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: I'll do my best, minus the disable all chat. I would miss the chat with the enemy midlaner in a slow lane, sometimes you find great people, and I'd miss out on that. The mute thing is a good idea though, I sometimes forget it exists and force myself to endure the abuse.
> [{quoted}](name=DBTLilly,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KEshcciF,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-07-02T12:45:35.044+0000) > > I'll do my best, minus the disable all chat. I would miss the chat with the enemy midlaner in a slow lane, sometimes you find great people, and I'd miss out on that. The mute thing is a good idea though, I sometimes forget it exists and force myself to endure the abuse. Well I did meet a few good people, but in the overwhelming majority of cases it's just kids who want to tilt you or are whining because you beat them, so it's just not worth it. But obviously do what you want, as long as toxicity from all chat doesn't ruin your experience.
: > Say something like "you have bad games too, muted and reported" Absolutely don't do that ! It will get you banned. But yeah, just mute everyone that gives a hint of toxicity, it will help you avoid seeing those kind of toxic talks. Also, reports do work and punish people who are toxic in the chat, don't worry about that part ;)
> [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KEshcciF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-02T12:42:51.271+0000) > > Absolutely don't do that ! It will get you banned. I'm doing that and I never saw any evidence of punishment, and it was my understanding that you only get banned for very big offense, or repeated tiny offenses. When you see people on the boards post their chatlog to say that their punishment isn't fair, it's always -full- of those sort of things, it's never just one single midly toxic sentence.
: This is whats wrong with League
Well no one team is clearly better than another here so it's a balanced game. Some people in both teams had a good game, some others a bad one. Nothing to see here.
: i've become toxic.
I'm completely against toxicity but I've noticed that trend in myself lately - in that I start judging people when they make obvious misplays, while I didn't before. Maybe I'm just getting better and so it gets more frustrating ? But I'm actively fighting against it and I enforce on myself the discipline to never flame people for bad plays no matter what. It's in occasions like this that you can develop your principes and self-discipline - it's just a game, but this sort of skill helps in real life too, so if you're into LoL because of the sense of improvement this should be good for you too. Just see it as an occasion to be better than everyone else who has given up and started being toxic. Because you're surrounded by trash does not mean you have to become trash yourself. Be the better person. Don't be toxic.
DBTLilly (EUW)
: The toxicity I encounter in some games makes me lose faith in humanity
Just get into the habit of muting people like that immediately and report them post-game. Say something like "you have bad games too, muted and reported" before if it makes you feel better, you won't get banned over it. And disable "all chat" too. I did it recently and I'm having a much more relaxed experience now - this chat is almost exclusively use to try to tilt the ennemy team. Ask yourself this : what would you care about the opinion of people who obviously aren't very smart (because if they had more social and emotional intelligence they wouldn't be like that) ? I haven't been bothered by toxicity ever since I started applying the advice I'm giving you now, and that's coming from someone who found it a big problem at first.
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: Let's try to make this the most downvoted thread ever
Is this some trick to farm upvotes ?
: I tried everything and I was good and chat I stopped, and I gave advice and nothing ....
> [{quoted}](name=Special Forces1 ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GOaEhOrw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-16T15:15:44.523+0000) > > I tried everything and I was good and chat I stopped, and I gave advice and nothing .... Yeah, I actually like getting advice and always act on it, but I feel like I'm the exception. Most people don't care about your advices, and that's a shame... :/ All you can do is improve your own play and it'll get better. So don't "try everything" because you'll just pick champs or roles you don't know as well. Stick to what you know, and keep playing, it'll get better. Again, I just think you have been very unlucky recently, but in the long run you'll end up in the rank you belong to.
: Trollers and flamers antagonize
I'm gonna be unoriginal, but I guess you just need to become an official streamer and you'll be fine
: Why do People have the need to smurf?
I wouldn't call it smurfing because I'm just lvl 40 on my main account, but I have a secondary one to try champs or roles I know I will be completely terrible at that, and I don't want to feed all game. So I actually smurfs to make my games more balanced, not less. A way to fix the limits of the matchmaking systems, if you will.
: how are the ranked games the last few days you make a lot of losses?
Bad luck, you just lost the coin flip multiple times in a row, it's unlikely but not impossible. Keep playing, don't be toxic, pay attention to your macro, and it'll get better.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Is /mute all the way to go?
It's a team game, communication is important, and the chat can be better than signals to actually come up with a coherent strategy, especially in ranked. Pings are only good for short-term tactics - but you can't say "I'm gonna splitpush, stay as 4 and don't go 4v5" with pings. I think it's way better to just mute at the slightest hint of toxicity, because toxic players are generally unhelpful and prefer blaming others than trying to win. I find that it's enough to prevent me from tilting. And like someone else said, there are also nice people playing the game, it feels a shame to mute them too.
Gotorn (EUNE)
: Flaming, toxic, unplayable for beginners
First of all : you don't have to accept it. A few people actually want to help you and give you advice (because they're nice or just because they're smart and know that's how they increase their chances of winning), and that's why I don't recommend to just mute everybody when the game starts. And for the others, as soon as you get a hunch that they're going to get toxic, or if they insult you, or whatever, just mute them and report them at the end of the game. Don't apologize, don't try to explain that you're new, etc... These people don't care. You mean well, and you have a very good attitude for learning and getting better at the game, but unfortunately that will not be acknowledged by flamers. Anyway, I know you're on EUNE, but if you think you can play on EUW without lagging, you can add me. I'm still low bronze so there shouldn't be a big skill difference, and I absolutely never flame people who do poorly. As long as you stay chill and do your best I don't care if you're 0/8. TL;DR : just mute toxic people, don't try to justify yourselves, you don't owe them any explanation or apologies.
: How much time does it takes to get a reply from support for my ticket?
I only sent a ticket once and I think it got like 24 hours or something to get an answer. But I opened this ticket on a Sunday I believe. So it's pretty fast, just be patient dude.
: Restriction in league of legends
Judging by your chat log you really talk too much without necessarily adding value. When someone is doing something that seems like trolling (making very obvious, feeding the opponent a lot, etc...), I always try to give advices is a genuinely friendly way ("dude maybe you can try to be a little more careful, stay under the tower and make sure you have enough vision to avoid ganks"). If they ignore it, I don't insist. If they are toxic for any reason whatsoever, I mute them. If they are saying something that even remotely suggests that they might be toxic in the future, I immediately mute them. And sometimes if that really tilts me I'll say something along the lines of "damn you're stupid, muted and reported". But that's how toxic I'll get myself. That's it. I've never been punished, and my honor level isn't frozen as far as I know (is there even a way to know if that's the case ?). TL;DR: Just mute, or maybe throw ONE semi-toxic line, but don't keep "harassing" people like that, that's what got you punished.
Lemexis (EUW)
: Does opening a support ticket along with a chatlog increases chances that toxic players get banned?
Ok, thanks for the answers guys, I won't do it then, I'll just keep reporting people at the end of the game like I always do.
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