Roxãs (EUW)
: i've got to admit, victorious janna and jarvan are not that good as skins, compared to them, aatrox looks pretty good. But what disappoints me and a lot other people, is that he has already 2 gold/white themed skins, there are some fanmade customs of that skin with armor as example that makes the skin a whole lot better.
Can't disagree. The thing is people getting really pissed cause of it, which i haven't really seen before.
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Djuljo (EUW)
: BRUH victorious Aatrox LMAO
I liked it :D, third best in my opinion, after victorious elise and victorious morgana
: Oof, quess it didnt save since ur griffin pick is there so u have visited the page atleast but nothing else is saved. Ouch just went to see and I forgot to make picks. Already had 38 points from groups.
The thing is that i didnt even picked griffin in the first place... Well as long as u have above 34 i guess it doesnt matter :D, unless u had maximum amount of points before.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Laurrius, This is a known issue in the League Client Update. Last patch we had disabled gifting notifications due to an issue - it was re-enabled with 7.2, but has resulted in a backlog of notifications being sent out. These are old notifications, so not anything new I'm afraid!
Thank you for answering my question
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