: You don't get keys based on your games. You get keys based on days. If you hadn't gotten a key in 50 days that would've been a bug.
tortsY (EUNE)
: U get those keys in so called cycles :) So that means that every 30 days u will get a big amount of key fragment drops and after that the key fragment drops will happen pretty rarely.
LanguSAY3 (EUW)
: I Cant Get Keys In Hextech Crafting
Ty guyz i didint know, and now my keys are start to drop. I got 3 only today. Ty for telling me.
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: Looking For 3v3 Mates
Hi, yes Im interested to play. Add me as soon you login to league! I main {{champion:122}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:99}} , pls add me.
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: Hit me up for some solid duoq
: You dont even have 10 games the last month? :D An you then wanna create a team wtf? :D
: I main adc
Me and you maybe can play some time I'll add you
Keyah (EUW)
: ***
Im interessted, I will add you as soon im on my acc
: all these cities are in the same time. the runeterra is a world full of magic. piltover is a faction of progress, the hextech techonolgy is very new lore-wise and is constantly upgrading. just because all the factions are different doesnt mean they're in different times. the runeterra is huge, there's plenty of space for all these factions including the shadow isles, the glade and probably others. riot actually released an article about this before. but looking at the magic, looking at some of our champions. ekko for example, he can go back in time to fix his recent mistakes, it's very plain and undetailed of how his time machine works, but if a street boy can have a time machine in his pocket, imagine what other major cities can do with a bigger one. who knows, piltover may have been built with resources from the future brought to the current timeline to establish dominance and power, using this time travel it allows them to evolve faster and progress more than other factions/cities. the only information we're given is what's said in the lore of champions and places, but with riots new "universe", once that's finished or more is written we can only hope to get more information about each faction and its history
sorry For making an articel without knowledge, next time I write I'll think of this.
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: Hey, I am by no means an expert, but I can play Jayce decently well and have a few go to builds depending on situation. For masteries, Thunderlord's is very good, and the 45 % cd reduction you can get from that tree is amazing. This is the generally recommended mastery. I personally prefer to use Deathfire Touch though. Both are viable and decent, depending on whether you prefer some extra burst or some extra DoT. For runes I prefer: - 3 x Movementspeed Quints - 9 x Scaling AD marks (red) - 9 x Armor glyphs (yellow) - 9 x Scaling MR seals (blue) As for the builds: I tend to build him more towards a bruiser than most people. A build I like is: {{item:3042}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3053}} . Synergizes best with Deathfire Touch Mastery. This build gives you a fair amount of raw AD, 40% cd reduction, some armor, mr and hp and some armor pen as well. This build is very safe. It is all around strong and provides a lot of utility from the many passives on the items, but it is not the best if you want to hypercarry for your team. It does however have a pretty decent power curve, so its power is not all focused in the late game and it is a good build to go with if you fall behind. Another build I like is more risky, but has a much greater dmg output than the one I suggested above. You will want: {{item:3508}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3026}}. Synergizes best with Deathfire Touch Mastery imo, but Thunderlord's and even Fervor can work with this. This build offers a lot of ad, 40% cd reduction, 75% crit chance and a bit of survivability from the resistances and passives provided by Guardian's Angel. It is expensive and it is risky and you'll have to be careful with your mana early, but it holds a great reward if you have a team comb that allows you to poke from the backline. This build is good when you are snowballing and your adc can't quite deliver in the dmg department, becuase with this build, you can do it for them. You will however be squishy with it, so you need to keep that in mind. A third option is: {{item:3042}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3022}}. This build gives you: Lots of AD, 40% cd reduction, hp and kite potential from the mallet, the rage passive and the active on Yomouu's as well as a lot of armor pen. This build is very good against tanky immobile bruisers like {{champion:86}} or {{champion:122}}. Synergizes best with Thunderlord Mastery. That said, you should really take a look at your own team and the enemy team and change your builds and your paths accordingly for each game. You should also take what you like and what appeals to your playstyle. Have fun trying out new things, don't be afraid to do something different, as long as it is withing reason. Good luck and have fun with {{champion:126}}.
Thx for youre advice, I will try it out. And my build is used to be {{item:3142}} early > {{item:3004}} > {{item:3071}} . And that build gave me like 25%cdr 200 dmg. It worked in early game but soon the other team where so much heavier than me, so for my part #surr20. But now i will fight woth the right build (depends on situation). THX
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: Anyone else stuck in "Prepare Yourselves!"
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