: A game just...vanished.
I have the same!!! Since 14 june, wtf is this???
sexybeasts (EUNE)
: FPS on the new client
Yes, it's terrible.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, then it's clear. You wont get any loot, IP or EXP from that match. Any other matches are not affected.
Ahh thank you! I am glad to hear that. I have alot of problems with the new client. My laptop has an i7 processor and a good nvidia graphic card and i still got lag spikes and bugsplats... idk why this is happening
Rismosch (EUW)
: The information you gave is pretty unclear. Where did you got that message?
In the chat from the end screen.
Rismosch (EUW)
: As far as I am concerned, leaving the game for whatever reason will not affect the loot you will recieve. Either you are lying and you have been punished for something else or I am misinformed.
My friend just said it means I can't earn loot for that game, because I was not connected. Or do you think it is for further games too?
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Me 2 man, and it starts to get worse after every single update.... My laptop has an i7 processor, nvidia geforce 960M and is like 1,5 years old. Other games work just fine. I don't get why Riot doesn't do something about this.
: FPS drop
I have this too, it happened when I started using the beta client. People said I should use the old client and the problem would be solved, but no it did not. The most irritating part is when it happens in teamfights, mine drops then to 18 or something for 2 sec. Then I am already dead.... It really annoys me, it also happens when I place a ward or when someone dies and the text shows up in the screen. I have a lenovo laptop i7 and GTX 960M too and my laptop is like 1,5 years old....
GLurch (EUW)
: I don't know how this affects the rewards given out by Riot, because Riot announces the rules you have to obey to get those just before they are given out, but here is how it works for the Season Rewards: - You won't receive them if you have a Chat Restriction active - You won't receive them if you had a 7 days or more ban within 3 months of the seasons end, however, if your ban was fraud related, you'll still receive them - You won't receive them if you have been banned for boosting Keep in mind Riot may change these rules for the next rewards, but I doubt they will. If they do, you'll defenitely hear it. So basically, the loot restriction only applies to hextech loot and not to any other loot AT THE MOMENT (as I mentioned previously, Riot can change that any time).
Okay, thank you so much for your help! :) I really appreciate it.
GLurch (EUW)
: Yes, you first receive a 10 games chat restriction, then a 25 games chat restriction, a 14 day ban and after the 14 day ban a permanent ban. However, in cases of extreme toxicity (homophobia, racism, xenophobia,...) some of these steps might be skipped and it is even possible to receive an instant permanent ban, however, these cases are very rare. After your 10 games chat restriction, you will still not be able to earn loot for a while. I can't tell you for how long, all I know and all Riot says is, you'll receive it again, when the system thinks of you as reformed. For some it takes months, for others weeks, it completely depends on you.
Hm, okay. And how about the gifts that Riot sometimes give out. Like Riot Kayle. Am I able to still get those gifts when I improve my mindset, like when I get loot again I will receive that again aswell?
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Melloi (EUW)
: Black Screen in Champion Select.
Riot should fix their shet. It happens to me too. I am fed up with this game now.
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: League client using up an unusual amount of CPU causing it to run slow
: client slow
I have it too, everywhere. First it was so fast and now I come so late in champ select so I always have a role I don't want. My store is also extremely slow and my friend list too. Everything.
DayRed3 (EUW)
: Can't Connect to Euw servers
Same to me, I just played a custom game and it went fine. Finished and got throwed out of the chat service. So I relogged, but then I couldn't login anymore. GG
: Cant log in to the game
I just got throwed out of the chat service so I thought Im gonna relog but I can't login anymore lel.
: Launcher doesnt open
Okay now I can't login anymore -____-
: Random disconnects?
Yep me too, Ziggo is love Ziggo is life.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Do you have Ziggo ISP and random Disconnects?
Yep I have Ziggo and get dc in my games, while I never get dc's.
Krabby (EUW)
: Random Disconnects/ EUW down??
Hebben jullie ook een zwart scherm op de launcher pagina?
XIC Wolf (EUW)
: If you have Ziggo, please dont play LoL right now (especially ranked)
My launcher is a black page right now, is this normal? Do you guys have this too? Also get dc's in every game I am tired of it.
: The issue is still going on, Ive never ever had DC's in my life, last 4 games I just played ive dc'ed in all of them. The issue is not fixed.
Yes me too, I have it everytime now. So frustrating omg Ziggo!!!!
Dreadlust (EUW)
: I have the same problem :( I got it today though. I was downloading the new patch, and for some weird reason it completely stopped at 33 %, and were at that point for about 10 minutes. I then decided to try and close the launcher, and relauch it. Then the problem occured. Now, when I try to open it nothing happens after the loading icon. I also, have tried EVERYTHING. Help is needed.. :(
Hey, I got problems now too after the new patch update. When I start league the launch page is totally black, while there should be news there. Do you have this too? I played two games, a custom and a normal. Around 25 minutes I start to get a attempting to reconnect sign and this wont go away. When I want to restart it gives a black screen and I need like 15 minutes to get back in game. This is so frustrating.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: And i got the fucking King Tryndamere, honestly his worst skin. Even the Classic one looks better as his sword looks fake as hell and it has low resolution textures :C why Rito...
Omg i feel so sorry for you. ;(
Kljestic (EUNE)
: I expected a bazinga post. -.- Can't belive someone is acctually truly saying those words in the title.
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OMG Cryxis (EUNE)
: 4k resolution screen - broken HUD
I got EXACTLY the same issue!!! Omg, finally found someone with the same issue. I tried everything but nothing works, it's so fking frustrating. What pc/laptop do you have? I got a Lenovo y50-70.
Yodjimbo (EUW)
: 5.15 UI Bug on a 4k monitor
Well, mine is way worse. And no one knows how to fix this. Also have a 4K monitor. I run the game at 1920x1080 and tried all other resolutions and modes but nothing works. See screenshot. ;')
: big textures
Hey, you got a lenovo y50-70 right? I have it and mine text is also way too big. You also got the 4K screen? Do you have this aswell? (screenshot)
Falcari (EUW)
: Fonts are toooo big
Omg I have the same, but only even worse. I hope someone can help us. Look mine. ;')
vrapche (EUW)
: Low FPS on a brand new laptop. Should the game run smooth on this?
I have the same laptop! But how are your fonts in the game? Mine are so big it's like unplayable. Take a look at the screenshot. If you had it, how did you fix it? Hope to hear from you. ;)
Warjuning (EUNE)
: I got trolled hard by a Tahm Kench
I think all the Tahm Kench troll like that, I´ve seen this many times. I guess the only thing you can do is report the person for unskilled player?


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