: is this just the new system or it has been always this way? because earlier this season i got demoted from bronze 1 0 lp to bronze 2 with one loss
Nono, 1-2 games is enough to demote you from Bronze 1 to Bronze 2. But it takes like 10 losses in a row or more to get demoted from Bronze 4 to Iron 1, or Silver 4 to Bronze 1. Get it?
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: On which role you want fiddle to be the most after he gets reworked?
What's the rework gonna be like? I thought Kayle and Morgana are receiving one next
: losing in ranked but not getting demoted
You must have dodged, hence -10lp. Getting demoted takes a few games. If you're at the lowest tier (like Gold 4 or Plat 4) then it'll take many games to get demoted and you will find an exclamation mark in your profile page next to your rank
: I got 14 Days ban because of the game's system misunderstanding
Sorry that it happened to you, wait out the ban and be careful next time :) just dont talk to flamers at all it never does anything
Grga20 (EUNE)
: League could use items like "only buyable at level 18"
Stat Stick of Stoicism should be the item available at level 18
: Best way to ruin someones game without getting detected trolling
I typically never ever talk to flamers, but that one time I decided to because some guy had a problem with my build. And all I said after 20 minutes of avoiding him was ":)" Oooooooh my god he went bananas. He switched to full caps mode and yelled in all chat and flashed in the fountain and god that was a sight to see.
Lari (EUNE)
: Did you know?
I didn't know, thanks for sharing :)
7341 (EUW)
: When does season 9 Start?
It starts on the 23rd after Patch 9.2 comes through, and also the Ranked armor and LP splashing will only be tested on NA and Korea servers, so we'll have to wait for that
: For all of those claiming that they got unfair banned....
I've seen a few unfair bans posts here. They couldn't give proof because... if you don't do anything wrong, you don't do anything wrong. Their chat logs were clean, some of them had bad games and were reporting for inting, and others had disconnections. But 98% I've seen all seem justified here after they show you the chatlogs.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Odyssey Zenith. You got it for completing the Odyssey Event on Onslaught with 2 or fewer augments.
Okay, thanks for letting me know :) when I click on the icons and filter by Ultimate there are none.
Markosal99 (EUNE)
: I got banned because of a joke
Try a knock knock joke next time
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Silent Note (EUNE)
: There is already an Ultimate level summoner icon though...
: give supports credit
I can remember many times when an outperforming support was carrying us, like a god-like hooks Thresh, or even a Janna that just wouldn't let her teammates die. Support is my secondary and there's been lots of times when I got 4 honors as a support. I also don't just support the team through gameplay, I support their morality. I break fights, I calm down tilters, I shotcall when no one does It honestly feels like support is a very balanced 20% of the team where if you're performing well you're just as important as any other laner.
ζζζ (EUW)
: nice hitbox riotarded games
He grabs you by the pinky toe
: Plat V smurfing looking for lulu main to funnel with yi.
Plat 5 doesn't exist anymore though {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
zebzero (EUW)
: My ooooooooooooooooold jngl
Sek'Sai {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Essnce emporium. I bought 100000k worth of mystery wards. It'll come back in summer sometime probably, as it's biannually.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which skin line is your favourite and why? ^^
Bloodmoon skins cause i was into dark assassiny and asian themed things since a young age, they are perfect :3 Also sounds really cool. That's like a Guild i'd have in one of my old mmorpg games (my guild's name was Crimson Moon so)
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Thank your Riot
Omg wait, you're right. That guy could steal other people's powers o_o Man I saw that show like 10-12 years ago
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Does anyone use seperate runepages?
I have like... 12 or so Rune Pages. 1 for each champion. I named them something cool Destroyer - Yi Sinisteel - Kat Sentinel - Sona Charm - Ahri Warmonger - Hecarim Stormbringer - ADC Ionia - Irelia Sorcerer - Lux Enforcer - Tanks And some others. It adds to my experience, as if you locked in a champion and are giving them some enchantment before sending them out to battle.
Peenoise (EUW)
: Kai'sa & Marksmen AD @ Lvl-18
I picked up Kai'Sa since her KDA skins came out and I gotta agree with you that she feels weak. She feels powerful in many aspects, but when it comes to dealing raw damage almost every ADC will beat her in equal terms. The only advantage I see is her ult which allows for assassinations, and her evolved E which allows for escapes and stuff. She feels very assassiny. It's like Ashe's mobility is super low in exchange for high range and utility. They must have kept her weak to keep her as a situational choice rather than a primary pick. I haven't played her pre-nerfs so I don't know. Alas she's still super fun so I won't stop playing her :D
xK0R3 (EUW)
: Is there a MAX to Blue Essence?
I don't know if there is one, but I strongly think there shouldn't be one. Now they made the level cap limitless, BE should be as wel
: why do I feel like crap?
Could it be the lanes and champions you're playing? When I play ADC I can't take a break from last hitting and trying not to die. But if I play a tanky jungle or support I'm chilling for most of early-mid game
: Looking for criticism of my gameplay
Head over to SonaMains reddit, they give awesome advice there Make sure you lane bully the crap out of your enemy. Don't let them breathe in lane. Press Q whenever you're in range to hit them. (No need to auto every time) Do not use W until necessary, it drains your mana too much. I would buy a Tear and that solves your mana problems for the rest of the game. There's this challenger support main and he shows some Sona games in gold and plat, as well as with Soraka and Janna and shows how these 'passive supports' are actually meant to be played as the most aggressive champs ever. (I'm sorry I didn't look into your profile, so apologies if you're already building this but) make sure you build Athenes. It's heal is too powerful. Ardens is good but not a must-have (depending on your team obviously) Athenes is pretty much a must-have. And that's it. As Sona you have to maximize your game presence. Always be doing something. Warding, clearing wards, harassing, healing, saving the team, engaging. Just pretend you're super high on 15 cups of coffee and you can't sit still! That pro-activeness will shine and will boost winrates easily
: Today im perma baned again, more than 100 accounts and counting
: ranked down?
Yeah, the maintenance just started 40 minutes ago. :)
: How not to get frustrated?
Forget the idea of winning games. Focus instead on playing better. Think of League of Legends as a whole. It's not 1 game, it's hundreds of games. And if you consistently play well despite the trolls and feeders in your team, your winrate will be above 50% and you'll be climbing.
Montri (EUNE)
: League of disappointment
I shall smile! Thank you :) So it used to bother me when people flamed me for playing bad. Obviously, because I played bad when I just got into the game. But the more games I played the more I saw that you will never see these people again, so what they tell you in these 30 minutes is close to irrelevant. I like to be the one to initiate chats about coffee, cats, anime, memes, lcs, anything fun like that. Sometimes people respond and its all good. It's almost as if I built an auto-negativity filter where I just ignore any verbal aggression. Well, now I can safely say I enjoy the game more. And I am a firm believer that it is 100% the player's choice to be a jerk, and 100% the other player's choice to respond. I choose to be the player who does not respond.
K1ngPi3 (EUW)
: unrecoverable account
48 hours is their usual response time
: It’s a joke?
Holy bloody jesus crap of death o_o you can use emojis in the boards?! What sorcery is this
: Played 17+ ranked matches each day for the past 3 days and this is why
I was the same. I hit Gold in Season 5 maining Kat, but then they reworked her and I was stuck in silver for 2 years while also being in University. So I graduated last year, and finally had some free time. I was still not climbing, Silver 2 was just inescapable. Before I knew it, it was November. I had 12 days to hit Gold all the way from Silver 3. University was a waste of time, but if it taught me one thing, its to pass the most important exams of your life with just a few days of study. So what did I do? I studied. I studied the crap out of the jungle. In these 12 days that I had, I did not play League for over a week because I was studying the game, and drilling information into my head. Something like 8 hours a day of informative streams, guides, explanations, etc. In 3 days, I climbed to Gold with an 80% winrate. My damage to champions was one of the worst. My damage to objectives was 50-70k while everyone else's was 1k. That's just the method I found that works best for myself. Ignore your team, take every dragon, die for the towers, solo baron at 21 minutes and end the game as if your team doesn't exist. These habits slowly died away but I'm still doing way better in the jungle than I ever was. I'll end up trying this again. I don't know what you play or how you play, but doing the same thing over and over again will make you stay in the same spot. You can play 100,000+ games, if you play the same, you will not climb. You have to change something. I don't know what it is, but if you're not climbing then that's your current skill cap, and spamming games isn't the way to go about it. Sorry for the lengthy post. Personally, other people's stories inspire me more than just instructions on what to do. I hope you can find that one thing that will help you climb!
niénn (EUW)
: What to do with the blue essence when you have all the champs?
I've seen some people rack up half a million blue essence. Just forget you have it, and as they said, when essence emporium comes, reap all the benefits
: Never felt so much aNgER
The Lux must be relieved
: test
Share your secrets D:
: Pyke or Kayne?
Teemo for sure
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: That is only 1 server in Sİngapure :D We need developers to annonce that, translation on Reddit is not something releable. Feel sorry now for people who abused bug in Sİngapore SEE IT İS DOABLE BUT THEY ARE NOT DOING IT
Ooo really? Damn my bad then.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: THey fix the bug, but let people have all the content from bug :D People who abuse the bug get 100 capsules without consequences :D NExt time when you see bug abuse it :) THat is what they teach us People who are paying to this company should really feel dumbo :D https://twitter.com/kyachmkae/status/1083528907121414145?s=20 İt is like amount that most of us wil never gonna have.
"On the morning of January 11, 2019, while adding items to the store for patch 9.1, there was an incident that caused the Blood Moon Capsules to be sold for 1 BE, while the actual value of this item is 140 RP. The price was up for about 20 minutes, during which, some players bought the Blood Moon Capsules with BE. To ensure fairness, the technician team reverted all the purchased capsules, along with permanent skins, skin shards, gemstones, and related BE. In the future, some measures will be implemented to prevent similar incidents from happening. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/aftmb1/1_be_capsules_were_reverted_on_garena/ --- I'm only quoting that reddit post
Lariatas (EUNE)
: 1 BE ABUSERS won't get punished ?
I think I heard they fixed it?
lazarilic69 (EUNE)
: Silver border but im gold
Visual bug says Riot, I got it too Nothing happened to your rank :3
: Everyone crying about the BE "scandal" and can't even wait a few days.... It has been fixed btw
I think if people weren't whining so much they wouldn't have done it. They reverted Graves cigar as well cause it was going on for months
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: How you shodu react to camping
Or use the Little Camper emote
JesRect (EUW)
: Can you guys please just give me a permanent chat restriction?
: What I hate most about playing in low ELO as a support
Look at a few BunnyFuFuu supporting videos in Bronze/Iron, the contrast for why low elo supporting is a nightmare is incredible!
SoRePa (EUW)
: How about a League of Legends "movie"
To get back to this thread, in my opinion if League ever were to make a movie they should partner up with Square Enix! Have you ever seen any of the Final Fantasy movies? They're amaaazzing. Kingsglaive is one of my favorites movies of all and the way it blends into the FF15 universe is seamless. Hence I don't see why Riot couldn't make a movie IN runeterra with completely brand new characters, with the actual champions only making a few cameos here and there.
The Seva (EUW)
: 'nazi' censor ?
Give it a few hundred years and it wont be censored anymore cause no one will care. No one will care if I call them Mongolian Conquerors and praise Chingis Khan I think xd
Vertinhol (EUW)
: Interface
I made a post about this ages ago, it got no attention. I hope yours goes up!
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: Rank will be soft reset and you will have placement games when season 9 start in 23 january Honors are rested when season 9 start to honor level 2 with 1-3 checkpoints for honors above 2, honors under 2 they stay as they are.
: how am i not even chat restricted
If you soft-flamed and trolled a little or whatever, so long as you have a long clean history and plenty of honors it will be lenient towards you. Try not to test the limit too much though :D
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Perfect example how bad is autoban system that riot use...
At the very least, thank you for informing people that using these words doesn't have exceptions Unfortunate that it happened to you
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