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: My genuine opinion about how to balance it: 1- Remove the bonus AD because it helps bursting squishies while the keystone should be anti tank. 2- Change it from activating after 4 seconds in combat to activating 1.5 seconds after damaging an enemy champion like lethal tempo. 3- Change true damage conversion from 20% to 10-30% scaling with enemy armor and MR (reaching max value at 250 Armor and 150 MR) so, again, less effective vs fragile champions and more effective against champions that only stack resistances. This will make only optimal vs tanks. Now many champion just take it because it's so strong.
Well one of the problems is that bruisers wielding Conqueror kill tanks already way too quickly despite building 0 penetration or max HP items all game. You give them a keystone so they won't have to worry about tanky champions all game and can just go Triforce instead of Black cleaver for example, killing squishies faster since that's what their builds are focused on.
Holymanster (EUNE)
: I think one point you made is true and not true - it's easy to proc -yeap in lane it is, in teamfight it's not 4 sec is way too long. And yes the keystone design is bad they made it really fast(not in terms of release but in terms of concept) because you know when they were changing the whole rune system they forgot they have bruisers in the game , which is understandable they don't have toplane players in their Dev Team so they just forgot to create a rune for bruisers, which resulted in creation of this whatever it is. In my opinion the current state of game at the moment is like this , you have marketers and salesman who are in charge and their goal is to get profits not to make the product better as long as it gives profits and as long you can increase profits that's it. So the Dev Team is not really trying they are doing some changes just for the sake of doing it , they are getting paid so they need to show something to justify it. Because look if they were really trying they wouldn't forget to make a Keystone for bruisers and then come up with a half-arsed solution of 20% true dmg and they did the same with ADCs just add 20% true dmg to crits DONE ! job is done we can continue of removing stuff from champs and then reintroducing it after time and showing we are doing well. I think people are too naive because if you look you see all the marketing tricks they are using, simple things as buffing champs before skin releases , starting giving you free candy so you want more of that candy, making nice wrap (audio/visuals) so you get attracted , setting up a gamble factor and so on. On the other hand in terms of gameplay what real progress you have in balancing the game in making the client really better ??? If you go to steamers you see all of them saying that it's not fun , yes some of them say you have to adapt and overcome but lots of them agree on the point that the game is not heading in a good healthy direction.
Okay, you caught me. It's not easily proccable in teamfights. In the sidelane later on, however, it still is. I think AD bruisers usually aren't the best teamfights (or meant for teamfighting) regardless, so why would their keystones be, or why would their keystones suddenly allow them to be good at teamfighting (imagine if Conqueror was easily proccable in teamfights). Anyhow, I absolutely love the rest of your comment. Prestige skins by the way. Cheers!
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AsherUA (EUW)
: Tell me, how much skill does it require to tank 2-3 waves and still win trades just because you have grasp? Now, at least, bruisers have the chance to fight back. Imo, tanks deserve to be in a trash can after all the time they've been the most braindead and dominant class.
Firstly, with that mindset having complete disregard for a certain champion class you're already giving away that you do not want balanced gameplay, so why are you even trying to convince me of something? A quick glance over your account gives me the impression that you're mostly playing the game casually regardless. There is no need to disagree with someone's points just because they are not directly beneficial to you. Cheers
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Rípley (EUW)
: Long que times is primarily a problem in diamond and above, but if anything it's a result of the current match making algorithm, in lower tiers / divisions you hardly ever get autofill. That's not the same as saying I disagree with your proposal, I just think your term of quality is malplaced given all you do, is switch one type of ladder for another, so it isn't about quality as much as it is person to person perception.
Hello Rípley I also propose a change that will make sure you get the role you want to get, and are comfortable on. If this is true for all the players, then I believe the games will be more competitive, rather than people playing off-role or autofilled into a position they (almost) never (want to) play.
: The system is fine, that picture is kind of way out of context for the ranked system , since it's still much more favourable to adapt to the meta and the ranked system than it is to change it. I do agree there are flaws, like the inability to drop out of gold V when it's the elo required for victorious rewards. I think gold V atleast you should be able to decline from simply to make the rewards exactly as it states...a reward. Other flaws I find are promo games, to get to plat 3 I had like 6 in a row, just about failing to win my promos but always climbing back to them without any issue, and in plat+ you don't get the free win for your second time in promos. Either way if i play consistently I still climb. And having a border and being placed into a division with other players gives me a more visual representation of where I am on the ladder. In terms of champion pools etc, people who fill probably do have more skill to reach their elo whilst filling as oppose to one-trick-ponying their way up but being a one trick pony has massive flaws and massive risks. Several game changes happen in a season, both champions and items and it could render your champion pool out of meta halfway through a season, where as those who fill are far less likely to be affected.
Hello Obi Wan Kanosey I stated in my post that people will be able to change the role they set on their account a few times every week. After some considering I guess it will be best if everyone can change their role all the time on their account, up until they go into queue, if that's possible to code in.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why do you think Riot enabled Autofill for all ranks? You are ignorant if you think autofill is not neccessary. I don't like autofill, no one does. But it cuts down queuetimes. And the majority of people prefer lower queuetimes over quality of matches. The popularity of Blind Pick is proof for that. If you ever played Blind pick, you know how terrible the matches are. There is rage in almost every champion select, you are forced to play roles you don't want, there are instalockers and generally trolls. The quality is terrible, yet it is the most popular mode because it has the lowest queuetimes. You may want longer queuetimes, but you are in the minority. And it is ignorant to refuse realizing this. And for people who sit on 0 LP, how is this a problem? If people hit a mileatone, they stop playing, not risking to lose it. Your idea wont solve that mentality. If players hit a specific elo, they will just stop playing. That's how it works. That's how players behave.
Go play blind pick then. We don't need this ''quantity over quality'' concept in a competitive game queue. Casual players who prefer a ''quicky'' rather than playing to improve or to win probably shouldn't consider playing ranked. People who stop playing ranked to not risk dropping is objectively not that big of a problem, the problem is that you can lose a lot of games without dropping on such milestone, resulting in you actually having a lower MMR than a lot of people ranked below you. If a player reaches a specific satisfactory rank or elo, resulting in no interest to play further, why would they be allowed to keep it? Hitting a division shouldn't be considered as a prize, it's called ranked for a reason. You are ranked in a list with fellow equal highly rated people near you. The constant dynamic of people changing their rank on the ladder should be in its nature. If you stop playing after a certain obtained tier or elo, it means you're not competitive or willing enough to keep that rank. As I mentioned in my post, for all those casual players out there you can just play a different queue if you're not willing to put time and effort into playing.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I dont wanna go into details about the whole post, but im sure youve heard of bottlenecking so there could be a problem there. Im currently in master promos and i have 5-10 min queues most of the time. I do however also dislike getting autofilled, or just my secondary role in general so i wouldnt mind sacrefice someo slightly longer queues to get my primary role even more often. Lastly i dont think widening the deviation between ranks is a particular good idea. Ive played with and against practically every single rank there is, and in diamond alone there is a massive difference between high and low diamond (I actually smurf around high plat/D5). I would rather have fair games than shorter queue times. Ive had a random D5 on one of the teams before. Said guy proceeded to get smashed and both the team and the guy himself complained about matchmaking, and this was back when i was D3/D2. I have no intentions of offending anyone, but in low diamond people might call you trash, in high diamond "D5" is the go-to insult. I think that says quite a lot. Ranked is supposed to be competitive, unfair matchmakings are not competitive.
Hello Lost Authority You are certainly right, and I too would make this matchmaking widening impede in width, the higher the elo goes, completely nullified when concerning the top few thousand players. My theory is that the most competitive players should play enough to decrease the queue time for themselves, but I could be wrong there. I am aware of the gap between low and high diamond and I theorize there's where a matchmaking border could be made (much like how we have the transition from Master's to Challenger in the division system).
Rismosch (EUW)
: You are aware of the downsides, but not how significant they are. For your first point, the current system feels better. In many cases, good feel is more important than fairness. Of course your system pr the old one is better in many ways and definetely more fair, giving players no false information and everything they need, but it wont feel better. It is way more amazing to hit gold or diamond or any division than to hit 1438 elo. As for the second point, it would obliderate queuetimes. That's why there are 2 roles in the first place, to decrease queuetimes but still you getting enaugh control over the role you want. 1 role would completely kill queuetimes and make the game unplayable for higher elos. It's not fun when the queue takes longer than the actual game.
Hello Rismosch You are definitely right that hitting these milestone goals (Gold V, Diamond V) are unrivaled in satisfaction. However, I personally think that when there always are heaps and heaps of people eternally sitting on Gold IV 0 LP, or Diamond 0 LP, even though their MMR may be completely below a lot of players in Silver or Platinum respectively, is disgusting. Are we even talking about a competitive ranking then? Furthermore I think that the lower the rank bracket is, the more tolerant matchmaking can be considering picking players, shortening the queue. Of course on higher ranks/elo this can't be the case. I think that the X highest ranked players should only get matched with each other for games (few thousand to throw is a wild guess). I could be wrong but I presume the top players play this game relatively often thus not creating giant queue times.
Luniya (EUNE)
: I tend to fill since I'm good at every single role, but I cannot find a single champion that shines more than others. When you look around, there are lots of Yasuo, Zed, Riven OTP's, Tobias Fate has his Gangplank, Redmercy has his Zed, Heizman has his Lee, and so on. I have nobody to rely on and say "Yeah if I get this champion that I've invested countless of hours on, I will win". I play lots of different champions to the general Plat level, naming such champions would like Zilean, Veigar, Lux, Gnar, Darius, Warwick, Sion, Blitzcrank, Alistar, Taric, Jhin, Ashe, Jinx, I can go on, but as you see, all of them are different (friggin') roles. I have an arsenal of champions for all kinds of situations, but what does it matter if I'm in P2 and my opponent plays specifically Zed like a Diamond 2? I'll be outclassed. What can I do? Choose some champion and just play that to become an OTP? There is no champion out there that I adore more than anything else, so at sometime I'd become bored of said champion and/or reach my limit with said champion. Do I enjoy one role more than another? Sometimes, but if I'm not certain I can win or if I'm having a bad day, I usually play support, since it's what I mained back when I started, also easier to punish 1 out of 2 players instead of 1 out of 1 player, and it also makes queue time lower, so there's that ;) So yeah, in conclusion, I fill because there is nothing else for me to do, even though the ranked system as it is now points towards the OTP's of League players, I can't follow up on the same tactic, so I've just worked on my macro play as much as possible to become the best, most versatile filler I can be. At least there are just very few things about being a good filler. If you get autofilled, you can play just as good as your main role, cuz you have none. If you point towards playing Riven on the top lane and your team needs a tank, you can play Nautilus just as good as your Riven, and yet fill out your team comp. Of course these advantages does not hold a candle to the OTP's advantages, but hey, eat the sour with the sweat, right?
(Still read this comment before I went to sleep) I think your approach (striving to be a good, versatile filler) is quite interesting, and not that bad considering you can put your mind into your teammates' shoes with more experience, and as you said thrive on macro play. I feel like "my system" partly fixes this "OTP dominance" by giving you (theoretically) more reliable teammates, while you can use your macro (as it usually just requires one person with good macro/communiction to have a team with good macro in this game) to win your games. Anyways thanks for your insight and good luck in your personal endeavors. (:
: I have a feeling you are copying and making fun of my post I made a couple of days ago which got downvoted to oblivion by very smart silver players > I am aware that I'm not the first smart-ass posting something like this, but neither will I be the last person to do so.
Luniya (EUNE)
: Sounds interesting but the one big flaw of the system is still there. The ranked system favors those who have only one role to main, and one champion to play. What about all the players who fill all the time? I am one of those people. I have nobody to main, I have no role to go, yet I've reached plat 2. I believe I could reach even higher if not for the ranked system flawing in that aspect. The general macro play and diversity a filler has is much bigger than a one-trick, yet the one-trick that naturally gains experience from playing the same champion/role over and over is favored? How is that supposed to be fair? I have no solution for this, but I hope someone will in the future.
Hello Luniya, thanks for your response Yes I agree ''my'' system still heavily favors ''OTP's'' and that's unfair, something I also don't have a solution for. In my post I pointed out how I personally felt like maining one certain role (or champion) people generally end up doing if they love said role or character, possibly by succeeding when playing with them and resulting in them having continuous growth if they played in ''my'' system. Which begs me the question what your view on this is. Is there any particular reason why you tend to fill rather than to settle when playing this game? EDIT: Punctuation and changing word for clarity
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