: The thing about tribunal is: 1. If there are no rewards, very few ppl would bother 2. of there are rewards, people would just punish randomly, just to get it over with faster. it just doesnt work.
Yes some kind of reward would be necessary to help this system to work. But I can't agree with the second case, similar like in cs go - overwatch, you have a set time in which you must review the evidence once you accepted the case .. you can go past the time limit if you want, but not under. Basically you need to watch the replay for a set time amount as 5/ 10 min etc. In this case you could say, **"oh yea but then they will just afk for 10 min and randomly choose the punishment at the end of replay"**, * In which case I can tell you they won't, once because since honorable players only access this feature and they have proven to overall have a better general attitude than the average player. * Secondly you are not rewarded just for reviewing the evidence and making a decision, you, as a judge are rewarded for correctly judging a case and fairly punishing a player who deserves it, so players won't be able to abuse the system for the said reward. * Also a high rate of the same decision is required eg. close to 90 % so the "random" decisions, if they ever happen, won't lead to an unfair ban of a player, they'll just lower the decision rate lower than 90% sending the case to be automatically reviewed or judged by riot's staff... how it is today (don't know exactly which of those happen)
: i got permanent ban
I do not agree with permanently banning a player for flaming, especially since they added the option to disable chat, but I guess it's profitable for them.. You'll make a new account and buy a boost to level up faster, right ?
dino0 (EUW)
: Well were talking about people with honor leve at 5 or above,and it should be people of the same elo, id say why bcs anything i do in game "silver2" to some higher than gold could be considered trolling even though to em seems like a good ideia
I said approximately the same thing : > The difference of ranks between the reported player and the ones judging it shouldn't be too big, for example a diamond player would consider inting almost every move made by a bronze player.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Players who are assigned for role they don't want
Uppercut (EUW)
: Banned until 15th August 2018 - still banned?
Your next ban will be permanent because you haven't played any games in the meantime
Tasty Bread (EUNE)
: ***
My dog would be able to form a better argument than that.... expected from a Shaco player.
: I'm sorry but if you think you can really got 10 high elo players to watch replays for every one of those reports you're gravely mistaken, unless you give players an incentive to participate in the reviews there's no way that's gonna happen Simply put you'd need a **huge** number of players available for these reviews, and unless these players are payed in some way (I don't mean necessarily with money or rp), there's no way you'd get enough players there And filtering them to make sure there's no abuse just makes it even more impossible to get enough players to participate in the system to make it anywhere near efficient There's a reason why all these reports are taken care of by a machine rather than people, manual reviews done by riot staff is just a minuscule fraction of what the feedberbuster handles in 2014 you had 27 million daily players, so that's at least 2.7 million games but u can assume each of these players played more than one game and that that number has grown tremendously since then Considering how low elo players think, there's bound to be at least 1 report for inting in each game below gold elo, so in basically 50% of these games, if you want to get each of these 1.35 million games reviewed by at least 10 elo players, you'd need **at least** 13.5 million high elo players reviewing these reports **each day**, and that number is actually probably bigger ____ without these precautions the system is flawed and easily abused, but with these precautions and filtering you suggest, sure it would be a decent system, but it's a very unrealistic system
It is indeed a high number of reports, but I've seen you mistaken "higher elo players" with "high elo players", _(higher elo than the reported player)_ meaning an iron player can be judged by a silver/gold player. So having that in mind there could be quite a few of players doing the reviews, since there is double motivation : 1. Improve the quality of their games, 2. a form of reward from riot for solved cases ... there could be even a third reason, 3. I personally enjoy watching lol replays, but again that might be just me
: I'm against this Simply put I think it's a bad idea to give so much power to people who have nothing to lose from abusing it
- That's why I think access to this feature should be given to honorable players only, - The names of players should not appear in the replay, - The judges will be in higher elos, and would never judge a game of their own. - the majority of players judging the case could be set to 9/10, or 90% depending how many players would be decided it's necessary to judge a case, in order to make unfair bans impossible.... I really do not think 9 players out of 10 (that fit in the criteria I described in post) can be ill intended an unfairly ban a player - Also another suggestion would be to let the cases that are solved by players but have a lower than 90% score on the decision, to be judged by staff, this way the system would be more efficient and the staff would judge only harder cases and not obvious ones ultimately increasing the number of cases solved in the same time.
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Tasty Bread (EUNE)
: Shaco Current state...
Shaco is shitt and needs to be deleted
Ratatouka (EUW)
: twisted treeline and bots are overrun by level up bots...
Where can I get them leveling bots ? :>
: Buying unban
: Slowly switching to Apex and other games, i can't take it anymore. This season alone has ruined all my mental which was shaky from previous season.
: hi hi!
Did u just said UwU ? 😂 👌
: INtentionally Feeding
Red Erica (EUW)
: Why Riot Games Player Behaviour Team / System is one big incompetent mess
BRING BACK THE TRIBUNAL ! - At least it did something instead of nothing.
Murenu (EUW)
: This game is a scam and robbery
Perma bans are given too easy (for toxic language) , and it's profitable for Riot, even if they admit it or not, even if they want this or not, this is the truth. Toxicity in chat should not be perma banned.
: Like a permaban is going to stop someone being toxic, most of permabans is also just from words. but riot has sensitive buttholes so they just hand out permabans like they hand out skins to weeb lux players that could quench africa with their sweat...
: How many Yi's have tilted u??
Not me, but they always go quadrakill on my team, braindead champ
: Why TFT is a bad gamemode
And.... 0 rewards after each game. every gamemode gave you xp for example..this one does give you nothing, except those trash progression things from beta
WyikNd (EUW)
: ♠♣♦♥ 5 Hiders 5 Seekers ♥♦♣♠
: What's the best build on Master Yi?
The best yi build is go back to fortnite
The new be system that replaced ip is trash, and can't believe they actually got away with that move
Shadi (EUW)
: Can we please bring this sort of discussion back (adding more emotes to the emote-wheel)
No, 4 is enough A wheel with custom set messages, well that is other thing and I'd be ok with it.
Pauliuliu (EUW)
: Being a beginner in League SUCKS
: How many champions do you own?
: Even Riot who normally does not ban anyone for trolling decided to ban him. Idk, for me it is common sense to go to the lane you have been assigned, unless agreeing otherwise with the team in champion selection.-
: You **can** but that doesn't mean you **will**. It basically means that you can get a skin shard for any champion, regardless of whether you own the champion or not. If I say "You can buy apples in a grocery" doesn't mean that the only thing you can buy there are apples.
well i hope so, because after around 30 - 50 chests opened i didnt get 1 for my champs
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xCoffee (EUW)
: Riot right now
Hey be positive, at least not all news are bad, [ here are some good ones ](https://imgur.com/ExBV84o) _Kappa_
: You would be fine with a guy being assigned botlane with you and going another lane, only come to your lane to take cs sometimes?
You added nubrac into this discussion, so I consider his ban unfair and your argument invalid.
: So you literally think that because he suicide bombed the whole game and bought carry items and left me 1v3 the whole game and has marginally more damage he's actions are somehow okay? Jesus you are fcking stupid :D And thinking 14 deaths is carrying :D Oh yeah there is a source too: https://i.ibb.co/wQ6hbRR/Screenshot-7.png
Poor aura is kinda lacking brain and doesn't know their own rules, Hope she will never judge my reports. .. Who hires these people #FreeNubrac
: 200 Arcade Tokens for Ultracombo Pass holders as compensation for tech issues
**"all pass owners"** ???????? I experienced same issues as all the other players ..YET YOU COMPENSATE ONLY PASS OWNERS ? Riot is your middle name "EA" by any chance ?? This is a huge middle finger to all the players, ... a second one after the one you showed by with the problems occured at the launch of 9.14. Expected nothing more from Riot EA Games tho.
Gabresol (EUW)
: Botlaners should loose more LP and gain less
Look at this guy and laugh {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: you reported me ?
?? I dont even know you
: i got banned for being told "%%%" and many other things by flamers.
2 weeks ban and perma bans for toxic CHAT are stupid, just like most of riot game's decisions. Also you can't find justice on forums since most of the users here are braindead, just look at the downvotes on your post.
: How the suspends and permabans helps?
Permaban for being toxic in chat is plainly r 3 t a r d 3 d, change my mind
CJXander (EUNE)
: If TFT will allow us to customize with skins, then im quitting SR
Look how much I care {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
High Woo (EUW)
: unban me riot pls
: Once you add a normal poll (even for something like this), I'll not downvote.
What are you talking about, you even have 3 options
Smerk (EUW)
: You're not hurting anyone by afking in TFT, so why bother adding any punishment for it?
my point . your head 0 You just missed it
: > Fun to play or not every game mode so far gave you xp, this should be the case for TFT Yea...no. Not how it works. Not sure you understand what a game-mode is. TFT is not a LOL related game-mode. It's a different game, that just happens to be implemented through Riot's only game client, for cost cutting reasons. It is NOT League of Legends. It's a Dota autochess clone. It's not a moba. You don't need currency to play TFT. You don't have unlock-able content through a leveling system. It's apples and oranges. XP and BE is given in a mode, if you can actually use said currency in said mode/game. Remind me again, why do players need XP or BE to play TFT ? They don't. Riot knows about this, there are 17 posts / day on the topic. Can we stop ? Let's wait and see. No need to spam the boards with the same post over and over again, it's not helping anyone. -1
Lazyyawn (EUW)
: [TFT] Daily petition to add actual rewards after matches
Seems like the downvote bots are working fine, will try again tomorrow to keep them fit {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It's easy with all these hyper mobile champs nowadays, but when you need 75-150 gold for a simple gank, or to escape a sticky situation, it's not that fun any more. And I find it extremely amusing, that a silver ELO player that has exactly 0 matches played on LeeSin would comment something like this on this particular post. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/603310664861220874/Screenshot_2019-07-23_at_22.40.59.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/603310107949793319/Screenshot_2019-07-23_at_22.38.46.png Kinda lame.... Sources : https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=AYAYA+CUTE+UwU+ https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/summoner?summoner=AYAYA+CUTE+UwU&region=EUW
I find it amusing you are so triggered by a troll comment and make an entire power point presentation about it ... now that is pathetic. **For the records this guy added me and asked me to help him level but after i deleted him from friends he made this comment... 2x pathetic combo XD . ** _(I guess he judged me by my name and thought I am the egirl of his dreams and i hurt his feelings by rejecting him XD )_ But please, let's talk more about being pathetic.
: ***
my bad. O M E G A L O L
: anyway i can get xp boost for free ?
: Green Smite
just buy wards lol {{item:2055}}
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