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: To all summoners
THIS! I Totally agree! I've even started to send tickets when there are exceptional instances and you know what, you always get the same default corporate answer about: 1. They are sorry about it 2. Suggest you report them in game 3. Can't disclose any thing due to privacy clauses 4. Some cringe message about staying strong and turning the other cheek I have been chat restricted 2 times and i have to tell you the first time I had it coming. The second time though, i was flamed by my jungler who then proceeded to tell the entire team to report me. I then explained calmly that i did not lose us the game, that he did and exactly how he did it. I even (before he inted my mid laner) told him macro points and how to play the gank, he ignored died and fed my laner and my laner snowballed after that. I then tried to completely defend my self, no harsh words no nothing, just what any human would do when falsely accused of something (by 4 people at the same time), i defended myself with rational explanations. For this I was banned, tried to get it lifted and was told that i was too negative, total BS and a complete loss of respect for the ban system is what came out of it. So, i just wanted to say that this is definitely a thing needed, more transparency is needed in bans/reports!
Bezok (EUNE)
: Player intentionally losing game goes unpunished
Send a ticket with the prt scr to riot and explain, i did the same thing to a guy i had on my team he got banned for 14 days after that, i was looking at his for a few days clockwork after 14 days he started playing again coincidence? i think not, so send that as a ticket to riot, the IFS (Instant Feedback System) doesnt work more than for toxicity so id suggest u send in a ticket.
LArgiplex (EUW)
: How is this possible?
UPDATE: Apparently this guy has (since my unfortunate encounter with him) played another 5 games where he is inting and losing intentionally with no items. Think about that for a while people!
kriegnes (EUW)
: if riot were going to ban everyone who is toxic 90% of the players would be banned.....
> [{quoted}](name=kriegnes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=o5EAvnP0,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-02-19T13:38:25.241+0000) > > if riot were going to ban everyone who is toxic 90% of the players would be banned..... You clearly haven't read or looked at the stats, this is not about being toxic this is about inting in game (and doing it) and saying you are going to do so in champ select. A quick tip. If u want to comment and contribute to a discussion, read into it first.
: You can troll 500 games, get reported and you won't be punished. Trolling isn't punishable as Riot can't detect it and do anything to stop it. Only intentional feeding and harassing are punished.
Re-read and look at the stats please, this IS inting
Ellizia (EUNE)
: keep playing game make them money and stfu about it couse it wont be diffrent riot makes alot of cash from frustrated kids whit personality issues , too put it shord you kids broke the game now deal whit it
What an enlightening and contributing comment Ellizia. I guess you fall under the same category of people with this comment. Thank you for further proving the state of this community
: Is your company thinking of changing the prices per RP again? Since it's unfair
Inflation is a normal thing in everyday economics, when u compare the RP price in NA EU you are comparing two different markets. However since there is no import-export option for us to buy RP in US market when prices are low there and vice versa (as you could on markets in a real economy) that is the only reasonable argument you all are having on this topic, i mean inflation in one country (or in this case region) comes down to government and/or central back policy. So the "only" problem here is that the purchase of RP is not an "open market" to put it in economic terms. The lack of import-export option on RP is the problem.
: If you want a public execution I think that league of legends reddit is better to be honest since it's forbidden here. But you can try to ticket.
Thank you sherlock, as u can see i have deleted the names just because of this reason, thank you
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Zesmo (EUW)
: Big new wave of trolls in season 8 ?
I actually wrote a similar post (first time in forum also) due to so many trolls right now, seriously it seems like riot does nothing at all to these players, online riot inc?
: you sure its not just bronze elo? in silver up you hardly see people cry ks that tends to stick to bronze when i was bronze 3 start of season i had alot of that all you gotta do is carry your way out to silver and dont say you cant because of inters or feeders! thats bronze talk!
It is bronze, but really is that the point here? Does bronze elo give u a free card to troll int or feed? Is LoL a team game or a solo game (concidering u want me to carry alone) then why is there not a 1v5 option to play? I'm sorry but your argument is invalid my friend. And id really like to see u try and carry a game where the botlane gives first tower at 6mins and the entire team just imagines botlane doesn't exist so they free push for 2nd tier turret and then they can just roam around the map as they want, fed, with items, and a lot of vision. Or when the bot lane decides to run headfirst and feed the enemy adc all game, or when your toplaner decides to go afk at 15 mins, or when mid decides to follow jungler like a tail all game because the jungler KSed the midlaner while ganking. Really, if u think its easy to carry 4v5 u must be the 1% and i congratulate you. Great answer and comment, really, pat yourself on the back for that one. I think you missed the point of this entire post, namely, that there is (as the title says) an Abundance of trolls, afkers and inters. Not that they should be able to thrive in bronze elo as you so happily (as far as I can see) preach. Ty, and glhf in your 4v5 endeavours
: Hello all i just wanna add on this post i am currently rank gold elo and i have seen Previous season diamond + Platinum players in my team ranked normals as well that troll on purpose rage quite and also flame unstoppable so rude people and toxic i hardly see the chat /mute all but the inting and trolling its literally hard to miss that , and no matter how many people report them i go to and see the guy that just trolled my promo in anther game so yeah really feels good to know all your efforts were meaningless i dont report anyone no more whats the point really thank you for reading this .
Exactly what im trying to point out, there is a huge problem with people that troll. I mean in unranked games i dont care at all that is for trolling basically, but ranked (flex or not) dont play it if u wanna int afk or feed. Thank you for sharing
: IS that your OPGG or do you have another account ? Because from what I can see, you aren't doing that great yourself. Funny thing though, there is a magic formula to get out of bronze (also works with silver and some would say gold.) -> press "/fullmute all" then focus on farming, not dying and pushing (add to that picking a champion with easy mechanics, typically something else than syndra, if you like syndra try veigar or annie, that's the same playstyle but with easier mechanics, and by the way, don't play botlane.) Some few tips though, if ppl start trolling IN LOBBY, then just Qdodge, the game is 95% a loose. If you're loosing, then just forget fighting or trading (if ennemy kills > yours then just forget it you can't fight... yet) just play like a %%%%%, farm and keep your deaths low (well that's how I was thinking when I got from B2 to G3 in a weeks even though it was some time ago I still remember it clearly.)
On what else other than KDA and end game score do u base that on? I mean, it is pretty hard to carry or at least try and comeback once the whole team goes 1v5 to try and redeem themselves. And once the jungler or adc gets firstblooded and starts saying ff at 15 and trolling or going afk once the team is behind 3kills already at start once again its pretty hard to do anything. So i dont see how it is relevant to bring up the stats? I know when i'm to blame i am not a little kid who blames everything and everyone for a loss but when a game gets ruined by trolls afkers and inters 8 out of 10 games i just cant see a way to try and carry the game alone 1v5 really? The reason i pick syndra {{champion:134}} is because of her range of spells plus her potential to all in carries in the back line so (without scaling like veigar {{champion:45}} needs, or a build up and 100% hit rate like annie {{champion:1}} ) Thank you for your answer however.
: > [{quoted}](name=colonel cranc,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=q9npqlKg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-09T10:44:22.007+0000) > > having a bad game =/= inting and/or trolling It is very very different. I have been playing this game for 5 years now. This last 12 months I have noticed an increase of trolls and bad games. I am not sure to wjat htis is related to. When I mena trolls i really mean trolls. For example, omeof mygames last week I was laning bot. As my Supp micely if he could ward the bush as I suspected they were goinf to pull off some kind of cheese. He said no. Sat behind me spammed emote and laugh. Hence I tried doing that myself after typing ?. I nearly died doing so. And he goes "hehe". And continues spamming without helping me. After i took them ti substantial low helth i died ( my support behind still spanming emotes and the dancing animation) goes takes the kills and types "supp > than adc "( he wasn't doing anything prior to that).. Anw. I know I am a bad adc ( i just started playing that role i usually play mid top or supp), but that was obvious trolling. Now you may say "hey that's just one game". True but that is not the only game. There are many gsmes similar. In a game before. I had a janna who was trying to outpoke a soraka and a jinx. I asked her kindly and acvised her. J"anna dont waste your q and shield to try and poke them. Is it possible you can save it for me wheb i trade? You are losing more hp than they are and its not benefiting us". For some reason, she said. No. Spammed emote and dancing anime while runnin around me. Geting hit by jinx. Died geve them first blood. I asked her again kind. "Pleaee mate I need tour help on this. Can we try what I said?" And she goes "Msybe if you ask me anotehr 200 tiems i might consider it. " So, i did not discuss further as I did not want the game to become a chat game. Tried to play the best to my abilities. Janna was not shieldung me. She mentioned that her " myce button will not be working from now on" and spammed over my corpse whike i died 2 vs 1 since she refused to help. I just could not take it anymore. So i rage quited which was the wrong thing to do ai admit. But I could notvstand to play with her any more"
Thank you for sharing this, this is exactly what i have been experiencing lately as well, although not as adc but as mid. With players giving first blood and then going afk because the jungler "sucked" or becuase the jungler ganked and KSed. And then they somehow think that the entire team should be punnished for that rather than mute and report aftergame and help the rest of the team. I seriously am considering quiting league since it has gotten conciderably worse the past few days than ever before. I really hope riot does something this season to prevent trolls harder than before, because really, this game is just not fun anymore
: having a bad game =/= inting and/or trolling
> [{quoted}](name=colonel cranc,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=q9npqlKg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-09T10:44:22.007+0000) > > having a bad game =/= inting and/or trolling I am not surprised to get this comment from a community like LoL. Having a Leona and Karthus bot lane who said they will feed (in champ select and continued to say "we can feed more" in game) and also made matter of their statements, however, is inting. But thank you for your useful comment, and by that u also further proved the state of this community and the point i'm trying to make. Well Done.
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