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: I just got a 25 game chat Restrict
Will i still be able to get Season Rewards?
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: ur famous {{champion:17}}
Mum get the camera plis i famous ! I told you i would be something one day!
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: Well with 3 losses silver I is pretty darn good, you should be happy with that!
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: This is so hard to say, you can go 10 wins and end up in silver or you can go 10 wins and end up in gold- I do know one thing, I have never seen anyone get to plat in there first placements. If you really whant gold now you are going to have to win all placements and try to get a really good score. If you have someone in gold that you can play with then do it, it might tip the mmr up a little and help you to more defenetly play you're games on gold mmr level :)
I got Silver 1 With 7 Wins 3 Losses, The losses are cause of my internet connection and my internet crashing ever other minute... :( lol I Have only played with gold people recently some plat aswell :)
: > [{quoted}](name=ACE Kyle,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=MkQ87O43,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-28T17:38:06.158+0000) > > Gold 1 = 10/0 > Gold 4 = 9/1 > Gold 5 = 8/2 > Gold 5 = 7/3 > Silver = 5/5 6/4 > Bronze = above 50% win rate This is most probably wrong. With the MMR reset from the beginning of the season I doubt most many players will be placed in Silver, even if they win most of their provisionals. He has fo far played 1 ranked game. The other players in that game were from S2 to B1, and in that range the system will most likely put him if he doesnt win or loose all of his matches.
Are you talking about me? Cause i played 7 ranked now and won 5, played with gold people all the time, atleast they were last season, some of them now aswell i think.
: I have not heard of anyone going to Plat after their first 10 games ever. I would say that unless you win 9 or 10 you wont get more then Silver. You might eve get silver after 10/10.
Ive heard it depends on what people i play with in ranked, if i play with gold i will get higher mmr wich will give me an higher elo
: Gold 1 = 10/0 Gold 4 = 9/1 Gold 5 = 8/2 Gold 5 = 7/3 Silver = 5/5 6/4 Bronze = above 50% win rate
: 10 wins will get you plat.
Plat 5? What about if i win 8 lose 2? Or does it depend on my normal mmr?
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