DaWolfer (EUW)
: ye just like that. high elo playstyle and tactics is so different from low elo. well low elo doesnt have a tactic tbh lol. I split a lot and people dont understand in low elo how to split. Like let me split with nasus top alone, then your other teammates should go bot. but instead of that they come top aswell. and then flame me. maybe im a bit tilt , i dont know, but I think your feedback is pretty true
You have to write a lot so the 4 other players understand what you want to do. It's not magic for them to understand what you are trying to achieve (and yes, they don't understand what is split pushing in 90% of the cases probably, or more). For instance, when you want to start a 5 vs 5, and someone in opponent team wasted his/her ultimate (e.g. teamfight in your favor), you need to ping a lot to have your teammates initiate the 5 vs 5. It includes also writing things similar as "X has no ult" "free teamfight win X no ult". And from there, not only your team understands what you mean but you also impose yourself as leader of the group (they are more ready to follow all your calls blindly than others' pings - if you happen to win that teamfight, obviously - you probably checked teammates' ultimate cooldown timers too). There is a lot of "sheep" mode also, where everyone follows each other (even if they don't understand why they follow). This issue can break your strategies. An example of typical scenario is: * X is recalling in a warded bush * Y (in your team) comes around and runs straight to X * X sees Y running straight on him and flees away from Y, you don't even have time to join Y to fight X because there's no fight at all -> 0 reward, time wasted While we all know in higher elos it should be like this: * X is recalling in a warded bush * Y (in your team) fakes X is not seen (by moving oblique to the bush from where Y came) * Z (you) comes * Y/Z ambushes X and secure the kill on X -> kill + assist + XP + gold Because the risk assessment you can do (in high elo) is existing, the one in lower elo is practically nearly non-existent except for basic things (ex: turrets, fountain). For the bush thing, risk assessment goes like that: * If X sees a champ (Y) going to him/her, X flees * If X sees a champ (Y) that is not going to him/her, X tries to finish recalling (most of the times) because X thinks Y didn't see X * If X sees nothing, X tries to finish recalling Low elo is only seeing #3, while high elo sees #1-#2-#3, it's why communicating to your team with explicit words/expressions/actions is very important in low elo. In that scenario, you need to tell Y to not show we see X and to not run straight to him but in a curve/oblique way. As the game goes, you should know how to deal with each player personally (e.g how to speak to individuals and to the whole team).
314exeexe (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lulu Malice,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dEMpwaQw,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-02-17T00:20:13.414+0000) > > Reason: http://plays.tv/video/56c37923a6c41f6e9d/fucking-zzrot?from=user i couldnt see any ZZrot
because the Zz'rot are invisible, it's the reason it's disabled.
Mirkizos (EUW)
: Why the heck is Zzrot portal disabled?
Reason: http://plays.tv/video/56c37923a6c41f6e9d/fucking-zzrot?from=user
Lùmen (EUNE)
: I have to agree, you are correct. i personally think those chat logs aren't worth a suspension. Riot ?
It's worth a suspension since he was already punished twice. "report" word in his chat log is enough to push him to get suspended. There are keywords you must absolutely avoid to use if you don't want to get punished, and "report X" is inside. Report calling was already said to be punishable by Riot anyway, as it's a threat. Therefore, the suspension is justified as you jump from 25 games chat restriction (2nd punishment level) to a temporary suspension (3rd punishment level).
Jotanl (EUW)
: Champion select is stuck
Got several friends unable to create games nor opening profile, and not even able to quit game client properly. Login seems impossible too, might be a EUW issue again.
: Aw man that sucks...especially when you don't notice them actually trying to cast a spell. xD But thanks for the reply! :)
{{champion:117}} W also is not a silence but just a polymorph, hence spells being cast still will be processed. For instance, a {{champion:72}} using his ultimate, if you polymorph him it will not do anything else than the polymorphing effect.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Squaid,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GV3NeiNO,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-02-11T18:16:27.393+0000) > > short note. > it's not a "tank ahri". Its called a control mage ahri build lol.. > and it's kind of a used build ;b > it's like a control mage TF, annie, lissa etc. tank**y**
Did you try {{item:3027}} + {{item:3040}} + {{item:3089}} ? It gives you about 600 AP. There is room for 3 other items (one for boots, two for full def items?). However, it scales slowly, but if you manage to farm all you need you should have that 600 AP by min 25-30 (and the spike is insanely high). A 3500 hp / 600 AP / (infinite mana) / 30-40% CDR / 200 armor / 100 MR {{champion:103}} is probably much more scary than a common {{champion:103}} build :) (for CDR, runes can give up to 30% at level 18).
: dude are u kidding me. i called alistar troll the moment after he caled troll himself. i told riven she should pick teleport, the moment after she said she sucks and she shouldnt pick riven in the 1st place. i did not flame her and SHE GOD DAMN HONORED ME AFTER THAT GAME i still never flamed shaco. > This is quite offensive. To tell that a teammate has no contribution whatsoever. I dont know how you dont understand this. and i dont know how u dont understand that a player who is trying to intentionally lose a game WANTS TO HAVE ZERO OR NEGATIVE CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM!!! u cant even distinguish what champion plays in what game. i bet u didnt even read each chat log. u clearly are a hater and want to backbite this. no reason continue talking to guys like you
It's more you don't want to hear what people are telling you ^^ Look at this, it was far enough to get you either a chat restrict (for only the 2 first games) or a ban (for the last game): Billy Darkcrash: shaco ganked top and rene got double kill. then udyr ganks top and i kill rene 1v2. how im troll. mf reported for verbal abuse Billy Darkcrash: repor alistar Billy Darkcrash: trolling Billy Darkcrash: report him Billy Darkcrash: all report ali guys Billy Darkcrash: x9 Billy Darkcrash: troll more Billy Darkcrash: u troll Billy Darkcrash: because u troll Billy Darkcrash: what flamer Billy Darkcrash: thats why we flame [all] Billy Darkcrash: x9 alistar [all] Billy Darkcrash: plz report him [all] Billy Darkcrash: he deserves ban No one cares about what happened in game that is not in the chat about your punishment, because the system is not reading if you are doing 4v5 for instance. Not only your post is not serious (look the content itself yourself in some weeks, you will see it is non sense as you are skipping what got you punished) but you are trying to save yourself with non-sense proof, but in the proofs you are skipping what got you caught. You are talking about your punishment or about the story of your games? It's more the latter, and the system cannot read the story of your game. You are trying to drag the attention to "scapegoats" of your ban than yourself to try saving your "honor". The system read the chat and all the bad things you wrote (e.g. report calling/threatening, judging people you don't know, condescending, etc.). Do you think what you wrote in those games, you would do the same thing IRL to random strangers? (like: go to a sports fair, and tell someone who got enough 10 times "you should go to jail troll, i'll put you to the police station" - this is similar to what you did but in game :) ) Answering the initial question being "serious examples showing that current report system punishes innocent cases. not qq thread. READ": it is a QQ thread + not an innocent case | likewise, it is not a serious example of the report system punishing an innocent case, because it is straight not an innocent case. There are threads against these specific people like you who think you are right while you are 100% wrong from the beginning. The system is not judging what happened in the game, the system is judging what you wrote. If you wrote something bannable, then you deserved it. No point in making a QQ thread, you can read yourself your own chat. If you can't find yourself, do it IRL and see the reactions with random strangers.
: At risk of getting banned, looking for software to disable the ENTER-buttons on my keyboard
See my post there: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/Oiv7kZ7b-disable-in-game-chat-through-the-pvpnet-client-lets-vote-for-it In case it doesn't show the code, open this pastebin for the script: http://pastebin.com/PJnXVLex It will work only when league of legends is open and focused. It unbins your Enter key in game (if your current window is focused on league game), and bins it back again everytime you exit league game window (which means you can chat on game client without any issues). It's not exactly binning/unbinning, but more catching key input and processing their effect whether the current window is a specific name or not.
: With increasing ELO the age also increases, since it takes you at least a few dedicated years to reach it. And in some years of being active in an online community you naturally improve your english by at least some amount
There is no relation between age and elo, there are 13-year players that are in Master tier for instance, but also younger in Challenger. However, if you have a smurf in high diamond and a smurf in bronze, you'll see the difference in English proficiency straight out of the box after some games.
: Minimap in the Middle of HUD
Using an appropriate screen overlay software makes it possible also. You would need to do an aware overlay to swap the position of two rectangles made by their coordinates on your screen. Doing this will put you in a grey area, not only you are hardly detectable for doing it (unless Riot wants to use PixelGetColor from gdi32 of Windows, and therefore slow down the game of everyone due to the performance impact when desktop composition is on), and if you stream no one can prove it's not a OBS/<insert streaming software> setup. Not only the detection will be hard, but false positives will happen (I use between 125% and 200% minimap size, there were also posts in the past since the new HUD about making the minimap or HUD bigger: you just need to modify yourself the resolution configuration file of LoL).
Emillie (EUW)
: 0.4 x 1.2 x 1.15 x 1.25 -> 69% tenacity
Correcting the inlined post to this post ^ More accurately would be 1 - [ (1-0.4) x (1-0.2) x (1-0.15) x (1-0.25) ] = 69.4%, but it's not the point of this message. Your method is just **pure luck / coincidence** because, for instance if you remove the 40% passive you end up with the following: 0.25 x 1.15 x 1.20 = 34.5% While in reality it is 1 - [ (1-0.25) x (1-0.15) x (1-0.20) ] = 49%, which is far away from the initial 34.5% you would get using your calculation. A more extreme (and imaginary) counter example is 50% - 49% - 48% multiplicative percentages, which leads in your case to an astronomic (and unbelievable) **110.26% (????? of doing 0.5 * 1.49 * 1.48?)** while it should be 86.74%.
1T Kayn (EUW)
: Let my friends know im in LeaverBuster Queue!!
Use a League chat app to chat (if you don't have an app for that, use Bluestacks to emulate Android, or Google Chrome in developer mode to use Android APKs) with friends while in LeaverBuster queue :)
: How are they supposed to get 10 wins in a challenger 5v5 ? Thats not possible for a gold unless he plays 200 rankeds with them...
Someone plays on their behalf (like as if someone playing on the behalf of someone else in Ranked SoloQ).
: As a diamond 5 support main, I really detest these changes. Healing is ridiculously op right now, especially soraka. With the armor and mr bonus she can now give on top of her heal every 4 seconds, she practically makes an adc play like a tank that does 3k dps. Windspeaker's blessing has to be nerfed immediately. It's like Riot has no idea how to balance something, there is always something ridiculously OP going on in the rift. Why not just make slight changes instead of drastic megabuffs or meganerfs? Like reduce the windspeaker buff to heals/shields to 7% and resistance bonuses to 10% and see how that works out. Oh and while I love to see diversity in the rift, I think that relatively easy (thus boring) champions are the worst kind to be OP. If you want to win you are forced to play them and that makes the game feel like a grind. Of course saying that Soraka, Janna and Sona are easy and boring is just my personal opinion. Some kind-hearted people might truly enjoy taking the role of a guardian angel and spamming heals and shields.
{{champion:16}} + Windspeaker's Blessing: massive HP + armor / MR bonus (it makes {{champion:44}} looks old with only his armor bonus), but it doesn't happen every minute so it is OK (any {{champion:24}} with {{item:3124}} would love to {{summoner:4}} + jump on {{champion:16}} for instant kill) But if you try to experiment this: {{champion:37}} + Windspeaker's Blessing: HP / shield + armor / MR bonus is a tad too strong (it's like having {{item:3190}} on-demand), it is not OK to have such skill granting insane bonuses (and stronger than Locket itself with on-demand whenever you want at short cooldown...), while having a CC that is reliable in case a {{champion:24}} with {{item:3124}} is trying to {{summoner:4}} + jump you As you said they should nerf the resisteance bonuses, but they should give it a cooldown so it cannot proc every 2 seconds. {{item:3190}} feels weak old school item now if you can have it by pressing 1 button that has a short cooldown (on a single-target or to everyone). Unless you mix them with {{champion:16}} / {{champion:37}} for mega bonuses on ultra short cooldowns.
: Ryze is super op again?
3 rules vs Ryze: * Never try to fight him when he got his passive ready unless you want to explode in pieces even with 150+ MR and 3000+ HP * Ever burst him before he bursts you * Never 1v1 him unless you got cc to freeze him during his passive burst Otherwise once he has everything in cooldown and passive not ready, he is literally junk-tier champion (just a mage that cannot cast spells and only has autoattacks) until his cooldowns get back up ready. Level 5 he can easily 100-0 a squishy opponent laner, so yes he is strong but only in opportunistic moments (like Gnar).
Rioter Comments
: Broken and infuriating matchmaking
Read it this way as the average MMR of teams is not differing much and that it is game that mixes level 30s (not high MMR) and non-level 30s: Team 1: 30 + 11 + 23 + 30 + 30 = 124 Team 2: 21 + 30 + 26 + 25 + 26 = 128 Who is supposed to complain now? It all depends about the interpretation everyone has of what can be seen. Anyway, why do you open lolnexus in a normal game where you are supposed to have fun? Do you experience fun only if you win? Do you think that once you saw there's only 1 level 30 (who is silver) against 3 level 30 (who are gold), you instantly lost? How do you know already if X player in Y team is understanding tell the game, playing well with A champion, in B lane, against C champ, in D team comp, with E masteries, with F runes....? **As scapegoat the matchmaking algorithm?**
LA Losty (EUW)
: As far as i know it should be impossible for anyone under plat to be matched with diamond o_O he must have the craziest mmr then...
Wrong, you are matched by MMR not by your current division/tier. You can be silver and matched with platinum without any issues if your MMR is high enough for it. In the past, you could even exploit the promotion series dodge loss to be a Bronze matched with Diamonds. You cannot DuoQ within 2 diff tiers only.
: actually i just came back from my 14 day ban and didnt talk at all in the other games.
If it came after your 14 day ban, just the sentences threatening "reported" are enough to escalate to the next higher tier ban, which can only be a permanent ban. Therefore, it is entirely deserved.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Iirc a macro basically will look to your programs like normal input from keys. So it defo is possible. This is essentially a script, which are forbidden to use. For the change it part... A script can perform anything a human could, but does it flawlessly. This is why it will always be able to script it, as long as a human can (theoretically) execute it. And therefore it is not possible to make something "macro/script proof".
Scripting is when you use League of Legends's game code to change the way you do stuff (ex: auto last hit, perfect kiting, etc), and these are not allowed. Macros would require the user to have a perfect timing on both the mouse and key input. For instance, you can have a Rengar EE combo bind on one button, if you miss your EE (because your mouse is failing to target the enemy target) nothing special will happen. While a script uses what directly is in memory to perfectly hit that Rengar EE. After, there are two types of macros: - Hardware Macros: those coming from your keyboard, mouse, etc. and you can change them using software from the manufacturer, but it'll change the output in drivers - Software Macros: they catch the button you press and transfer the button queue using what the targeted macro (using the button) is supposed to do, any software can catch you pressed one button to press another set of buttons (if the software is made properly for it) Hardware macros are near literally undetectable as they lies in the drivers as input (no one can know you pressed that macro button). In computers: Software > Kernel > Drivers > Hardware, anything under Kernel is barely detectable (if not at all unless you use specialized software, like a specialized driver to harvest all running drivers and scan them manually 1 by 1 in assembly code), anything in Kernel is already near undetectable (think of rootkits being hardly detectable in computers as they run with system privileges and can force themselves to hide to avoid detection). Hence why Riot said Macros can't be detected if you input them from your mouse/keyboard/any hardware. However, do not make a macro that spams a specific button 100000 times :p
: I tried to show HOTS community how cool 'Use Movement Prediction' is
The single and only reason you think it is "power" is because the action is done locally instead of waiting for the server to receive and update your action. This is nothing special and working as intended. However, you will be treated like moving without UMP no matter what for your actions. What you see is not always what you get with UMP on. UMP makes a "jaggy" (not laggy) appearance when ordering over orders, for instance: you can clearly see your champion requires a small repositioning to the right at 0:58 in your 2nd video, because your local action went too fast compared to what happened in the game server.
Kízaru (EUW)
: ok i will explain you why we or he did this: He is main Adc but before we came back to his main role i told him to go for other lanes because he lost so much games with Adc that he should try other lanes. This worked well till we started to get feeder and troller so he decided to try adc again and this happend he tried 1 time cait and it went nice. He told it me in Teamspeak and we tried it in Duo Q and you can see the results in the link which he posted below.
Some of my friends' accounts are banned for boosting their own smurfs, so it's always a strange issue to get banned for boosting (yes, you can ban your own smurfs by playing ranked on them o_o). Log files shows you played on your computer. If they were not there, then someone played on your account on your behalf on other computer. Obviously, Riot asks for the log files when troubleshooting, but in this case it should be used to uplift the ban. When talking to Riot Player Behavior Support, the first ticket you do will have an automated answer no matter what, you'll have to reply again (and rewrite the same content if you have nothing to add - it's how Riot Support works anyway if you want a non-robotic answer at 100% rate).
: where can we report someone who has been eloboosted? i add a guy that was being eloboosted to see him go from s3 to g5 in 3 days, with like 30 wins 2 loses nidalee. i played vs that account and the player admited he was eloboosting after the game in private. after g5 the account has almost no games.
File a Support Ticket under General Questions topic for this. Screenshots etc. for proof.
Enovil (EUW)
: Riot banned me for no Reason (including they are mean i got Eloboosted)
One thing that looks strange just looking your most recent ranked games is having your active item slot changing, but it's not something to take into account as you could change item position usages. The thing that really look strange is that you suddenly changed lanes (leaving ADC/support when you could lock them in as you could pick before them most of the times at least one of these roles) and carried a lot of games during 2-3 days, before/after you went ADC/support a lot. It might have triggered a warning and someone at Riot checking themselves. From that point (as the ban was handed), you have to prove you didn't got boosted. Like.. you have all game logs in the League of Legends folder to prove you did play on your computer all these games? (there is a log file created for each game)
: Does his ulti stack as well? O_O I taught it's only Q :) so why champion like this is invented? Even annie can't one shot (R) someone, well unless she's fed as hell :) So there's no other champ that could just press button and one shot someone. So basically it's a ban for veigar or you lose the game? :)
Q farms 1 AP per minion/monster, 2 AP per bigger minions/monster (like cannon). Q at level 5 farms 5 AP per kill/assist, and farms a bonus 5 AP if Q kills. Therefore, a Q potentially can farm 10 AP on 1 kill (5 AP + 5 AP). On contrary beliefs, this DO NOT GIVE ONLY +1 at any level. You can farm 20 AP if you double kill on one single Q. If R kills a champion, then you also get the Q assist stack, which would be 5 AP at level 5 Q. Not only R damage depends on Veigar's AP, but it also depends on the target's AP (you), thus leading to even higher odds of one-shotting AP carries. About your items... why: {{item:3001}} is missing if you play against such champion? Not only that, but getting a {{item:3102}} or at least {{item:3140}} could save you from his E. It is not because you "rekt" Veigar that you are allowed to build 0 MR items because you think you will one-combo him before he one-shots you.
: this means you have a good mmr, go for some rankeds and you'll win tons of lp right away (and lose little too)
MMR is separated between queues. You can have a Bronze 5 MMR in Ranked Soloq while having a Challenger MMR in Normal Draft Pick. Therefore, having good MMR in normals do not mean at all you always have a good MMR in ranked.
: Koi Nami Chroma Not Working?
You need to start using Koi Nami Chroma Pack in a queue that is different than Team Builder in order to have the Chroma Pack color stick. However, you are also going to need to (unfortunately) not change the color in Team Builder, else it won't stick properly (in some if not most cases). Another solution (that worked in my case, might work for you): 1. Create a Team Builder queue (as captain, not as individual) 2. Change to Koi Nami Chroma Pack with the color you want 3. Disband Team Builder room 4. Create a Team Builder queue (as captain) 5. Check if you have Koi Nami Chroma Pack with the color you wanted pre-selected 6. If yes, cancel queue and play Team Builder like you would ; if not, play a Coop vs AI with Beginner bots with your Koi Nami Chroma Pack + color you want, end game and you'll be able to end up in Team Builder with the Chroma Pack and the color (however, you can't always change properly in any case if yes or no, sometimes changing color won't stick)
Gans (EUW)
: LoL Research: Looking for participants!
What is the max scale on each sides of the results? 100? Because when I look after my answers, I feel like "o_o": http://www.projectgamr.com/results/vltjvtcitcntcntcltcitirt6t8t3t5t2t4t7t1tivtivtcltirtijtcb PERSONALITY O90C92E92A100S90 Openness (90) Conscientiousness (92) Extraversion (92) Agreeableness (100) Emotional Stability (90) BRAIN TYPE E95S54 Empathizing (95) Systemizing (54)
Kljestic (EUNE)
: How to matchmaking
You have a much higher MMR in Ranked Solo Queue for your current tier/division and you complain? A lot of people would be happy to know they have 5 divisions higher of MMR than their current division so they get an insane amount of LP per win and lose near nothing, while skipping divisions frequently on successful promos. You don't lose because they are 4-5 divisions higher, you lost even if the game was balanced. Tier/Division is not representative of your MMR overall in most cases, and when you get matched with other players it's due to MMR not Tier/Division.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Its only a soft reset, so you keep your mmr. Seems like your mmr was quite low last season which is why you were placed in low plat despite being 8/2. :P
You can grind or lose MMR by playing during pre-season also. Was Gold 4 in Season 4 (too hard to grind ranked until last day of season 4), then went Platinum 4 in pre-season 5. Got placed Platinum 3 in Season 5 (7/3 placements) even if friends told me it's impossible. And with such high MMR + LP gain that I literally skipped divisions afterwards.
TheMaan (EUNE)
: I have the same issue, have 30+ more wins then losses, went from gold to diamond v this season, got good lp in platinum 1 but diamond V gives me only 12 and I loose -26
If you join Diamond 5 with a OK LP gain in Platinum 1 (like +20 LP/win), you'll see that this is not enough to match the MMR in Diamond 5. Diamond 5 is about 3 divisions of MMR itself. For instance (just an example, not a real case), it is like going from Silver 4 to Silver 1, but seeing only Silver 4 to Silver 3 in terms of LP. Therefore, your LP gain is heavily clamped down, and your LP losses are huge (which is normal), unless your MMR is what is deemed "average" for Diamond 5 (Platinum 1 100 LP should be around 2000 MMR while Diamond 5 0 LP should be around 2200 MMR, climbing 3 tiers of MMR is not given).
: > [{quoted}](name=Nikolai12000,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=o4RAryAx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-17T03:08:25.813+0000) > > I dont quite think you know how the mmr in LoL works. Its based off of win/lose and depends on the mmr of your enemies aswell. Better enemies means your mmr improves more if you keep winning. In game stats have nothing to do with mmr. this also, but it doesnt ONLY take account W/L , and yes climbing does in fact take your stats, If your mechanics are of bronze, yet you have managed to make it to silver, then eventually you will start winning like +5lp per win, despite if the enemys is better then you on papaer, but you got carried by your team
Only Win/Loss affect your MMR. In-game stats have nothing to do with it. Example: you can have 100 CS as ADC (while others have 200+) with most gold at min 30 and carry a game because teamfights started much earlier and you get more kills. Therefore, it's not relevant to take into account metrics in game outside of metrics existing before the game started (i.e team MMR vs opponent team MMR). It's like Chess Elo rating. Only the win/loss outcome is taken into account to choose if you climb or fall.
Snow Enix (EUW)
: i've had a friend with same bug. I once saw him with over 5000 minutes
You didn't see the epic 1000h+ ranked yet. Players standing in front for more than 40 days that they decayed LP already. Resurrect timers over 78 seconds. Invulnerable minions 1-hit killing any champion. (nah, just a game client bug in fact, I know some friends are starting their game with a counter of 66 minutes sometimes, even more depending on when they play, still strange when it's seen ^^).
Sarokh (EUNE)
: And that's why I want Riot to remove division markers... Your opinion makes me go angry because I don't agree with you. I've worked my ass off to get to diamond 5 and here you are, you tell me diamond 5 is still plat 1. This will only increase toxicity (as stated above) and less rewarding when hitting new tier after all hard work
Yes, it's actually true and you seem to not see it, but Diamond 5 is still Platinum 1. In fact, Diamond 4 is also still Platinum 1. The whole MMR tier from Platinum 4 to Diamond 4 has the same players, only people who are on a luck spree (because the troll pool is real at that MMR range, about 80% of ranked games) there or people who manage to have a significant impact on "regular-played" ranked games (at most 20% of ranked games at this MMR range) can climb to Diamond to high Diamond 4 MMR. Once you get into high Diamond 3 MMR it stops for a while, and you get back to the troll pool at higher MMRs. Anyway, this is an incentive for players to not stay into a -5 division, but better go into a 4 at least. If you are in Diamond 5 and played in it, then you already know to climb it's luck or huge time commitment (even Challengers can go on a 10-losestreak there easily if unlucky). And maybe because you want to defend your "social judgement" from others to show you are a "Diamond" player and not a "Diamond 5" player, because Diamond 5 has the reputation of being the worst division ever (especially in terms of behavior) existing in all servers since the introduction of Master tier (people can't climb easily as Diamond 5 is about 3 full divisions of MMR). While you think it will increase toxicity, it will also increase positive behavior for people wanting to know how you managed to get there and what minimal skills you require to be there. Always don't think ever negatively, it does not help as you get biased towards your own motives which is not being recognized to be in the "Diamond 5" pool from rewards. I know people who are happy to be in Diamond 5 and happy to be able to have the division markers to show that Diamond 5 is not only a troll pool but has good players.
Sffc (EUW)
: And secondly, why the hell the Ranked FAQ when you open the match stopped appearing but the Draft still does, even though I disabled neither to make sure I didn't get into ranked by mistake?
Easier way to check if you are in a ranked queue: check if you can get a random champion: * If yes you see the ability to pick a random champion: you are not in a ranked queue * If no you can't see the ability to pick a random champion: you are in a normal queue
: >Because players are "sheeps". You should try to play against 4 bruisers + 1 support, or 5 junglers in the current meta, and see how you can get destroyed Or I can see how, against any team that knows that strategy and isn't surprise by it, the bruiser team loses miserably against a standard team, because their jinx/tristana/cait/ashe lategame carry and ranged midlaner will give them an advantage you can no longer overcome. >Play meta and you die. Statistically speaking, that statement is incorrect. If it were otherwise, people wouldn't play meta. Even if you are right and _"players are "sheeps""_, they would stil be sheeps who want to win. >Example: Teleport Mid+Top? I've been questioned a lot about why I take Teleport mid for the last months Double teleport compositions were never "off meta" tho, they were hugely popular in the Korean and chinese server pools.
> against any team that knows that strategy and isn't surprise by it, the bruiser team loses miserably against a standard team, because their jinx/tristana/cait/ashe lategame carry and ranged midlaner will give them an advantage You never played against 4 bruisers then. Try to let the ADC or an AP burst survive vs 4 bruisers. You'll see they won't when 4 people that takes near 0 damage jump on them. I guess you never saw yet that composition if you say this. Or, if you have seen that composition, you saw it below mid-high Platinum, where people are not really trying to use opponents' mistakes for their own advantages, and have poor execution most of the times. > Statistically speaking, that statement is incorrect. If it were otherwise, people wouldn't play meta. Even if you are right and "players are "sheeps"", they would stil be sheeps who want to win. Do you like seeing Jarvan IV + Xin Zhao bot lane destroying your ADC + Support, making them go on a feeding spree, going then on rampage every game? It's not because you play meta that you have the best winrate, if you can't play and can't adapt vs non-meta, you are going to throw yourself into hell (like, people building magic resist vs full AD team for instance because "copy and paste mobafire"). By the way, seeing professionals playing their style does not mean you can play at the same level as they do. If you aspire to be play like them, you do need to find a way to be better than your opponent team. Examples, do you like in mid lane?: {{champion:39}} VS {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} VS {{champion:55}} {{champion:92}} VS {{champion:45}} {{champion:62}} VS {{champion:101}} {{champion:58}} VS {{champion:103}} Off-meta pick because it changes widely your composition on top lane and jungle (or you can also don't change anything), yet your mid laner is going to get destroyed (that is {{champion:4}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:103}}). When you know you can tank a 3000 AP damage burst with adequate items and run tank armor items, while having ton of HP and damages, you don't need anymore a build relying on optimized sources (that is a tanky frontline and a damage backline): you just need CC to tear anything as you can just go through. Look how it works in ARAM, a bruiser team surviving 20 minutes vs a ranged/poke team wins very quickly once they get their defensive items, because they literally can walk through the enemy team without caring about damage, while doing ton of damages (glass cannons are glass cannons because "copy and paste meta"). Do you ever like having tanks with only 1 damage item (sometimes even 0) and full Armor/MR items destroying your ADCs/APCs who are full of damages and having at best only 1 defensive item? > Statistically speaking, that statement is incorrect. Statistically speaking, not everyone plays like a professional and most want to have fun/leisure, not everyone is able to play while sitting behind zoned and watching the enemy current meta taking your CS and wait getting levels to all-in instant kill the opponents. This applies mostly to Platinum 4 and under, which is probably about 94% of players in League of Legends. Are you in that top 6% who thinks more before trying to jump onto a CS/champion instead of dying? (this is the main difference between Platinum 4 and under, against higher ranked players - people can't stand sitting doing nothing or watching when playing a game - it's easy to say "yes" out of a game when in game you do not do that because you want to "play") > Double teleport compositions were never "off meta" tho, they were hugely popular in the Korean and chinese server pools. Yet some people were big flamers in EUW/EUNE/NA when you pick Teleport mid in champion lobby and in game. Until this week, obviously. People are raging when they see something they never have seen. Like not building {{item:2049}} as Support when you are short of gold, have 3 people with {{item:3341}}, and you know 250 gold exactly does the same thing to have 11 wards (6 {{item:2044}} + 5 {{item:2043}}, extra 9 {{item:2044}} if the sweeper users are buying them before they are full = 20 wards) on the map at 100% uprate unless they get destroyed. Are there any reason for a person to rage/flame when you can have 11 wards on the map at the same time? None.
: You make it sound like meta is some kind of preference. Its not. The people rely on the meta because the meta works. And that's the exact reason why people hate off-meta picks. Because they seldomly work. And even if they do, most of the time, the peopl playing them, are not pulling their own weight, but instead have to be carried by their team.
Because players are "sheeps". You should try to play against 4 bruisers + 1 support, or 5 junglers in the current meta, and see how you can get destroyed if you are not careful even in a ranked game. Play meta and you die. Play non meta and you don't die in those specific cases (ADC building bruiser builds for instance). In fact, ARAM is the land of non-meta, where you can try new builds that could work and help you applying them in Normal/Ranked games situations. Example: Teleport Mid+Top? I've been questioned a lot about why I take Teleport mid for the last months (and even longer), people saying it's trash/stupid/useless etc., and now that everyone takes Teleport mid I'm having fun at picking Ignite and I get questioned about why I am not taking Teleport. Well, "professional scene" from the current on-going championship is spreading to every players and taken as granted "best". Is everyone playing like them and having the same game skills? Obviously not, therefore it is not supposed to be the best for lower skilled players, but only the best if you reach their skills. What's atypical in the current meta is not deemed safe by players. **Every player who did not do/see the atypical move do not know straight out of the box if it is favorable or unfavorable.** As League of Legends players love being negative and spread negativity (like customers who hate product X spread their comments, while customers who like product X won't both commenting their product), what might be favorable is turned straight into unfavorable out of the box.
Lanik (EUW)
: Diamond 5 seeking D1, Masters and Challenger players to help me climb from D5 (tips not duoq)
Platinum 1 to Diamond 4 is a pure nightmare to climb. Players carry to lose instead of carrying to win (i.e: if your team has more "trolls" than the enemy team, you'll lose instantly no matter what you do, these divisions only depend on how much you play and not how much you can carry), as you can be 20000 gold ahead and still lose because someone in your team wants to lose. You should try mid lane and jungle, and see how far you can carry. In jungle, you must (and it's an obligation) counterjungle the enemy jungler, to secure yourself a first blood in order to snowball the lane you think is the easiest to snowball. This way, there is a high chance you'll get one of them starting to **troll** their team, therefore making 5v4 for your team and winning the game straight out of the box. Mid lane requires laning skills, it depends if you are able to pull them off every game. And important, you need to ward the enemy jungle if you play mid. Making one player going **troll** mode in the opponent team is the best you can do. It's possible to do this with every role, but the impact is different. [All] Chat is also interesting, because it can be used to put people on tilt. It does really work, both for your team but also against your team (got a Vayne in my team once getting on tilt just because the opponents mocked after a 3-min camp during laning phase, making an instant lose as she went troll mode AFK bot perma pushing and dying/feeding). if you understand what I mean, is that those divisions are purely psychological games, and you have to play with them. The only games that are not like that are when there are no trolls, and it becomes entirely pure skill based (at most 20% of the games are like that, if not lower). The "carry to lose" mentality players ends up once you reach Diamond 3. The games are much harder there (pure skill based), but sometimes there are the players who just joined Diamond 3 (i.e the trolls who managed to get there) trolling on purpose when they are behind themselves (even if your other lanes are far ahead). Happens far less, but still happens. > [{quoted}](name=Sdars,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gJMYPGrd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-11T04:04:51.094+0000) > > Maybe you're just having some bad luck, and getting hasty with your decision to change role. I'd say the best role to carry must be your best. And the best is usually related to what you like playing, as liking it will make it easier to get better. And no. It's entirely wrong in Diamond 5. You really start your games with an average of 55% winrate (assuming 4 random people in your team and 5 random people in enemy team). The first team to get first blood and to snowball on **one lane** instantly wins as in 80% of the cases, the enemy laner is going **troll** mode to intentionally lose the game. Like, ignoring calls, going AFK farming, stealing others' farms, etc. To get out of these divisions you need to have a role allowing to get and secure first blood, and to roam all around the map to make at least one going **troll** in the opponent team. DuoQ also helps, but you need to remember you'll get matched with nearly the same players if you don't wait at least 10 minutes after every game. If you queue at the same as some of your friends do, you'll likely end up on the same ranked game, also. I've seen every of my friends queuing at Diamond 5 and getting them on my team, I did not see yet them on the opponent team but I do know it's possible to get your friends on both side.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Omega Squad Teemo, does anyone have it?
* Model/Skin: look like an army Teemo with a rifle ready to shoot people (if you try AP-attack speed based Teemo, he feels like playing with a machinegun), shrooms are like green mines * Animations: walks like an Y, might be disturbing early though * Quotes: totally new and they are cool, like the recall with helicopter sounds * Sounds: if people are stepping on shrooms you really know they stepped on them due to having a global sound effect for you (not sure if it applies to other skins, got also Astronaut Teemo but he's not worth compared to Omega Squad Teemo) Something interesting you should know, before even buying {{champion:17}} : test playing {{champion:17}} ! And you'll see if it suits you, before you spend 1820 RP on the skin (unless you got refunds available obviously).
: > [{quoted}](name=Laurae,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=P6uyPFK3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-03T10:19:54.102+0000) > > I had this major issue months ago, the symptoms were the following: > - Everytime I play a game, if I enter champion select afterwards, I cannot see anything anymore during Champion Select (chat was blank) > - Everytime I start the game client, entering the first Champion Select does not cause the issue, but joining a second time (ex: after a game, after a player dodged), I had the Champion Select chat blank > - Everytime I write in Champion Select, it is visible by others (but not from me) > > Happens more often when: > - I do not restart the computer for a long time (like days), its symptoms are usually the three below: > - RAM OS-based corruption over time (stuff not working correctly although everything is fine to be used) > - Internet Explorer bugging over time (as it is core to Windows, having Windows starting to bug seemed to create issues on Internet Explorer not loading some pages/scripts/images etc) > - Swapfile usage being big and corrupted when swapping data between RAM/disk (a SSD) > > Could confirm in my setup that I had the issue due to RAM OS-based and Swapfile issues. Just had to restart every day my computer and not open many applications (especially not opening Google Chrome, RAM hog), and the issues were gone. > > This is only a game client issue and the fact it is Internet Explorer makes things worse. > > > Can you tell me : > - If restarting your computer, not running any applications except League of Legends, and playing a day makes this issue occur? (and if it occurs, when?) > - Your computer technical specs (specifically: max RAM, RAM + Swapfile used when League is open with your other applications in daily usage) > - Do you lose your chat if you start queuing, quit queue, and restart queue? (using multiplayer lobby, not solo queue lobby) > - Do you disconnect randomly in game client when it happens? > > Unfortunately, Riot Support will not be able to help you in this case as they do not even have a clue about why (in my case it was slightly more severe like not being able to select a Champion randomly, thus dodging every game if I'm not restarting game client - ended up having straight 16 min queue bans for first unintentional"dodges" lol). They will just tell you to repair your game client.. You can give it a shot though (backup all your Item Sets, configs, etc. before as they get erased). Thanks for your reply. In response to your questions ~ I don't regularly restart my PC, but I shut it down every night. I always close all running applications and windows while League is running, as some of them may use bandwidth. This problem occurs randomly, and seemingly without any rules. I sometimes lose connection to chat server, again, at random times. This involves loss of ability to message friends ingame, party chat blanking out (same problem as described in OP) and sometimes I even can't enter the queue. And yes, I do sometimes get disconnected randomly. This happened just now, where I started a game (chat was fine), then at the loading screen, all players' percentages froze and an unfriendly grey box of doom appeared telling me that I had been disconnected. It takes a while to solve the problem, but I can normally do it by restarting the internet connection a number of times. Of course, this comes at the price of having to start mid-lategame with bare minimum amount of money, an angry team and level 1. Specs - 6GB RAM, about 40% used with League open. League itself takes about 450 MB~ when idle, on homepage (after logon). I am going to re-install CCleaner to see if it helps.
OK. I don't think your computer hardware should be an issue for League then. I'm more worried about this sentence: > It takes a while to solve the problem, but I can normally do it by restarting the internet connection a number of times Lets see if we can investigate somewhere else. Did you recently had a router firmware update pushed from your ISP? Last year I had a firmware update pushed by my ISP on a very old router, and it could not handle League of Legends at all without randomly disconnecting or without powering it off every day. Do you experience packet loss and/or huge lag spikes during game? (in Windows: look up for Resource Monitor, and look if there are connections lost to League of Legends (those initiated by League of Legends itself, under Network and look up if something is strange like high ping) If you leave your League of Legends game client open, do you experience any disconnections? If you tweaked some Internet Explorer settings, I recommend you to reset Internet Explorer browser to its default settings (in any case if you modified it). P.S: CCleaner will do nothing for I think.
: From this I learnt that lol client could be optimized like a lot. And that a lot of ram usages come from rito using adobe air/flash because they just wanted to make client fast(not adjective here).
League client needs a complete rework. And we count the time required in months, if not years, unfortunately (even for a team dedicated for it).
: 1. I am just saying this because I don't like 650mb in my ram used for some "effects" which are barely noticeable. Can you tell me which part of client has effects, animations that is so heavy? For me client looks like a lot of windows with a lot of buttons. The one when switching between "Friend list" and "Reccomended friends" is an effect? When you are in shop "featured" tab is switching between choices an effect? 2. 3rd "point" was a joke. 3. Where does riot need browser in lol client? 4. Can you write me roughtly what part of 750mb do diffirent things take?
> Where does riot need browser in lol client? It is required as the game client is based using Adobe AIR and Flash. It requires a browser, and they decided to use Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac) as they shipped with the Operating System by default, and they do not want to spend time creating their own browser. > Can you tell me which part of client has effects, animations that is so heavy? Depends on what "heavy" means. If you mean "heavy" in terms of CPU usage.. a lot, in fact everything you see in the Home Screen after you logged in takes "heavy" resources (in CPU cycles), like playing YouTube video, changing tabs... Flash is used to play videos for instance. > The one when switching between "Friend list" and "Reccomended friends" is an effect? It's not an effect, it's a script. It modifies visually the top layer of the league client in your example with a slider style (in Flash I guess). > When you are in shop "featured" tab is switching between choices an effect? It's a script. > Can you write me roughtly what part of 750mb do diffirent things take? Not going into depth of type of RAM allocation, but roughly, there's a nest of executables: * rads_user_kernel.exe (about 5MB RAM, ~60 DLLs) spawns LoLLauncher.exe using the following command: _C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\system\rads_user_kernel.exe" updateandrun lol_launcher LoLLauncher.exe_ * LoLLauncher.exe (about 5MB RAM, ~65 DLLs) spawns LoLPatcher.exe (which spawns two different LoLPatcherUx.exe, when you click "Launch" after you started League of Legends it really spawns LoLClient.exe) * LoLPatcher.exe (about 10MB RAM, ~70 DLLs) spawns LoLClient.exe using the following command: _"C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/projects/lol_air_client/releases/" -runtime .\ -nodebug META-INF\AIR\application.xml .\ -- 8393_ Not going into other executables other than LoLClient.exe, which is made of: * About 110 DLLs (roughly 20MB RAM) * "Biggest" (in RAM) DLLs used are Adobe AIR.dll (about 6MB) and WebKit.dll (about 3.5MB), and it's obvious as they are the core of the League client * The third (in RAM) DLL used is igdusc32.dll (Shader compiler, about 1MB) because it is used to render graphics (the compiler might change if you another GPU) * GPU memory used is about 12MB with very low RAM GPU * Uses about 900 Handles (? MB) * Runs about 15 Threads with the core being LolClient.exe * Roughly 450MB makes the core of the browser before you finished login-ing (LoLPatcherUx.exe, now I analyzed I wish they optimize the video usage as the client when just started fresh spends its majority of CPU cycles in video/audio stuff even when turned off) * Roughly 30MB is added out of nowhere after you clicked "Launch" (memory leak? caching? - there are files which are moved out of memory and files added to memory, which should explain the difference) * Roughly 170MB is added once you finished login-ing and enter the main League of Legends screen with shop/profile/friends/etc. In thsoe 170MB, about 100MB should be about the placeholders (files, images, scripts, etc.) in memory of what you see and 70MB the content itself (what you can see, optimized). * More memory is added the longer you use League game client, because Adobe Flash / AIR is well known for memory leaking (not "cleaning well" RAM that do not need to be used anymore). [It is extremely complicated to know how to RAM is used, but here is roughly an example of a quick stack analysis which I think you should be able to understand if you talked about mathematics and computers, just a single action: a click on the league client requires a lot of file lookup in memory, therefore if you have a stack recorder/explorer, you can lookup the content directly in real time and extrapolate memory usage depending on the type of data processed](http://i.imgur.com/e1hh5XN.png) [In case you are skeptical about if I'm lying that League is using Internet Explorer](http://i.imgur.com/yvix6g5.png)
: 1. Who needs flash and FOR WHAT? 2. Not tons of images. They don't need to load all images of champions/ability videos to fucking ram all the fucking time. 3. Excuse me, but I don't see a reason to get pi evaluation with 10*-56546546546546^10 acurracy on my computer and I DO NOT want them to search for new gimps 2^5456156165546546546546546564546546 prime number. I do not want to have these number searched on my computer THANKS RIOT. p.s.: research what's pi searching and gimps(grand intenet marcelee prime search) before answering
1. Great media control, great font control, great way of presenting stuff, identical content to be used for different platforms especially if integrated - if you want, an all-in-one solution base to create stuff using it 2. You might not know, League client weights over 1GB of drive space on a computer. 3. Flash and Adobe AIR (the latter is a cross platform base for applications and executables for any OSes) are known to be heavy on CPU. Not only that, but if they reside using a browser (which is the case - for Windows, Internet Explorer ; for Mac, Safari), it instantly gets heavy on RAM usage. There are applications which can reside on a single executable without even needing a real browser, but League of Legends decided to go the way of Internet Explorer. All these for a tradeoff for usability/simplicity (on the developer side). A whole new league client not using Adobe Flash / AIR combination would take at least several months to be created, not taking into account cross platform interoperability issues (you would need to create different apps for different OSes unless you find a cross-platform way to use) League client is "average to bad" for a year like 2015 - wouldn't be the case at all if we went back some years ago) > p.s.: research what's pi searching and gimps(grand intenet marcelee prime search) before answering Where is the link between them and league client? You have scripts on going between a server (Riot) and a client (you), nothing is atypical at all but in the addition the CPU is not overhogged by crowd calculations. League client is dynamic, not static.
: What exacly in lol client takes up 550mb in ram?
[This doesn't look obvious](http://i.imgur.com/nGkLgkk.png) [This looks maybe obvious](http://i.imgur.com/h1rFgV4.png) You have Adobe Flash stuff, ton of images and sounds, ton of scripts... [TROLOLOLL..EXE according to Riot Cosantoir](http://i.imgur.com/D334KG2.png) [In fact it's about 750MB](http://i.imgur.com/2KsvFop.png)
: Thanks, that helps a lot, I'm not as clued up with my MMR and things like that hahaha, I focus more on improving my game play so people would stop flaming when I get out played and out matched xD. Thanks Laurae and the Riot Cosantoir. Would you mind explaining how to keep track of your MMR using the LP gains/losses using my division/tiers as checkpoints?
Everything taken at your current LP (ex: 1 division higher when you are Gold3 50 LP means Gold2 50 LP) Only approximates, for winning LP: * Lower than +15 LP means you are too "bad" for your current division and need to go on prolonged winstreaks * +15 LP per win means you are very average for your current division (which means you are fit in your current division and not supposed to move out of it unless you start winning/losing more than 50%) * +15 to +20 LP per win means you are about 1/2 to 1 division higher than your current division * +25 LP per win means you are much higher than your current division, probably at least 2 divisions higher * +30 LP per win means you are about 3 to 4 divisions higher, or even more * +35 LP per win means you are far ahead higher, probably at least one full tier higher or more Only approximates, for losing LP: * -15 LP per loss means you are very average for your current division * -20 LP per loss means you are about 1/2 to 1 division below than your current division * -25 LP per loss means you are more than 2 divisions or more lower than your current division * -30 LP per loss means you are up to 4 divisions lower than your current division * Higher than 30 LP loss usually incur a tier drop (ex: Dia5 to Plat1) which means you are at least 4 divisions lower than your current division Exception is the Diamond 5 division, which is about 3 hidden divisions itself. It explains also why people drop from Diamond 5 to Platinum 1 when they lose against "only" Platinum 3 players. Therefore, the LP gain clamps up quickly if you have currently a MMR located in Diamond 5 but your actual tier/division is lower. One tier is about 350 MMR, and it has 5 divisions of about 70 MMR. Estimated MMR on divisions, I'd say from what I could see myself by experimenting: * Bronze MMR : 600 (0 in fact) to 950 * Silver MMR : 950 to 1300 * Gold MMR : 1300 to 1650 * Platinum MMR : 1650 to 2000 (no MMR clamping, if you are too low for not deserving Diamond 5 you'll still get some LP instead of being clamped at 99 LP) * --- GAP of about 200 MMR --- * Diamond MMR : ~2200-ish to ~2550-ish (even winstreaks here won't help you get more LP once you change tier) * Master MMR : ~2550-ish to Challenger MMR floor * Challenger MMR : about 3100-3200+ to infinite (fluctuating floor it seems, obvious as it is made by taking the highest of the 200 players in Challenger/Master based off current LP)
Cosantoir (EUW)
: LoLkings score isnt too bad its not correct but gives you a good rough idea.
lolking is based off your current tier/division + LP, which does make it hardly relevant to the current real player's MMR (there were several times I was over 5 tiers higher than my tier in game but lolking would report 5 tiers lower, past example: Silver1 matched with Gold1 players in ranked). For instance, someone who gets nearly +30 LP per win in Platinum 2 would have a much lower MMR in lolking than its real MMR (which is about high Diamond5/low Diamond 4). op.gg seems to be accurate (not exactly accurate, but close) if you soloq your games. Duoqueing makes it very unreliable (for instance, I jump from 2300, to 2000, to 2100 randomly after 1 duoq ranked game, for no reason - no one can lose 300 MMR in one game, right?). You can just guess where you should be at using your LP gains/losses, using divisions/tiers as checkpoints.
: i dont usually look but someone said there was a plat III so i had to see if they were lying
Put a Plat3 out of his/her main role and I don't think that player can play at Plat3 level even when "~~tryharding~~" "trying to win". I'm Diamond 3 and I play like Bronze/Silver in top lane with **nearly** every champion (I can even die and lose lane with a counterpick without even getting ganked). Give me Rengar in jungle and expect Bronze ganks style. Rank is irrelevant for the following reasons: - Who is ranked restricted to try winning now? - Normals are made for fun - High elo is not "god mode" - People wants to have fun in normals - If people only wants to win, they go into ranked - If people wants to stomp players, they go on smurfs and you won't be able to notice them unless they start stomping - Not everyone can play at Challenger level every build on every champion in every lane - Who knows if they don't have a specific objective instead of getting regular objectives? - Not everyone mains every champion - Not everyone knows how to play every champion - Who cares about winning if the objective is to only have leisure in normals? Step down to a feasible and realistic objective if you cannot win, it will psychologically give you more fun once you stepped down from the "King's Crown in your current game" and you manage to reach your stepped down objectives.
Fugees (EUW)
: Absolutely positive. It was a few times when I had to start the game against bots just to know about the ping in the game. And such information in the LoL client will be awsome and can save a lot of time. What's more, it would be nice to have "log out" button which leads to login screen instead of restarting the whole client.
Why not starting a custom game with you alone? It should take at most 1 minute to check your ping there in both loading screen and in game. You would not have to end the game as it is a custom (it's better to wait minions spawning though, and put 9 bots so you can see if you have severe lag once they are in lane fighting eachother). BTW, the League game client and the real game are separated. Therefore, it would be irrelevant to get the information from one using another unless they use the same stream of data (example of why it is irrelevant: packet losses).
: I finaly did it
Next target: manage to get 0 RP. P.S: I've done it already.
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