VIT Laati (EUNE)
: His E is the strongest part of his kit imo. Yet it also offers a clear counterplay. Thus nothing wrong with it.
Well so if you are in the zone for 3 seconds, whats gonna be the Counterplay except having flash/qss ready? unless you play a champ with a blink e.g The main thing that is kinda disgusting for me is as i said the lockdown for 3 seconds, where the enemy team can just dive into you.
: If you think this Veigar E is annoying you should've seen prenerf Veigar. His E before was instant so you basically could get a free stun for placing the edge on someone.
tbh im playing since season 1, but the meta that time was kinda different there werent like 10 mio skillshots and gapclosers. In my opinion 3 seconds is kinda long of a punishment in the current state how fast league is played. Only my thinking tho
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