: Talking about Luck
aram is based on luck, not the game. Edit: if u r good kata u rekt them all.
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: Is it possible to animation cancel with attack move?
yes. but then you will be unable to finish the attack which means there is no damage dealt.
Ertela (EUNE)
: Stop being so toxic towards new players!
actually the word noob is simply just newbie which means new player. idk how it becomes an insult..
: Pets
black market dwaler in PBE. just wait for it...
: Bug Rammus taunt not functioning
xCillion (EUW)
: LF Cute Duo Q Partner (Guy Gold III atm, Support Main)
that multi language thing really fascinates me. by any chance chinese? jk :D
: Support und Mitte LFT Gold
post mal in deutsch forum...
Takeoff (EUW)
: I have more than 80 freinds and I was first online...
i have 138 and i'm first
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Pjetkie (EUNE)
: Bug with double TP in LCS EU
i've noticed that too
mitwix (EUW)
: Confused
what's CR?
Vanjonz (EUNE)
: Best picks for low ello?
: Superman vs. Nokia 3310
in a world where Nokia existed, there is no way to have a superman. question answered.
: Looking for a SUPPORT to climb with ;) Silver to possibly plat 5
: Are there any active chatrooms ? (euw)
chatroom. a concept haven't heard for a long time
emzjehh (EUW)
: Jungler for ranked 5's
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/FMbJ0Bis-jungler-looking-for-team thank me later
: Gold+ Team LF Analyst/Coach For Serious Play + EGL
srsly? people looking for that? i thought people won't let a stranger tell them how to play.
: Karma is a bitch.
: Please its last time was when i did it
you know, it's good you are changing. but you still need to pay the price, because it's for something you've already done. and you can't change that.
: Wondering if split pushing is actually a good strategy
since your name is main udyr. i say just do it. you used to see yi and jax split push and win.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Well the charm is considered a taunt (though it also disables basic attacks)
nope :D Charm The target will attempt to move toward the source for the duration. If the target does not have vision of the source, they will instead stand still. If the source dies, the effect ends. Champions with Charm: Ahri Taunt The target will attempt to attack the source of the taunt for the duration. If the target does not have vision of the source, they will simply stand in place. If the target cannot attack the source (such as Zhonyas Hourglass), the target will simply stand in place. If the source dies, the effect ends. Champions with Taunt: Shen, Rammus, Galio http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Types_of_Crowd_Control if charm is considered taunt, than polymorphs can be considered silence but can't attack.
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man you forgot to use CAPS i guess.
: Not recieved mystery champion and summoner icon
i guess they said it will come out next patch
: Fnatic SUCKS !!
next time you try to make yourself look funny, make it more obvious.
: Looking for a support
seXo Jon (EUW)
: So Kobe said we process audio signals much faster than visual ones...
: me and my friend want to join somebody add SHE HAD A DÎCK im gold 5 and he is silver 4 euw.
ok the first time i read the post i was like "what?".. then i realized it's a name... so lol
Kelvoner (EUW)
: What is the tribunal and why is it always on maintenance?
: Can you help me improve?
jayce is more mid laner than top laner, cuz that's where all the squishy champs are and you can apply your poke. for top lane though it's pretty much where you can outplay your opponent or get outplayed. so don't die is the number one rule in top lane. buy ward if you don't feel confident, go aggresive if you feel safe. whatever you do just don't die. jungler can be a factor, but you don't know how good the guy is, so always stay cautious and plan for the next move.
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: SERVER got SHREKT again? TIME for FREE RP!!
wildox (EUW)
: Login error
Emabi (EUW)
: I think I can put this here
Embarque (EUW)
: Did not receive a response from a server right after dc in running game
it's down. not entire EUW, UK is fine so far. some part is down though.
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: What would you do?
say excuse me and walk through. stay polite.
: What do you think is the most boring champion concept?
{{champion:75}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:86}}
Kreative (EUNE)
: Huge FPS drops in teamfights.
i used to have the problem. it was overheating. clean your computer.
Xinotine (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LG antimon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sQrjRgdo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-13T18:28:26.799+0000) > > phantom dancer is stronger than statikk shiv in late game, but if you dont have enough gold or are already behind, go for statikk shiv to stay relevant. I know this, but this thread was about getting both. It might as well be worst idea for a while in reality but in paper it looks pretty good. I shoud do math for DPS for both builds but I'm lazy :P
i would only consider that possibility when i'm very ahead, that means i don't need armor pen and lift steal because i have enough damage already and enemy have no threat. and if that's the case, why not just build double PD.
: Did I just get drop hacked?
: But how, I really did hit him
one possible explaination would be: when xin use his E on you he will end up in the same position as you are. and because you want to use your Q on him you have to click somewhere towards him in order to use your Q. so you might have moved yourself in this direction whereas he ended up in your previous position, so your Q basically is used in the opposite direction.
: Riot, i just want to inform you that a "drophack" exists. Can you do something against it?
Xinotine (EUW)
: Getting both PD and SS on Vayne?
phantom dancer is stronger than statikk shiv in late game, but if you dont have enough gold or are already behind, go for statikk shiv to stay relevant.
Ireeb (EUW)
: Server stability issues since the last patch.
all it seems like a drophack, although i doubt someone would actually use it for a teambuilder game, it is most likely you are one of the many unintended drophacked game.
: Tornado vs. Xin's E
i just tested it, you can knock him up. i did it. you must have missed it.
Riot tmx (EUW)
: [EUW] Spectator disabled - hotfix timeline and problem root cause
there are weird custom games in the spectate window of the client...
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