)
: no keys for over 8days playing
You get 12 key fragments per month, correct me if I'm wrong! And if you got all of them over this month then you have to wait till next month.
: Some champs aren't meant to be played in bronze... simply... DON'T PICK THEM!!!!
100 People followed Singed on Twitter. They all died. Get it?
0tx (EUW)
: cant find the right role/champ for me...
Admittedly, when I started the game I only played the attractive girl champions. Ashe, Sona, Kat, Akali. So the champions defined my main roles because I got comfortable at them, and learned the lanes. LAAAATER on I experimented with Yi, Voli, Fiddle, Irelia etc. But at the end of the day I still come back to Sona Kat Akali and Ashe. And not anymore for their appearance But because I enjoy their skill sets. And if you have fun at the champion you play you'll get good with him/her/it. :D
: How is your day now?
I fell asleep on the phone with my girlfriend last night who is overseas, so when I woke up I did so to her sweet 'good morning' so my mood is quite lovely. Then I casually proceeded to skip all 4 University classes I had today. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Master Scar (EUNE)
: looking for a friend ;-;
: I wish Janna lived up to her Zaun story
League said they had that problem with many of their old characters. They couldn't portray them very well. Their best example of a good 'feel' to a character is Jinx. Her kit screams with her personality really well, especially her passive, and all the explosive stuff. Whereas they admitted that their Atrox was really bad, because he's supposed to be some demon god entity who's extremely strong lore-wise, but first time I saw him I thought he was a large insect.
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: Don't make the same mistake as i did.
I like to play when I'm super sleepy, either very early or super super late. But I pick a role like jungle or support so I can chill out more. There's something quite relaxing about it.
: about katas rework
The ult is a core AoE ability that's crucial for teamfights. Yes, she's an assassin, but everyone forgets the thing that makes her stand out the most. She's an **AoE Assassin**. Her rework also made her incredibly strong 1v1, and you can still jump into a teamfight like you would with the old Kat. So I'd say your problem was everyone's problem: just need time to get used to her.
Tiichu (EUW)
: How do you play against Ziggs at bot?
The previous comments told you to basically change characters and counterpick. But as a Janna/Soraka I'd say your options aren't very high aside from just trying to keep your ADC alive. Sometimes not dying counts just as much as getting kills too. Experiment with builds too, like rushing Aegis or something. While this isn't the most exciting of things to do, as a SoloQ support I wouldn't say its anything too drastic xD
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: What's the point of leashing? [ranting]
This is actually the first time I see anyone complaining about leashing. I'm proud to help out a teammate before the game even starts.
Aarturius (EUNE)
: sick and tierd
I agree that the report system should be refurnished but you can't expect them to be responsible for how people behave either. Just saying, hate the players doing that, not riot. Or be like me and thousands of other players and just say "eh, whatever :D on to the next game!"
: Does anyone else hate the plant system in the jungle?
I dunno, I think it gives the game more variety
: What is you're main?
Your* {{champion:55}}
Robin1Hood (EUNE)
I think until you see him in LCS he wont be considered unbalanced xD
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BornChaos (EUW)
: Low ELO still unbalanced
Dunno about you but I'm having fun climbing out. I got out of Bronze 2 in a week and still climbing. Maybe you should notice the better games more often :)
: how to get a S rank
S ranks are attained by playing better than the average of your champion. The factors are KDA, Wards, Turret Damage and Farm. So if you see some people get S ranks while you believe you deserve it more its because they just played better than the average of their champion, not better than you.
Nayula (EUW)
: hey ranked is fully shit right now :( (give your comment over what i say)
I was Gold Season 5 and High Silver Season 4 I got Bronze II this season and over just a few weeks had fun climbing out, I'm silver 4 now and keep going steadily. Yea matchmaking is flimsy but you gotta notice it when the enemy team has the same problems too, its not always just your side. With that in mind its not so bad. And ragers and flamers? Let them be, silly people :D
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: Riot Scam Me
Zahnseife (EUW)
: Prevent toxic chat messages
Certainly things like "noob" and "report" aren't filtered right now so people say them, but I see people dodging the filtered ones by going "you svck" for example, so I'm sure eventually people will find ways around individual filters too. (n00b rep0rt?) I believe everything has a solution but implementing it is the real problem. Hence we still have crimes on the streets and corruption in politics. People are doing something about it, like the current report system, but it doesn't mean it gets abolished completely.
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