Ricje (EUW)
: Looking at the chat, I think they probably reported you for another reason.. Never argue with others. If someone is bothering/harassing you then use the mute function. By arguing with them you're setting yourself up to be legitimately reported and punished because you're also participating in the negative atmosphere of the game.
So when i was arguing with others after 2 going afk it's legit to being reported? I mean, i was trying to do everything for my team and just because i argued after 18 minutes of flaming? If i mute my team i cant help them, because they dont ping the "missing player" and that stuff.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I'm playing teemo support sometimes. Those games are usually lost just because everyone turns negative and won't even try to win the game, just because i've made an OFF-meta pick. Funny thing, when i get open minded team mates (which is rare, kinda 5% of my games), we're totally wrecking them and they're all fine with the pick.
Ya, and the others just gave up, in the end the other 2 that didn't gave up just blamed me and reported me. Now i am banned, so i sent a ticket to riot.
AST Delter (EUNE)
: My friend has played teemo supp in a duo with me, on a high plat elo and ended up being the first ap carry of the game with over 900 ap and carrying fights, while I was splitpushing to win along. And they insulted him once the match started, cuz omagad teemo troll. It is a non-meta pick, but it's not a trollpick if it works. And if it's not a trollpick you can't get banned for that. I've played kayn top/mid plenty and never got punished for that because it actually worked in that given situation. Or thresh top. I'll only do that on normals, but I still find it ok to experiment with meta instead of sticking to it with some super glue.
yes but i've got 4 reports and i've got banned for that. because all game long the players just flamed me... and reported me for nothing.
kroncriz (EUW)
: ***
Game 1 In-Game LasanhaDeAtum: if u just watch the kda yes LasanhaDeAtum: just play ur game LasanhaDeAtum: what a toxic players xD LasanhaDeAtum: and i am the trol ofc xD LasanhaDeAtum: sry LasanhaDeAtum: mute each other LasanhaDeAtum: we cant fight 3v4 gragas LasanhaDeAtum: u forced when i was alone bot LasanhaDeAtum: and? LasanhaDeAtum: u cant force that LasanhaDeAtum: our late is better LasanhaDeAtum: bla bla bla stop tlak and play LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: true LasanhaDeAtum: dont force LasanhaDeAtum: fck :C LasanhaDeAtum: ya im sure renek wasnt 1-5 LasanhaDeAtum: ahah LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: renek i dont know if u saw but i havent say any word, u were the one who were all the time flaming me LasanhaDeAtum: yes and vayne is fed LasanhaDeAtum: renek is not just a troll, he is bad LasanhaDeAtum: now i know LasanhaDeAtum: i will not surrender btw LasanhaDeAtum: we have late game LasanhaDeAtum: who cares about that LasanhaDeAtum: look at u LasanhaDeAtum: god LasanhaDeAtum: this looks like 12years old guys LasanhaDeAtum: its not lost LasanhaDeAtum: they are so bad LasanhaDeAtum: look their sivir LasanhaDeAtum: kindred no ul LasanhaDeAtum: ya LasanhaDeAtum: we dont need to force this fight LasanhaDeAtum: it was 3v5 LasanhaDeAtum: gragas just stop and play LasanhaDeAtum: we win LasanhaDeAtum: trust LasanhaDeAtum: help me getting vision LasanhaDeAtum: stfu fizz LasanhaDeAtum: ffs LasanhaDeAtum: u are troling too gragas LasanhaDeAtum: its not our fault LasanhaDeAtum: we are doing 4v5 LasanhaDeAtum: me and fizz ya LasanhaDeAtum: i didnt give up LasanhaDeAtum: overextend for what? LasanhaDeAtum: ? LasanhaDeAtum: nope its not LasanhaDeAtum: look gragas and renek LasanhaDeAtum: and stop blaming me LasanhaDeAtum: i am playing LasanhaDeAtum: trying LasanhaDeAtum: and u guys just chat LasanhaDeAtum: toxic LasanhaDeAtum: and went afk LasanhaDeAtum: dont try renek LasanhaDeAtum: u lost us the game LasanhaDeAtum: gragas and renek lost us the game, not me LasanhaDeAtum: they troled Post-Game LasanhaDeAtum: hope this gragas and renek got banned LasanhaDeAtum: yes and i win games LasanhaDeAtum: cry more renek LasanhaDeAtum: 2nd more dmg in team LasanhaDeAtum: gragas and renek lost the game LasanhaDeAtum: with is afk and int LasanhaDeAtum: not me LasanhaDeAtum: but u cant understand that LasanhaDeAtum: cya :D LasanhaDeAtum: gl in the future well that happened and they are some words i've said because they were being cool with me and that. so i've got 4 reports just because i was teemo support
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: you didnt got banned because you tried to help clean the community, you got banned because you were toxic, there is a difference there
So tell me in my chat where i was toxic.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >I know that riot cant ban someone when i am the only one reporting because i am sure that 90% of the players dont try to get a community clean. thats not how it works, they dont get punishments because they got a lot of reports, they get punishments because they broke the rules, its that simple, you can report me a million times and i wont get even a chat restriction because im not toxic (i mean i am, but not as much to get a punishment for it) and looking at you, i guess you got reported a few times and already got your punishment
i've got already chat restricted when i was flamer and i offended people. now i am trying to get a community clean, and i think this is not a reason for being banned of playing a game.
: > u know that when i use [...] You know that I don't care what you think? Riot post the rules, I read them, I follow them, I am clean. You don't read the rules, you don't know when you break them or not but of course you come here to complain.
So why are u here?xD I am trying to know and i am complaining about my ban because that one has no sense to being banned.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: how you dont see that if you quote a toxic player you are toxic as well? why do you have to repeat ppl? you can just report them after the game and they get their punishment by repeating them you just get yourself punished...
What?xD Since when quoting someone is being toxic because i used his words?? that makes no sense dude. I know that riot cant ban someone when i am the only one reporting because i am sure that 90% of the players dont try to get a community clean.
: Account Suspended
I was already being suspended because i offended the others, now i didnt offend anyone, i just saying the others that someone on my team was toxic because i knew that riot will watch the chat when someone has more then 3 reports in one player. So when i used "xxxx" its because i am telling the others the words that my teammate used to offend me. And like i said i am a player who loves to talk in game and help the others learning more like someone did with me. I play this game since season 3 and in season 3/4 you dont be banned because u tell the others to report one player in your team. Being banned of playing one game because u are doing the right to get a community without flamers(being toxic and offend people) it's not a reason of being banned. Thanks
: LasanhaDeAtum: report jax for toxic LasanhaDeAtum: just report him LasanhaDeAtum: report jax for toxic LasanhaDeAtum: "%%%%%%ed kid" "dont ping me animal" LasanhaDeAtum: report jax pls LasanhaDeAtum: toxic LasanhaDeAtum: report jax for flame LasanhaDeAtum: "%%%%%%ed kid" "dont ping me animal" LasanhaDeAtum: "%%%%%%ed ahri" LasanhaDeAtum: stfu LasanhaDeAtum: report gp and varus LasanhaDeAtum: poor gp, doesnt know the meaning of the words\ LasanhaDeAtum: report varus int LasanhaDeAtum: he is useless xD LasanhaDeAtum: what the %%%% u want? LasanhaDeAtum: report kled {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
u know that when i use "xxxx" its when i am telling the others what my teammate said right? so i asked for the other players to report one toxic player, is this being toxic or flamer? and saying "wtf u want" is being toxic?xD like its an expression like "what u want?"
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: > I think i wasnt toxic at all Good that you have an opinion. Have a nice day. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
.... go watch the chat and tell me where i was toxic or used verbal abuse. i'd like to know
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: Full chat logs?
Shamose (EUW)
: Copy the text then.
already done :)
: Chat Restricted
Game 1 Pre-Game LasanhaDeAtum: i will tell u guys LasanhaDeAtum: yi will afk farm all game and we lose LasanhaDeAtum: gg wp LasanhaDeAtum: like all yi LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: heimer vs darius LasanhaDeAtum: ok LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: not heimer for sure In-Game LasanhaDeAtum: ok run away from me LasanhaDeAtum: diamond plays LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: nice feed LasanhaDeAtum: yi u are useless LasanhaDeAtum: j4 and lb no flash LasanhaDeAtum: and u go their jungle LasanhaDeAtum: pro LasanhaDeAtum: d1 plays LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: muted LasanhaDeAtum: idc about this game LasanhaDeAtum: yi doesnt deserve nothing LasanhaDeAtum: u die because u wanted LasanhaDeAtum: i said she was leaving LasanhaDeAtum: i wasn't even lvl 6 LasanhaDeAtum: so stfu LasanhaDeAtum: and stop flame me LasanhaDeAtum: d1 plays bro LasanhaDeAtum: yi is flaming since 1st minute LasanhaDeAtum: diamond 1 yi he said xD LasanhaDeAtum: :D LasanhaDeAtum: ff LasanhaDeAtum: mid is lost LasanhaDeAtum: sorry jhin and morg LasanhaDeAtum: well not my fault LasanhaDeAtum: chase.. LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: when u got banned u tell me toxic yi LasanhaDeAtum: gg wp LasanhaDeAtum: report yi and me for flame LasanhaDeAtum: tribunal will see chat LasanhaDeAtum: i didnt xD LasanhaDeAtum: ask jhin xD LasanhaDeAtum: he is only flamming me for no reason LasanhaDeAtum: gg Post-Game LasanhaDeAtum: report yi flame LasanhaDeAtum: lb LasanhaDeAtum: wp LasanhaDeAtum: but report yi LasanhaDeAtum: he is typical yi player LasanhaDeAtum: who flames all LasanhaDeAtum: they chased LasanhaDeAtum: u came LasanhaDeAtum: i pinged before LasanhaDeAtum: they die and then he flames me LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: nice reason bro LasanhaDeAtum: 2-9-5 and u call me noob Game 2 Pre-Game LasanhaDeAtum: gank lvl 2 bot and gg LasanhaDeAtum: early ganks made the game in this elo LasanhaDeAtum: lassana ahahahah LasanhaDeAtum: lets goooo guys LasanhaDeAtum: gl hf :D In-Game LasanhaDeAtum: wake up LasanhaDeAtum: WAKE UP! LasanhaDeAtum: cassio LasanhaDeAtum: wake %%%%ing up LasanhaDeAtum: u have one skill LasanhaDeAtum: and aa LasanhaDeAtum: so u can figh LasanhaDeAtum: fight LasanhaDeAtum: dont LasanhaDeAtum: or u gonna be reported too LasanhaDeAtum: udyr no sums bot LasanhaDeAtum: dont gank mid LasanhaDeAtum: we see that she cant play LasanhaDeAtum: stop cry and play LasanhaDeAtum: god LasanhaDeAtum: think not LasanhaDeAtum: stop push LasanhaDeAtum: 2v8 LasanhaDeAtum: they are so bad LasanhaDeAtum: we can win that LasanhaDeAtum: lets go guys LasanhaDeAtum: this thresh has no eyes tbh LasanhaDeAtum: lets go bro LasanhaDeAtum: chill and win :D LasanhaDeAtum: no sums bot LasanhaDeAtum: u can come easily LasanhaDeAtum: yea :S LasanhaDeAtum: stop udyr LasanhaDeAtum: ffs LasanhaDeAtum: u look like a 8 years old kid LasanhaDeAtum: stop flame and play for win LasanhaDeAtum: wp LasanhaDeAtum: easy LasanhaDeAtum: SHUT UP! LasanhaDeAtum: wp lucian LasanhaDeAtum: wp LasanhaDeAtum: they are so bad god LasanhaDeAtum: :) LasanhaDeAtum: pro zilean LasanhaDeAtum: they are really bad xD LasanhaDeAtum: stop flame LasanhaDeAtum: just chill and win LasanhaDeAtum: xD LasanhaDeAtum: XD LasanhaDeAtum: that flash xD LasanhaDeAtum: flash to kill support LasanhaDeAtum: insae ahahaha LasanhaDeAtum: easy Post-Game LasanhaDeAtum: gg LasanhaDeAtum: report udyr and lucian LasanhaDeAtum: offensive Game 3 Pre-Game LasanhaDeAtum: can someone ban kayle/zed? In-Game LasanhaDeAtum: no sums mid LasanhaDeAtum: how 2v3 and u die all LasanhaDeAtum: ?xD LasanhaDeAtum: muted kid LasanhaDeAtum: e btw jinx kid, reksai is camping mid LasanhaDeAtum: i just asked how u all died in 2v3 LasanhaDeAtum: they are 3 mid, lets do wolves LasanhaDeAtum: just 1 bot LasanhaDeAtum: just pick small wins LasanhaDeAtum: report my jinx for flame LasanhaDeAtum: gg wp :) LasanhaDeAtum: pls report jinx for flame LasanhaDeAtum: and sylas for negative attitude Post-Game LasanhaDeAtum: such a flamer jinx LasanhaDeAtum: hope u get banned LasanhaDeAtum: u are always carried LasanhaDeAtum: look ur match history xD LasanhaDeAtum: atleast i am not toxic and flamer as u LasanhaDeAtum: grow up kid LasanhaDeAtum: :)
: Full chat logs?
i can only copy the text
: https://gyazo.com/ba5a3447de568308d998b5baf31f33a6 https://gyazo.com/c3751bfb1b9b19a701fce08f93e08c60
and well, being a litle salty it's not flame, flame is being offensive to someone
Shamose (EUW)
: Post chat logs.
https://gyazo.com/ba5a3447de568308d998b5baf31f33a6 https://gyazo.com/c3751bfb1b9b19a701fce08f93e08c60
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