Rafastang (EUW)
: If someone tried to play yet, keep us updated, I'm not taking risks! {{summoner:21}}
I just played a game after experiencing the packet loss... It seemed better... Starting a second game currently...
D1nzu (EUW)
: When you're against TF, you MUST pick Cleanse/buy QSS
Banshees is a better buy if you're unable to use QSS effectively.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Cannot log in...
You're not alone.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: I don't play Elise, so I don't know exactly how Rappel works. But isn't this mainly a quick cast problem, where the game thinks you're targetting a champion because you're pointing at it while using quick cast? If so, couldn't you just disable quick cast on that one specific skill in the options while still keeping quick cast for everything else. The game does have an option for doing so, doesn't it?
While this is true. It will result in Cacoon also losing Quick cast functionality. I just think a channel would improve Quality of life.
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3DReaper (EUNE)
: Why is my homescreen like this?
Your home screen looks better than mine does... Mine is completely black... No dividers, no titles, nothing... Just a Black client with a little blue box with a question mark on the left of the client... Totally thrilling... And I've tried relogging and repairing but to no avail... Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
TeiX (EUW)
: moving the cs and score near the map is actually a pretty clever way to make ppl look at the minimap :P
I was just about to suggest this after mousing over the thread and reading the first bit of the OP's post...
Loccus (EUW)
: Pls we need an ad item with the grievous wounds passive
I agree that AD champions need some sort of grievous wound... It needs to be a niche item though... Also, you don't need grievous wound to deal with a soraka... Just kill her... Sure she's not a damage threat, so it doesn't really make sense to kill her... But she keeps her teams damage threats alive with insane amounts of heal... The time spent killing her, will be a third of the time you try and spent killing their carries or frontline... I promise...
: Devourer does not dictates anything. Any team composition that was good one week ago to deal with Master Yi or whoever ADCmelee may abuse it it's still good today for the exact same purpose. Another different matter to the question is this: most of the players lacks the guts to go and counterjungle. They want to follow their cleaning routes like is showed in the many guide they reads, to do exactly the same things over and over, and don't take any risky things like invades. And let's not even mention things like warding the enemy jungle or riven entrance, to see where the jungler is and possibly kill/counterjungle/countergank it. To say that Devourer "dictates" things like counterjungle is more remembering people the many strategies they could try, than really dictates anthing at all. Runeglaive is overpowered on Ez. So what? It's already being nerfed. If you ask me, i would have rather nerfed Lucian after not even one month after it was clear that he was OP, instead than wait a whole season and more of spamming. Be happy that RioT is moving at an incredibly faster rate these days. Lastly...it can't be helped, but the best way to test something, expecially when it comes to gameplay and balance rather than bugs and technical matters, is to put it into the hands of the tons of players LoL got. The PBE will never be as big, effective and fast as the mass of LoL players, so it's useless to blame it or expect anything remotely like that from it. On the other hand, without PBE, now we would have Tahm that teleport random teammates all over the map. And we would have to wait days for a fix. And people would open 1000 threads to balk about it. Thanks god we have the PBE, really.
You're right... In some aspects... The PBE is a necessity and I don't undervalue it's service in terms of bugs but it's usage in respect to balance, is abbysmal. I can **read** the patch notes, and pick up what's going to be strong straight off the bat. How can they let it go through a testing environment when it's strength is so painfully obvious? If Riot wants to change the meta, all they'd need is a few number tweaks. Why leave item reworks with insane stats that pretty much destroy the competitive environment, only to see the item nerfed over the next two or three patches to bring it back to a competitive level where it is an actual choice between a variety of items. I understand that perfect balance would result in a tedious game and there is skill in discovering and abusing the strengths of champions and items but taking any skill out of it by making items and champions obscenely overpowering just to switch a meta at the developers convenience is absurd. Such actions are the precise reason many of my friends have left the game in favour of a more consistent; or atleast previously consistent; alternative, DotA 2. I feel completely unmotivated to play ranked because I know for a fact, that it'll just be a game filled with devourers and smite solo laners.
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Lazy Lima (EUW)
: Server Crashes
I've just never had these problems... Like, ever... And now, all of a sudden... I get crashes like 3 times a week for the past two weeks... S'pose I just wanted to find out if there were any other causes... Pity that a few bad players feel the need to drophack to climb to a ranking of their liking... Instead of just getting better like everyone else...
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: I made the same post 3 days ago and got no comments xD but ye imma upvote this. I'd love to see the rp prices change aswell to better fit our economy...
That's actually one of the perceivable reasons why Riot won't implement a server here... Our country is economically poorer by a large margin compared to Europe and other server based areas... The skins they sell will either need to be sold at a reduced price to provide incentive for sales, which would/could be seen as favoritism and viewed upon poorly by other regions...
Bees ZA (EUW)
: New Server in Africa
The number of times I've seen a post of this nature... The dream still lives!

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