DrMoreau (EUW)
: TFT feedback - randomness of items feels unfair.
I absolutely agree, this mode is so RNG reliant. only 1 out of 3 games feels good about rerolling and items and rest of the games it feels like im being thrown under the bus. 5 different champs not in the same comp, or just no items at all, while ppl are getting tier 3's at level 5 already. I reached a point where I can get at least 4th place pretty constantly, but I have to work for it while ppl are rolling over others just because they got lucky with items and rerolls. I know 4th place is considered a win, but it feels so crappy, when u have to be satisfied with 4th place with 3 items and 1 tier 3 or 2 at most and others just place 1 because they got lucky and snowballed a winning streak. Honestly, this mode isnt as fun anymore as when it first came out, idk what happened, but now, there is no way I can just play a round to chill. the RNG can screw you over too hard since the last change. Even watching youtube videos about the game to learn better strategies mostly start with a winning streak and then "yeah we gotta keep our winning streak" or "basically got lucky with items and rerolls". I've rarely seen a game where the come back was so hard that someone was at the bottom and ended up top 2.
: Onslought is dumb
I totally understand, I had the same problem. LoL has a public server on discord called League of legends community. If u google it u can join and u can ask for a group in the lfg channel. Tons of ppl are looking for missions partners there, just ask if someone is doing the same missions as u and add each other.
Smerk (EUW)
: Oh lol, that is quite misleading for sure. No, Revel bag gives one of each, I bought it myself, so can confirm. That description is wrong
Yeah, I wrote a ticket to riot support about that and they said there are no mistakes... Since I'd go for the masterwork chest instead of a normal one if it would drop everything
Smerk (EUW)
: Just one thing, picked at random, with bigger chance to contain skin than other things
Thanks so that means the revel bag drops only 1 skin shard? https://imgur.com/a/sClKZaT it has the same description "contains one of the following" although on the site (https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-odyssey#loot-crafting) it says 5 skin shards: https://imgur.com/a/YG82ttW Am I getting something wrong here? So its either the revel bag drops only 1 skin shard, not 5, or the masterwork chest drops everything.
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Leonism,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gkxErYkE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-27T14:03:03.649+0000) > > 1) what if you play more than one role? > according to the new system, you are gonna have 2 separate rating/divisions That's not necessarily how it's going to work. It's still very early into the process, but Riot already has some stuff planned. You should follow [Riot SapMagic](https://www.reddit.com/user/SapMagic). He answers some of those concerns. *** > [{quoted}](name=Leonism,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gkxErYkE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-27T14:03:03.649+0000) > > 2) I think ranked will be a troll magnet. > Some ppl, if not a lot (i kinda see this coming) are just gonna want (for fun or whatever reason) to choose a role, that they dont care about, and just troll for fun and treat the game is if they were playing a normal game. or if someone is autofilled, then they will be tempted to do whatever they please, since they wont care about their division in that role. Just like in the case above, Riot already has plans on how they'll deal with it: [Dev Updates to Ranked](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/04/dev-updates-to-ranked-for-2019/) > One more thing: we know competitive intent is a big deal in Ranked, so we’ll be rolling out new systems to help combat situations where players don’t take games in off-positions seriously. One plan grants bonuses for winning secondary and autofill games that apply the next time you play your primary position. We’re also looking at new penalties to help ensure Ranked stays hardcore. > > We’re solving a number of other edge cases like these, including position swapping in champion select or in game, and we’ll talk more about our solutions for those in future updates. *** I'm skeptical if it will work like they envisioned it. However, I don't doubt they have people smarter than me to figure it out. That's not even the point. It's still very early and they are already receiving **a lot** of feedback from us. Community feedback is the most important thing and they're communicating. So, in conclusion, I'm not only skeptical but also hopeful. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Thanks for the info, and the links, very helpful {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 1) That is a legit issue. I for one however want to see rito give us some more specifics before I make up my mind (e.g. the effect of splitting ranks for roles might be mitigated if getting a high rank in one role improves your general mmr so you can start higher in your second role). 2) This already regularly happens with autofilled players (especially supports) anyway.
I totally agree. but for the 2nd point. Like right now, if you are autofilled, you are gonna care about winning, because its the same ladder i feel like riot is giving you the power to go on a role you dont usually play, more often and consistently. I mean of course ppl get autofilled, but not as often as if ppl decided to play 20 games in a row in a role they are not familiar with + that wont affect their main role.
: Just say what u are in ur main role. Everything else is irrelevant anyway.
> [{quoted}](name=Shadowflame,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gkxErYkE,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-04-27T14:17:13.475+0000) > > Just say what u are in ur main role. Everything else is irrelevant anyway. thats exactly my 2nd point. "irrelevant" will be the guys argument on your team, who is playing a role he never played before with a champ, that is not suitable for that role, and just contributing in you losing the game.
: When friends ask you "whats your rank?" and you have to respond with "well im plat 5 jungler plat 2 toplaner gold 1 midlaner silver 4 adc gold 5 support." instead of saying for example "gold 5". Good idea riot.
True i guess thats the 3rd point :D
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: I'm a plat 5 player in solo queue, I decided to do flex when I'm not super bothered about rank, in silver 3 in flex and I literally cannot climb out of it to save my life, I was able to climb to plat but not get out of silver in Flex because almost every single game someone is toxic/tilted/feeds and I can't solo carry the game. But of course 1 mega feeder can entirely ruin the game, doesn't seem right to me if I'm honest
I totally agree, im currently in silver 1 in flex, and I cant climb, no matter what!
LoveGiant (EUW)
: Username / PW incorrect bug?
I still have the same problem, can log in to the site online, but not the game, it says incorrect username or password EDIT: works now
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: The good, The bad and The league of legends!
I totally agree. I feel 100% the same. I reach gold every season at the start and then stop playing it. This game is just isn't fun. My fun is depending on 4 kids. Every game same BS. Instead of grinding on league, and get annoyed and stressed, I'd rather just play some other games. I only play the first win of the day against bots, and I feel much better overall doing this, than just grind ridiculous amount of hours each day and then realize it wasn't worth my time. Bottom line: Life is too short for league of legends
abixbg (EUNE)
: Where is my New Level Icon , Rito?
I have the same problem, I got the mission even before i started the game... if it helps i won a beginner bot game, maybe the problem is only with bot games?
abyssflame (EUNE)
: Yes, good attitude above all... Or not!
I 100% agree. I was about to write the same post, and might just do it in a couple of days, we all need to remind Riot over and over again of these issues. NO ONE is afraid of being reported, players take reports as a joke: "yeah ok report me, I dont care, **** you, you noob" and so on. Riot should start banning people for real, they have the money to get a bunch of people banning such players. And as you said, updates are only full of shiny skins, well thats business, they dont care about our fun and our time, they just want people to buy stuff and earn money, and its working so they think "why should we?". But Im afraid players with good behavior will stop playing this game. Real stroy: My girlfriend wanted to try playing LoL because I do, without telling me. My girlfriend did quit LoL after 3 games for life, and sent an email to Riot so they delete her account. Can you guess the reason? Right. she played only 3 games, and in all 3 she got flamed and people talked about how bad she is and said mean things in the chat, in an intro level of BOT game. It's a bot game for gods sake. People with bad behavior do it even in bot games, so what's left? where isnt there flame, trolling and afks? Healthy behavior is getting you nowhere in this game, not in ranked and not in normal. healthy behavior doesnt give you anything more than toxic behavior. I go on my series in ranked. lets assume i win the first game, then I lose the next 2 games because of 1 afk player, and the next is trolling. OK, Now i have 80 or 75 lp, that means I need another 2 games to get to my series again. lets assume I win the next 2, now I need to win 2 out of three, that means I played at least 5 (3 games in the first series + 2 after losing it) more games because of 1 afk and 1 troll. 5 games are approx. 5 hours. 5 hours are a lot. if I come back from work and want to just relax and play LoL and i have only 3 hours or so, then my break/relax time is filled with boredom looking at my team being owned in their own base, I would go afk in this situation, because I really can do something more useful than 30 mins of dying the second i get out of my base, but its going afk and thats "bad". When I play, I dont wish for a good team anymore, I just wish for a match without trolls and afks. Its 100% chance that you get AT LEAST one afk or 1 troll in your team. Riot should heavily punish toxic players/bad behavior, ESPECIALLY in ranked games, where they affect other players the most. Another point. Match making system creates flame.Im silver 3. why did I get a bronze player in my team a couple of times when Im playing against silver 2 players? What is this matchmaking system, doesn't your rank say how good you are? well then, when you make teams then make sure you get people from the same ranks against the same rank. If Im a player in silver 4 and have an mmr of a player in silver 2 or 3, then how do you expect me to get to silver 2 or 3 if you already put me against teams from silver 2 or 3 and give me a bronze player to make my winning chance 50%? if im better than silver 4, I have to beat players from silver 4 not from silver 2, to advance to silver 3. Where is the logic here, Riot? Playing as Duo doesnt make you stronger, it just means you wanna play ranked with a friend. Im saying this, because this kind of match making system also has something to do with toxic behavior. Of course, how do you expect your bot laner who is silver 4 to do very good against a silver 2 player? He will probably lose his lane maybe hold it at the best. Then people with toxic behavior will surely flame him, even players who hold themselves will snap at some point and flame him then. Its not his fault its Riots fault. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. Sorry for my english.


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