: They base it on which champions you recently played/you most often play so there is higher chance you would buy something.
Nope. I recently played Yuumi like OTP. Haven't gotten a single Yuumi skin so they didn't base it on that for sure. I also got skins for 3 champs I haven't played recently for sure: Teemo, Leona and Bard. And just for the record, all skins are older, nothing new or good.
: Are Riot really that obnoxious they just added a "Your Shop" while their servers are on fire?
Man, I got some shits in My shop, even the same skin from the last My shop which I didn't want so why they added the same skin I didn't want to my new shop? Don't get it... Also, any blood moon mission and pass or just those capsule?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ledena kocka,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=FXcQH52P,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-09T13:33:56.508+0000) > > Why would I want to add or look on some other server? since they create other games, then they made our league accounts in riot accounts I assume they unite some stuff, so I was curious about this message that state they grouped friends from other servers and what this means exactly for future plans Now, why somebody would want to add or look at somebody from other servers there's plenty of reasons, the most easiest thing that can come in somebody mind if they try to think instead of post study questions is that you can have friends that play on both servers and you will be able to see them online communicate with them and schedule a same server game inside league opposite to 3rd party programs like now.
Yes man I understand that, just writing my own opinion, nothing else.
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ledena kocka,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=FXcQH52P,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-09T13:33:56.508+0000) > > Why would I want to add or look on some other server? why you think someone cares about you ?
> [{quoted}](name=xStyrosx,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=FXcQH52P,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-09T13:56:17.158+0000) > > why you think someone cares about you ? Because someone cares about me, I don't have to think about it, I already know. And get your ugly nose out of my post, you have nothing to sniff there.
: other servers ?
Why would I want to add or look on some other server?
Rioter Comments
: I know LP won't be compensated, but do we get a compensation for our Pass tokens?
I was stuck yesterday for a couple of hours, and couldn't play and harvest tokens, same happened last night and again today. I also have pass and with this errors, bugs and stuff I am losing way too many tokens. I am expecting mission for extra orb and tokens because of this so we can even tokens we already lost.
: Game ended, stuck with Reconnect
Same, was in Aram, game ended and instead to get tokens and queue again I am stuck with Reconnect and even got critical error. They owe us tokens because this is a second time in the last 2 days that I can't play without problems. Two days ago me and friend was in champion selecetion, couldn't even trade, change runes or masteries, couldn't even roll, everything was grey and unable so I had to dodge and got queue block, next game my friend, so meh we lost tokens. Now again. Going to write ticket.
: Karma is a bit different, she is being sold for charity so riot will not give any stuff for event points
Ah, fine them. Do you know what happened to Ahri emote?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
dino0 (EUW)
: No, every time I see yasuo or teemos in my team I ban the champion, why BCS I had bad experiences with teammates in past teemos who do nothing and offer nothing to the team feeding yasuos, Also not reportable so shush
Not reportable at this moment, it doesn't mean it won't be one day. Until that day I will report through Negative attitude.
: if you care so much about banning ur champ in urf and draft than thats ur problem, i just nvr seen anyone actually care so much to want to get ppl banned over it, cuz yes reporting does get people banned, only ones ever get salty at this are yasuo mains but other than that no one has ever cared enough to go crazy over a normals game
So, you are trying to convince us that only Yasuo players aren't OK with this, and the rest is just fine? Like, being a %%%%head is legit when it comes to you? Would you be such a cool guy if someone ruins your ranked game like you ruin his since Champion Selection?
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Because of posts like this people spam to report someone beliving fake reports mean something. It's good that it's automated and no employee has to review them all.
If you doing something intentionally then it isn't a fake report, and giving yourself rights to ban what you want, even if that's your teammate's choice then your teammate has a right to intentionally ruin your game.
: um well, no, if someone bans my champ i just play another one, thats why you shouldnt play ranked unless you have at least 2 mastered champs, plus ive banned ppls champs/ selected them by accident before doesnt mean i should get reported cuz they wanted to only learn a single champ, most ppl woulndt ban someone on purpose knowing it would cause a lose, i was flamed all game for picking someone elses champ when i had no idea they was gonan play them since i was first pick and they hadnt selected their champ, you just need to learn another champ/ ive had ppl ban my champ cuz i banned the one they wanted before they selected it, if you want to play you have to know more than 2 champs, cuz sometimes ppl accidentaly ban you champs, if you want to play a champ that badly that you think you should report someone over it, than play blind pick, cuz im sorry but no one should get reported over banning a champ, if you last to pick and u want to play jax well sorry im banning jax cuz im not going to risk feeding all game cuz someone wouldnt learn another champ, that said if u first pick than i wouldnt ban ur champ if they hard counter mine
Did you read the comments before writing this? I bet you didn't, because if you had, could have seen that it isn't just about Ranked. You know, there is an option to ban in URF or normal games, ranked has no exclusive rights when it comes to banning champions.
: ***
Exactly, thanks. What motivated me to post this topic is when I saw that they are banning pre-pick even in URF. Don't tell me that is because they are afraid of losing LP or they are afraid of Yasuo teammate, because it wasn't even Yasuo and you can't lose LP in URF. It was pure malice. I saw that kind of attitude in the past, in both ranked and normal games, and I'm not a fan of that behavior. Riot should just allow us to report this kind of negative behavior.
: No, it's not bannable. And saying whatever is "reportable" or not...is pointless because you can always report someone if you want. Whatever the report will have some effect or not, is another matter entirely. There's however a very easy solution to the problem of players banning hovered champ intentionally to spite others: don't hover a champ. If it's banned by your team anyway, so be it, play another. It will tend to happen anyway if you play strictly FOTM champs.
When Riot added that option it was extactly so you can declare what you are going to play and prevent your teammates for banning your (probably) main.
: ***
Who's talking about Yasuo? Who's talking about Ranked? As I said in a comment above "Ranked isn't only game mode where you can ban, there are also normal games or URF" and people there also tend to ban what you pre-picked just because they are cheeky.
: if I see a yasuo on my team that is an insta ban, i won't loose 18 lp because you want to feed (in general)
Not every Yasuo is a bad Yasuo, I have seen many who can play him very well, and just to mention Ranked is not only game mode where you can ban, there are also normal games, even URF. So, you will also ban Yasuo in normal games so your teammate can't practice Yasuo (or any other champ)?
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: If picking something that will most likely make your team lose is NOT considered griefing, and therefore bannable (I challenge you to find me a ban for someone that intentionally picked a champ to troll, as long as they didn't do something else to warrant the ban), me keeping you from picking a low elo feeding yasuo or a dead weight teemo shouldn't be bannable either.
So, you think that you can prevent someone from trolling just by banning 1 champion? One who wants to troll he can troll with whatever he picks or he can just int feeding, doing nothing - walking in base etc. Obviously, in my topic the one who intentionally bans what his teammate pre-picked is the one who trolls.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: And I bet he didn't get banned.
You are right, but nevermind. It was just one game and I hope I won't meet that guy again.
Rioter Comments
: Is a permaban revertable?
It is really hard to play without premade on bot lane because without synergy it can be disaster. A few days ago I played with some Xayah and dude inted so hard, I tried to save him 2 times, died with him, once I saved him and instead to recall he decided to go in with 50 hp vs 3 of them (enemy jungler ganked) and of course he died and he started to flame me, blaming me for his 6 deaths while I had just two thanks to him. I didn't want to follow him and help him feeding them more so he ended that game 0 13 (7 more deaths without me around him) saying that all of his deaths were thanks to me. I just reported him for inting after that game, I didn't want to argue but really, it is so, so hard when ADC and support don't understand each other, someone is way too aggressive, someone else likes to wait for gank and play more carefully. That said, depending on how harsh you were and have you had 14 days suspension before or that was your first time? Most of my games I don't even talk, I just play and I am kind of friendly but today I also said 1 bad word to my teammate because he intentionally banned my pre-picked champion.
VorenDier (EUNE)
: Massice FPS drops in game. Any solutions?
Hm, I don't have fps drop, albeit i remember when 1 year ago my fps was around 300, now its less, but what I have is random dcn from time to time and its not related to my IPS. My internet is stable, I can load pages and doing whatever while I'm getting "attempting to reconnect" in-game message. It started several patches ago and I am not the only one with that. Yesterday in ranked we ended 3 vs 5 because our top and mid disconnected at the same time and they didn't return. Not sure what caused fps drops, but also something is causing massive dcn during the games, even when we are not in-game chat is just going off saying that we are not connected (so that is the same), some problem with tracerouting. Also, after every patch, I am unable to connect to the game. In order to play, I need to delete game with folders and re-install. Every single patch.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ledena kocka,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=i3RKBUAj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-10T06:12:04.607+0000) > > No, please. Game is already enough bugged, and you can find people to play on Discord, forum etc. so please no more champs, no more events, they should just leave the game as is and forget about it because "it's already buggy enough". ^ that's going by your logic.
No, that's not my logic. We need new champs, but we don't need that because we already have forum, Discord etc.
: Can we please have an in-game teams/groups search/match-up tool?
No, please. Game is already enough bugged, and you can find people to play on Discord, forum etc.
Yüna (EUNE)
: Juce i danas ping 200+ konstantno evo sad sam igro par gejmova bio onako ping 60-70 a sada 200+ opet (inace mi je 40 ping)
Meni je ping sada 46
: Vidim da si sa Balkana. Ja mislim da samo područje Balkana i neka mjesta u Evropi imaju probleme jer nikome u mjestu u kojem živim ne radi LoL kako treba.
Moguce, ali su i moji drugari sa EUW koji zive po EU imali problema sa velikim pingom. Njima se to sredilo posle par minuta ili sati.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That tracert doesn't say much, since you're attempting to contact the OCE servers. You're bound to get a high ping there due to the physical distance. For EUNE, try instead.
I asked you a few hours ago for EUW ping, you haven't replied. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/vNluehHB-higher-ping-than-usual-the-last-couple-weeksmonths Now, he can check it but ping is better now so he won't get a real answer. My ping was 200-400 today, now it's 66-100, and usually, it is 46 now, was 42 few patches ago.
: Facing this issue as well. I noticed a lot of our summoner names seem ... "familiar", to say at least. And it's mostly EUNE players - for the same reason too. Are you sure it's not our ISPs?
Yup, checked with my ISP today everything + also my EUW friends have had same issue last days, but fixed I think.
: Facing alot of ping.
Me too https://prnt.sc/ot6qf5
valdan1ch (EUNE)
: Yup ,most definitely not an ISP problem, it is not timing out on the first hop,at least on my end. Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms csp3.zte.com.cn [] 2 7 ms 6 ms 17 ms 3 * * * Request timed out. 4 30 ms 30 ms 30 ms ix-ae-67-0.tcore1.fr0-frankfurt.as6453.net [] 5 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms be3051.agr41.fra03.atlas.cogentco.com [] 6 30 ms 30 ms 31 ms be3186.ccr41.fra03.atlas.cogentco.com [] 7 38 ms 38 ms 39 ms be2813.ccr41.ams03.atlas.cogentco.com [] 8 133 ms 132 ms 133 ms be12194.ccr41.lon13.atlas.cogentco.com [] 9 133 ms 133 ms 133 ms be2099.ccr31.bos01.atlas.cogentco.com [] 10 132 ms 132 ms 132 ms be3599.ccr21.alb02.atlas.cogentco.com [] 11 132 ms 133 ms 133 ms be2878.ccr21.cle04.atlas.cogentco.com [] 12 133 ms 132 ms 132 ms be2717.ccr41.ord01.atlas.cogentco.com [] 13 150 ms 151 ms 150 ms be2831.ccr21.mci01.atlas.cogentco.com [] 14 162 ms 163 ms 163 ms be3035.ccr21.den01.atlas.cogentco.com [] 15 183 ms 184 ms 183 ms be3037.ccr21.slc01.atlas.cogentco.com [] 16 184 ms 184 ms 184 ms be3109.ccr21.sfo01.atlas.cogentco.com [] 17 185 ms 183 ms 185 ms be3178.ccr21.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com [] 18 184 ms 184 ms 184 ms be2063.rcr21.b001848-1.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com [] 19 186 ms 186 ms 187 ms 20 352 ms 351 ms 352 ms bundle-150.cor01.sjc01.ca.vocus.net [] 21 332 ms 331 ms 332 ms BE-200.cor02.syd04.nsw.VOCUS.net.au [] 22 355 ms 355 ms 355 ms bundle-100.bdr01.syd01.nsw.VOCUS.net.au [] 23 356 ms 356 ms 356 ms static- [] Riot should check their "burning" servers out and stop blaming it on the ISP once and for all,especially with the EUW and EUNE servers -.-
Actually that IP is for au servers, but still, the problem isn't in our ISP because everything works perfectly except League of Legends. And I have pass, and now I cant play and earn tokens. I will lose several orbs because of this. Everything started today after I got some installation error reports so I used Hextech repair tool. After that my ping went from 45 to 200, 300 and even 400 today. Problem is either to Riot's servers routing or something in this patch. Maybe some files after or pre-patch that caused this.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Routing is neither here, nor there. Routing is **between** Riot and the player. If the road between your house and the store you want to go to is closed, do you blame the store? Blaming it blindly on Riot will not solve anything, because they can't do anything about it.
Can you give us EUW Tracing route IP so we can check where is the problem? This isn't the first time: http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=552610&page=1
: Very high Ping Problem (08/15/2019)
Click on the Windows icon on your keyboard then type CMD and press Enter. Type this: tracert and press Enter. This is the tracing route and there you can see where is the problem. Just reply all of that to Riot support but take care, they are going to try to shift the blame on your ISP. It's not an ISP problem, it is about Riot and not for the first time. If you search on boards you can see this happened a lot of times before. http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=552610&page=1
varigaloma (EUNE)
: LAG 8/15/2019
Same problem, from 46 to 200+ and they don't care, just shift the blame to my ISP.
Urgoth (EUW)
: Is this teamfight tactics mission even possible? Reach level 6 by the second shared draft (round 11)
: Global Reform Experiment maybe?
I think that some players should get a second chance. At least those who have never offended the family, wished cancer or to kill yourself.
: When will we get our house rewards?
> [{quoted}](name=IkkezzUsedEmber,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bYXkxtET,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-04T15:34:59.788+0000) > I also did not see an official announcement on who won, just the standings, which said United was 1st while missions could not be done anymore, does anybody know more? That's not true. Missions ended at the same time as the event, and standings were for week 3, nothing is final. Remember the first and second week standings?
: Another critical error problem where game won't launch.
I have the same issue but only when I watch a replay. Have you tried to uninstall with Revo, and then to install?
: Best gpu for lol ?!?!
For LoL you don't need better than GTX 1050. I have fps 160-240
AD Teddy (EUW)
: Refund
They don't give refunds for an event pass. When you click to buy pass at the bottom you can see a box to check (you can't purchase pass without checking that and reading text) and text where they say that this item isn't refundable.
: Changing username ? Possible ?
Unfortunately, you can't. I asked the same and got that answer.
: More ways to gain Orange Essence
A new way to gain OE... what about the possibility to disenchant any permanent skin to OE, or to roll them? I guess that we all have at least 1, or even more skins for a champion we don't play, or skin we don't like. I have them plenty, own 176 skins so far, and those I don't like or don't play are from the roll or mystery gift.
SlowRunner (EUNE)
: Not from Poland
Same, not from Finland, but also not from Poland, and every time I click on any Rito's link I need to swap manually to English.
I am 12 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ledena kocka,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qIIsklEd,comment-id=00030001000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-21T16:24:27.595+0000) > > Season 2 wasn't 3 years ago. https://prnt.sc/nrhwom are you sure? xd I'm 16 right now
: Because we do get something in exchange too of course. You have to transfer us coins that you get for free. In other words you sacrifice 5 minutes of your time and we receive coins - you receive your RP pack or Euros to PayPal whichever suits you better. Nothing to lose and risk, RP to receive. {{item:3400}} Please look at the video! :)
To sell my own ID for 10 euros?
I am 12 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=rito are scambgs,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qIIsklEd,comment-id=000300010000,timestamp=2019-05-21T09:32:58.293+0000) > > were you 12 when you started playing? no I was 9 when I first started playing I changed my name to this last year
Season 2 wasn't 3 years ago. https://prnt.sc/nrhwom
: > [{quoted}](name=Ledena kocka,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=0EaKkE0x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-02T21:28:16.623+0000) > > It's not even the same, price is higher. Really? omegalul. So its even more nonsense
Yup. If I recall it correctly last pass was 1550, and one before that even cheaper, 1450 or something.
Darth Sero (EUNE)
: Did you opt in for rewards before watching the game?
Yes, but no progress... Can't even see that mission: https://prnt.sc/njov0b https://prnt.sc/njov9a
Darth Sero (EUNE)
: No, you don't need to watch the whole game, you only need to watch 15 minutes of a game for it to count. So if you only want to watch those awesome mid-game teamfights, you can do that. ^^
It doesn't work. I'm watching at this moment second game and still nothing.
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