: So you want to defend yourself to solve what? This is not the scenario where someone punch you in the face and the game keep your hands tied. Here you play a video game where someone is annoying and you just put a wall between you and him by clicking on the mute button. This is how you defend yourself against flamers in video games.
Mute button only deals with flame and even then only AFTER the damage has been done. Unless, as I said, you /mute all every. single. game. There are two types of people, as I can see from the comments. The ones who really don't give a fk about ANYTHING others may say or do, kudos to them but I suspect a lot of them are pretending. And the ones who aren't willing to take this kind of shit. It perfectly applies to real life. If someone wrongfully insults you, you would just leave the room, I would talk back. Not necessarily on the same level especially if it's breaking rules, but I WILL make them regret their big mouth. Talking back to flamers does make them mad and does ruin their day. "It's destructive" you would say, why would I want to ruin another human being's day? Well because they deserve it you see. Everyone has their problems but they choose to take it out on strangers in a video game. "Who started" does matter ;)
: Riot policy is an absolute SJW joke
Thanks for the feedback and the advice everyone. I will consider my options. The "SJW" part of my rant was addressed at a "snowflakey" environment I feel in their behaviour policy. In many games they allow much more in chat (and at the same time bans are meaningful): insults are punished, but merely talking back with "soft flame" isn't, and it shouldn't be. Trashtalking is part of sports but here they really seem to dread some kid getting offended. Is it because of a low average age? Maybe. I feel like RITO wants to take every chance they have at blocking/taking away our free rewards but at the same time they don't want to actually permaban via IP to avoid losing their playerbase. They'd rather have flamers in the game as long as they keep playing. I would really love to see them go broke but we all know it ain't happening any time soon. I've played EA games, Blizzard games, WotC games but I've never despised a company as much as I do Riot. I wish some employee would read this. You disgust me.
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