iXlarz (EUW)
: GOLD 4 , Top laner looking for a clash team
Hey there ^^ I'm trying to gather people for a clash team, would you like to join as a top? Sent you a friend request.
frogos (EUW)
: ADC/top lft
Hey there ^^ I'm trying to gather people for a clash team, would you like to join as a top? Sent you a friend request.
SiamS (EUW)
: Gold 3 Top Main LFT
Hey there ^^ I'm trying to gather people for a clash team, would you like to join as a top? Sent you a friend request.
Semii123 (EUW)
: Plat JGL lookin for Clash Team
Hey there ^^ I'm trying to gather people for a clash team, would you like to join as a jun? Sent you a friend request.
: Plat 3 adc looking for tier 1 clash team (can fill mid/supp)
Hey there ^^ I'm trying to gather people for a clash team, would you like to join as an adc? Sent you a friend request.
: LF Clash Teammates [Platinum IV - Diamond I]
I'm a plat 4 sup main if your still looking (can also jun and mid).
szfecki (EUW)
: clash need +1 support Poland
I'm a plat 4 sup main if you are still looking. I'm not form Poland though.
: Im building a team for CLASH plat/diamond
I'm a plat 4 sup main (can also play jun and mid) if your still looking for people ^^
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Jazzel (EUW)
: Clash team
Hey I'm a plat 4 sup main (I can also mid or jun too) if your still looking ^^
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: Multi-Gaming Community Looking For New Members!
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: You need a better creep score.
when u have full build but need better creep score :^ ) fbm
: To add to what was allready said(low farm and probably not a lot of warding), your rating is relative to the avrg. rating of the same champion on the same role. So if Lucian does super well often, doing well alone would not give you an S
I had a 45 vision score, only Braum had a better score than me
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: Edgelord
https://68.media.tumblr.com/f9169dd25c9eba98d37f5fe25b1aabae/tumblr_os8sjcDcx01vuz2nqo1_500.jpg What do you mean? XD
sej twen (EUNE)
: what a god, can i ask what are you opinions on him in terms of balance?
(Talking about jun only here) Is clearing is great. Ganking path is amazing but cant do much in gank if teammate doesn't help while you are still normal Kayn. Rhaast greatly overpowers Shadow Assassin atm (I know thay are buffing Shadow next patch though (ult ad ration will be up to 150% form 110%)). Team fighting as Rhaast feel like you have impact as you can provide cc and soke up damage while with Shadow Assassin you need to be feed to do anything. Overall I think he is quite weak tbh, his e take a lot of getting used to, his ult will kill you more times than the enemy, Rhaast feels much stronger than Shadow Assassin (Shadow Assassin is still more fun though) and he is quite difficult but if you are used to champs like Kah'Zix you should be fine.
: That's impressive considering you have only 2 games with Kayn :)
http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/217403964 u shaw about that?
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Seriously? You struggle with his laningphase? x'D He has one of the most safest laning phases in the whole game. He has long range and poke that the enemy can't really avoid and your Shurima Shuffel makes it insanely easy to avoid ganks. His all in potential after level 6 is insane. Thing is, he isn't viable, because he is nerfed to the ground. Don't play him in ranked, you will only hurt yourself.
I feel like he is more viable since the buffs has you can have 3 soldiers out consonantly in the late game and his towers aren't terrible any more.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Don't play Azir, unless you are Diamond. Azir is utter crap right now and no one in low ELO can play him. However, I usually run 12/18/0 Masteries on him. Ferocity Tree: - Fury - Fresh Blood - Vampirism - Double Edged Sword Cunning Tree: - Savagery - Assassin - Merciless - Dangerous Game - Precision - Thunderlord's Decree Note that I only play him for fun and I never picked him in ranked. Also I am not a very good Azir. If you really want to become good at him, learn the Shurima Shuffle and all it's applications. It's his bread and butter combo and you should be able to use it no matter the situation.
I learned how to do Shurima Shuffle before I even got him to master 3 XD. And I have yet to take him in rank, feel like it is too risky unless I learning all over as I still struggle with his laneing but I usually find myself in a very good spot with him once I get into the late.
Infernape (EUW)
: Use the 1st one if you're in a matchup that's easy for Azir or if you want to go on the offensive, and use the 2nd one if you want to play more defensive or if you're in a harder matchup. They both have their uses.
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: That "S" wont bring back the LP tho ;_;
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BradLegend,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FbBneXwm,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-01-11T14:50:06.142+0000) > > His q applies on hit effects now, tri force gets spell blade proc on each q cast (same reason for tri force on Irelia). You build triforce on Irelia because she can refund the cooldown on her Q and also has her R (4 casts) to proc it. Warwick only has his Q, which doesn't get refunded AND has 6 seconds cooldown. I stand behind what I said. You don't build triforce on WW. > BTW max cdr brings q down to 3.6 secs (3.3 secs with mastery) and I'm pretty sure you want more cdr because he has 2 ult long cool downs now. Warwick is not a caster. As simple as that. I'm actually a big fan of cooldown on all builds, but I know when it's a good idea and when it's not. In WW's cases it's not a good idea. His power comes mostly from his auto-attacks. Look at this analogy: Vi is the closest "caster-type" jungler I could find. Look at her [main build](http://champion.gg/champion/Vi/Jungle). It doesn't have any CDR, except her triforce. Her cooldowns (Q and E) are higher than WW's Q, so why doesn't she build any CDR? Now let's take a look at junglers that resemble WW in execution. We have Xin-Zhao and Nocturne as prime candidates. [Xin-Zhao build](http://champion.gg/champion/XinZhao/Jungle) [Nocturne](http://champion.gg/champion/Nocturne/Jungle) Do you see cooldown as the main focus on their builds? (especially nocturne) You could also look at [Master Yi](http://champion.gg/champion/MasterYi/Jungle), which is similar to both Nocturne and Warwick. Same deal; no cdr. Further more, Nocturne, Master Yi and Xin Zhao all have higher or equal cooldowns on their skills, so your main argument doesn't really stick. *** You are free to build WW the way you want to, but I'm teilling you that Triforce and CDR are not the way to go. If anything, [his build](http://champion.gg/champion/Warwick/Jungle) should stay very much the same.
I build {{item:3071}} or {{item:3078}} on all melee ad champ come to think of it, I just find that they have more use than most items they could build.
Febos (EUW)
: {{item:3078}} is a terrible item. His "quickest" skill has 6 seconds cooldown. Even if you manage to get 40% cooldown reduction (which you don't need), the best you can do is 4 seconds. That's not enough to justify buying a trinity. {{item:3065}} definitely a good item {{item:3748}} and {{item:1413}} depends on what you intend to do. I'd personally go the attack speed route, with {{item:1419}} and {{item:3153}} My build would be: One of this: {{item:3111}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3047}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} and maybe {{item:3800}} *** No one will be able to duel warwick if they go below 50% HP, especially if they are below 20%. The only ones who would stand a chance would be champions like {{champion:23}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}}
His q applies on hit effects now, tri force gets spell blade proc on each q cast (same reason for tri force on Irelia). BTW max cdr brings q down to 3.6 secs (3.3 secs with mastery) and I'm pretty sure you want more cdr because he has 2 ult long cool downs now.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Needs more attack speed (possibly a BORK).
he gets 330% form his w, think it's ok XD
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: Well with the Mobility he has, I bet Riot will do the Rek´sai technique. As in, you either go tank and do nothing else, or pure damage. But with the existence of Juggernaut items, you know he is going to be 7000HP with 300AD + 50% armor pen and 200 flat armor and MR.
: HOLY COW! Warwick Champion Update Preview (SOCIAL)
{{champion:56}} + {{champion:107}} + tank Very healthy combination there XD (I'm not complaining though :P)
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groink19 (EUW)
: Grade system
wards placed are used as well
Eveninn (EUW)
: Then you buy depending on what enemy you have. :p If you want survivability I highly recommend {{item:3025}} for it's armor against ADs. But in general, Ez is not a champion you want to itemize to take burst on, as his attribute is being slippery, the kind that is supposed to avoid burst in the first place and therefore likes to itemize for higher damage on his own. (When wanting to not get 1-comboed I recommend QSS over straight up tankyness for this case)
i just discovered this worked well against a feed akali
Alex3995 (EUW)
: no they changed it it now say "unique passive - lifeline" so they dont stack. they used to stack when it was just "unique passive" but they have lifeline so they dont stack. im gonne check that just to make sure. edit: https://youtu.be/wKBULoVf6nI?t=33s the shields dont. as i said only one of them. >"Only the shield is unique, so you don't get both shields but you get the ad & size and Lifesteal & spellvamp." ~sasulii
Still good to have both as they have different conditions for there shield and the bonuses that apply are given for both shields and stack. {{item:3053}} is more a zed is ulting me {{item:3156}} is more lux is ulting me on low hp
Alex3995 (EUW)
: {{item:3156}} {{item:3053}} only one of the two is going to trigger so why not swap one of them for {{item:3102}} or {{item:3026}} / {{item:3143}} against ad? or if you need damage {{item:3142}} or just keep boots so its easier to kite/chase
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: Maybe you didn't realise it's intentional that some champs are a bit stronger to increase the sales.
Just Cat (EUW)
: how is poppy her hardest counter?...
she can nope her e with her w and e and she can ult her when she ults to get her out
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: There is a factor you didn't include in your thoughts. The marksmen update and the release of Jhin showed us that interactions with crit in the kit of a marksman is the actual way to go for riot. Replacing the stat crit has to replace these mechanics, too. Otherwise these champions wouldn't be balanced. So how are you going to change these champions: {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:21}}
I did make the point that the main problem was with champions that have crit in there kit and I did't address all the champs, so I'll do it now. The main thing with this replacement is making attack speed the replacement for crit so using that is going to be my main thing. 1st the easy one is {{champion:21}} and her ult. Instead of more damage if it crit there should be more waves based on your attack speed. 2nd {{champion:133}} and once again instead of using crit to reduce the cd attack speed can be used. 3rd {{champion:22}} how you missed her I don't know but she would need her passive changed. Her frost would probably need to be stacking icreasing the damage and slow for every stack. e.g. 1 hit last for 3 secs applying a 10% slow and a 10% damage increase and the next hit would refresh the timer and increase it to 20% slow and 20% damage increase till a max of 5 stacks. 4th {{champion:51}} and with her changing the damage to be increase on her passive to be increase with lv or attack speed would be needed (probably lv with her I would say). (Also I added the enchanted auto on heaven's bow specifically for slow attack speed users like cait). 5th and finally {{champion:202}} by far the hardest to change here, but of cause it is possible. Firstly his ult bonus damage of the 4th shot should scale with ability rank (200%/225%/250%) instead of the infinity edge passive. Secondly unlike the other champs he would need ad increase per lv instead of attack speed. Thirdly his passive, the big change, the 4th shot could just have an ad increase instead of acting like a crit (will deal 200% ad + 15%/20%/25% of the target's missing), his ad increase should scale much more with attack speed and (maybe) also have an increase with bonus move speed, also the bonus move speed should only come off the 4th shot, w root and I would add the r 4th hit while also having a high attack speed scale. (Also same thing about heaven's bow that I said with cait, it will work on his 4th shot (yes you would get 2 in a row)). That's just how I would fix them anyway, tell me if I missed any more champs and I'll fix them too ^^
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: Because it needed to conform to the colours set out in the previous heartseeker skins...
yes, originality is bad
: Yep, definitely what I was afraid of. I would have bought the first version, she looked really cute in it. But the new version, like you said, is making her an old lady, especially since Riot doesn't change her stance. Great opportunity wasted.
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