: Hey dude. Sorry for your ban but i have an idea how you can get it back. I had the same problem this year because my computer was hacked. Luckily Riot finally replied after a month of emails to them and told me about being hacked I now have my account back after scanning and riding the virus implanted onto my computer. I highly recommend sending your computer away to be wiped of all its memory and see what happens then>
My Brother is a Computer Specialist and he cleaned/changed everything on my Computer after my Account was gone. New Windows even new Harddrives etc. Lets see for the Support I think its time to sleep and dream abit about the good times lol..
: Hey Xorki! Apperently the same happened to me 2 years ago. Riot closed my account permanently after being hacked 3 Times, they said that Account-Sharing is forbidden, wich I obviously didnt do. Good luck with the Ticket
Thanks man.. Sorry for your ban :(
Stell (EUNE)
: Has anyone logged in to your account lately, i guess the system might detect something if you keep logging from different places / countries in short timeline. And hey btw, you are handed permanent ban if there's an error when you purchase stuff on store. For example you buy with 20€ and you get the RP but later your bank declines the transaction you'll get banned until riot gets its money edit: since you seem to buy alot, maybe there was an error at some point and riot didn't get the cashmoney
Jep like 3 Weeks ago there was a Hacker on my Account and played around 70 Ranked games wich caused me to Drop to Platinum 2 and once i got It back from the Support I played up to Dia 4 again, that might be a reason for that ban the System might think acc sharing aha lets ban. I just hope its smth like that good answer mate that makes me feel like I got an Chance
Minstrel (EUNE)
: You seem quite reasonable. Wait it out, support will get to you eventually. That's the only thing you can do for now. If you have never been banned and got no e-mail, then it could be a false ban. I assume there is a small probability of those too.
Thats the thing, why Would there be a "problem" in the System that gives me a Permanent ban thats the thing there wont be a problem in the System. But yea, I'm just gonna wait maybe the Account got perma banned for bad behavior like flaming etc. on my Account ( Wich would be the "hacker" that played on my Account) all I can and will do is waiting and hopeing for a Support answer :) Have a Nice day!
: U did something wrong u cant get it back i feel sorry for u
Yea but what? Like I dont realy understand what Exactly causes me to get an Insantly Permanent ban, it must be something HUGE. Because I've never used any kind of hacks/scripts/exploits/buggs at all since I stream most of the time when I play it would be so obvious if I use anything Illegal. Meanwhile other guys that I reported for Scripting etc are still playing without any punishment. It makes me feel sick and I dont understand what Riot exactly wants from me (2 Years ago my old Account has been permanent banned for "Account-Sharing" while it got hacked serveral times and thats okay for me I dont mind about that old story anymore but its so much money I've just wasted in the last 2 Weeks)..
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