Zockerede (EUW)
: Chat banned for this? xDDD LOL
That's the shortest chat-log I've seen so far on these boards, to its credit Be nice next time :D
: • Have a 1 hour intellectual conversation with: {{champion:350}} _We have so much in common._ --- •Be roommates with for 4 years in college: {{champion:350}} _Sorry Warwick, but I'm a straight furry..._ --- • Fight a boxing match with: {{champion:350}} _It would be a fair fight._ --- • Have you visit at night when you sleep through your window: {{champion:350}} _It is kinda common, so I wouldn't get a heart attack._ --- • Partner up to survive a zombie apocalypse: {{champion:350}} _Shield against bites, slow, heal, speedboost and root against hordes. One in all!_ --- • Play League of Legends DuoQ with: {{champion:350}} _Already did with my first cat, was awesome! But I hope this one won't turn off my PC._ --- • Travel to Japan with: {{champion:350}} _We are too lazy to do such._ --- • Go to Karaoke with: {{champion:350}} _The only song whose I know the lyrics of is Nyancat._ --- • And lastly, which champion would you stand in the streets with with large signposts saying "WE LOVE FRUITY PEBBLES" for 10 hours straight? {{champion:350}} _We are still too lazy to do anything like that._
I see you're a man of culture as well
Torniko (EUNE)
: you right. but when ur teammate starting flaming u, and u answering, and u got banned. is this right? :)
Sorry about if you got banned, and whether it's right or wrong, what you should see is, this is how it is. This is how the system currently works. The system doesn't care if its wrong or right. So you, knowing how the system works, should play by the system's rules. You seem like a nice guy though. It can happen to anyone.
Torniko (EUNE)
: Unjust chat restriction
Never flamed a soul in my life and avoid arguments like a plague I don't think chat restrictions or bans would come anyone's way if everyone was just chill :3
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: A message to Silver.
Thank god I just got out of silver recently so this doesn't apply to me Phew, man, I dodged a bullet there
: people defending riot 24/7 on forum
From what I see, we don't defend Riot as a company directly. When someone bashes Riot for getting trolls on their team, we just discredit them and say "No, it's not Riot who is putting trolls on your team, stop being salty." So it's not directly defending Riot in that sense, but disproving of people who blame Riot for almost everything.
: Can a Rioter please respond? Is this chat restriction justified?
I guess it just goes to show that even with soft flame such as your own you can get in trouble
osevń (EUW)
: Permabanned for commenting on trolls throwing the game
Now you know not to do it again, I suppose?
: A smurf rant
While it's definitely something to mention, I don't think you or anyone has as many smurfs in their games as we think. A smurf on the enemy team could be as bad as a few feeders on your team. It's always about the different cards you're dealt and how you handle it at the given moment.
: What should I report these for?
The first tick, griefing and giving up. Write a really accurate explanation of exactly what they did, never leave it blank. And that's all, don't let idiots bug you there's too many in this game :3 just do your own thing
iDawkins (EUW)
: 2 issues: Arcade Pass + Friend Request
: I beg to differ, for I've encountered this problem nine times in a row, just today. This is no longer a problem that occur rarely, but an actual pandemic in Gold and above.
I meant you wont encounter those specific persons that said that hence their words hold little to zero value. You probably got frustrated more at people's ill attitudes.
: "I don't care, this is my smurf account"
They don't care, it's their smurf account And you shouldn't care, you'll never see them again after the game Accept the cards dealt to you each game and make the best out of it Venting on the boards helps though maybe? xd
ellekene (EUNE)
: Does listening to music help you focus more?
Sometimes I play with rain sounds on and a muted game. I don't know about that helping map awareness since I cant hear pings, but it gives me a different sort of objective-oriented clarity. Not saying its optimal in any way and I dont do that in ranked, but its a relaxing way of playing league for me. Oh and that one time I listened to Attack on Titan music while playing and went hypercarry and enemy team asked if I was smurfing and I said no Im listening to attack on titan music and they said TURN IT OFF RIGHT NOW Ahhh good times
Play Cookie Clicker
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Selinger (EUNE)
: Star Wars Skins
A lot of them are soooo random like Lux Skywalker cause the name fits But I like a lot of them :D Especially Jabba Tahm could work
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: Why did i get banned....
Send a ticket to support. Be pushy about it. There was a case like yours and after a few weeks they finally reviewed his footage and he was unbanned from a perma.
: Post it in the offtopic or jokes section next time tho. This is kinda spam, when it comes to player behaviour.
In a hidden way I'm saying 'there's too many negative people on the boards blaming Riot'. So if I worded it like that, then it would directly belong in player behavior.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: What server you play on FF? An on odin
I'm on Omega. Enjoying Shadowbringers? :D
: i try man but they all die before i can clean them up idk what to do either if i want to quit the game or rush tft im tired of solo q i ve been playin since s1
Yeah but it looks like you're just stressing out too much. Whatever happens happens, it's how you deal with it that counts. That's why not paying attention to mistakes and focusing on taking down the nexus is what you gotta do. I know it sounds like generic advice, and I wish I could word it differently, but I think that's all there is to it.
: like i beg help me i will go nuts if i dont get some advice please guys for the sake of my sanity
From what I see from your post the only advice, no matter if its a paragraph long explanation or 1 sentence is: focus on yourself and not on others.
: Show more Respect for Support role
Don't look at honors, they come and go. Just keep playing the way you do. There's a bias towards honors in any game that has that mechanic. I play FF14, we have a "honor system" there and only the tanks and healers get honored, DPS barely get any
Mada (EUW)
: Je déteste votre fromage
I laughed outloud
: finally 14day ban for being mad about my inting troll team
Just in case, you can be mad as much as you want. Just dont type it.
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Zephory (EUW)
: Seriously RIOT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Riot should write a post like this: Seriously ZEPHORY???????????????????? wtf is this, where is the logic??????? I have to read your post? when we've been working for years, this proves that, our players never want's to enjoy this game!!!! what next? TROLL post? FLAME post? or UNFAIR post? Zephory have ruined this game like seriously......... TY ZEPHORY........Keep going
: 6 afk's in a row
When you've chilled out, like tomorrow or something, just read what you wrote again I think you'll find it pretty funny
: Are there big differences in skill at bronze and silver?
Naw, Bronze 1 and Silver 4 are very similar. Bronze 1 and Silver 1 you'd feel the difference though.
: Ranked anxiety?
Nooo, better jungler wins is just an insult people use for a jungler that ganks less than the enemy jungler. Completely ignore that One thing that has been proven no matter what the facts are is that if you improve, your rank will improve. You gotta think of the game as a whole, not on a match-by-match basis. You only need 51%+ to climb. Losses will happen inevitably and you shouldn't even see them as losses. Keep being at peak performance.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: I dived into it the second day it came out and played around 10 matches that day. I got around third place every game and was super confused and frustrated about it. "This game has too much RNG! Why does everyone has a bunch of lvl3s while I never go over lvl2?!" And I felt like it's just a huge unbalanced mess. Next day I decided to watch some Pros play (I watched Disguised Toast) and for the first time I understood some strategies and playstyles behind the game and shortly after got my first few first places. It's a fun game if you invest some time and there's alot cool stuff to learn. And especially now, since there isn't everything explored yet you can come up with new stuff that might be the new OP meta from tomorrow quite easily.
I think the OP is asking about its exclusive rewards too, does it have any?
: Any 1 wanna just have fun?
Can we please play Mundo Malphite double crit/lifesteal ADC botlane? Whoever gets the most farm between us wins. And no buying wards. I think that would be fun. I'm kidding I'm sorry
: Can you go more Off-meta than this?
He had the right idea since Udyr is great at counter jungling but ya gotta be smart and adaptable with that. It seems he wasnt. Congrats on the win anyways!
: need answer about jungle item
You should always enchant it! And I'm not sure about the xp thing, he could have just counter-jungled you pretty hard. But a full jungle item is as good as any. Sometimes people complete it second to reach their powerspikes sooner.
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Vertinhol (EUW)
: Gold IV or Iron IV ?
You had a few bad games and are looking for something to put the blame on It happens
Mijoo (EUW)
: The K/DA Popstars Club is recruiting 5 new members!
Hello! I got Prestige Kaisa, Prestige Akali, Prestige Ahri and grinding Prestige Evelynn during this event. Never flamed a soul in my life ^^ Please add me <3
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Is that... Akon? Man dude, haven't seen one around for a while:)
Nooo, the original is Havana oo na na by Camilla Pabello :3
: we have been getting 8+8 for an aram and you are only supposed to get 8 right ?
Yeah per win you're only supposed to get 8. Well commendable of you to announce it! Enjoy double points :D
SBB Buda (EUW)
: Kaisa bug
Yes, but after a few clicks it went back to attacking for me.
: cure my depression with Qiyana puns
Qiyana oo na na. Half of my heart is in Runeterra na na na She took me back to the Soraka banana Half of my heart is for Qiyana, my heart is for Qiyana, Qiyana oo na na.
: Do you like moving?
Ching Ling, Bow Wow Mow Sow Gow? And also Kapow
: are the pass tokens bugged?
How much have you been getting? And are you sure what you're seeing isn't you just completing quests?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: then you and your friend should play single player games so they wont mess with others who are playing for fun and relax... i dont want to hear/see your tantrums because you cant hit a skillshot, i just want to play
Oh sorry, "why we play games isn't for fun" was directed towards everyone, not me and him. It was from a book on game design that the greater the challenge the greater the addiction. I've never flamed a single person in my life :3
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: Make the game a tycoon p2w mobile only? I don't know about these posts it just feels like people are playing League because it's popular and they just don't enjoy pvp competitive games and are feeling forced to play it for no reason. I mean if you don't like RTS games you won't play starcraft but it seems like people that don't like mobas feel forced to play league and most of the time i just feel they play the game because it's popular just like the people that find TFT boring and yet keep playing it masochists or people that just lack any sense of autonomy for their own experiences
You're sort of right about the masochism part. My friend is into game development and game theory and the analysis breakdown of why we play games isn't exactly for fun. It's for the feeling of achievement and overcoming something difficult, which in the end makes us feel good after the struggle. With League it's a never ending struggle without any real completion so it's extra frustrating I suppose.
: how to survive season 9
I don't oppose this post in the slightest, but that's the nature of competitive 5v5. What would you propose Riot do to fix it?
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