: See, I don't have anything against you, personally, but this request to *"contribute something positive"* is just one of those bullshit sentences, that contribute to people not taking Millenials seriously. No, contributions to conversations don't have to be "positive". They don't have to "contribute" either for that matter. Whenevery you put something out in the public, expect criticism. And no, criticism doesn't have to offer a "better idea" to be valid either. It is sufficient to point out flaws. Learn that. And quickly.
Even though I can understand what you're saying, that comment seems to be a little misdirected anger because of some other things - honestly, dont care about that. Even if you dont have anything about me, personally, you can choose to not reply. Would have been more productive, Id say. Thanks for calling me a millennial though - really do appreciate that compliment there! :) 1 thing you should look to learn, and fast, is if you dont have anything positive to contribute with, its better to just dont say anything. Thought most people learnt that at around the 'learning to walk' phase, but obviously that wasnt the same for everyone.
: Yeah i would totally join a ranked game which is allready infected with a troll or afk. Nothing more enjoyable than losing LP for this. Good idea, man!
Uhmm... think you may have misunderstood the initial idea here. It was to remove the troll/AFK player from the game, and add a different player, hence making it a better game for all 10 players. Liking the sarcasm overflow though, dude!
: >Has anyone seen any updates regarding any implementations regarding such? **Implementations doing WHAT EXACTLY?** You talk as if there was a feasible, algorithmic, implementable solution against human stupidity and misbehaviour. If that was the case, then we would have no wars, no one would be hungry, everyone would be happy, there would be no suffering in the world, and we would all lounge around a beautiful beach, enjoying the warmth of sun on our skins, basking in the glory of creation itself. So, unless you can describe what exactly it is you want to see implemented, I suggest you think of a demand that is actually workable. Like, order a pizza, or something. Because this swill: *"I'll start with 1 of my ideas: being able to report AFK/trolling while in game, and have the chance to have another player join instead. (same char, same teams etc)"* is just one of those bad ideas that have been posted, and thourougly debunked a gazillion times.
Well, that was a little over the top. Im just talking about an online game. And yeah, just trying to look for possible ideas. If you dont like or have anything positive to contribute with - no problem. However, just wandering around telling people they have bad ideas, surely wont help with anything!? So.. Im off to order a pizza, and think of some other ideas. Thanks for the idea - was the best one in your post.
Èclair (EUNE)
: The general consensus on trolls and AFKs is as follows: you win some, you lose some. It's an unavoidable aspect of this and many other games. Giving players tools to combat that would only lead to abuse towards regular players. I'll expain this based on your suggestion: > [{quoted}](name=Ladriaa,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RKBmxtgJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-20T00:03:22.760+0000) > > I'll start with 1 of my ideas: being able to report AFK/trolling while in game, and have the chance to have another player join instead. (same char, same teams etc) How can you guarantee that players won't use it as a means of eliminating the weakest chain within the team just to get a chance of getting another, better player? How can you guarantee that players won't use it to punish others for picking a champion that somebody didn't like or not going by the popular builds? I've seen people really upset when you didn't pick them the _"right support"_ even though your pick of choice is within the same playstyle as the one you were expected to choose. I wouldn't give people the right to kick one's from the match just because of that. How can you guarantee that players won't use it to just troll other people? And even if you put some sort of enabler - like going below certain gold disadvantage compared to your team or getting bad KDA, what about the player that is supposed to join this match? Unless he's skill level is above the level said match is played, he won't be able to do anything because enemy team is already at the advantage. The damage has already been done and you'll just doom yet another player to suffer your fate. Sure, you can reduce the LP penalty or just give him +0LP, but nobody playing competitively would volunteer to lose 20-40 minutes of their free time for absolutely nothing and you'll still lose your LP. ____________ The other most widely proposed solution is to harsher the punishment for both AFK and inting players. Wich is already worked on but already gives strange results, usually false positives as seen in some of the boards threads: [[1](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/noiJuxqk-i-was-banned-for-intentionally-feeding-but-i-just-bad-a-really-bad-game)], [[2](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/Rg0LqeqI-terrible-first-game-in-diamond-wrongly-banned-for-int-feeding-after-one-game)], [[3](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/EFQaAb3x-one-bad-game-14-day-ban-seriously-riot)]. Wich is probably not that much and can be accepted as a reasonable drawback for trying to combat griefing. But you're asking for more strict system with weaker triggers and this would make false positives even more often. Do you really want the risk of being punished by 14 day ban for one bad game in wich you had really bad KDA with low KP just to eliminate just a slightly larger portion of intentional feeders? And remember, from 14 day suspension there's only one step to permanent one. _____ I seen many suggestions to fight this kind of behaviour - each and every one of them is a double edged sword that would punish also people not breaking code of conduct. Frankly, I don't think it's worth it.
Hi, and thanks for taking your time to compile the above. Of course there are a lot of "double edged swords" in this, but there is still the need to highlight the issues in the game and also to try and look for solutions - thats what I wanted to do here. I've played this game for many a year now, and right now Im stuck at the crossroad of wanting to play it, but at the same time dont want to play it with young kids that are there to troll the second they do not get their will. Hence, here I am.. just trying to see if anyone possibly has any ideas that can atleast be put forward to Riot for suggestions. So Ill bring in another idea then: modify the servers - something like "over 20" or something? And yes, there are flaws here as well. But how can we look to better the game if we only see the bad things? Kind regards, Ladriaa
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