3oMaRa2001 (EUNE)
: New BE balance
you got scammed, riot only refunds u about 30%
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: My ban - 10 games chat restriction
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Korimaxes (EUNE)
: EXTREMELY undeserved permaban, I demand moderator's action IMMEDIATELY
> Your argument is tantamount to "Okay yeah, I robbed a bank two weeks ago - but I only robbed a fruit store recently - why punish me for the bank robbery?". That's now how punishments work, nor has it ever been framed in such a way that your previous offences were forgotten about. Maybe after so many years, the bank could stop advertising there is free money and start investing in security so it doesn't get robbed anymore by the robin hood who gives it to the poor, especially after he got stabbed by the investors of the bank, one day there might be justice in league, but i can imagen this day is far into the future.
Kyle007 (EUW)
: can't log in
will do this as soon as i'm out of the game
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Demonicc (EUW)
: looking for dedicated players who are willing to dedicate time for the team (plat elo)
Hey, I'm looking for a team that knows how and when to take objectives. A team preferable with skype/discord/teamspeak for easy communication. I speak fluently english, french, dutch and understand the nordic languages slightly I'm 24 years old, no flamer, i know my mechanics, game mechanics. Any other questions can always be asked in game. I can either mid or support. Friendly regards Kyle007
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Vinnie VN (EUW)
: Riot banned me till year 2100 for no reason?
Hope you're under the age of 10 and lead a long and healthy life, u might make it till then =D
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