KévKa (EUW)
: No disruption in 3 years, gets 14d banned for saying n-word
: Game not going higher then 12% gpu usage with 70 to 120 fps
It hurts my fkn eyes. I was once taller than my sister, then she grew taller than me. Then/than
Four Star (EUW)
: I played fill for 10 games in a row, every time I've been assigned "bottom" so I'd say that's not necessarily the case.
I really dont care what ppl. pick as support, as long as they get the ward item. They usually dont :p
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: Which role trolls the most?
Support, because they got autofilled.
Papafruit (EUW)
: Can we get toxic people banned for real?
> Only real way to get rid of the actual trash which are people insulting others over a game. Want me to show you the door?
: Permanetly banned
Ah, the good old "my cousin/little brother got my account banned" thread I am an only child, but my little brother ALWAYS gets my accounts banned as well..
: Yasuo name
: So apparently NA players are more privileged since they get permanent suspension lifted and players
: What if i tell you...
: Changes to the current leaverbuster system?
Unfairly punished lol. YOUR hardware, YOUR connection issue. You are ruining the game for 4 other players when you que up knowing you have pc issues. I can tell you what is more frustrating than pc issues, having a leaver in your game, does not matter what reason. But you won't get this i am sure, as you mention multiple times you are being judged unfairly, and you are innocent.
: Is this really worth a permanently ban?
"gg easy" hahahahaha, you absolute tosser
: Szukam Ludzi do Levelowania konta 10lv

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