: how than ? oke my final ranked game was total team score 48/63 (team score) my personal score was 39/2/4 how can that be my fault ?
Dude, I looked at Lolking and you totally deserve Bronze 5 you're kda is horrible, your cs is horrible, your builds are meh... you seem like a normal bronze 5er too me, nothing special. Just train train train and don't say it's your teams fault, it's your fault aswell.
: Ur the one who give me the most reply's. U only disagree every argument. But stil i dont deserve a ban for somthing i didnt do.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Who cares if you think you deserve is, perma is perma is perma. Welcome to your next account!
: Lol When did i say he just played 1 game?
"My brother just trolled me he played !!!a game!!! and was toxic and now i have an permaban." And it's definitily not just this 3 games that gave you a perma... stop trolling around, you got banned you deserve it. Good luck next account, bro!
: What did you get with Hextech Chests?
Second Chest ever -> Spirit Guard Udyr Third Chest -> Bloodlord Vlad The rest is not important :D
Driveskull (EUNE)
: And now its normal... I would agree with you if she would bend over and show her ass os touch her boobs - those aspects are sluty not a woman sitting in bikini on sand...
And where is the champion aspect of that drawning? She's supposed to be a league champ... not a half naked beach girl.
Driveskull (EUNE)
: If this is sluty for you then you have really strange life...
Just over sexualized o-0 Half Naked = feminine, sure
: why is this sluty?
Wut? She is half naked, only bikini top and slip... a few years ago this was soft porn lol
: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Draggles,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=viuN0Zkq,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-18T19:07:41.132+0000) > > Hey folks, > > Late 2013, we gave a super early preview of an eastern-inspired, serpentine storm dragon named **Ao Shin** that was in the first phases of champion creation. Then, in the two years that passed (aside from a few comments in low-key conversations) we went silent. Totally a mistake on our part, and the mystery around this dragon has only increased over time. We’ve seen the question of “Ao Shin where?” pop up all over the place, including being one of the most asked questions in our recently hosted preseason Q&A in China. > > Now that 2016 is upon us and production schedules are being finalized for early this year, we finally have an update: the dragon that we previewed in 2013 has evolved tremendously over time. As such, we will ***not*** be releasing the champion that you know as Ao Shin, but in the first half of this year we ***will*** be releasing a dragon champion. His name is (tentatively) Aurelion Sol. > > We can’t say much more about Aurelion Sol, but we did want to share some of the challenges we faced and lessons we learned. While the major news is out of the bag, you can still read on if you want hear how the dragon formerly known as Ao Shin evolved over the course of two years. > > First: Ao Shin’s kit just didn't pass muster. This is a pretty common problem we run into in the initial stage of champion creation, and while sometimes we can adjust on the fly (a usable ‘paper kit’ might have two or three core abilities that make things click), other times we need to shelve the entire concept and take a step back. Internally, we call this ‘ice boxing’ a champion until we can revisit with a fresh perspective. > > Second: delivering on the unique shape of a serpentine dragon’s body - long and powerful - in a game where instantaneous turning is key presents some unique technical challenges. Given enough time, we were confident we could solve the turning problem, but because Ao Shin’s abilities weren’t coming together we were reluctant to commit to engineering work that might just end up scrapped. > > Finally - and this was the big one - we committed too early to Ao Shin’s premise without really developing his thematic roots. Around the time we announced Ao Shin, we were in the process of slowing down our champion pipeline to figure out how to continue delivering resonant characters that feel unique to the League universe. We learned a lot during this time (still learning!) and when we examined Ao Shin with these new lessons - Why was he in Runeterra? What were his motivations? - we unearthed a fresh thematic that really set us off running. > > So in the end, while we’re sorry to have hyped up the idea of a serpentine, storm-wielding dragon for so long, we’re still very excited to deliver a dragon champion this year that we hope you’ll love. Aurelion Sol’s got some big shoes (claws?) to fill, but we still like surprises so stay tuned - any of our next few champions could be him! Someone at Riot is a fan of roman history?^^ I just thought about the ancient roman sol invictus cult. Aurelian was the one that established and strengthened the God "Sol Invictus" which means "invincible sungod" So you took Emperor Aurelian "Aurelion" and Sol Invictus the Sungod "Sol" and put it together? :D btw. i do study latin at university^^
: Unjust permaban
It's simple... 1. your ban is deserved 2. make a new account 3. never write again NEVER EVER I know this problem I also tend to discuss the whole time... but it just won't help anybody... just don't write that is the only solution.
: Yeah, you missed that 'world wide' was not meant literally ;)
Iam from germany and this dude is just telling you bullocks. Must be one of those rich pampered kids
: thats what you thinking. Here in germany, its a regular thing. Nearly every german kid has a secondary bank acc with "taschengeld" for a month.
What are you talking about? Iam from germany and the time I was a kid I only remember one dude in school to have this... and his parents were rich as fuck. That's bullocks normal kids don't get that kind of money treatment.
: lcs players never surrender , why should we ?
8GameDos8 (EUW)
: how was your luck with the mystery champ ^^ ?
Q {{champion:75}} W {{champion:106}} E {{champion:55}} R {{champion:26}} Passive {{champion:266}} GG
Xa3k (EUW)
: Learn to take a joke? You mean the game being unplayable is a joke? Oh so funny. Let me go shoot someone and laugh about how much of a joke that was. Get a sense of humour.
You compare the game lagging with shooting someone? Dude.... chill...
Clale (EUW)
: Nasus no skill champ
Really? Nasus needs pro skills... it's so hard not to fall asleep on your keyboard while only pressing Q until Late


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