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: Girlfriend finally said yes!
Lul she is going to hate you for that. No way she's going to make it to lvl 30. Good luck finding another gf
: Grave Digger Ahri
Looks nice. It would be a cool effect if her charm turned you into a zombie for the duration of the cc
People will always try to find ways to justify their actions. You can keep convincing yourself that there is a higher purpose for your actions, and you have a "goal" you're going to achieve behaving like this. Truth is, there isn't. You're just a toxic, ill-mannered and self-centered sack of garbage that makes life worse for people around you. Have a good day
: My experience with junglers
Junglers have to take into consideration some fast changing variables when choosing their pathing and gank patterns. They might say they are coming top, but suddenly enemy junglers shows somewhere on the map and they have to react. Or they just see a better gank opportunity on some other lane due to good trading.
: Ranked is dumber then ever
I have a theory that the toxicity levels in League are rising, because the game is such a mess balancewise. People get frustrated easier and start to tilt and flame (at least I find myself getting angrier more often than before). The biggest reason for this is that in many games you feel powerless over the outcome of the game. It just feels there is nothing you could do to win the game. This is because the skill cealing of the game has been steadily declining, and due to nature of this "snowball-meta", if your team gets unlucky early, it becomes really difficult to come back. The champion you choose determines more than the way you play it. TL;DR Season 6 sucks big time
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Time when you need stop playing ranked!
People are getting frustrated playing this game, because it is such a broken mess right now. This is the reasons why the number of trolls and leavers is increasing
Faca4 (EUW)
: There is no meta atm, there is just.....
These days everything Riot touches turns into an abomination
: everything has counterplay and you obviously just dont know how to counter those champions. all the champions you mentioned are close range bruisers. ever heard of kiting? i bet youre just salty because you dont know how to counter them {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
"hurr durr I have never bothered to study the game, I like to smash buttons and I still can mash buttons like before, what is the problem hurr durr" BrokeBack
Xa3k (EUW)
: Because the game is dying. The players hate riot and are leaving by the day because of this. Rito makes money from Esports now. They balance the game on what is FUN TO WATCH. Not what is balanced. Would people watch cs go if a player took 326 bullets to kill and matches lasted two hours? No. People want to watch quick matches which are filled with "oooooh O.o" Moments, when jax jumps in 5v1 and instagibs 3 of them. Not carefully constructed teamwork and extended fights.
Yeah, but what Riot doesn't seem to understand is that what makes the pros interesting to watch is the skill involved in their play. Who the f cares if Faker bursts someone 0-100 in 2 seconds as graves if a gold player could make that play
Hezzt (EUW)
: Dia 4 ADC LF serious supp to improve and climb
D5 support main here, I added you. But I would prefer teamspeak over skype
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CurVez (EUW)
: Keep losing Ranked games
In lower elos, it's really frustrating to play support. It's better to gain elo by choosing a high damage dealing champion (i suggest mid/adc, but a carry junger is okay too if you don't like farming), then practise basic farm and lane mechanics and carry yourself to gold. THEN playing support starts to make more sense. That's what I did and i'm now d5 (support main). OR just practise a ap caster support, like zyra, morgana, annie or karma and kill everyone yourself
Smerk (EUW)
: His actions are punishable with new report system as well, they are considered as negative attitude
Maybe so, but afks are way more likely to be punished that those who have "negative attitude"
: Diamond Team LF main Support
IGN - LeonardoMiguzzi Age - 26 From - Finland [LoLking profile](
Káki (EUW)
: The music is very very annoying.
There is an option to change it to the old theme. It's much better
: [Resolved] Didn't get my silver border from s5-s6
Dude no one has their season 5 boarder yet.. Season 6 hasn't started
: Cowardness have destroyed some of my matches.
I personally just hate the feeling of uselessness when getting behind early. I don't really care if I lose the match or get carried, either way I'll feel like a dumpster baby. Unless I play ranked, then YOU MAY TAKE AWAY MY PRIDE, BUT YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY ELOOOOOOO !!!
: Someone posted a Fifty Shades of Grey post about Zed and Syndra....
I don't think this is a place for erotic fanfiction
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: How to stop playing league of legends?
The key is focus. Practise focusing your mind on a single thing (like think of a freaking cricle in your mind or something) for increasingly longer periods of time. Do not let your mind wander into other things. Then just focus your mind on your schoolwork.
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: ARCHANGEL KARTHUS: Skin suggestion with previews
: Season 6 Hard Reset?
Hard reset would be pretty unnecessary imo. Mmr raises pretty fast to your original level so meh, whatever. Although, I have always been curious of how bronze matches are. I mean TRUE bronze matches, with seasoned bronze veterans in both teams
Aqryllic (EUW)
: Which Champion should i get?
Lee is a fun and versatile jungler that can be built assassin too, but it's usually not the best build at least when your opponents know how to play. But if you like khazix, i would highly suggest Rengar, he is like a better version of khazix. Just learn the combo and watch people explode. It is OP especially in lower elos.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Spending half of the match spamming surr and flaming
Well you can blame the tribunal system for this one. He was forced to continue playing, or he wouldve been punished for being afk.
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks Preaseason 6 ruined this game?
My feelings exactly. I think Riot is pushing out these changes because they are afraid that players will get bored of the game. It's pretty silly considering Counter Strike still has a huge fanbase, even though the game has changed very little in 15 years. Why try to fix something if it is not broken? Edit: And to the people wondering what made season 3 so good? Well, in those days good individual play felt way more rewarding than now. Meaning there was more room for outplaying (before the teleport and support items buffs, it is so much easier to force teamfights etc). There were no automatic timers for dragons and buffs and imo, the game looked better. Since then League has become more simplified and team-oriented. The latter sounds good on paper, but lets face it; People want their skillful play to be rewarded. In short, League used to be more like a skill game instead of a "strategy" game (most of the strategy involving League solo Q is not to get caught alone). Running around the map in two groups waiting for someone to get caught is boring and doesn't feel rewarding at all.
: How to improve better in League of legends for this next season?
Just play like LeonardoMiguzzi, I heard he is pretty amazing {{champion:20}}
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: AP Mid, no more margin for error
The game is pretty garbo right now. There is a really small pool of picks you are "forced" to choose from if you want to win
: people in the community are getting realy mad at each other for noting
Saying winning the game was easy belittles your opponents efforts. It's disrespectful and deserves to get reported. Chat ban would be a fair punishment
Squaid (EUW)
: Ill try to answer some of your concerns there. 1. In a lot of competetive "games". Lets start from real world, In MMA ppl talk shit about each other, mock each other and beside trying to break their oponents face they are trying to break their mindset. unreal world now - biggest MMORPG afaik in the world - WOW - after you kill your enemy you can literally spit on their dead bodies. there goes your insulting. Ofc insulting your teammates during the middle of the game is wrong but I dont think its wrong to flame them after the game ;p If we say "good job" to people who did good that's fair and i like it.. But answer me to this ;p why isnt it "fair" to flame people after the game? Because i consider that fair ;p and im a fair man. 2. well as i said above flaming them midgame is wrong, after the game is fine. and i explained why above. 3. Honestly. Like Honestly, I dont care what people think of me, there're those who like me a lot and there're those who hate me for whatever reason. I dont have time for haters, I do what i consider right and im not here to socialize ;p i play the game instead of going to party to win. (talking about rankeds) also blaming jungle isnt always cool but if he makes game 4v5 by afk farming then why not? might as well report him for afking. but if you lost pure 1v1 lane and blame jungle then you're the one who should get flamed to bottom. 4. yeah people wont play better in that particular game if you flame them ;p that's right, but they will understand something valuable, if they wanna get treated well they have to act well. therefor next time they play with different peopel they will try to play at least a bit better or things will be the same. no one likes buttholes and no one will tolerate them ;p so dont ask me/others to tolerate those who waste our time and make us lose ;p and now 5th reason. at the end of the game its just a game and we're not pros ;p so here's a thing, if my top goes 0/5 bot has 35 cs in 10 minutes and mid lane is afk farming while his opponent is winning the game I dont feel like carring them. like srsly I could tryhard and drown in sweet just to have a TINY chance to win but there's a chance ill jsut lose anyway so why bother? why frustrate myself and waste 40 minutes of my life ? ;p Cba writtign more hope you got my point
The human mind certainly is a wonderful thing. In this guys mind, he is the hero of the situation when flaming others. He thinks he is "teaching them a valuable lesson" and the other guy is the "butthole" for just playing the game. This kind of thinking mostly comes from how people were treated as a child. I'm guessing Squaid either had abusive parents, and think this kind of "tough love" is normal, or he was bullied in school. Either way, this attitude is not normal behaviour. If you want to become a better person, you should go see a professional about your emotional problems. They can be fixed, no joke. And btw, MMA fighters talk smack about each other mostly to promote the fight. It makes the fight more interesting and exciting to watch
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Orianna Support
I used to main orianna support for a short while back in season 3 (when i was low gold or something), and it is super fun. Fun, but not good. What she offers in lane is 1. Poke damage 2. Small shield 3. Small slow The problem is, that her kit needs a lot of AP and CDR to work well, and spamming the spells drain a lot of mana. Since the AP items are so expensive now you just don't have enough money to get all that. Of course she works if enemies feed your lane, but I wouldn't play her competitively above gold level. I haven't played her this patch though, but I think she is even weaker now. The builds look good, but I don't like the first one, because it doesn't have much mana regen or CDR.
: Utility supports finally playable again
As a diamond 5 support main, I really detest these changes. Healing is ridiculously op right now, especially soraka. With the armor and mr bonus she can now give on top of her heal every 4 seconds, she practically makes an adc play like a tank that does 3k dps. Windspeaker's blessing has to be nerfed immediately. It's like Riot has no idea how to balance something, there is always something ridiculously OP going on in the rift. Why not just make slight changes instead of drastic megabuffs or meganerfs? Like reduce the windspeaker buff to heals/shields to 7% and resistance bonuses to 10% and see how that works out. Oh and while I love to see diversity in the rift, I think that relatively easy (thus boring) champions are the worst kind to be OP. If you want to win you are forced to play them and that makes the game feel like a grind. Of course saying that Soraka, Janna and Sona are easy and boring is just my personal opinion. Some kind-hearted people might truly enjoy taking the role of a guardian angel and spamming heals and shields.
: Every year its the thing. "Riot is destroying the game. Rip LoL. Season X was better. X is OP, pls nerf. Wheres Taric rework?" Guess what, game becomes boring if there isnt any big changes. And this is PREseason. Its not S6 yet, and there are going to be patches About CS: Counter Strike is a SERIES. LoL is NOT. Theres been CS, CS:S and CS:GO. Also, LoL is free to play while Counter Strike is not. Valve doesnt introduce any new weapons but only skins (but they do nerf some weapons like AK got in one patch). And WoW introduces expansion packs (DLCs), while LoL doesnt. If Riot would be like Valve, wed been playing with the same 30 something champ pool and we would buy the LoL 2 and skins for those 30 something champs, who were broken in the past or just weak (AP yi, less than 100 % AP GP and mana refunding Taric). I guess It would be fun but balance is the thing now.
If you had read my post, you would find that I'm not complaining only about this patch, but about how LoL has been declining since season 4, BECAUSE the changes have rarely been good. And you honestly think that LoL would become boring without changes? Did cs 1.5-1.6 become boring without changes? And yeah i know Counter-strike is a series, but the intervals are FAR longer than LoL patches (CS:S in 2004, CS:GO in 2012). And yes, what we need is balance. My thoughts exactly.
: Not so much as a rant, but more as a vent.
I feel exactly the same way, and this has nothing to do with skill level (im dia5 myself) or even winning, since winning the game also feels cheap. I wrote a post about the subject too, if you want to read my thoughts -
: Was old league better?
Bring back season 3!
Bazzo (EUW)
: Won three games, enjoyed none of them.
: What's going on with season 6
I feel exactly the same way. I wrote a post about it too, if you want to read my thoughts about the subject -
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