Lazoh (EUW)
: Rearranging Rune and Mastery Pages
Oh wow nerf Teemo cuz he must have blinded me xD
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fabbe28 (EUNE)
: Vayne earlygame nerfs
Vayne is meant to be strong late game. You can shut her down early game, therefor she needs to be weaker early game.
zvitor (EUNE)
: unavailable skins
It's the same reason why new champions are added before you can play them. Imagine how it would be if you were playing on an unpatched game with people playing the new champ. A day after release, when everyone is aware of the release, everyone will have had the patch.
: Lee Sin is a nightmare
BROOOOONZE. Since he can kill you: if you're a front liner, you aren't tanky enough; if you aren't a front liner, don't stand in the front lines.
Tsyuunami (EUW)
: LF top and adc to complete team
Belgische top laner, ingame ge-add
jere1223 (EUW)
: Yes, Indeed but after 4 year i am not a new player anymore and then i am still busy with unlocking things
I've been playing since late S2 and I've unlocked all champs mid S5 and i'm still buying the new ones. I have around 10 runes pages or something and enough runes to have a lot of setups. If you play enough and you win enough, you'll get a lot of IP anyways. Jeroen, either play more and think about what you buy, if you buy champs you'll never even play or never play to understand their kit better, it'll take pretty long.
TTekkers (EUW)
: As for the item itself, removing the double hit effect would pretty much completely solve all the issues that make everyone mad. You could replace it with more magic damage on hit or something - something that doesn't make Guinsoos and BRK suddenly OP.
The double onhit effect is a pretty good idea imho, but the fact is that it synergizes so hard with certain items (like rageblade) or certain abilities (like Yi's passive or Jax ult). If you can change Jax' ult so it procs every 3 attacks so he really has to AA 2 times before he can proc it, similar to Xin's W crit, that might put it back to where it should be.
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Lazoh (EUW)
: Luden's Echoes and Runic Echoes Prioritasation
Seems like this info only appears on the Luden's Echo's wiki page: Unique – Echo: Gains charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next instance of ability damage you deal will expend all charges to deal 100 (+ 10% AP) bonus magic damage to the first enemy hit and summon up to 3 lesser bolts that target nearby enemies, prioritizing enemies damaged by the ability and champions over minions. It will prioritise champions if they stand at roughly the same distance.
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Goofle (EUW)
: You WILL NOT GET KILLS OR ASSISTS WITH UNSATED DEVOURER. Maybe in bronze yes, but not in plat where I play. You basically pray that your lanes have godly wards and map awareness, otherwise you get destroyed by the enemy jungler. Every pro player has agreed that the item is underwhelming, yet for some reason it is considered good among the community. Go figure...........
If it works in the games of average players, why wouldn't we build it just because pros say it's underwhelming? If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid. Go figure .........
: (+ 225% AD) + 1.5 sec stun that ability should cost at least 150 mana because its level 1 damage that much damage for manaless champion its kinda too much
Don't forget it also stuns him for 1 second unless he gets a Tiamat item + it's melee.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: I think his resource bar telegraphs the move enough to justify the damage, the enemy should always be able to see it coming. And he can't use Slice to engage to use it either if he's got 50+ Fury.
Only Dice can be empowered because of this, if you keep your distance he can't do much.
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: I only move my mouse over creeps when I last hit, other wise I don't keep it on them. Does this make sense to you? Like, if I see something at ~10% hp, I mouse over, target that, then I mouse away from them and move though lane. And from time to time, I go to check what happens bot or etc. I also constantly try to position my camera in such a way that I have a very good look over the enemy champion and my own creeps. Something that would be impossible with locked camera. It would be possible with manual keyboard camera movement, but the mouse one its faster for me :)
I tried both ways and it seemed that my reaction timing while moving my the mouse is slower than by moving the screen. And I can move it more precise. Perhaps that's just cuz I've been doing it for 3 years so far.
Pandour (EUNE)
: o.O move your screen with keyboard ? Why ? Even satan wouldn't punish like that. No really, I never heard before of someone moving screen with keyboard. How do you even do that efficiently ? How do you snipe someone far from you with lux/ashe/jinx...
Like that you can move your screen and aim at the same time, it gives a faster reaction time if something happens when you move ur screen.
: its more easy and convenient to move it with mouse i can easy go between moving up down left right to click a part on the mini map, etc
If you sue your move you have to move your mouse away from creeps or something, never had any trouble with that?
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Xenodia (EUW)
: Well, be happy that Rengar shows you an exclamation mark when he's close to you, because when he was first released, it didn't show an indication and was just invisible. Now you can imagine how many people got an heart attack when the KittyCat jumped out of his invisibility and one shot carries in front of their eyes. But there's already another counter but still not released: The Mandrake ward might help many players to ping when an enemy is there, no matter if he's visible or invisible. Other than that, a Rengar must risk his own life when jumping in to the enemy Team to get one of them.
That's what an assassin does. Him not dying isn't the problem, his target dying almost every time unless the target is Ashe with full CDR. His AA Q hydra Q combo can be done so fast a support hasn't even got the time to CC.
: Use CCs, if he is not uberfed already. Now you got a harmless kitty. Or get to level 9 (shouldn't be hard), get oracle alteration, now you will spot him, use CC = same thing.
You spot him if he's within range of the reveal. That range happens to be close to his jump range.
: Stop with the rengar QQ you lowbobs please. Never had any problems VS Rengar. Don't QQ about something you don't know, haven't tried. PS: Rengar was nerfed anyways. 1 hit Rengar relied on Critical Q damage. Now Crit was removed from Yomuus and IE 20% gives barely any chance of hitting crit Q. Not to mention lack of flat armour penetration items.
You didn't see a fed Rengar then. In soloQ you can't trust someone in not feeding Rengar. Most of them **will** get fed and one shot you.
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: Turret Aggro
How long did the whole fight take? It's possible that they started diving just as the tower was shooting and they started to do damage just as the tower was shooting.
: Solo carry champions?
Try Olaf with cinderhulk, titanic hydra and dead man's plate. Bruisers do very well, semi-bruisers like Diana do the same thing. Gimmick-y junglers work well if you can play them well, for example Twitch or TF. If you are a good Rengar and you go full AD, you can litteraly oneshot people before you've even landed from your jump.
: Shaco needs rework!
He didn't receive updates cuz he's fine. If he wasn't, they would do something about it.
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McAteer (EUW)
: Win early. You get the guy get to 6 items. What do you expect? xD
I didn't get him to that, I think he actually kinda lost his lane, but by 50 minutes people tend to have 6 items anyways. I know it takes some time for Warmogs and his passive to start working but if you had a teamfight late game, he survived with 100hp, you can't push the lanes safely since he'll be back with full hp faster than you can say 'gg ez'. He's almost impossible to poke him down before fights, which is 1 of the 2 thngs that should counter him, and with Dead Man's Plate and his movespeed buff he's hard to kite as well. One thing that might work is what they did on old Garen, he can move through units while spinning but he's slowed if doing so.
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Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: Blinds only negate the normal damage from the auto attack. Spell effects still apply. If you think this doesn't make sense,look at a fully stacked Cho'Gath.In a bush.Makes a lotta sense I guess. Also,you can ignite Brand,Fire vs Fire.Weird :D
It makes sense, actually. It procs on hit, but ifthat hit misses, it should miss too. You can have brass knuckles, but those won't do anything if you don't hit them.
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: Why is the game changing so often?
LoL is not perfect and perfect balance will never be achieved, but certain events render certain champs stronger than others and as such buffs and nerfs are needed. Soem things are just too old and poor designed they need an overhaul. For example, the jungle items. With the old items, everyone could jungle to a certain point. This isn't what Rito wanted as not everyone should be able to adc. They made new jungle items, but those rendered some champs stronger, and hence others got buffed, the champ was nerfed or the item itself was changed. The game is like fixing bugs, fix one thing, a new one pops up.
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: [BUG] Cassiopeia with Rabadon
I've had that problem too, but I'm not sure if the passive doesn't work or it's merely a visual bug. It seems to be the latter.
evanslol21 (EUNE)
: Please RIOT PLSSS <3
The problem with this is that it might make the loading screen even slower. Still vote yes if they plan on updating he loading screen.
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Lazoh (EUW)
: A word about Riven
As I stated, buffed the base damage byt lowering her scaling and/or passive will make her combos faster. This will change 1 thing, namely the fact that people won't build as much damage. The problem I have with Riven (and most AD casters in general) is that they aren't limited by cooldowns as their auto attacks still do a lot of damage. That change would transform Riven from assassin/DPS to more of a bruiser. Since AD would be less of an ideal build path, her late game would be less of a nuissance for carries. The shield might not block a single late game crit, but most Rivens tend to build a single defensive item too (most of the time Randuin's) while still doing so much AoE damage. I'll state it like this: she's a disruptive assassin/DPS with a lot of mobilty, a big shield scaling with damage, CC and every damaging skill is AoE as well. Once she gets Hydra, she has huge sustain as well, due to her building 400+ AD. This sounds a little too strong for me. As you stated, this will make Riven better in the hands of the truly skilled, but on that level, people can play other champions better as well.
Lazoh (EUW)
: A word about Riven
Scaling with HP ro doing too much nerfs is just too much. Her problem is, she's an early game monster and lane bully but she scales too well in the late game. She's supposed to be strong early and mid game while falling off late game. Her late game power can be easily nerfed with a slight raise of cooldowns. The problem with AD casters is, they usually rely on their abilities, but if those are unavailable (oom, silence) they can still atuo-attack and do a lot of damage. That's not the definition of a caster. They should rely on their abilities. Another option, albeit radical, is reworking her passive to remove the neccesity to auto-attack inbetween all her spell casts but raising her skill damage, thus making her the caster she is supposed to be. Nerfing her E shield will do a lot, if not most of it, as building damage will make her tanky as well with 700 hp shields.
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