: Is there a more whiny and ungrateful community than this one?
The reason everyone is upset is because instead of having a really fun gamemode to play you only had stuff you could purchase with RP or play normal games with just some huge draven heads pasted on top of everyon's head. I mean there was even a mod back in 2013 who actually changed everyone's head into draven. They said they wouldn't do URF on april 1st but they also said that last year if I'm right. Also they said they'd be doing URF 2 times this year wich are only 2 weekends whilest the first year they did urf it was up there for a month ish and last year was 2 weeks. This year is only 4-6 days. I wouldn't mind having URF in custom game modes so you can at least play it with friends. That'd have been fun aswell. If they released any other game mode it would've been fine aswell. so in my opinion it was only about earning money and not giving a lot of fun to play the game. (I'm not saying they didn't put effort in it, but I just think they made this 'event' for the money) if anyone thinks otherwise, let me know by replying :^) (small edit, give us sandbox mode :^) )


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