This just made me lose my placement match, god damn 15-30 fps, last year i had stable 80-120 without a single fps drop ...
Skere (EUW)
: You got chat restriction because of those items?
Yes, those items and an enemy Yi provoked a rage on my side :P He was claiming that he is a good player and that the champion he plays with requeres alot of skills, and it tilted me.
: So 7 days without a single fragment..
If you play 1 game per day, you will get all 4 keys easly than if you play 10 hours a day. The system is made so casual plebs can win keys easly
: Disable devourer and guinsoos rageblade
Agree, i got 10 chat restrincions because of those two items and Yi, it makes the game not fun at all, riot does't care about it right now, they just make skins and new champions ^^
: Post a screenshot of your most expensive and cool Hextech skin you've won so far
xtimigui (EUW)
: [[IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/ric84k.png[/IMG]](http://[IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/ric84k.png[/IMG]) Should i get him? I even got Fiora '-'
Xêm (EUW)
: Opened 5 boxes so far, got only 1 skin and 4 champ shards (I already had all of those champs) and that skin was fucking Sweetheart Annie and I don't even have Annie nor have I ever played her{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: I got an Hextech {{champion:1}} skin , but i couldnt get it cause no Orange essences so i Disenchanted it into essences didnt screenshot tho*{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Errr it doesnt work that way, premades are innately toxic, they tend to be toxic to that one guy who is doing solo Q. As for the player base its probably hit its maximum at which it will not increase.
That doesn't matter. If you are the solo Q guy, and 4 premades bully you, the only thing u have to do is report them. If they try to report you, that will count only as a 1 vote, if their votes are invalid then their accounts will be in a negative status and all their further reports will start to drop to a point where they will be nulified.
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Encrux (EUW)
: https://i.gyazo.com/709ff1333727d73e8b1790794a5c7962.png
: I had project Yi but I hate Yi so I made orange essences out of it.
: got snow malzahar, turned into essence, then later i realize it cant be bought :/
Eambo (EUW)
: D'oh, I rerolled my rarest last night. I got Alien Invader Heimer, but alas I already owned him from a bundle in the past - so he got a reroll unfortunately :-( I really like the iBlitz skin, worth that 1050 ess! :-P
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Rachnera (EUW)
: http://puu.sh/o1R1Y/956cd69a5c.jpg I still wonder what this is all about tbh.
No idea, i can't watch that picture anymore, it makes me nauseous
: without feedback after reports/punishment, players will keep believing their reports mean nothing
You probably report people for every little thing, that's why now your reports doesn't count anymore, your account is nullified
: Worst april's 1st ever
You can see that today will be the only day that League playerbase decreased drastically
: No Hextech chests or key fragments yet
Got my second KEY FRAGMENT after 4 days of 10 hours a day gaming.........................
Senses High (EUNE)
: okey they answered me after about 30+ hours. they said that they will send it to me .... anyway i check if i got it but i dont have it yet. i guess they will send it to me in next hours... _**thanks for help laughing man ! your the best :)**_
Nice, but kinda weird that actually a person answered you xD maybe this time the bot didn't noticed your request haha, hf
Senses High (EUNE)
: i did it but i dont have any answer from the yet.... already send the ticket 24 hours ago..
You did something wrong then, check if u have the correct USERNAME and SUMMONER NAME i've already done that to few accounts and always got the skin and champ in 3 seconds. http://i.imgur.com/md6IsGF.png
: Today I quit League of Legends after nearly 4 years of play
People are saying, "RIOT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING, THEY DON'T CARE !!!" But with the introduction of patch 6.6 they actually did alot. 1. Hextech rewards and punishment. *We can see an Ultimatum of RIOT against toxicity, "How's that so ?" ... ·Well, they do not reward players who had "10, 25 chat restrincitons or 15 days ban" until they improve their behavior to positive, which may take from 3 to 9 months (to get punished is really easy, you just need 4 matches of a valid reports against you). This has a bad side, we will see a drastical increment of smurf accounts which will lead to the decay of new players, but will clean the upper levels of toxic players which are already banned. 2. Dynamic queue. *Everyone is complaining about the dynamic queue and how bad is it, but if you see what everyone says about the community you can find the answer there. "Uh ?" ·You get really bad, troll, feeding and toxic players in your games right ? After you find premades your gameplay experience will change to good, also all those solo toxic players will be left behind and lose elo or get a ban probably. So right now RIOT is cleaning all the scum from the game, just give it some time.
: Its made so, that keys are not the goal of the game, just enjoy playing, keys will come iwth the time
It's too late already, they made the game unenjoayble, now you will see soo many smurfs account, and let's not forget the dynamic queue failure, and nope... the hextech is just a moneygrab goal not to enjoy. As usually they never give details to what they are doing, always there is something hidden.
Fermonos1 (EUW)
: also it looked real asf
You can't be that silly, you can't have free RP in any way ... don't be soo innocent, the one who has a way to get free RP will never tell to anyone else, and if you really tried to get free RP then you deserve your account to be stolen ...
: you dont need to own the champion to get keys, the drop rate increases if you have more people in premade with you.
I've won like 10 matches and got 0 key fragments, that's not normal imo ...
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Fermonos1 (EUW)
Stop clicking at "FREE RIOT POINTS" maybe ???
Senses High (EUNE)
: http://youtube.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/youtube/ youtube alistar free skin
It's easy, go to riotgames.zendesk.com open a new ticket -> 1. Technical Issue 2. Others 3. Subject -> Unchained Alistar 4. USERNAME and SUMMONER NAME 5. REGION 6. LANGUAGE - English 7. OS 8. WHAT TYPE OF TECHNICAL ISSUE ARE YOU EXPERIENCING? -> Others 9. Ignore the boxes 10. DESCRIPTION -> Unchained Alistar 11. SUBMIT 12. In few seconds BLITZCRANK BOT will deliver your Alistar and skin into your account. Enjoy ^^

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