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: People are duoing for double dodge til they can pick Sett on champ select
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Kaluchii (EUW)
: Is Glacial Augment The New Best Rune On Ezreal? Patch 10.3
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Tsukaite (EUW)
: Dodging is not working
ive noticed that aswell, and it seems to only work before the 5 final seconds. so my advice is to dodge sooner xD
: The Cooldown nerf actually was a pretty good way to nerf sett. All his other abilities are so weak without his W hes nothing. So nerfing the cd so its not that spammable actually was a move in the right direction.
he doesnt need to spam abilities. he only need to do them ONCE to oneshot as a tank. they literally went in the WRONG direction. They should decrease his spamming abilities cooldown but decrease drastically the damage, so that he is an actual jubbernaut that excells in long lasting fights, instead of being another super burst damage full tank champion
: I legit laughed at the nerf he was given
to nerf: "to cause weakness or ineffectiveveness" sett: *remais the exact same* that was no nerf, that was a joke
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: Nerf kassadin for god sake
why is Kassadin NOT nerfed yet?!?!?!?!??!
: I MEAN,,, if I remember correctly,,, if you don't pick any champion and you don't lock in, it will bring you back to the lobby no?
true, but what if the troll picks after you already selected?
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: Again, people who think every player is all fluffy and kind, come here not agreeing with this idea. We are not living in your perfect imaginary world where everyone is reasonable and happy to waste time in case someone decides to ruin the fun for 4 other players. There's games in which dodging is a necessity. Not everyone has 20+ minutes to waste because one random guy in your team decided in the champ select to troll the game. Imo, having one dodge per day with 0 LP loss and 0 seconds wait time would be optimal. If you manually dodge after that, you should be punished with the full LP loss and 5 minutes waiting time.
Interesting idea, but I still believe dodging should always have a LP loss and waiting time, since granting every 24h a free dodge would increase match making times by a lot, specially in high elo
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Dodging should not be allowed, let alone encouraged. Riot should increase penalties for it. > [{quoted}](name=Ulriah,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=bURIFE3K,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-30T16:25:45.452+0000) > > Yes! There's absolutely no reason not to add this. The reason is you're wasting other people's time when you dodge.
by increasing penalties, you are amplifying the troll's mission, granting them free un-dodgeable games
HercaZ (EUNE)
: How about "insta win" button?
you mean picking {{champion:523}} ? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Nemitora (EUW)
: people really need to *stop* treating dodging like an intended mechanic of the game..
dodging has always been a mechanic for climbing in this game. Only fools wouldn't dodge a game where your jungler is going cleanse smite with yuumi
: Oh boy, if they would add it there would be another reason why this shitty client could fck up
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Bulshlaka (EUW)
: people in platinum are definitely queue sniping YOU out of all people to troll YOU as an old 4chan saying stop feeding the trolls
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: 5 mage buffs and frozen heart buff in the same patch XD
?!?!?!?!? all those champions been low tier since ages. why are you crying when the problem is clearly the amount of ARMOR PENETRATION
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: Senna shouldn't get more heal buffs. Her enchanter build is already relatively good. No need to make it any stronger. What should be hit with Senna is her trading patern. She's way to strong in trades early on for a marksmen. She can match trades with a lot of lane bully support and with her added healing she even wins them. A base stats nerf should be enouge. Aphelios need more clarity, he's so random to trade against: * You never known what gun he's going to get, their is not even an animation when he switches guns. * His ult windup animation is so unclear. It doesn't have that ultimate vibe. The entire animation need to be reworked. * His scaling is so random, this is no consistency in his kit. Yi is a strange case but he should be kept the way he is. Having an easy to play champion is not a bad thing. Tryndamere is fine On Ekko I agrea on, he away was to strong and he causes many bugs. But I must say, it's not like he's out of controle right now. To add someone on the list: {{champion:145}}, she's still not nerfed. Guess her skins sell to good...
Any ideas how to nerf ekko? He clearly has everything. an assassin burst, a shield based sustain, dps with passive, teamfight aoe stun and a revive ultimate. imo what makes ekko, well, ekko, is his revive ultimate, and the whole go in burst go out. So, his damage against tanks (dps with passive) should be gutted in his kit. He is an assassin, not a do it all.
: Feels like you're going after champions before attempting to counterplay. If you don't know and understand counterplay, it's why you're getting buuthurt. {{champion:523}} I can't say much about, he's super complicated and has a lot in his kit, but I don't understand him yet, so I can't say whether he has any counterplay or not. {{champion:235}} is strong but has a few things you need to know 1. Her kit revolves around collecting souls, they drop of minions which you can punish her for when she goes in to collect one 2. She needs a second auto or ability on a champ to collect their soul, you'll know shes coming for it. 3. She has zero mobility, you get a catch on her, she's as good as dead. I had a guy play {{champion:497}} into me and I got FU**ED
Thx for your imput Regarding Aphelios. For a so "complex" champion, it took me 3 mins to understand his kit and to almost penta in my first game against good players playing their mains. He just doesn't fit in league, the kit is overloaded and actually easy to play. Senna has her drawbacks, but she is too versatile. Her weakness can be easily overpassed by picking certain anti-engage supports. She is also pratically immune to ganks due to her kit.
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: Win rate: 48.53% (place 26th and is below Ashe, Fiddle and MF support) Play rate: 6.28% (8th most played support) Ban rate: 2.53 ( 3rd most banned support) He is popular, but have a low win rate --> not so overpowered.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stop inventing numbers, your pyke mains will be destroyed, nerf to non existance.
: as a support ? he got a 48% win rate bruh what u on about ? I could say the same thing about ezreal just because I don't really know how to deal with him, he's not too strong, the problem is on me not knowing how to play against him Try playing as pyke himself and see how he's actually not that strong
people that are upvoting call me Teddy doesn't realize that he is lieing with all his teeth. Pyke has a 50.68% win rate and is the 2nd most picked support in the game. having a close to 100%pick ban rate in ALL rankings I played as pyke myself, many of my friends have played as pyke, the conclusion was, HE IS TOO GODDAMN OVERPOWERED AND HAS ABSOLUTELY 0 COUNTERPLAY
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: i guess he is talking about the 2 jinx games, in the first he went 1/8/1 and the second was a remake he was NOT autofilled, he plays mid and adc, and unless he trollpicked jinx into a different role he played adc that game
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: Riot, can you stop deleting my runepages and selected skins? Its 5th time in about a month.
it happens over and over again, and those times that happen when you're entering the game, priceless.
: Serious rune bugs that are legit ruining my games
Up! I'm tired of playing matches without my runes!
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: exploiting irellia top exploiting sivir bot exploiting yuumi support exploiting karthus jungle exploiting w/e else learn the game instead of complaining all the time and for some info TK is 55% win rate in masters at 66th position 53% at grandmaster at 64th position 51% at challenger at 91st position 52% at diamond in 37th positon 51% at plat at 50th position 51 at gold at 48th position 50% at silver at 51st position a 7.8% pick rate over all at 12% ban rate over all so on average TK is SLIGHTLY above average compared to the whole roster and for top lane TK is at 51% win rate at 3.5% pick rate and 4.7% ban rate in plat + so none of what you said makes any sense when statistics are taken into consideration he is a lane bully and he is really good at being a lane bully he isn't good at anything else so you feeling like you are coinflipping into him is because you are completely incapable of playing the game while using your brain for more than 2 seconds
are you a tahm kench main? cus you just insulted me and showed fake statistics. That is just plain stupid and just embarrased you. He is above 50% win rate in ALL levels, AAAAAND has close to 100% LANING WIN RATIO
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Smerk (EUW)
: Dodge is not instant, you should dodge well in advance if you want to be sure that it'll work. Especially when there are server problems
3 games after I had another bug. I selected my runes and somehow it bugged and ended up playing with one of the 5 predefined ones. after the game ended I checked on my runes and they all disappeared.
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: tahm kench top lane was stronger before he got gutted for his support role he isn't fixed because if he is fixed riot might as well delete him the counter play to tahm is fairly hard to execute but he is very easy to kill with ganks and he has some really rough matchups on top of the fact that he gets outscaled by everything sadly the only way to learn to beat him is to play better good luck
he is not easy to kill with ganks and there is absolutely no counterplay, as shown by statistics there is no good champion counterpick to him.
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Asura (EUNE)
: The spells are not invisible afaik.
remember the invisible nidalee spear bug that happened years ago? This strategy sometimes makes her spell go invisible, cus of interaction with bushes+eve.
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