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Fathands (EUW)
: You play bot games and ARAM in the middle of the night on EUW. What did you expect to happen? P.S. Sairenji > Lala
i expect to atleast play with humans , i can play custom games and have more inteklligent bota than the ones i had i just want Riot to stop this Bot madness
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: Free movement auto attack mechanic idea
that would be a great idea , and there even is a Champ who can technically do it but its a bit of an Exploit : {{champion:61}} she can cancell the Autiattack cooldowns if done right
Doombot7 (EUNE)
: Put a {{champion:59}} in there, dunno why ppl don't play him support. Q reduces enemy armor, W got a slow, E gives A.spd, got a knock-up, Ult is also good for setting up ganks and have good aoe dmg, passive +shield for a rather safe poke. For lane phase get {{item:3077}} and build towards {{item:2303}} after that you can have a typical Jarvan build.
just look at {{champion:61}} and you will see why J4 isnt a good Supporter Ori can Shield an ally , make him faster , and use the Ult to stun an Enemy , J4s Ult doesnt help when a Team mate is low , if i am Trist or Jinx i just use an Ability / autohit to finish off the adc even if i get ulted by j4
: Make Practice Tool able to have more than 1 player
i agree , right now i tried Full LIfesteal Ori and did baron with ease , in order to show a friend , i need to Upload it to YT ( recorded it with my Nvidia recording thing) have him Watch it and then maybe try himself its just sad how halfassed this Mode is , when i saw the " only 1 bot " button i immediantly was disapointed , i mean you can usually use 9 , why not here ? i am a terrible Jungler ( even for Bronze 5 im VERY bad) i would need Bots so i can practise ganking and Tower Diving ( maybe have a bot walk up and down near his Turret with 5-10% health ) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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