: I always have the least damage taken of everyone
This is low-key you bragging isn't it xD
: I cant stop being toxic...
Don't ask them why. You know the answer why. They're Gold, not Challenger. They make mistakes. You'll never hear this "Ahri why did you go in and die? You knew he had ult" "Oh sorry Baangdingow, I got trigger happy and thought I could kill him. My bad. I wont do it again." They already feel bad enough when they make misplays (misplays happen 3029482094+ times so you might as well just stop looking at them) so they wont be talking normally with you and will take anything you say as hostile. And lastly, you can stop being toxic. You just can, period. Andddd, good job on writing about here too, most people wouldnt admit it :D Andddddd, may you get chiller soon!
Poo Poo C (EUNE)
: Long Story Written Short
What?! This game has tutorials?! jk jk
: Care to share some examples ?
I wish I saw your comment while I was in game, I had a Lux game with the default skin and her hair was completely cut off, all you could see was the face, a large forehead and a creepy smile. Without the blond hair the smile looks creepy imo xD Kai'sa Prestige Edition as well, super close to the face. The vignette itself is cool, I like it, but to compensate for the edges being black they should have zoomed the pictures out a little bit more
: How do i deal with this
Raphtalia best girl <3 Take a break, its a losing streak. Breaks help reset them
: Anyone know the usual response timer for support ticket?
: I'm finally gold trash.
: What's best to eat while drinking tea?
Wait wait wait wait I'm a tea enthusiast since 12 years old and I'm an adult now. The real question that comes first is, what tea? Depending on if you're having Earl Gray, or English Breakfast, or just plain Lipton, or Chamomile, or Berry Tea, or Japanese Matcha, or Gyokuro, or Da Hong Pao, or Tie Guan Yin, or Pu Erh, or Silver Needle, or Oriental Beauty, or you get my point Generally for green teas I highly recommend people drink them stand-alone. For black teas, the very best is to have a sort of English Tea Party table set up with loads of other snacks, so when you have your first sip of tea you reach out into what appeals to you most. (As you said, no wrong answers because its all about how you feel!) Personally, I want to even the sweetness of my tea and my snack so I'll have a light cake or muffin with my black teas. Thanks for this question :D you made my morning
: how is accounts that are reported for inappropriate name dealt with?
There was a guy on the enemy team with a reaaaaaaaaally bad name. Like the kay why ess written in big caps and some other horrible stuff. And I just tell him "Rammus, you better change that, that might get you in trouble D: " and he said "LOL I know how this works, they just give you a free name change" Didn't feel that great
: Yep, send a ticket, request a human and you'll answer some questions. My account was created in 2012, autumn... jesus, 7 years.
: Can I find out when my account was created?
If this gets answered I'd like to know too
You see most League voice actors are VOICE ACTORS. Did you know Amumu, Annie and Nunu are voiced by the same person? They will never sound like their video game characters in real life because when its time to read voice lines they expertly change their voice to suit the required character TFBlade sounds like TFBlade with his accent. It's hard to imagine he'd restructure his voice to suit a character. They would have to restructure a character to suit his voice.
Teahyun (EUW)
: Yes i totally agree. But tbh its too weak. You should actually check people for high ping too. everything beyond 30 ping? PERMA BAN. You know what, not only perma ban but also make them pay a fine. i think 30 000 € per high ping/dc game is good starting point.
And if they cant pay the fine, years and years in Riot Prisons! "What did you get imprisoned for?" "31 Ping" *Whole prison gasps*
Blejd49 (EUNE)
: Low elo Junglers
Master Yi and Udyr. In bronze, start from one end, clear the entire jungle in a straight line, go back, then go back to the first monster you killed and clear the entire jungle again. Rinse and repeat. You'll by default be stronger cause most people dont use this rotation and are bad at farming. Focus on dying as less as possible and concentrate on the jungle camp rotation until mid game. If you're Yi or Udyr, or Xin/Jax whoever fights good, I guarantee no one will be able to 1v1 you.
: Game is too team based player skill dosent matter
The RNG is if you get highly skilled teammates vs less skilled teammates. So if you're a skilled teammate then you tip the scale in your favor
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you want to mute all, just do that. There's no need to announce it, because you're just right of the bat saying that you're not really going to cooperate. It's just going to ruin morale, and make people less likely to work with you.
Hm, you're probably right. Good adjustment, thank you.
: I just hate being lvl1 invaded. I really do. (just a jungler looking for some empathy)
As a fellow jungler, you have my empathy but always focus on loss mitigation Just leave your buff alone and go to the other side and keep playing normally
: What Unreal moments/mircales have happened to you?
FNC losing worlds... Was an anti-miracle I was so sad
MeHowWe (EUW)
: I'm friggin done
You're on a lose streak. I bet you had the same amount of winstreaks in your life that went unnoticed. Do take a break. Venting on the LoL Boards helps too, you could try that.
Croffins (EUW)
: My god this is sickening
The nature of League is 5v5 competitive. People focus too much on one single game, but the true way to take League is over hundreds of games. You only need 51%+ winrate to climb. So those people that cant stand losing even though its inevitable always throw random blames and insults at each other to cover up their own mistakes. The worst thing you can do is react to it :) just wish them a nice day and ignore them for the rest of the game. In the end they will stay where they are, and you will climb up. I think that's what matters.
ipv (EUW)
: Who on here still playing rank? lol
In all seriousness, I wouldn't play this game if it didn't have ranked. The only fun I personally get is the feeling of accomplishment which is portrayed directly through your rank. Many years ago I obviously started out in bronze, and slowly went up to high Gold and felt good about that. Then when I stopped taking the game seriously I went back down to low silver, and when I decided to give it my best I started going back up to gold. It's quite awesome to see that your efforts are turning into something. I wouldn't discredit normals though, they're cool too! Just not fulfilling enough for me.
Olïnde (EUW)
: Sona's cost raise
http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=257823 This is a 2010 post that says her price is 3150IP I just did some digging and couldn't find anything. I wouldn't dismiss any chances outright, but maybe your friend might maybe could be sort of kind of maybe could be right? ^^"
King Lego (EUNE)
: The toxic "kills! kills! kills!" mindset
Don't take it personally. It's his mental problems not yours Take all the kills you want! Free for all buffet.
: How to deal with horrendously bad teammates?
You become immune to people's comments Become immune to their decision making, take it as a core aspect of the game that you cant change And so long as you play your best and never give up, you'll have a 51%+ winrate and you climb The rest will stay where they are Think of the game as a whole, not just a single match. Your personal skill matters way more.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kurotsu,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FFKx0gQF,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-11-05T14:27:24.291+0000) > > Damn. I was following your posts as you were posting them, and I'm really sorry to hear it didn't work out. As suggested in the comments, I would try to submit a ticket again. It all worked out in the end, they eventually reverted the ban and cleared the punishment against my account. The second person that reviewed the game confirmed that there was a lot of roaming and lane swapping happening in the game - and how that might irritate other players if it is not something each person is happy with, but that there was no signs of intentional feeding.
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: https://tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.G3iEZiAh0tvxWT4sxWMyUQHaFj&pid=Api
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: I Need Some Help/Advice
In bronze/low silver you gotta play for yourself. You have to get fed. You have to carry them. They will stay bronze/silver while you will be climbing. Take all the kills, tax lanes when you can, have a clean jungle rotation and be the decision maker.
Malvarra (EUNE)
: Not enough Noxians
: I play better with certain skins
You having more fun = you playing better, naturally. Not necessarily that your mechanics improve per se, and maybe you even play exactly the same to a third party person, but you just 'feel' better and that's always good.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Morgana Icon still old one
Kept telling them >:( I hope your post breaks through
Patchys (EUW)
: rework bring back old katarina
They reworked her for 2 reasons. 1. She was incredibly weak in lane, since 3 of her abilities were AoE. Which means 2. She was incredibly strong in team fights, cleaning up everything with random button mashing and no skill or planning So now her laning phase is strong, with ignite and a proper combo you can roughly 80-0 someone at level 3. And her team fighting isn't weaker, but it's not as mindless as it was before. .. .. .... ~~Please rework her, I want the old Kat back~~ So that's why they'll not rework her.
Pοro Ward (EUNE)
: About that "Meow, meow" all chat thing you did
But in all honesty, what do you say to the enemy team if not random banter? (Not talking about you specifically of course) Most all chat conversations are as useful as going meow meow and bark bark xd
: Need 40RP! Can someone help?
I've seen League art being done in Paint in like 20 seconds worth of drawing and they still got free RP, so just make absolutely anything!
: Is this really worth a 10-game-chat-restriction ?
No way! The great Linda de Mol got restricted :O
brutąl (EUNE)
: i miss the old rank embles
Emblems and ranked borders as well. I made a post suggesting improvements to the loading screen cards a few days ago, there's a lot of adjustments that can be done
: Wards are WAY overpriced.
Yeah, it should at least be 639 >:(
Rei1 (EUW)
: LF ppl to lose vs AI ( EUW )
Gotta get that 2BE right
: Im unhappy with the new missions. (RANT)
I absolutely love the new missions and love the light-hearted joking attitude. It fits the April Fools theme and just makes me want to laugh along with them The only thing I miss is the Nexus Blitz mode. Would have loved to have done 1000 ms Nunu in Nexus Blitz as opposed to SR
: Am I the only one who's scared to write anything in the chat?
Any complaints about being banned with their chat logs posted were never mild to me. I've been on the boards for 3-4 years now I may have seen a few unjustified bans cause of 'intentional feeding' where the guy just had a bad game But all the bans for toxicity were always justified
Lari (EUNE)
: Give us 1 free dodge in promo games
That's why you play 3 games and win 2 out of them. And if you lose you get a free win. The system still lets you go through with a bit of effort in case of any more Lethal Tempo Nautiluses.
: Riot should add a feature where you can only play x number of games per day then account locks
Aargus (EUNE)
: why people cant learn how to spell? its honor not honour
_Lean_ to spell yourself Also correction: **it's** not its
: did this also happen when you had an afk midlane and trolling jungler?
Doesn't matter, as a matter of principle you should never surrender. The amount of LP I saved because of this definitely helped me climb
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Honors
Yes please
Murdarici (EUNE)
: You are right - honor use to always catch my eyes, was nice to see 3-4 or 5 players having honors, now seems like a small bug in there, is very tiny barely catch someone eyes on the back of the card and so small dimension. - also mastery level was nice in old loading screen and when you ahd 3-4 all 5 mastery level 7 seems nice, sure mastery level have nothing to do with skills on champion but was a nice thing, now its place on back of card in middle of it it seem like just slap her with no design in mind. - borders use to be also impactful now are so thin that the brain just ignore them don't catch your eyes give no feelings, also I don't get why if i chose to show my level instead of armour the border also disappear, make no sense that I can't show both - the thing you need to click on every card is also time consuming instead of just having a flip all button, lucky some players take so long to load the game and its time, but if game wont load fast as it should be it's no time to click all then click back, and when chat will also be added it will be even less time to chat + flip 10 cards - when chat will be added all cards will be even smallest so honors, borders they will be even more tiny Overwall it's weird how now you have 2 sides instead of one and things look more crowded and just slapped together with no design in mind then before and nothing catch our eyes when in past where so nice placed that look to fit together and catch our eyes better, honor, borders, mastery level, summoner icon, all on one side and still feel less crowded then now.
Yes! I forgot to mention the Champion Mastery being at the back as well. It should definitely be together with the champion, not with the summoner icon.
: Perhaps buying a pink ward at least once every 100 games, might prevent losing to early game kayle with flash ghost Darius. Big LOL. No but legit, you're probably the first plat player who never even bothers to buy a pink / match. Quite fascinating. It's surely the season's / game's fault that you fail at laning and probably die to ganks every 3 minutes or less.
That's the most aggressive post I've ever seen you make xd it's like you're nice to lower elos (the children) and then punch the adults in the face
: I love these Ranked games!!
The amount of times we won with our Nexus being open from 20 minutes can't be counted on my fingers. Season 9 is the season for comebacks because of the gold bounty changes.
: RE:ZERO season 2 HYPE!!!!
No freaking way!!!!!!1 And awesome that I found out through League boards Thank you :DD
Voldymort (EUNE)
: except you can also prepick something else and then ban him your prepick doesn't get locked in as soon as you select **1** champion
You can't. Think about it. You get 15 seconds to pre-pick a champ. All the champs you see in front of you are for pre-picking. Then you get 30 seconds to ban. All the champs you see in front of you are for banning. You can't go back to pre-picking until AFTER you set your ban in.
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